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What is your opinion about "We Buy Houses" signs posted around town?

Asked by Jeff, Livonia, MI Wed Feb 13, 2013

I've seen hand-written signs posted around town, presumably by real estate investors, that say "We buy houses for CASH" then a phone number to call.

Do people actually sell their houses to these people? How successful are the people who post these signs and buy the houses? I assume these are run-down or outdated houses that need a lot of repair, so the investors would renovate them and re-sell them.

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I think that signs in general are fine. If they're not offensive, of course. I think they're a nice, low-tech way of getting the word out. They also give you a real world presence which is sometimes better than an online one.
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Bandit signs have proven to be the most effective, low cost, immediate business generator of all time.

Some will disparage the use of bandit signs much like they do door knocking.

What you really need to do is CALL the number on those signs. Find out what real estate they are looking for. Do they have 'control' of the purchasing money? What is the formula? Are you flipping or renting? You should have a directory of these direct purchasers. You need to know what they are doing behind the scenes. Why, because they are communicating to the same people you are.

I won't tell you everything, but you really would benefit in vesting the energy to know what actually happens with a well intended and strategically placed bandit sign.

Being serious, right here on Truia we read no less that 3 times a month, "I need to sell but can't afford to fix my house?" There is a need and investors working with real estate professionals are the ones to create the solutions. (Hint: the intent of the sign is not to primarily service $40,000 real estate.)

I strategically use bandit signs. Have done so for 8 years. I have 80 in my garage right now. Of course one could assume I do this for the pure joy of the prank or that other beneficial things happen.

Let's say you are monitoring the Q&A on Trulia, or Facebook or Twerper, and lots of folk in your town in the community of 'Jabberjaw" are complaining of the excessive DOM of community homes. Can you imagine a message on a bandit sign to which the community would respond?

You don't need to pay Trulia, Zillow, Google or Bing for real and immediate marketing that will deliver results. I know, but it is SO DEMEANING TO THE PROFESSION. Going out of business is demeaning also.

Best of success,
Annette Lawrence, Broker/Associate
Remax Realtec Group
Palm Harbor, FL
727. 420. 4041
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I'm what's called a Real Estate Wholesaler, I use to be a Real Estate Agent. We buy homes quick and fast from people in need of getting rid of there homes for what ever their personal reason is. This is a service. Some people are in jeopardy of losing there home or have other family situations that may warrant the need of a quick sale.

Yes you can go thru a realtor to sell your home but it will not be a quick process, and sometimes it's not all about how much money you can get out of your property. Every family is in a different pickle.

With that being said if you need to sell your home quick, fast and in a hurry, give me a call I can buy it.

Hands on Transactions
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Well...as with any type of marketing...IF it got your attention, they are doing something right ;)
I advise contacting a realtor if you need to sell & get a fair market value. Even If you are in a hurry its still in your best interest to consult a licensed realtor. They can provide the documents needed and guide you through the closing process . Everyone and their brother pays cash for homes. But not if its not going to benefit them in some way. This is not a high end marketing scheme. Any seller who has options should explore them. If your driving down the road and this sign makes you feel as if its the best offer your going to get...your the target market they are looking for. Call me for home values if you need to sell quickly. 586-557-7635.
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Proof is in the pudding. The sign was read.
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I find them entertaining. I know of a one person that ever did this - a friends neighbor. They bought the home but the sellers were desperate and sold it for below market value. I guess it all depends on level of motivation
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The local idiot nails these signs to trees. Phone number is 925-338-1645. Jed Guinn (?)
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The service Real Estate Investors provide with is not only needed but essential to improve real estate market and the economy. So next time you see a bandit sign anywhere around your city be grateful about it and leave us be, afterall politicians fill the city with theirs and nobody complains when instead of improving the economy with their decisions sometimes they do totally the opposite. Call me if you need to sell your property (866) 307-0246 http://www.houstonhomeinvestments.com Buying properties anywhere.
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I am also a real estate investor and wholesaler. The properties we are looking for are generally distressed and don't qualify for bank financing. That being said, the seller's best chance and in many instances, only chance to sell their home - especially if they are in a hurry - is to a cash buying investor. We close quickly - usually between 7 and 10 days, we don't require inspections because we're buying the house AS-IS, we don't charge the seller a dime, there are no real estate commissions and we pay all the closing costs. My organization and those like us help people facing the following circumstances:

-facing foreclosure
-inherited an unwanted property and don't want to or can't afford to the repair costs
-they've lost their job
-in probate
-divorce or death of a spouse
-they're tired of being a landlord but the property needs repairs that they can't or won't complete
-they can't afford and/or qualify to make the repairs necessary to make their home marketable and/or -financeable
-facing a quick job relocation
... and other situations.

We provide a valid and necessary service to these sellers and often times are their last hope before losing their home. In many instances, we even give the sellers cash for keys at closing - usually $3k - $10k. Will a realtor do that? We're not taking advantage of anybody, but the numbers have to work out because it's an investment. In many instances I have seen sellers net out of the sale what we offered them in the first place, except it took 6 additional months and dozens of strangers have paraded through their home. Some people might point out that "home values have appreciated so it's good that they waited 6 months". Yep. So has the price of their next home. And what if we're in a down market or the market suddenly takes a downturn? Now that additional 6 months could really hurt - even put them in an upside down situation.

So before people you go blasting people that put up those bandit signs, just remember, we're not charging the seller, we are helping them out of a situation that typically a realtor can't or hasn't been able to, and we revitalize neighborhoods. We are the hammer swingers that raise your property values.

You're welcome.
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Hi do you guys but houses outside of your state of Oregon?? I am in a situation in Texas.. Thanks
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Yes people actually do selling their homes to these people. No matter the home is practically new or badly damaged. This benefits homeowner who do not have time or money to fix repairs before selling to estate agents.
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Hi Jeff,

To answer your question yes people do sell there houses this way. Usually way below market value. Sometimes the quick cash can get someone out of a bind.I would suggest exhausting all of you options before going that route though.

hope this helps
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Hi Jeff,

Yes some people actually do sell to these buyers, but usually at a price well below the current market value. Most of these sellers are in some kind of a bind and lose money when doing so.
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The answer to your question is yes, they do sell them and it does work. The answer to the 2d question is some are very successful and some are not, just like any other business and that's what is is. You have to remember we live in a world of people wanting to help people or people wanting to take advantage of people. A licensed realtor can and has taken advantage of a homeowner as well as a real estate investor - so it comes down to integrity of who you are doing business with. As with anything, don't judge a book by its cover, do your due diligence on the person you are working with whether its the realtor or the investor and determine which one fits your needs, quick sell could come from either. If you see one of the "we buy houses" sign, write down the number and google the number, you should find some info on a website, if not then be cautious.
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In most cases these are investors looking to buy properties for 60%-70% of its current market value. Those signs are designed to attract desperate sellers, and the prices they offer will show that.
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We offer 60-70% of After Repair Value on homes with deferred maintenance. We don't even bother with retail homes. And the truth is there are lots of desperate sellers out there who need a solution and many times investors are the only people who can provide that solution. We take on the risk, incur holding costs over several months, pay high % rates to private money lenders because conventional banks cap us at 4 traditional mortgages, etc. Agents usually can't find owner occupants buyers to purchase these distressed properties. We come in, fix it up, employ local trades people, raise property values. then often times list it though an agent. We frickin' rock!
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