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We listed our home about 3 months ago. The realtor has shown the house, personally, 0 times. All showings have been by other companies.

Asked by Waffleman, 14424 Sat Jun 25, 2011

Realtor had a open house 2 months ago but the assistant showed the house. The assistant did not no anything about the house. I am seeing SOLD and SALE PENDING all over our neighborhood and the homes are similar in price and bedrooms, square footage etc. I am very frustrated. I understand the market is very slow and things are not selling like they used to be but 0 showing in the last month!!! Prime selling time is going to pass and I believe there is very little effort from the Realtor. Please give me any suggestions that may help this process.

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Deborah Griffin’s answer
It's very common for your agent not to show your home. The primary job of a listing/sellers agent is to market your home to Realtors and potential buyers for your home. If other homes are selling in your neighborhood, have your agent contact the sellers agent on those homes to find out if one of those buyers who purchased any of those homes had toured yours. You may find out why they chose another home over yours. It may be the price, but it could also be something you could change easily to your home without reducing the price.

I certainly understand how frustrating it is as a seller and wish you the best.

Deborah Griffin
Scottsdale, AZ Realtor
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1. Google and Bing your address to see how many web sites your home comes up on. If you're not popping up on at least 20 sites, you're likely not gettng the exposure you need.
2. Tell your agent that you want to view a list all of homes sold in your community for the last 90 days. Review each one with a very open mind (remove any emotion) to determine how your home compares. Look closely at the photos of each home to determine if others appear better prepared as far as staging and overall condition.
3. Depending on the number of homes selling monthly in your community, make a price correction if necessary to bring your home into the top 2 or 3 most agressively priced homes in the community. You DON'T want to be in the middle of the pack...you want to be on top.
Web Reference: http://www.phgbrokers.com
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it is so hard to be patient in this market. How is your curb appeal? perhaps clients are doing drive-bys and deciding not to ask to see the inside. How are the pictures on your listing? Suggest that they are current and reflect the current season, are bright and expansive. Make sure you are staged. Suggest a brokers open. Suggest withdrawing the listing and re-listing with the same agent or not and alter the price by a couple thousand. This make the listing come up as a new-listing. Good luck.
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I can't speak for your market and your agent. What I can do is explain how the process works when I meet and list a property.
* Discuss the comparable homes and pricing and suggest price with seller.
* Explain my marketing plan, open houses, agency (dual or not), future price reduction strategy
* Explain how the offered commission, terms, and type of listing will affect showings and contract
* Explain that appt. only, and will reduce showings
* Discuss anything negative which may affect a buyer's decision, pet odors, cigaret odors, cooking odors, visual objections, neighbors, power polls, noise factors, furniture placement, color choices, lighting, etc… And what could be done to mitigate
* Once the listing is signed and the seller understands what their roll is, what my roll is, and how other agents work then we set a weekly follow up call.
* Every two weeks a report is prepared for the seller on showing activity, other properties on the market, off the market, price reductions, interest rate changes, website hits, and feed back from showing agents.
* I call every agent for feed back from buyers and relay that to the seller.
* I call other agents who have listings and get their activity level on their listing.
* I call recent solds in the area and talk with their agent to see if they have any buyer leads they can introduce to the listing.

When you and your agent have effectively communicated there should be no frustration with each other. Your agent doesn't make the market only interpret it. So as the other agents suggested, Google your address, your agent, and then schedule a meeting to get feed back.
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This is typical for other Realtors to show your house , as well as your own Realtor.If your Realtor shows the house they must disclose that they represent the Sellers and have their best interest in mind. The Buyers Realtor is doing the same. The multiple listing service has all the personal and private remarks on it for the Realtors to view. The Sellers Realtor can answer any questions they may have about the house that may need further explanation.
On the surface it seems like it should be just your Realtor, but as calls come into the office or inquiry come into Trulia, it may not be the type of house these people are looking for . The Realtor must try to find the house they are looking for! Hope this is helpful!
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Are you over priced or dated? What do the other homes, that have sold look like on the inside compared to yours and are they priced below market?
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This is typical. The likelihood of your Realtor having the buyer is slim. You might want to consider your price as then your Realtor might get calls
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The advise you are getting is a good one! Do let your realtor know your frustration, and checkto see if the house is getting the expsure it deserves! Good Luck!
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Hello, the advise you are recieving is very good advise! Do talk to your Realtor and air out your frustrations. Check to see if the listing is being exposed as much as possible! Good luck!
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Hi, Typically other agents in the mls show and sell the home. Keep in mind your agent represents your best interest, any prospective buyer will most likely want their own representation. I would ask the agent to present the marketing plan for your home so you can see how it is being marketed. Aside from proper pricing, marketing is equally important.

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Most listing agents RARELY ever sell their own listings

Lynn911 Dallas Realtor & Consultant, Credit Repair Advisor
The Michael Group - Dallas Business Journal Top Ranked Realtors
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You state below that " Price has dropped 6000$ in the last 3 months", review recent comps again, the drop may not have been sufficient....
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Waffleman here....

We have been doing all the advice given, but have had no showings in a month. Price has dropped 6000$ in the last 3 months. House shows well according to the Realtors, good exposure and curb appeal, and good price for the market.
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Not unusual that other agents have visited with buyers and your agent is doing his/her job; however, if you had no offers, review comps with your agent, recently sold similar properties in the immediate area--if your price needs adjusting, adjust accordingly and be as competitive as possible; keep in mind that a home is worth what someone is willing to pay for it; it doesn’t matter what the seller needs or potential buyers can afford to spend; market conditions do matter as does the immediacy for a transaction to take place.
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In today's environment, showings are important but as important if not more so is the online exposure your agent is producing for your listing. Ask your agent to see your Trulia client report to get a feel for how many times your home is being viewed on this site. Make sure your listing as a virtual tour and great pictures since 90% of all real estate sales start online in today's market you want to make sure your online presence is being maximized. See the link I've provided to determine if your listing is turning buyers on or off.

Best of Luck
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If your property is being shown, your Realtor is doing the RIGHT thing for you; she/he is marketing the property and is cooperating with all Realtors.

there are two kinds of Realtors....selling agents and marketing agents. If I am selling my house, I want to hire a marketing agent to do the job...

If your property is being shown but not selling, look to the price or look to how it shows or look to the availability to show ... those are the reasons for a house not selling. As long as it is being marketed properly, the rest is in your hands.
Web Reference: http://gailgladstone.com
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The question that pops up in my mind is; how many times has your home been shown by agents other than your listing agent? A listing agent’s job is to market your home to as many potential buyers and buyer's agents as possible to sell your home. If the listing agent focuses only on bringing their buyers in to see your home they will limit your buyer pool to a handful of prospects rather than thousands. The chances are your buyer will come from another agent and most likely a different broker. Another reason it is appropriate for your listing agent to focus on marketing your home rather than showing your home is their fiduciary responsibility to you. If they bring their buyer into your home they cannot give their buyer advice or opinion on your home, its condition, price, etc. Their fiduciary responsibility is to you. That is why many listing agents will have an associate realtor hold the open house. Through the implementation of an intermediary agreement the listing agent can be appointed to represent the seller and the associate agent to represent the buyer. The agents are then bound to follow the rules of ethics in their representation of their clients. At least that is how we handle this situation in Texas. Regardless, you can see that your agent would have a conflict of interest if they bring the buyer to the table.

On the other hand, if you feel your home is not getting the exposure you expected when you hired your listing agent, if other agents are not showing your home as often as you expected, if your listing agent is not communicating with you and advising you as to why the other homes in your neighborhood have received contracts and yours has not, then you need to have a meeting with your listing agent and reassess how your home compares to the homes that did sell. Did they have more upgrades? Were they in better condition? Did the seller agree to pay some of the buyer’s closing costs? Does your home have some issues that need to be addressed? If your agent cannot or will not work through these concerns with you, then you need to contact their broker and address your concerns with them. There are agents out there that just want to put a sign in the yard and wait for the home to sell. Hopefully you don’t have one of those. At my company, if my broker were not able to resolve the issue or reassign the listing to an agent that the client is satisfied with, we will release the client from their contract. Not all companies have this policy, so you’re best coarse of action is probably to discuss your agent’s efforts, try to take an analytical approach to the sale of your home and be realistic about how it compares to those around it. It is hard for home owners to understand that current market value is the only thing that determines the price a home will eventually sell for because they have so much personal investment in it. So if you can get past your initial disappointment in your listing agent and you determine that they actually are doing their job, sit down and really listen to their market analysis and advise. And don’t be afraid you will insult them by asking them to show you how they came to their opinion. That is their job.
Web Reference: http://margie.garygreene.co
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The time to talk with any agent about their marketing plan is prior to commiting and listing with them. There should be no suprises in something as important as selling a home.

It may be time to have a good old fashioned "sit down" to talk things out. Your agent needs to be made aware of how you are feeling about their level of service. If we expect change, it's important to communicate the about the problems as well as your expectations. By putting them on notice you are giving them the opportunity to make a difference.

We would recommend putting your expectations in writing so there is no "he said, she said" issues and so you'll have somethin concrete to refer to should that be necessary in the future.

You'll be suprised with what can happen when all parties ore on the same page....

Good luck,

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Two main pieces of advice:

First, make sure your home is competitively priced. Guy's second point, below, specifically addresses how to do this.

Second, make sure your home shows well. That means not only in person, but also online, with many high-quality photos. Consider having a home stager do an evaluation. It may cost a few hundred dollars, but will be well worth it. Then, after getting the house in shape, get a good photographer (not necessarily a professional, but one who knows what he/she is doing) to take photos. Then make sure they're posted on your listing.

Also, let me address a few of the concerns you raised in your question. Some are legitimate. Others, not so important.

Realtor had a open house 2 months ago but the assistant showed the house. The assistant did not no anything about the house.
Open houses seldom sell houses. Often, agents do open houses for 2 reasons: (1) To let the seller see that the agent is doing something; and (2) To get leads for possible clients--the ones who come in and look at the open house rarely buy that house, but they're often in the market. So 1 open house 2 months ago isn't a terrible problem. And while it'd be preferable for the agent to show the house, busy agents often have multiple open houses on the same day so they'll have someone else fill in.

However, it's not acceptable that the person showing the house didn't know anything about it. Whoever is showing the house should be prepared with the answers to all reasonable questions, and--more than that--should be actively "selling"--promoting the good points of the property.

I am seeing SOLD and SALE PENDING all over our neighborhood and the homes are similar in price and bedrooms, square footage etc. I am very frustrated.
If the houses that are selling are comparable, that's a concern. Earlier, I mentioned that price and appearance are the two main factors in selling a property. Marketing is also important, but sometimes is overrated by sellers. Lots of people search online, so a lot of marketing just means making sure your home is on the MLS (with lots of good pictures) and a good write-up or description. There are other things agents can do to market homes--everything from holding broker's opens (your agent should do that) to direct mail to neighbors reminding them of a house for sale in their community, and so on. So, don't overlook marketing, but make sure that the other two legs of the tripod--price and appearance--are taken care of.

I understand the market is very slow and things are not selling like they used to be but 0 showing in the last month!!! Prime selling time is going to pass and I believe there is very little effort from the Realtor.
Don't be worried about whether your agent is doing the showings. In most cases, the showings will be done by other agents representing buyers. The real question, then, isn't about the number of showings by YOUR agent, but the TOTAL number of showings by all agents. And here it depends on market conditions. But if your home is properly priced, is attractive, and is marketed properly, in many areas of the country you should be getting 2-5 showings a week. If you haven't had any showings at all in a month (or since you listed 3 months ago), then something is seriously wrong. Especially if similar properties are selling.

Final piece of advice: Set up a meeting with your agent. Discuss these issues. Get a new, current CMA. Do what Guy suggests. Check out your listing online and see how it compares (the write-up, the photos, etc.) with other listings. Ask your agent what marketing activities he/she has been doing. And ask specifically: "What do we have to do to get an offer on our property in the next 30 days?" And while I've said several times that price is very, very important, some agents tend to be a bit, ummm, lazy and just go for the price cut when other factors--such as staging or curb appeal--may be the real problem.

Hope that helps.
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Don Tepper, Real Estate Pro in Burke, VA
Hi Waffleman,

Talk with your Realtor and voice your concerns. Also, ask them to do a current Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) using Sold comps within a 1 mile radius of your property (the closer, the better) using properties that have sold in the last 3 months. This will give you current market value. (The first thing buyers look at is price so you want to make sure this is ok compared to whats sold in the last 3 months). You need to use sold comps because until a property actually closes escrow, you don't know what it sold for - it doesn't matter what it's listed for or what price it went into Pending at (closed price is what is relevant),

Shanna Rogers
SR Realty
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