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Steve Lang, Home Seller in Morganville, NJ

Should I invest in replacement windows?

Asked by Steve Lang, Morganville, NJ Tue Nov 2, 2010

My house was built in 1974 and still has the original wood windows/aluminum storm windows. The existing windows all work properly but they don't perform as well as the new energy-efficient windows. It will cost about $8K to replace the windows (less $1500 IRS credit).

Is it better to make this improvement or would buyers rather have a lower price?

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John Sacktig’s answer
Hi Steve,

Get the wndows, it will help with the sale of your home. Windows are one of the big ticket items people want to see. If they have to do it after they move in.. wah, wah, wah... they will go with another property that already has the windows done. Will you "make it back" well, that no one can say.. but will the new windows help to present your home in a better light to buyers!

Do it before the winter comes!
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I agree, if it is going to help the resale value of your home, then you should definitely get them. If you notice that some of the windows are cloudy as well, you should replace them. That means that the glass isn't completely sealed, and air and water is getting between the two sheets. That is very hard to repair, and is cheaper to just replace. http://ryansallglass.com/window-repair/
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I think that the windows can get to a certain point where they just need to be replaced. Sometimes, that's the best way to go about it really. It takes less effort and still manages to get the job done. http://www.brothershomeimp.com/products/windows
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I agree that it will help sell your home. When I look for homes, windows are always one of the first things I look at. If you update yours and have replacement windows installed, you're sure to increase the value of your home. Good luck and I hope everything works out for you! http://www.cadwestwindowsanddoors.com/Custom-Windows-Torrance-CA.html
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I agree with John. Buyers love little upgrades like that. It will add to the value of your home, and it will be more energy efficient. I'd look into it if I were you. http://www.suburbanglass.ca/en/products_and_services.html
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I would get the windows too. That's great advice, John. Even if they didn't help sell your home, I would still install new windows. Old window let in all sorts of spiders and dust. It's also really annoying to hear everything going on outside like it's all in your front room. http://www.banddconst.com/services/windows-and-doors/
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I am going to agree with Eugene on this one. Most home buyers will want energy efficient windows. Since yours are so old, I can't see anyone making an offer that doesn't take the replacement cost into account. Regardless of whether you are selling the home, you should install new windows to reduce your utility bill.

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A lot of home buyers want new windows for energy efficiency. I think any offer that you get without new windows, will include a discount for replacing them. The new windows will also make your home more aesthetically pleasing, which will increase its value.

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It just depends on what kind of buyers are out there. There is the type of person who doesn't want to have to deal with repairs after buying a house so they would rather pay a little more if the repairs are already finished. There are also the people who are looking for the cheapest thing they can find so a lower price would attract them. It's a tough call to make and a little bit of a gamble both ways.
Web Reference: http://www.nobleglass.net
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I agree, Kara, every buyer is different. I would say that most buyers enjoy the idea that they won't have to make any repairs on the home right when they buy it. I would recommend getting a quote from a window replacement company too see how much it would cost. If it is financially feasible, then I would definitely get them replaced.
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I think that it would be a great idea to invest in replacement windows. There area a lot of buyers who are looking for a house that is very energy efficient. It would probably be best to ask your realtor though. http://frontierdesigncenter.com/Residential_Construction_Erie_PA.html
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One of the things as a buyer's agent I always look at when perusing a home is windows. If they are worn and old, I advice my clients that it may be a near term significant outlay of cash. Therefore, I would recommmend that you do replace the windows. But remember, this will only aide in selling your home and you will NOT see a 100% return; most likely 60% ... but in my view worth the investment as it is likely to reduce your time on market.

Francesca Patrizio, ePro, SRES
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I agree with Francesca on this issue. Having energy efficient windows is essential to selling fast. When I am looking for a property, the windows are one of the first things I consider. If you don't replace them, the buyer will probably ask for a discount.

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This is a tough call without seeing your home and how it stacks up against the local competition in your price range. The average new home buyer in New Jersey is 31 years old. In general these buyers seem to not want to do improvements and often will pay a premium for “new”. They also attach a higher cost in their own mind to any work that needs to be done if they buy the house. The best return on a seller’s investment, in my opinion, is new paint and pulling up existing carpet if there are hardwood floors underneath. It is all about how good a value your home is versus the competition. What does your real estate agent say?
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having replaced many windows on my own homes I would advise pricing as is and advise that the savings has been passed on to buyers. Unless they are broken and require replacement leave them. The problem you have if you replace and immediately sell is that the typical lifetime warranty is usually transferrable only once. Additionally if other work is planned ie siding, expansions... some of this may be removed.
If you were not planning on selling I would say do them for the credit, savings and "green" factor.
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I would install new windows. You could save a lot of money every year, because the new windows will perform better. I think it is worth the $8K, because eventually the money you save will pay off the cost of the windows. http://www.gilkey.com
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I think that it depends on how much the windows are affecting the energy efficiency of your home. I have lived in many homes that have old windows, and they always cause a lot of problems in the winter. There are temporary fixes for these things, like window film in the winter and blinds in the summer. However, you will need to replace your windows at some point if your house is more than 30 years old.
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It's really your call on this one. I don't really think there's a right answer. Replacing the windows will just change the group of people you should market the house to. Some people are willing to pay a little for energy efficient features. If you think the new windows will add to curb appeal and that listing the newly replaced windows will draw more attention to your home, then I think it's worth it. That's a possible benefit of replacing the windows. It's ultimately up to you though. http://www.wonderfulwindowsandsiding.com/windows/windows-for…
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I think you should make the improvement. If a potential buyer sees things like new windows he will assume the rest of the house is modern and kept up. Old windows could show that you have not been updating the house. I would get them replaced as soon as you can! http://www.newjerseywindow.com/morrisplains.php
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I think it would be a good idea to invest in replacement windows. My parents just had new windows installed in there home. I know waiting too long could cause leaks in your home and possible further damage. http://www.getcitywide.com/services.html
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I think it would be a good idea to go for it. It will add value to your house when comparing it to places without the energy efficient windows. A lot of people would definitely prefer to have the improved windows installed when buying a house. I don't think you'll lose anything in getting the new windows. Even if you don't make back the cost in the sale you'll save money on your utilities until you can sell.
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You not only adding equity into your property, tax savings, you are going to save on your energy bill. It is a win across the board.
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I definitely think that if you want to increase your home value you should replace the windows. It can be difficult to keep a home warm in the winter if the windows aren't very good and don't have as good of insulation. If you are wanting to get good windows, I would look at your various options and see which ones will be the most energy efficient for you! http://www.gilkey.com
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He probably decided already as this question was asked five years ago.
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I would suggest replacing the glass as soon as possible. You'll have to do it eventually, and procrastinating increases your utility bill. The sooner you get the windows replaced, the quicker you can recover the cost.

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Cory is absolutely correct on this one. I would replace your windows as soon as possible. Newer designs are much more energy efficient than older ones. I bet you will notice a decrease in your utility bill if you do. Replacing the windows will also increase the value of your home.

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I agree with you Cory, he should definitely replace the windows. They will really increase the resale value of the home, and they will help the home be more energy efficient. Make sure that you hire a professional to help you put them in though, because you want to make sure that everything is sealed just right. http://rfoam.net/services.html
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I think windows are absolutely a necessity. I believe in the long run you'll find that they save you money on electric or utility bills. Yes, go for it.
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The neighborhood kids were playing baseball in the field next to my house yesterday. Next thing I know, the ball comes flying through my living room window. I was so upset! http://www.glassdoctor.com/fort-collins/HomeGlassRepair/Wind…
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Are the windows the original ones put in in 1974? If so, then you do need to replace them. It will raise the value of your home and make it more attractive to buyers. Windows that old do not work well at all, and are likely wasting a lot of energy. I would recommend shopping around a little more to find the best price for the replacements, though.

Claire Reynolds || http://www.faswd.com/windows/tampa-replacement-windows.html
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I agree with John, it'll help with the sale of your home. You have to think long term when dealing with home improvements. Either you stay in this house for a long time and enjoy your new windows, or you sell it easier because the windows were replaced. Good luck and I hope you found what you were looking for!

Brooke Bowen | http://www.allnallconstruction.com/services.html
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Get the windows if they are good quality. Be sure to check for state and utility rebates and credits also.
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Get the windows. You will notice the difference during the year.
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As a potential home buyer I would take the improved windows. I don't want to look at a home as a project. There are a few very handy people who like to do the fixing up themselves, but those are few and far between. You'd be better off replacing them, especially since they are still from 1974. Window repair isn't too rough though, and might be a cheaper option and you could say that you recently had them serviced and that will allow you to still sell for higher without spending the full $8,000. http://www.griggsglassandmirror.com/Glass_Installations_Serv…
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I would replace the windows if I was in your situation. When you are selling the house, you can tell potential buyers that the windows are brand-new, energy-efficient windows. It makes your house much more appealing and you can even raise the asking price reasonably.

Claire Reynolds || http://www.progresscommercialglass.ca/
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"U.S. Department of Energy" http://goo.gl/ygMex has a great website on Energy-Efficiency. Read their specific page on energy-efficient-window-treatments http://goo.gl/PgIbAh or their page on energy efficient windows http://goo.gl/0TPgxs . This page talks about effectiveness of awnings, interior and exterior blinds v/s getting new windows. It gives you actual percentages saved and specific info, very helpful. Check out this energy efficiency page http://goo.gl/uSrcOQ .
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Your home sounds lovely. I do not believe in upgrading and putting more money into your home. Your home will sell based on the following: 1. condition (try your best to show your home at its best light: declutter, remove large pieces of furniture, etc.); less is best.
2. price your home competitively-- if you are truly wanting to sell. Be the best priced home on the market. Begin to think as a Buyer-- they want the most for the money and the buyers set the price.
3. Ensure you hire a full time agent that is experienced in your local market; an agent that continues to educate themselves and their clients with the most updated info on the local market. And, ensure they are pulling all the stops to sell your home: Facebook Ads, Social Media, professional photos are a must!
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I love the wood, but the sad truth is that they are drafty and hard to keep up. I will eventually change out all of mine (sadly) but I do think it will save in the long run.
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I agree with Dorene. I think wood windows are attractive, but they are definitely energy inefficient. The wise and responsible choice would be to replace them. The savings on your utility bill eventually offset the installation costs. Shop around your local glass companies. I am sure that you will be able to find a good looking option.

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We just installed high impact windows in South Florida and I don't regret it a bit. Do whatever will keep you and your family safe and protected.
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If it were me I'd opt for replacing the windows first. It will make your home look better, add value and be more energy efficient which most buyers appreciate in a home.
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I think that replacing the windows would be a wise move. It would be more appealing to potential buyers- less work to be done by them and also it will save them money on energy costs.
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My house was built in 1972 and I had the same windows with the storm windows. Just replaced them all this month. I have already seen a dramatic difference in the heat retention of the house (last few cold days I could keep the thermostat at 72 instead of 76).
Any improvement you make will obviously not always net you back what you spend right from the start, (although in this case it may be close), and WILL get you more money in sales price. Not to mention it's a lot easier than negotiating a credit with the buyer or lowering your list price from the beginning.
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Any repairs that you do to your home will help improve the value of your home. Home buyers will feel safer in purchasing a home when they do not see a lot of repairs that need to be made. If you are willing to spend a little money on completing necessary repairs, it could result in a higher selling price and a quicker sale.
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There are some "improvements" which really are a matter of taste. You can spend a lot of money on remodeling that a buyer won't appreciate. Windows are another story entirely. They are practical and add a lot of value, not only because it's one less thing the buyer has to worry about, but because they know it will save them on energy costs. It's well worth it.
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Energy efficency is a great sales tool, but in this market, perhaps you might keep it as a negotiating incentive when you get traffic from the listing.
Current buyers are always looking for market incentives when they are shopping.
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It depends on what other homes that are competing with your home have. I would ask your Realtor for their opinion. I would also go out and look at the 10-20 homes that a buyer would compare to yours and see how you stack up.

The most important thing a Realtor can do is to advise a seller on the things they can do to sell for the most money. In many cases there are probably other things that need attention that will have a greater impact than the windows. (for example, painting the property inside and out, new carpet, etc..)

Good luck.
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Keith Sorem, Real Estate Pro in Glendale, CA
Hi Steve,
Yes, it's a good investment and you have the advantage of the tax credit.
All the Best,
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Being originally from the north I can tell you from experince that it will probably be an investment that is worthwhile. Depending on the price point of your home most buyers will want a home that they need to do little to no work to move into. replacing the windows is an investmetn that if marketed right can help you recoup some of your expenses. I do not know if you will get all of your money back. but, it will probably help the home sell quicker if you do it versus if you do not do it.
Web Reference: http://www.davedicecco.com
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Hi Steve
In your area I can tell you from my experience that most buyers want a move in ready house that is updated or expect to purchase at a very discounted price if the house is not updated. So if you can afford to upgrade your windows do so, but keep in mind that it will probably not add to the value of your home, it will just help it sell. If you are unsure about the resale value of your home the way it is, you really should have a local realtor take a look at your home if you haven't done so already. We can look at it objectively & make suggestions as to what needs to be done before you place your home on the market to attract the most buyers at the right price. If you'd like I'll be happy to stop over at no obligation, feel free to call me.

Joan Congilose CRS, GRI, e-Pro
Broker/ Sales Associate
RE/MAX Central Manalapan
(732) 972-1000 ex:364
(732) 232-5277
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I agree totally with both Angie and Larry in that buyers want both and that the replacement windows would help to sell your home sooner rather than later and "energy efficient is a huge "buzz" word today. Typically, I advise sellers not to make improvements such as a remodel bath or kitchen (unless, of course these are seriously outdated) because your taste may not be that of the potential buyer and they might just replace what u spent good money on. However, in the case of a practical item like windows, a buyer usually prefers a home where they do not have to invest additional monies outside the mortgage to make repairs.

Like the Nike tag line . . . "just do it".

Francesca Patrizio, Broker, ePro, SRES
Web Reference: http://www.PatrizioRE.com
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The unfortunate answer is Buyers will want both in all likelihood. But to answer your question, replacing the windows will make a significant change in both the energy efficiency of your home, and the appeal you r home has to a potential Buyer. They will also make the interior of your home much quieter.

I would suggest this would be a smart move for you to make if you're looking to get your home sold sooner rather than later. As an added bonus do it now, it's statistically unlikely you home will see this year as it is, as we're entering what is historically the slowest time of year for home sales. You'll be much more comfortable this winter with new energy efficient, well sealing windows in.

Best of luck.
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Buyers would rather have energy efficient windows and a lower price! The short answer to this question is do it. Owners are sometimes afraid to make capital improvements to the home for fear that they will not see a return on their investment. The truth of the matter is you may have lost 12% per year in savings from your utility bill over the course of several years. 

Also, I am not sure who you contracted, or the quality, type or number of windows you are replacing/ordering but your estimate seems high to me. 

In general though, I believe updated windows is a low priority for buyers. Maybe the trend will change with conservative buyers with recession experience entering the market place. 

Just FYI: $8k might be better spent on staging and addressing other areas of the home: kitchen, bathrooms, painting, which has more of an impact on buyers. I hardly ever hear a buyer saying I brought the house because it had energy efficient or updated windows. I do hear buyers saying the house had good lighting or I loved the kitchen, bedroom sizes, location of home to work, school, transportation, etc. 
What's your home worth now? Have you spoken to an agent? It would be incorrect to assume that an $8,000 improvement of this type would net you the same upon resell or any additional money given the state of the market.

From a marketing perspective, I would offer to pay closing costs or discount points, which I believe has more of an impact on a buyers bottom-line.

Hope that helps!
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