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We are thinking of listing our home but dont want signs in the yard. also wondering how to market it out of state as we have a custome 4500 sq ft home

Asked by Willamette, 97303 Sun Mar 20, 2011

we have a custom home on a river in a nice small town the river lots are all built out we were thinking of marketing to out of state people wanting to move in the area but not sure how to market it to them? we have used friends who are realitors on other projects but had limited sucess as they didnt seem to want to work very hard

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If you have a high-end home with frontage on the Willamette, not having a sign in the yard won't be important for attracting a buyer. Buyers with more affluence tend to rely on the Internet more than other buyers, and they tend a lot less to drive neighborhoods looking for a home.

Still, you will want to get the word out to your more-affluent neighbors about the availability of your home. (People with high incomes tend to know other people with high incomes.) A broker with a good marketing campaign can handle this.

Reaching more-affluent people out of state is only important if the people you reach have an interest or need in moving to the Keizer area. There are a lot of media that target high-end buyers, but the market for high-end homes in the North Willamette Valley (including Keizer) is pretty depressed right now because a lot fewer people want to move here (due to high unemployment, poor prospects for starting a business, a generally poor economy and other factors).

The best way to target the greatest number of out-of-town/state buyers who want to move here now is to price your home properly and to select a broker who (a) belongs to the local multiple listing service (Willamette Valley MLS in the Salem-Keizer area), and (b) uses a custom-tailored marketing plan that includes a variety of local, regional and national advertising media, not just a flashy company web site.

Whether you use a "heavy-hitter" or a small broker isn't as important as how knowledgeable and experienced your broker is. The "heavy-hitters" tend to do a lot less of their own work, farming it out to assistants and other associates. These brokers tend to be good at talking sellers into signing listing contracts, but may or may not be good at attracting buyers and getting them to the closing table.

All REALTORS who belong to the Willamette Valley MLS in Keizer use the web sites that are the most popular among, and have the broadest appeal to, out-of-state buyers. What differentiates one REALTOR from another is how each uploads data to the Internet, and what material each publishes to represent your property.

Especially when you're talking about marketing higher-end homes, it's a process that's complicated to get right. If done properly (to target the right buyers), it also will be expensive for the broker, so you will need to clarify to the broker you select what media you want used and that the broker has the financial resources to use them. (Get it in writing in the listing contract.)

In any case, keep in mind that no matter how awesome or how trashy a property is, it will sell. It's just a matter of when and at what price.

A property that gets all the exposure in the world still will not sell if it's priced too high. This principle has been demonstrated many times over in the current market for high-end homes in the Salem-Keizer area.

Just remember the words of a former mentor of mine, "It doesn't matter if the product is apples or bananas or houses, price moves product."
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No realtor out there has a magic stick when it comes to marketing, we're all backed by the company we represent, so if the company has a great marketing plan you'll get it too, we the realtors can get additional marketing beyond our company but the true is that we all use the same MLS system and most of the same websites, it all comes down to personal touch and honesty to your client (buyer/seller) when it comes to realtors availability to phone calls, emails etc in regards to their listings, the best customer service is usually found with the agent that gets the listing and manage it all the way, those out there getting listing and finding co-listing agents (usually new agents trying to get their name out there) its all they do get the listing and walk away to go get the next one, sellers don't realize how much they risk when their agent is not returning phone calls to other agents with buyers because they didn't want this from the beginning, look out there at the local mls and find those realtors that are the listing agent and the main point of contact (no co-listing etc) those are the ones that will provide you with the best service,
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Homebuyers may use several information sources in their search process, but they are most likely to find the home they actually purchase through a sale professional. Based on National Association of Realtor research in 2010.There is 38% of buyers that find the home they purchase through the Real Estate Professional. 11%of buyers find the home through the yard sign, 6% through a friend, relative and neighbors. 37 % through the internet and 8 % from other sources.

There are new ways to market your home today like : youtube video for computer users, gumzee sign for text users and RQ quote for smart phone users.
The most important is proper pricing.
By not using the sign, you will miss about 1.1 out of 10 buyers. Find a loyal and expertise agent to service what you need.
I hope it is of use.
Thuy Chrestenson
Prudential Real Estate Professionals
Oregon Real Estate Broker licensed # 200710065
Phone: 503-689-3110
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Hello Willamette Home Owner,
Thank you for posting your question/concern! I will addres the yard sign first. Without knowing your reason for not wanting it I will provide a general answer. While neighbors can be a great resource for letting their friends and family know about your home, according to the National Association of REALTORS annual survey of home buyers and sellers, a yard sign was one of a few sources that 58% of buyers used when purchasing a previously owned home. And 22% of home buyers age 45+ still drive neighborhoods looking for homes for sale. A yard sign will be very helpful to you in the marketing of your home.
My second answer is about marketing to out of state home buyers. The interent, which is a tool you've used to reach out to Brokers for answers is the #1 resource home buyers use when starting their home buying process. And the beauty of the internet is its global. So, when I market a sellers home on the internet, I am reaching out to the out of town and out of state buyers automatically.
My last response is to encourage you to interview a few different Real Estate Brokers before decidiing who you will hire. It is a partnership and by nature works best when all parties are on the same page.
I wish you great success in your home selling process. Waterfront property is still very desirable and a limited resource.
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Having no sign is a bad idea! Neighbors are among the best sources for finding buyers. They often will know someone and would be eager to promote your property, to find their next neighbor. Why deny yourself that opportunity?

The best way to market your property out of state is with the right Realtor and it appears you need to do some more homework finding who that might be.
Web Reference: http://www.golftobeach.com
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You have received some great advice here about choosing a Real Estate Agent to get your home sold. The most important thing that you can do is choose a Real Estate Agent that knows their way around the internet, and knows how to market your home on the internet. I would also suggest that you Google any of the agents that you are thinking about hiring. This will give you a good idea of just how knowledgeable they are where technical matters are concerned, and where and how they market their properties.
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While I'm not an agent, I an a home stager and work with agents from Salem to Corvallis -- so have somewhat the inside view to some of their strengths and weaknesses. We see some that promise much and under deliver - others that are humble and do superstar marketing and negotiating. The difference we see in marketing, follow up and negotiating skills between these agents is quite astonishing.

We often get asked from our clients for agent recommendations and when we give them, these are some of the traits we evaluate that you may consider:
Interview at least three agents. They should give you not only a comparative market analysis but detailed marketing plan that includes how they will attract out of state and local buyers. Great agents will be advertising well online as well as reaching out to target markets locally and out of area. Check out their existing listings online. As mentioned previously, over 90% of buyers are shopping on the internet. Even modest homes should have: been prepared correctly for sale, fabulous photos, and a compelling description. Find an agent that markets well, is a strong negotiator and also one you trust and establish a good working relationship. There may be bumps along the road to closing, and having one you can rely on as well as enjoy working with will make this process less painless. We've also seen that not all big listing agents are good agents.
We have worked on $2M homes that had yard signs, others that did not. I've also seen properties without signs stay on the market a long time and the agents frustrated that the buyers were limiting their effectiveness. I think this decision is something only you and the agent you choose can evaluate correctly based on your location.
A good agent won't tell you just what you want to hear to win your listing, but will also bring suggestions on how to prepare your home well (even a custom well decorated home may need staging expertise), pricing, and marketing.
Some high end homes we've worked with have sold quickly this month so we find that encouraging as to where the market in Oregon is headed!
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You need to get an agent that is GREAT in your market to literally "Market" your home. If they are doing their job correctly they will get a lot of pictures. Those pictures can be used to create the visual tour, the flyers, the ads on all the websites. Realtor.com alone allows for 25 pictures and for a space to attach the visual tour. Many other websites do that also. Today, most buyers come from the internet and even though I am not in Keizer, I have had clients come to us here in Southern Oregon not just from the 50 states but from all over the world....that is why it is called the "world wide web". That way you market to everyone!
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While I can't offer counsel on the benefits of having friends that you don't admire for having shared values, I would like to suggest that there's a degree of laziness to addressing only a portion of the market - and to not having signs in the yard, or at the top of the driveway.

I'd like to suggest that you reconsider having any limitations on the marketing of your home, and entrust the marketing to someone that you have confidence in.

All the best,
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I'm wondering how long it's been since you've sold a home.

90% of today's buyers start their search on the internet. The most popular web site of all is http://www.Realtor.com (run by the National Association of Realtors). There are 50+ other real estate web sites that a good Realtor will also get your listing on, includig of course Trulia.

Every Multiple Listing Service today feeds all their listings to almost all the real estate web sites. So a good listing agent

1) creates a good listing (professional pictures) with descriptions that show your homes best features. Many Realtors (including me) give each listing a web site of its own http://(www.123JohnsonDrive.com, for example). That provides space for many more pictures than the local MLS permits, and a much better description of your home. All of your home's marketing materials, including the listings on the local MLS and all the other web sites contain a clickable link to your http://www.123JohnsonDrive.com.

2) promptly responds to every inquiry. I'm sorry to say that too many listing agents I contact do not. It's toocommon to go more than 24 hours before I hear back. You might call or email a prospective listing agent yourself and see how long it takes them to respond, because that's how long it'll take them to respond to inquiries about your listing.

I know of no reason why your home (or any) is more likely to sell to out of state buyers than those from around the corner.

I'm not sure why you wouldn't want a sign. If you're concerned about people knocking on your door to see your home without notice, do not let anyone in (they may be casing your home for a later burglary). Have a stack of your agent's business cards. Give them one and politely tell them that the only way to see your house is to contact your agent.
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The internet has been a boom for many savvy agents. I joined Active Rain about 2 years ago and started blogging on my listings and have had calls from lots of places. Find a local agent with some internet savy and listen to their advice. If you need a referral, I can give you some names in your area.
Why no sign? While you can market out of state, chances are much greater someone in state will still buy it. It could be a friend or family member of a local who wouldn't know it's on the market if not for a sign.
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Hi - I have a buyer that works at the hospital in Salem that's been looking for a custom home in the Salem/Keizer area. Tell me more about your home and what price you are hoping to get and I'll run it by her. Also - if you have photos anywhere, that would help. She likes big open spaces with high ceilings and lots of columns and ornate woodwork.

Otherwise - to get the exposure you're looking for, you'll want an agent with a great website (or multiple sites) that has a great track record for marketing all over creation....a site that is "sticky" and tracks leads and where they are coming from. My team has an amazing website that does all this and more and we'd be happy to talk more about that with you if you're interested.

In the meantime - send more info about your home to: LetUsGuideYouHome@comcast.net and I'll run it by my buyer.

Thanks much!

Kelly Gebler, Principal Broker
Cornerstone Group NW @ Keller Williams Realty
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Don't Settle. Interview Brokers, find a heavy hitter in your area. In this market you can't settle for 2nd best. A good Real Estate Broker in your area will stand above the rest. Hopefully. Friends aren't normally the best.
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