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Should you be there when your home is being shown to buyers?

Asked by Trulia Tucson, Tucson, AZ Tue Apr 2, 2013

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Kat Tyree’s answer
You will help yourself and your buyers by vacating for each and every showing. Buyers can't freely discuss your home with you in it...even if you are out of earshot, they will not be comfortable. Buying decisions involve looking into closets, etc, that most people are very hesitant to do while you are there.
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I think that a the seller shouldn't be there.
By the seller being there, the buyer is not getting to put all their focus towards the details of, what could be, their future home.
The buyers are going to want to focus on the house, and not who, now, resides there.
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I have never shown a home where the presence of the seller made the buyer more likely to buy.

I have shown many houses where the seller refused to leave and made the buyer so uncomfortable, all the buyer could think about was getting out of the house.

The buyer knows within minutes of entering a house if he can imagine himself living there. If the house isn't for him, it doesn't matter how much information or chit chat the seller offers. The buyer is not going to change his mind.

If your house has lots of fabulous features you don't want the buyer to miss, list them in a handout and make copies to be taken by buyers who want more information.

Please make it easy for the buyer to fall in love with your house. Clean up the house and yard, open the blinds, turn on the lights, adjust the temperature, and leave. Thank you.

Donna Moulton
Associate Broker
Tierra Antigua Realty
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You really need to be out of the house when an agent is showing the house to the buyers. A buyers agent needs to understand what the buyer likes or does not like in the homes they are being shown. If the seller is present, the buyers will not express themselves and they will not want to spend too much time looking around.

Plus, it can get uncomfortable for the sellers too if the buyers are expressive and say they don't like the granite or flooring etc that the seller just spent so much money in updating.

If your help in explaining how things operate or special features is needed, I am sure the agent will be in touch with your agent for details. So it is best to just let the agents do the showings. They understand their buyers and they know what the buyer is looking for.

Meena Gujral
Help-U-Sell Achievers Realty
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I agree whole heartedly with my colleges. When buyers are previewing a home they need to see themselves in the house. Feel comfortable and not like an uninvited visitor. Also you may feel that you need to tell them all about the house and this can cause problems in your negotiations. Such as "we really need to sell this home because we have bought another or we have to move because of a job transfer." this may put you in a compormised position for price. Best to leave the showings to the professionals. And go have a nice lunch or walk in the park/
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I took some buyers out today. Husband and wife with 2 little kids. I noticed that they definitely hung out at the vacant homes longer than the occupied. They were not as comfortable when the owners were home. However, they stayed longest in the occupied homes where the owners had left for a couple of hours. So, I have to vote for vacant as first choice and better yet, vacant and staged.
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James Servoss
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I agree with most of the answers below, but would like to add that it's been my experience when I bring buyers to a property where the sellers are home, the buyers are uncomfortable and don't spend as much time looking around. They don't want to inconvenience you. You want the buyers to "hang out" and really get a feel for the home. If you are there, it feels like we are visiting you in your home rather than the buyers being in their potential new home. You need buyers to be able to visualize themselves living in the home, and they really can't do that if you are there.
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I see lots of good answers already. I would just like add that you don't have load the kids in the car and go away. If possible, just sit outside while the buyers are there. That way they feel comfortable asking you any questions they may have. (this is assuming that they are with an agent)
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If the buyers have an agent you should give them space and the freedom to poke around and discuss freely their opinions about the house. Buyers feel like intruders when you are watching every move. You should only stay if the appointment is set and neither agent is present, however try to give them some room to look around. Tell them if they have any questions, have their agent call your agent.
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It's best to NOT be there if possible for several reasons, first of which, you will have the urge to explain more than your agent will want you to! This is why you fill out disclosures, so that everything that you want to state about your repairs and updates are in writing. When you contribute facts about the house verbally, you might confuse an issue and confuse the buyers. When I have sellers who are elderly or disabled and cannot leave the house, I encourage them to only offer cookies and stay on the couch. Let you agent handle the rest, that is what they are paid for.
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Thank You for Your question, : )

My colleagues are absolutely correct below; while you may feel more comfortable being there, it makes the potential buyers feel easy or scrutinized. Properties are best shown when the sellers have left the property vacant, save a few pieces of staging; If that isn't in the cards, it is advisable to give the buyers and buyer's agent the run of the house and leave during their showing.

Great Question! Best of Luck!

-Lindsay A. Daley
Chartered Real Estate Consultant®, REALTOR®
Contact Info Available Upon Request.
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Good question. If it is a Realtor showing, I DO NOT recommend the seller to be present for a number of reasons: 1st; buyer's most times feel more comfortable looking through cupboards, closets, and closed door rooms without the ever-present eye of the seller. 2nd; if questions are being asked of the property and seller's motivation-anything can and will be held against you during the act of negotiating the price and terms of the house sale. (e.g. "the Miranda Act" in home sales negotiations).
In other cases, please feel free to call and ask.


Evan Harris, seasoned agent
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage
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In general, you as the Seller should not be in the home when it is being shown to a Buyer. If the Buyer is accompanied by an agent, that agent knows that he or she is responsible if anything has taken or broken in the home. If a Buyer is not accompanied by an agent, then you and/or a friend or neighbor should be there. Or, do not permit an unaccompanied Buyer to view the home.

You should still take the precaution of not leaving valuable in view, whether or not an agent is present.

Good luck.
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If you are Selling the home yourself (Sale By Owner) AND an unrepresented Buyer wants to see your home, I would recommend walking them through the home yourself. If you are a single woman, I would be extra cautious if you are alone and perhaps you should ask a neighbor to join you. If the Buyers are represented by a REALTOR, then I would leave while it is being shown.
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Very good question! I recommend to my clients NOT to be there when there house is being shown for one reason in particular, you want to make potential buyers as comfortable as possible. To do this, it is best to vacate the home, take any pets and animals, and open the house as much as possible to make it feel uncluttered and full of light.

I hope this helps! Please feel free to contact me with any other questions.

Michael Shiner
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Not if you have a trustworthy Realtor representing you. Most buyers would rather view and experience the home with out the watchful eye of the seller. They are more apt to view closets, cabinets and other nooks & crannies. The buyer may also have some questions they would rather not ask in front of the seller. There's nothing more intimidating than a seller following you around the house.

From a seller's perspective, I would rather my sellers NOT be there. They may be asked questions that would hurt the potential sale price. I'm not talking about hidden defects of the home but the personal motivation behind the seller's move.

All in All its really the buyers time to see if they see themselves living there.
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I would recommend that you not be there. Most buyers feel uncomfortable when the seller is around and might not let the agent know what they like or dislike about the home. This is important for the seller's agent, so they can share with their seller's what buyers are saying about the home.
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