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What are the first steps when listing a home for sale.?

Asked by Sancht2, Spring Valley, CA Fri Jan 14, 2011

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First find out what you owe on the mortgage . Then interview three agents and get a market evaluation . If your home is worth less than what you owe , do you still want to sell ? It will be a short sale.
If you decide to sell, list with an agent who has a good marketing plan, and who returns phone calls and easy to communicate with.Get references. You should not choose on basis of agent who will list for hughest price or lowest fees but base it on other factors. Ask them what they will do to sell your house.
The agent will give you tips on staging your house.You should declutter , clean the house thoroughly , and do minor repairs .
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Let me first say that we don't work in your area, so the following is not a pitch for our services. There is some good advice below. Here are my thoughts:

Find the right agent/broker - right is a subjective term, but the best agent/broker should not only have a firm grasp of what the right listing price is, but a well-thought out, comprehensive marketing plan that includes a lot more than listing it on the MLS. Ask to see a portfolio of their fliers and prior listing photos - you only get one chance to make a good impression and bad photos can kill a great property and they occur far too frequently. I think my favorite example is a unit in a 187 unit building that the only photo was a blurry picture of the outside.

Prepare your home for sale. This can include everything from a thorough cleaning to refinishing floors and/or completely staging your property. And by the way, you don't need to pay expensive staging fees. We frequently stage properties ourselves using a furniture rental company. This solution is MUCH cheaper and often looks better then "professional stagers." The right agent/broker should have recommendations about what to do to prepare your home for sale, as well as referrals for contractors, inspectors, or other industry-related professionals.

Prepare a timeline. Your agent/broker will guide you on this. For example, avoid major holidays or events like the super bowl for open houses if possible, and definitely for the first one.

Some other pieces of advice:

The thing that drew you to your home may not have as much meaning for others. Don't get emotionally vested in having your feelings validated.

Cooperate with your agent/broker in showing the property whenever possible and keeping it in show condition.

Don't ride the rollercoaster. Assuming your agent/broker is great and you are all doing everything possible to sell your home - obsessing about every detail isn't going to help.

Best Regards,

Lance King/Owner-Managing Broker
DRE# 01384425
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Do you need to sell? Find out from your mortgage company if it's worth it to sell especially in today's market.

It's so important to find a realtor who listens to your needs and what they will do for "you." If you don't know any ask your friends or family members for a referral, interview at the very least 2 or 3 and choose one that you have a connection with. Here in California you will go over a form called Real Estate Agancy Relationship that is required with every agent you interview and you both have to sign and make sure you get a copy. This form does not obigate you to work excusively it's just required and there should be no fear signing this form. I am not an attorney so I can not disclose my interpation.

The qualities in an agent of your choice is a good listener with a sound business plan who will guide you through a smooth selling process. They will help you prepare a price based on what the market will bear such as a comparative market analysis. This plan is based on mostly sold, pending and one or two active homes listed in your current market area. You will also discuss strategies to get your home ready to show and any additional marketing plans such as open houses scheduled on weekends and where to attach a lock box that hold your front door key so other agents can view the property to potenial buyers and yard signs, commissions the importance that will play in selling your home with the agent and most importantly how you are going to communicate with your agent. THe Agent of your choice will guide you through the steps to signing a Residential Listing Agreement.

Hope this helps and good luck
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First step is look in the neighborhood and see at what price houses are listed for. This will give a rough idea about the price of your house. Then call 2-3 realtors for interview. Carefully listen what they have to offer you. What they will do to market your home. After selecting an agent ask for comps, commission and iget the opinion what needs to be done to be able get home marketable. Do the necessary repairs and cosmetics.
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The first step would be to call your trusted Realtor. If you do not have a relationship with a Realtor, ask your friends and family whom they trust. Interview two or 3 agents and get a recommendation on a home stager. You may not need a stager, ask the agents whom you interview what they think. Some homes just need a little tweaking. Your front garden beds and area around the front door should be spruced up, mulched and painted where needed. Your Realtor will prefer a market analysis, detailing what the homes in your area are currently selling for and together, you will be able to see what the best price would be for listing it.
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I would say prepare first by interviewing at least 2 or 3 Realtors® who have a good reputation or that you trust. Typically they will prepare a market analysis for you so that you have an accurate idea of the market value of your home. If you move forward with the sale you will need to choose a Realtor®, decide on the appropriate asking price, and complete the required paperwork so that he or she can get to work for you.

After this you will decide on showing procedures and decide how to "stage" your home so it will appeal to as many buyers as possible.
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Get a market analysis, it will help you know the current value of your home.
Talk to your friends they will all know agents they like. Call one. The agent can do a market analysis is just a few minutes.
Talk to your mortgage company consider your bottom line. Can you afford to sell.
Walk through your home as if you were going to buy it (take out the emotional feelings) Decide on changes or repairs that need to be made (try not to spend a lot of money)
DECLUTTER buyers want to see the house not your stuff.
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Find a realtor who loves the home as much as you do. Interview a few give the listing to the one you feel most comfortable with, take down personal pictures and make sure there is no clutter! People have to see where their things will fit in. Invite a few of your friends over for feedback, price it well, and be realistic about timeline look over pics and if your putting it up in the winter see if you have some pics from summer and label them cleverly.

Good luck,

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make sure your agent has some buyers of their list. they would be more likely to sell if they have a list so be sure to ask that one question.
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There are some basic steps when listing your home:

1. Select an agent.
We recommend you talk to friends, family & co-workers you trust and ask for references. Ask questions that require a direct answer and trust your gut instinct on the responses.
We suggest you interview 3 agents from the recommendations you receive.
You also want an agent that is used to listing properties in your price range as pricing differentials can be more of a specialty than geographic area.
Make sure the agent has a firm grasp of advertising channels, especially on-line. 85%+ of home buyers look on-line before they contact an agent.

2. Determine a value for your home that ensures it sells quickly. That simply means that you are competitive on your pricing for the condition of your home with other homes on the market that are similar to yours. We always recommend, Price to Sell, Not to Sit. The rule of thumb is you should receive 3 to 4 showings per week if you are priced correctly.

3. Prepare your home for sale. You have received great advice on this thus far.

4. Make sure your agent refers solid contacts for Escrow & Title. Great people in these positions can make the difference in executing a smooth sale.

5. Develop a time-line based upon the market data for your home. In other words, if the average days on market for a home similar to yours is 75 days, expect somewhere in the range of 50 to 100 days to sell.

6. Psychiatrists published an article in the LA Times that rated the 3 top emotionally upsetting experiences as death, divorce and buying & selling real estate. Know that buyers feedback is based on their view and it is important you listen as it will assist you in the sale.

Best of luck to you,

Mark & Kari Shea
Shea Real Estate
Serving Greater San Diego
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First steps begin with you and your family.

1. Realize that your home is probably not worth what you think it is.
2. Prepare yourselves mentally to be put in inconvenient situations.
3. You may have @ least 10 showings before you receive a single solid offer.
4. Prepare to lose allot of sleep!

I can go on but I'm sure you remember how stressful it was when you bought this home.

Selling your home should not be left just to your Agent. I require allot of participation and expectations from my clients when listing their properties. Best advice I can give you when you do sign with an agent is "LISTEN and DO IT" If they say your home is dirty, clean it 10x better than you ever have before.

Good Luck!

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Interview Realtors and find one who is familiar with the area that the home is in.
Review the market analysis and look at some of the homes that are for sale in your area.
Price the home realistically.
Make sure your home is clean and uncluttered to make it show better than the competition.
This is the hard part: Don't get emotionally tied to the home. The potential buyers are not aware of all you have experienced in the home. Don't be offended by criticism of your home.
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The first step is to contact a Realtor. The second step is to have the Realtor do a market analysis to determine home value. Next the Realtor should do a net sheet to determine the amount you will net on the sale of your home. It may or may not be the time for you to sell. Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance. Good luck!

Alex Saavedra
Century 21 Award
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Hello Sancht2,

I woudl say the first step would be to clearly state what your goals are in selling your home and why you are doing it. If you are moving out of town because of a new job or maybe wanting to move to a larger or smaller home, then you will have different time frames and expectations that a trustworthy Realtor can discuss your options about.

You then must see your home in the eyes of a buyer in this market and address any maintennace issues or other items that you may be able to fix before you agree to a offering price.

Other considerations are how long you have lived in the home and what legal and tax ramifications you may have when selling.

If you want to contact me to discuss more, just let me know when a good time would be. I am a Spring Valley native and licensed real estate broker that can discuss these issues with you and come up with a plan of how we can market and sell your home for Top Dollar, in your time frame.

Have a great day!

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If you are going to sell fsbo (for sale by owner) I would highly recommend this blog here:

If you are going to use an agent, the first steps are to interview extensively, diligently and patiently until you have found the right agent. The right agent for you will make the selling experience less stressful. The wrong agent will make it more so. Referrals can be a good starting point but don't depend on them- even if someone raves about their agent, it may not be the right match for you. The only way to find out is to interview, ask the right questions and make sure that you hire an agent who will tell you what you need to know, not necessarily what you want to hear.

The right agent will tell you how to price right to sell (based on recently sold comps which they should show you), not suggest an unrealistic list price to entice you into using them. The right agent will have no problem telling you to declutter, fix all minor repair issues, remove/replace anything that may turn off buyers, that your house has an odor (from whatever source) and that the lawn needs to be mowed. In other words, whatever it takes to make your house as clean and presentable to the most buyers possible at the most competitive price possible.

The best of luck to you!
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Interview Realtors
Get your home ready to sell, cleaning, repairs, removing clutter.
Get CMAs from your realtor, ask for marketing plan.
Agree on a price that reflects the market and list!
Be open and flexible to buyers who want to view, open house schedules, brokers open, etc

Good luck! Let me know if you would like us to present a listing presentation.

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I agree with Sara as well one more thing you want to keep in mind is how tech savy the agent is. Today buyers find homes online 75% of the time and having an agent that can showcase your listing both offline and online will be very beneficial to you.- alisha sears
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Call an agent that can help you determine the value and get your home sold. I work in your area. There are a lot of good homes. When I list a home, I walk through with my client and help them determine exactly what they should do to prepare their home for sale. usually the first thing, is go through and put away as much as possible, clean top to bottom, create curb appeal and create empty space. If you want some help, feel free to call me at 760-757-3468. I look at your home as your greatest source of wealth and help you maximize it.

Let me know if I can help you in any way!

Joan Wilson (Realtor, SRES, Ecobroker, Certified REO, HAFA, and Short Sale Specialist)

Prudential California Realty
Direct Phone: 760-757-3468
800-975-7481 x 111
Fax: 760-946-7894
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Generally, you want to interview a Realtor (or several) and have them do a market analysis on your home, to ensure that you are both on the same page about the value of your home. The Realtor will look at data from the local MLS to determine an appropriate listing price for your home. From this, you have to decide if you are now ready to list your home (with that Realtor or any other).
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