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Should I stage my home before selling or leave it empty and clean?

Asked by pam, 95148 Sun Jun 16, 2013

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Greetings Pam,
Showcasing the best side of a home to create interest and help you get top dollar, I believe you should stage your home before selling rather than leaving it empty. From first impressions to possible layouts, home staging provides potential buyers with a visual representation of a home and can help you sell your home quickly and for a competitive price. When potential buyers first enter your home, it is the first impression that will stay with them when considering purchase. By using staging, sellers can show buyers potential without making them use their imagination. If a home is empty and without furniture it can be difficult to see how comfortable the home truly can be. Without furniture, a house may seem uninviting.

In today’s market, making a great first impression is especially important. With most home listings available to view on a realtor’s website, the staging shown in the website’s photographs will either increase the buyer’s interest or eliminate the property from the options.

I hope this information is helpful. If I can be of further assistance, please feel free to contact me. The best of luck to you, Pam.
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With the current lack of selling inventory and dozens of buyers lining up to see the few actually available, you’d think that the amount of prep work going into homes being readied for sale would have diminished dramatically.

Think again.

In reality, the overall quality of homes currently for sale is significantly higher than a few years ago. Part of the reason is that we’re no longer seeing the multitudes of trashy foreclosures that dominated the landscape (not only are there less foreclosures, those that do appear are in better condition because banks have learned that a small investment in new carpet and paint will reap larger returns).

The real reason, I believe, has to do with the economics of the current market.

In a declining market, sellers realize that they’ll be losing money if they invest too much in getting their home sold. If they put $10,000 into modernizing a kitchen, they might get $5,000 back. Although they understand the need to make their home as presentable as possible, most sellers will do it on the cheap so as not to lose any more than they absolutely have to.

When the market turns and heads back up, the profit margins change. In the current hot market, home prices are not dictated by previous sales, they are now governed by multiple offers and how much any given buyer is willing to pay. That same $10,000 kitchen upgrade might very well score a $15,000-$20,000 return. Factor in paint, new floors and the like and the chances of reaping a windfall dramatically increase. While we might see 3-5 offers on a dingy property, well prepared homes are frequently seeing well over 20 offers. The more offers a seller receives, the better the chances of a solid sale at way over asking price.

Sheryl Medford, accredited stager and owner of The Next Stage (http://www.thenextstages.com), a professional East Bay-based home staging company, states, “Not only are we seeing home improvements increase, the demand for staging has dramatically risen as well. Sellers realize that the better their homes look, the higher the price they’ll receive. We were expecting requests for staging to decrease once the market heated up – in reality, it’s been the exact opposite.”

Interested in maximizing your sale? In the current selling climate, it appears that tasteful upgrades and professional staging … are setting the stage for higher returns.
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The Medford Team believes that staging is so important that we have our own staging company. We offer staging to our clients as part of our normal service. Sellers who stage their houses attractively are more likely to achieve the “wow” factor that means a quicker sale at a higher price.
Web Reference: http://www.MedfordTeam.com
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A stage home usually sell faster and for more money. Then again, it depends on the type of market you are experiencing. If you are in a market with very little inventory staging might not be necessary.
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You don't say what price bracket your home will be selling in, and so I would add that starter homes have the most buyers and most competition, so those homes will generally sell well with the basics done. As homes get more expensive, naturally,it then becomes necessary to make your home as appealing as possible to compete with other homes. Staging is not an all or nothing situation. Even the simplest forms of staging can enhance your home. A few strategically placed pieces of furniture can help give dimension to a room, show the scale of the spaces, or suggest versatility. Especially vintage homes with small rooms, can be far more inviting with furniture that is in scale with the smaller dimensions of the rooms. Lighting is also important in showing a home.
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Dear Pam,
Most property ( I would say 90%) will look much better and sell faster when it is professionally staged. You can see what I mean, if you go to any "New Home Development" to look at the model homes. They are never empty and there is a good reason for that. Builders know, what many home sellers don't...that homes sell better staged.
If you are on a budget you can get a consultation with a Home Stage Professional, who will help you stage your home using some of your own furniture if possible.
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It depends on who you think your buyer is.

I think that when selling to first-time and move-up buyers, staging helps them visualize how they can live in the space. When selling to investors, maybe not as much.

All the best,
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Clean is important. In today's housing market, however, I'm not exactly sure what impact going the extra distance and expense of staging would have on the length of time or the ultimate price it would bring. I've been showing properties both ways and have yet to see it make much difference one way or the other. That stated, as others have said if the home is in disrepair or trashed out in anyway you will definitely pay the price one way or the other.
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As John stated and I repeat..."It depends!"
Does the home have defiencies that staging will minimize?
Will your home be competing for the attention of buyers?
Is inventory of home like yours LOW?
As the inventory for homes at your price point low?
Does your home have undefined space that will stymie a buyer?
This is the time to have a real conversation with your agent.
If your agent can provide a real purpose for the staging (see above) instead of a 'everyone's doing it' type of response then you should give it real consideration.
Failing to optimize a home for quick sale, believe it or not, will result in buyers actually saying, "It's been on the market 17 days. What's wrong with it?"
Last note. Staging has NEVER hurt a home's presentation.

Best of success,
Annette Lawrence, Broker/Associate
Remax Realtec Group
Palm Harbor, FL
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Depends on your home's position in the market. If you have one of the better homes for sale in your price range in your area, I wouldn't waste time and money on staging. If your home is not that competitive, then staging might help. I prefer listing a home that is clean, painted with neutral colors and not staged. Everyone has their own preferences.
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Staging is better than leaving a home empty. Depending upon the price range of your home however, you don't necessarily want to spend a fortune on it....

Ask your listing agent for ideas....most of us know a little something about how to stage a home for best effect!

Good luck.
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no question. stage it. buyers have little imagination and you will get it back and more on sale price.
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I would have to agree that staging is probably the best route to go....with that said, there are options when considering staging:

staging consultation

partial staging

total staging

Staging expense is often the reason why people don't seriously consider this as a viable option. Understanding that there's more to staging than total staging can be a solution for some. By staging a kitchen, living room and one bedroom you could be able to create the atmosphere you are looking for at a portion of the expense.

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Staging AND cleaning will always work in your best interest. Some folks are imagination- challenged and may need help visualizing how the home could look with furnishings.

Staging presents the home in its best possible light....I once had a fixer that had cracks in the walls, and hideous red carpeting. I had the carpeting removed and saw fabulously preserved wood floors. So after having the place cleaned up, I staged the living/dining rooms and kitchen with just a few items -- a small sofa, coffee tables, plants and flowers, pictures. Just enough so that folks would see there's more than just cracks in the ceiling. It went for well over list price :)

When selling --- remember the C's. Clean, Color, Clutter, Curb appeal. Perhaps this will help -- pointers on preparing a house for sale

Good luck!
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Staged and cleaned is the best way.
However, your Realtor should be able to direct you with the right answer after discussing the marketing plan, your budget, the market in your neighborhood, and the average days on market.

Sit down and talk to your agent, or interview three and decide what is best for your situation.

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