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Asked by jesse, San Jose, CA Sun Mar 24, 2013

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Generally for a 1500 sf home one should plan for about $1500 - $2500
based on "light staging" or staging the full house

Good luck
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Best answer ... exactly what I was looking for.
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Well it just really depends on a variety of facts
a) which staging professional, or staging company you use they will come out and give you an
estimate for what they suggest to do
b) is the home vacant, i.e. has no furniture at all, then you basically have to rent furniture for the time
the home is on the market
c) if you do have furniture and you just need accent pieces or have a decorator / stager move things around and just add accent pieces it will be less expensive

d) if you have furniture but think there are some other things you could do, you may be lucky to have
an experienced Realtor (I do) who will be able to give you a list of recommendations to stage your
home with what is available, there are many ways of staging a home, less expensively
for example, unclutter, remove all personal items, move around furniture to open up the space
set the kitchen table and dining room table as if you were expecting guests, bake some apple pie or other to make the home smell great. May be you need to have carpeting replaced or cleaned
and what is always inexpensive and very effective is painting a wall here and there with an attractive
in fashion color, and then have the windows washed so they sparkle, and create some excitement
at the front door or front landscaping with new plantings or arrangements in pots....

You want to make sure that the home sparkles, shows spacious, updated and inviting and the photos
make a buyer curious to see it in person.
If you need a good Realtor in your area and need a recommendation let me know.
Good Luck to you

Sincerely yours,
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Edith, I agree that the cost of staging a home can vary greatly. If the home already has some nice pieces of furniture you may only need some accessories. I agree that it is important to make sure your house is really clean before you put it up for sale. http://martincountyinsideout.com/
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I never would have thought of rental furniture. That's a great idea for staging a home. I was worried about the same thing, since I already moved and I can't give up the furniture I moved out. If I just rented a few nice couches, though, the family room would look much cozier.
Jenn | http://www.rentasaur.com.au
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Give a range and explain what factors contribute to cost. Don't give wishy washy answers that make us lose brain cells.
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The price varies by size, scope and length of time.

I had a stager do a little vacant house for me for $900.00. It included living room,dining room, bedroom and a vignette in second bedroom. Splashes of color in the kitchen, bath and outside.

Prices can go up for a larger home. The point of staging is to bring attention to the good features of the house, allow a buyer to envision an odd space, and create an emotion to buy. It also allows an agent to take photos of the house so it doesn't show as vacant on line.
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bpauulu - You would be better off hiring a decorator. Stagers are best used when you are trying to sell a home as a private citizen or investor. If you want an interior designer or decorator to come in and help you make your home feel special, you can do that for the price or less that you mentioned. If you were hiring a stager to come in and design, install, and stage furniture for months, that would be far to low a sum to get the job done by a reputable firm.
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bpauulu, yes home stagers can decorate or "stage" a new home also. It depends on the Stager and what they are set up to do. Personally, I leave my business card in any home I stage with a hope that the buyer or others will hire me to stage later, I also let the realtor know, if I have brought my own furniture pieces in that they are for sale.
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Would it be possible for a stager to decorate a new home? I don't think I can actually do it myself and I want that wow feeling when you step in the house and even my guests if they come over. ..
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or maybe just the living space and family room / kitchen dining area
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what if I bought a home? would hiring a stager do the job or a decorator. I just don't want to spend too much. my budget would be $1500 for a 2200 sq. ft home..4 bedrooms and 2 baths and 1 1/2 bath..
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You have some great answers below. My stager really likes to work with the furniture my clients have. It really cuts down the cost for my clients. Usually it runs between $500 to $1000. But as mentioned below, if she has to stage multiple rooms with her own pieces in can run for $2000 to $5000.

I generally do NOT recommend staging the whole house. It has a tendency to be 'over-kill' and prevents the prospective buyer from being able to visualize their furniture in the home. I recommend stage the front room, or living room, to maximum effect. I want them to go 'WOW' when they walk in.

Beyond that, we usually stage the master bedroom and downstairs bathroom and leave the rest to the clients imagination.

You want them to feel welcome, like they've come home. That is the effect that my stager and I go for.

Hope this helps. Good luck to you!

Vickie Chandler
DRE #01443573
Keller Williams Realty
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The professional stagers I use will typically give me a discount because of my repeat business. If the house has a good amount of furniture in it that can be used, I only have to pay for consultant, accessories & a few key pieces, that cost is about $1000. To have a whole house staged, the cost can be anywhere from $2,500-$5,000. Staging costs start for 30 days, and then there's a daily cost involved for every day staging is needed outside the 30 days, typically.

Because buyers have a very hard time having a vision, I recommend staging on every house! Stagers will also help the sellers with paint colors to maximize buyer interest with what's popular right now.

Remember, once you are ready to sell your house, you need to give the buyers what they will want to see (not what your personal tastes are). The hardest part is letting go, but once you do and you allow your Realtor & Stager make your house look more like a hotel, this will increase the traffic and desirability of your home, ultimately helping you achieve the price you want to sell for. Good luck!
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Hi, Jesse:

I have a very good stager who charges anywhere from $750.00 to $1500.00 depending on how much is needed to create a great first impression. She really tries to work with a persons furniture and accessories as much as possible.

Good luck to you in your search for a great stager. If you would Like Judy's Number feel free to give me a call at 408-839-2125.

Kind regards,

Vickie Chandler
Keller Williams Realty
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Vickie. I just wanted to take a minute and say that not staging the whole home is generally a mistake. The relative cost of staging the whole home versus part of the home is low. In addition, one of the magical elements of staging homes is the amount of time buyers spend in staged homes. The numbers are 5 minutes on average for empty homes, and 45 minutes in furnished. If you stage part of the home, you are cutting the other realtor's time with their client in that home short by about 40-50%. This is costly. In addition, it helps to hide some minor imperfections that buyers agonize over, and the online portfolio turns out much better for the home. It's an all around win, versus a saving of far too little to be worth a partial stage. This is a frequent misconception with realtors that we face, whereas the highest performing realtors in our area always request a full stage.
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Thank you for your question Jesse:

That varies with the size of the home. Whether or not the stager must provide furniture, and the length of time the stager must provide the furniture.

Many stagers have their own furniture in stock. Other stagers rent furniture for staging.

For a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house of approximately 1,500 square feet, I generally pay about $2,000 to have the home staged, with the stager's furniture or rented furniture. For larger homes, the cost can be $5,000 or more.

I consider staging to be a vital part of the marketing process. A staged home will generally sell for more than a home that has not been staged. The increase in the sale price is often considerably more than the cost of the staging.

I consider staging a home to be such a vital part of the marketing process that I pay for the staging of my clients homes, for my clients who list their homes for sale with me.

Thank you,
Charles Butterfield MBA
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Depends on a number of factors. It's often between $1,500 and $5,000.

Factors include:
--Amount of furniture and accessories used in the staging.
--Quality of furniture
--Number of rooms staged
--Length of staging

You'll also find that staging costs vary among stagers. Have several give you an evaluation and bid.

Hope that helps.
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Don Tepper, Real Estate Pro in Fairfax, VA
Home Staging is a term which is thrown around often, and it can also be referred to as real estate staging. RESA, the Real Estate Staging Association offers realtors "certificates" in staging. There are also two other designations, Certified Staging Professional and Accredited Staging Professional. If you hire a RESA, ASP, or similar realtor to come in, they will either "stage" your home free of cost to represent the sale, or ask for a premium of $250-1,500. Luxury homes may cost more, and some realtors will ask for a bit more also.

You will find other staging professionals that have design backgrounds. The prices for designer-stagers will vary depending upon how much of the process they can ingest internally, versus what they must subcontract. Some firms have design staff internally available for the project, furnishings in a warehouse, and an installation team. Others must contract an interior designer (least common), rent furniture (quite common, especially if they are out of their normal area), and use a firm like Intercept to install (very common). You will also find the length of contract, and general terms vary. In general, in a metropolitan area, people use your list price and staging is 1.5%.

You should expect a completely staged home, including furniture, bedding, and accessories. It should appear virtually move-in ready, but accentuate the positives of your home and mitigate its flaws. For liability purposes, it is detrimental to try to work with any of your furniture. Professional staging companies will ask you to donate it, or store it generally.

Remember, you get what you pay for.
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A very rough estimate would be $2,500. The cost varies with everything: staging company, real estate agent, number of rooms to stage, how busy the staging companies are, how long until the home is sold, what furniture is needed to create a great impression ....

Talk with your agent. Different homes and different areas have buyers with different expectations. An expensive home with beautiful furnishings may attract a buyer who wants to buy it with the furnishings so that the buyer doesn't have to spend time... Sometimes a home with gleaming floors, new paint and new appliances looks like it was just built and will attract buyers with little furnishings present.

Juliana Lee
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Over 30 years experience
Over 1,000 homes sold in Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties
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It greatly depends on the size of your house, the scope of staging (public area and master bedroom or the whole 9 bedroom house). It also varies among the vendors - some are more cost effective than others. But if you have the money I would strongly recommend to stage, especially the smaller rooms in your home. You will get your money back.
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Hi Jesse,

Great question. There are many factors to consider to answer it. The cost of staging varies based on the number of rooms you are staging, whether or not you are bringing in all the furniture and accessories or using a mix of both your own items along with items brought in by the stager. The size of your home is also another factor influencing the overall cost.

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Hi Jesse,

Please let me know the size of the home, and what rooms you wish to stage. You can email me from my profile, and I can put you in touch with my stager.

Kind regards,

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Staging a home can definitely run from low to high in terms of cost. I recommend having several staging companies bid on the job and pick the one that works best for your budget.
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Hi Jesse,
Depending on what you want, and the type , size and location of your home you have many options.
Yes, you can hire a stager and pay quite a bit--$2000+++
In the market we have now in the Silicon Valley area minimal staging is really needed in most homes. In most cases I work with you with pieces from your home, bring in fotos, towels, odds and ends, and have the ability to rent pieces to stage the living room, dining room ,family room etc. for you. That would run around the $800 mark which is a big savings. I list many homes every year and have very successfully sold all of my properties in this way.
Debbie Murphy,
Coldwell Banker
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list of charges furnitures for staging?
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There's a huge variation in price, quality and presentation. For 1500 sf, need to budget at least $2500 for 2 months (most stagers minimum).

Some stagers refuse to work with owner pieces.
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what is the cost of staging a vacant 3 bedrooms home ?
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3 bedrooms, for two months could range from 1800 - 3000, depending on how many pieces and the company you select.

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how do the stagers charge?
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How much do stagers charge for consulting?
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Furniture hire might just be the thing you need to stage this house. It'll definitely help it sell. People like to see the themselves living in the house they are looking to buy. If there is no furniture there, it's going to be a lot harder for them to do that. http://www.rentasaur.com.au/furniture
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I have stagers that charge $600 for the consultation, then add on for the furniture rental, set-up & tear-down. I can honestly say it is hugely beneficial when listing your home, whether vacant or owner-occupied. My stagers just charge a one month minimum.
Let me know if you need a referral.

Linda Baker
Alain Pinel Realtors
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We have staged high-end homes for our clients including some of our REOs. The costs depend on the size of the home from $1100-$2500 per month

We typically rely on Pam at Panaceia Staging and she's based in San Jose. She's tastefully staged our Los Gatos properties in the past.

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