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Anna Torres, Real Estate Pro in Boca Raton, FL

What's the best way to get listings?

Asked by Anna Torres, Boca Raton, FL Thu Nov 11, 2010

I'm a Realtor and my biggest chalenge is to get listing.
I work expireds, I advertise on Internet, I contact my past clients three times a year and still can not get a listing.

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Anna Torres’ answer
I'm with a small company that does not charge monthly dues, so I'm working from home and have no training whatsoever. I just can not financially sign up with big companies because they charge for everything with no guarranty, that I will make money. I see their agents struggling the same way I do.
So, I advertise myself and I spend around $100 per month doing so. I manage selling real estate so far, but the money I make is just out of begging.
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This is one of the biggest hurdles for agents. I think you need to try and pin down exactly why you dont get the listings. If you work the expireds, do you get any calls back from the homeowners that you mail market to? If not then you need to change up your mareting tactis towards the expireds. If your getting the calls but not the appointments with them, then it may be someting in your dialogue that needs to be tweeked. If your getting listing appointments but not the listing, then you need to look at not only your dialogue , but your presentation and CMA and listing materials.
I also recommend Buffini and Company as a coaching/referral company. If you implement his system you will see the results you are wanting.
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Being a listing agent is an art, just as having the experience and patience to be a buyers agent. listing agents represent the sellers, they look to get the best price and terms for the seller. Sellers do not want promises or big flashy presentations, they want results. A good listing agent should be up front with sellers, let them know the good, the bad and ugly sometimes. You need to have experience, expertise, knowledge of the type of house, the neighborhood and the potential buyer. Listings bring more listings as listings bring buyers which bring more sales which bring more referalls.
Web Reference: http://www.ScottSellsNH.com
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Interesting to read your responses. No too many, not too helpful. Personally, I love your question.

You are first in the Lead Generation business. Just like any other professionals, such as attorneys, dentists, CPAs, etc. No clients, no transaction, no income.

You have also addressed the big question - how to I get listings?

You should read "The Millionaire Real Estate Agent" by Gary Keller, Jay Papasan, and Dave Jenks. Also, by the same authors, SHIFT.

First, you need to establish a database, Sounds like you have one. You need to touch your "Mets" 24-33 times per year - roughly twice a month, plus their birthday and Christmas. If you stay in touch with your mets, we expect one transaction from every 50 "mets" each year. That means that you call them at least four times a year, maybe more, to talk about real estate.

The truth is that there are more people that you do not know than you know (un-mets) so you need to figure out how to "feed your database" on a regular basis. Then figure out how to convert an "un-met" to a "met".

Block out three hours each morning to call your database, ask for referrals, write note cards, etc. Spend your afternoons with listing appointments, follow ups, seeing property, showing property, etc. Sounds like you need to work on your systems also (scripts and dialogues, listing consultation, buyer consultation, expired and cancelled listings prospecting, for sale by owner program, servicing programs for listings, escrow, etc.

You might want to talk with the Keller Williams office in your area. Call Kris Deren, : 305 - 931 - 2224 , mention my name, I am with the KW office in Glendale, CA and ask her to analyze your business. There is no value in wasting your time being unproductive. Find out how to get your business off and running. Good luck!
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Keith Sorem, Real Estate Pro in Glendale, CA
- Drive traffic to lead capture page with postcards
- Send sellers to lead capture page with google adwords email your entire sphere monthly

My landing page is through boldleads which comes with the training that taught me how to drive the traffic. I'm getting 3-5 seller leads a day now, and more on weekends. If I call them right away, I convert 1 out of 10 to a listing appointment with the scripts from the site.
Web Reference: http://boldleads.com
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May I suggest open a Twitter account and also Facebook! I share my listings and post open houses on there all the time, believe me it works.

Millie from Exit
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How about advertising in your house of worship hardcopy newsletter.
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In our business you need to list to exist
get help with advertising
does the company you represent have a good reputation?
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I typically stay in touch with my entire database bi-monthly. My entire business is referrals. I don't advertise much via Internet or websites. Creating my own custom mailers, brochures, newsletters, letters, postcards, and thank you notes appear to be a hit as they get passed along by my clients to their friends, family and neighbors. I've found a niche in the RE industry that works for me and allows me to be myself. A wise and seasoned broker once told me that if I do what every other agent/broker is doing in the industry to grab business you'll more than likely yield the same result, average.

Sucess in this industry means something different to everyone. I think the key to success and happiness is putting yourself (strengths) in to your business, learn from the best regarding your weaknesses, and don't lose yourself in the business by trying to be something or somene you are not.

I too work with Keller Williams Realty and have been with them for many years. Out of 7 real estate companies I interviewed at that time, they were the only company that truly understood the importance of supporting individual talent, creativity and diversity in business. Their model is the only one that makes since to me both short and long term, back then and in today's market. Thanks for the post and good luck to you!
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Use the tried and proven methods by all the top agents! Go out there and canvas your farm area where you actually see homes being put up for sale. And stop being afraid for the For Sale By Owner sellers!
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I think all the advice here as truth behind it. Yes past clients and staying in touch is the best means of listings, but another idea would be to get in touch with a title company you work with and ask them to do a co-advertising to their past clients. You save on advertising by sharing cost, and you expand your data base! Just an idea! Good luck and wish you the best!
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Thank you but don't feel discouraged my dear, sooner or later it will happen but be pro-active, maybe you need to work on upgrading your web-site, consult with an expert. Some of these web-sites give some great advice. Do a fan page on facebook, it is easy to link to your page!

Best of Luck!

Millie from Exit
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Thank you Mildred.
Congrats on your three listings!
I place ads on Craigslist regularly and also Trulia as well as Zillow.
I do have Facebook account, but a regular one, not specifically for the real estate even though I do put some interesting homes on my page with the pictures for people to see.
I know it's coming, but time is of essence.....money wise...:o( you know.
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You need to advertise and market yourself, the social media is BIG right now! Start by becoming members to all the Free Web-sites. Also networking with Family and Friends, go to your local communities.
I do alot of ads and I'm networking all the time, just got two Exclusive's through a friend and one through family, so keep going and don't give up!

Best of Luck!

Millie form Exit
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I get most of my listings from For Sale By Owners. Every time you drive by a FSBO, write down the address, phone # etc. Either send them information in the mail or call them. I also check online FSBO web sites and do mailings to them.
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Thank you for great answers.
I'm not getting any calls from my letters. So the letter is no good I assume.
I spend too much time on the computer, I'm better in person, people open up to me in the eye to eye conversation.
I'll check previous topics as well, Thank you Jeanne.
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Here's what I have for you, Call FSBO's & maybe advertise in your local community papers. Offer homewoners free CMA's. When you get the appointment ask seller to show you the home, they love to do this. This is your opportunity to establish repore, show the homeowner your knowledge and create like and trust. If you don't get listing right away follow up with a thank you letter or email and a call from time to time. Try to educate the seller what it takes to market and sell there home on there own, this usually discourages them and gives them the need to seek out a professional such as you. Well good luck to you, George Zanetis NY
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Hi Anna, facing the same challenge as I head into the new year. Listings are definitely the way to build your business and I think the prior posters have offered up good advise I intend to reflect and act on.

Jeanne Feenick
Unwavering Commitment to Service
Web Reference: http://www.feenick.com
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