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What is appropriate compensation for tenants whose landlord decides to sell regarding open houses and showings?

Asked by Sbean1018, Burlingame, CA Thu May 26, 2011

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Unca10s1994’s answer
I am currently going through this situation. The property management company told us 2 months after signing our lease, that the owners were putting the house on the market. Since then, I have been bullied by this arrogant chauvinistic broker. He has made morning appointments not showed, and showed up late afternoon, with his kid in tow, expecting me to be available. Just recently, we scheduled an appointment with the photographer to take pictures of the house, from 12-1pm. They show up at 12:47. At 1:20 I ask them if they are about done and he responds that they will be done, when they get done. He told me that they will show the house whenever he wants to. He is the most disgusting human being, that I have ever encountered. No one seems to consider the renter's feelings. I am a mother of 3 small children. My life has been turned upside down, by this nasty Prudential Broker and this greedy owner. I am paying him 2k a month to stage his house and to be a 24/7 housekeeper. I get nauseous thinking about strangers poking through my belongings. Instead of enjoying my life and feeling safe in the home, that I am paying for; I feel violated.
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Thanks for the clarification - it helps! Both the owner and the tenant should respect each other's positions and it sounds like you are both doing that. What we typically work out with tenants of properties we list for sale are set time periods when the property can be shown. This typically works out very well for both parties - us because all we have to do is give the tenants a heads up that it's being shown during the agreed upon time periods and for the tenant because the tenant works out time periods that work out with their schedule - typically during a set period during the day, certain days of the weeks. Most tenants we've worked with have scheduled it while everyone is at work/school/etc. which makes it much easier on them.

As far as compensation - no, there really isn't any. You'll likely find that there won't be a whole lot of showings - especially in this market. If the owner is selling "by owner" without an agent, it's likely it'll sit on the market a long time without disturbing you. Even with an agent, 90% of properties just aren't selling right now in the Sandpoint & Coeur d'Alene markets do unless they've truly priced it slightly below real market value (not perceived) then it's likely you'll get a few showings in the beginning and then not much else to bother you.

If you are getting a lot of showings and it's really becoming cumbersome - do a balancing act - give in to some that may inconvenience you and in others when it's a bigger inconvenience, be firm and say you can not show. Make sure though that you pick "real" inconveniences, not just some for the sake of saying no. The owner will work with you a whole lot more the more flexible you are. If the owner gets an offer from someone who wants to live in the property and they'd like you to move out early, that's when the owner can offer you an incentive to move out early (usually a month's free rent or deposit paid on another rental).

As far as owning being less restrictive than renting - I'm sorry - but that's just not true and something often perpetuated by agents over and over again. I noticed someone said that in this thread and please - determine for yourself if owning or renting is less restrictive. Frankly, owning means you are responsible FOR EVERYTHING - something goes wrong, you pay to fix, you pay taxes, you pay yard maintenance, you pay for upgrades, and, you can't just "up and move" every 6 months or year or whatever. Owning can be more restrictive, you have to decide what works best for your lifestyle!
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It is unfair to put any cost (even a penny) on tenants when you have an open house as a typical commercial purpose. You don't have to give any compensation, but in that way you actually chose to walk down to the garage through a dark staircase without using the lights and any potential buyers will check the bathrooms in dark. Basically the tenants paid the cost of the utility.
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As stated by just about everyone, your lease is going to determine how much notice you're given, typically 24 hours.

Your landlord is not required to provide any compensation, however, a cooperative tenant is worth their weight in gold. What you're not required to do is allow them to place a lockbox on the property and for agents to show at will. You will most likely be able to find a suitable balance between accessibility and your sanity.

I've had investor clients offer rent credits to tenants that range anywhere from $25 - 100 per month depending on the lease rate and how well the tenant maintains the property for showings. The thing to remember is there's no point drawing a line in the sand and making and fighting over it.

If both landlords and tenants are respectful of each other situation, it usually works out well for both. It's natural to feel a little guarded about having total strangers walk through your home whether you are a renter or owner. Most agents are respectful of this and if they're not, don't be afraid to contact the listing agent or landlord and share it with them.

Just remember that they're not trying to make your life difficult, but trying to help a potential buyer to make the next step in theirs. It sounds like you're planning to be a home buyer soon as well. Try to put yourself in that buyers shoes and imagine wanting to see a tenant occupied property. Hopefully you'll respond to showings in the way you would want tenant to if there were a home you were interested in.
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My Mom and sister have rented this house for 25 yrs and was just told the landlord was gonna bring someone over for he was gonna refinance,but when they got there they where told the house was going up for sale and the next day the sign was up.my Mom is 86 yrs old ,have no money and my sister hasn't worked in years for she takes care of my mom.she also took care of our brother before he passed away.what is there rights? do they have to pay rent during all this?
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Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to my question. I am grateful to all of the professionals that shared their knowledge with me. We are new to this and a bit apprehensive with strangers about in the house when we are not home. We just have to trust that the agent will be front and center and look out for us as well. We, of course, will be very cooperative. Our landlord has no worries about us keeping the house in presentable order. We love his little house and hope it goes to a fabulous couple that will tend it as lovingly as we have over the years!!
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Tenants aren't usually compensated for the home being shown. Unfortunately this is the part where I tell you it comes with the territory of being a renter. I see you are going to be changing your ownership status soon! CONGRATS! Home owning is so much less restrictive than renting.
JoAnn Thaxton
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Hi...I had so few characters to ask the question, I did not clarify I am the renter. Lease to expire June 1. My landlord is putting the home on the market at that time. I am in Idaho. I am just not sure if there is a standard amount of money deducted from rent or if I just have to be at his beck and call and move the entire family out every time there is a showing or an open house. That will sure impact my weekends. He asked that I keep the home in pristine condition at all times. I totally understand that and have requested 24 hour notice which he was agreeable to. However, aren't people compensated for this? I am new to this and hope to learn what is typical, so that I know what to ask for. Thanks so much for helping a newbie! Looking to buy a home soon...no more renting for me!!!!!
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They are right: There is probably something in the Lease that provides for showing. BUT! How about using a little Marketing and PR on the situation; offer the tenants a Fruit Basket or a Dinner Gift Card for their co-operation, maybe even a "best-of" contest. We have seen how people, (particularly renters,) keep their homes, and we want to give the prospective buyers the best impression.
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Well - there is no "appropriate" compensation. Depending on what the lease agreement says, the owner can show the property with 24 hours notice, whether it's convenient for the tenant or not. Many lease agreements have a clause giving the owner the right to show the property should it be put on the market. The agreements I've worked with give the tenant a 24 hour notice. At any time the owner has the right to sell the property.

If the tenant has a month-by-month lease it's even easier. If the tenant has a term lease (ie, it ends at a certain date/time) the owner is required to fulfill the lease term (whether the property changes hands or not). There are ways to get around this that make both the tenant and selling owner happy.

This all applies to Idaho law - you asked the question in an Idaho city so I'm answering based on that. If you are asking from another state about that state's laws, I'm not able to help.
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