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Lauryn, Home Seller in Royal Oak, MI

Should I fix it???? I am getting my house ready to put on the market. I interviewed a couple of agents,

Asked by Lauryn, Royal Oak, MI Thu Jun 19, 2008

and they both commented negitively on my kitchen carpet.

I have this modern home, and the carpet is black with primary color stripes. Its in really good condition. But first agent said pull it out no matter what is underneath. Other agent asked what was underneath.

Should I put in a neutral tile??? I hate to spend any money, but will if it will help the sale.

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Typically speaking an imporvement of this type should help sell your home faster and offset the investment you made in it. The overall picture on what you are trying to sell and what you are trying to accomplish should help answer this question. What I am trying to say is... If your home is more of a fixer upper and has other itens that should be addressed you may be better off pricing the home to sell. If your home is updated for the most part and this is one of the only or few items left to do, it may be wise to see it through and get it done prior to marketing your home. Timing is very important as well. How long it will take you to get this project done may loose you valueable time on the market. Many buyers buying homes right now that have kids need to have a place in mind to purchase this month so they can be in by next month before school starts.

There are other factors to consider here as well such as the ones I touched on. A good agent will try and ask you questions as well as answer any of the ones you have.
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I think you will definitely be happy with the results of pulling up the carpet in your kitchen...When people walk through it to buy most will say that the kitchen is outdated because of the carpet....If there is hardwood flooring underneath try to refinish it.. It doesn't cost that much and will still look great in the kitchen.
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You'll be surprised at how much better your kitchen will look with updated flooring. Carpet is no longer an acceptible material for kitchen flooring, especially in more modern homes. Most people think "grandma's kitchen" when they see indoor/outdoor carpet on the kitchen floor.

Select flooring that is reasonably priced (check sale racks at your local store) and neutral. The kitchen is one of the biggest selling points in a home, so you want it to look its best.
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Get three bids to determine the cost. If your home is truly modern both on exterior and interior then the people buying will probably like it. However, no one I know likes carpet in the kitchen.
If two Realtors you interviewed both had concerns, then you will get that feedback from others.

If you don't want to change it, lay out the best bid and leave it by the brochures left in the house for buyers to see, you are willing to do this.
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Hi Lauryn,

As a custom home builder and a REALTOR I have seen a lot of requests for different types of flooring. I can tell you that 95 % of homes that I have built or sold, the customers select a neutral tile for the kitchen. The second choice is floor that has a wood appearance, either real hardwood or a laminate floor. Then we have vinyl and last is carpet. If you would like to send me some pictures of your kitchen I would be happy to give you my honest opinion of what I think would be most desirable for your home. There are some really affordable tiles at home depot these days since the new home construction has slowed. I can give you pointers on how to do it yourself and help you save a lot of money if you would like.You can email the pictures to me at mike@MrOakleaf.com and I will let you know right away! Have a great day!
p.s I am from Michigan originally so I know where you are coming from on the cold tile in the winter....BRRR..
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Replace the carpet.

First, trust the agent who said to remove it. As noted below, the other agent was trying to figure out whether you'd need to replace the carpet, or whether there was something usable underneath.

Carpet is a real negative in kitchens. How do you ever manage to keep carpet in a kitchen clean. It's not only things that spill on it, but mists of grease and cooking fumes. You need a hard surface floor in a kitchen. That can be vinyl (some looks very attractive and isn't expensive), tile, or even wood. Unless your home is significantly up-scale, consider a good quality of vinyl.

And I respectfully disagree wtih Gary's advice to get estimates, then escrow the amount. From a home staging perspective, people have difficulty envisioning things that they can't see. Plus, they won't want to go through the hassle of putting in a new floor. They want a home in move-in condition.

Go to some flooring stores. Ask for suggestions there. Explain your situation: You want something comparatively inexpensive, but that'll make a great impression on potential buyers.Before you make a final decision, have your agent take a look at a sample to get his/her feedback.

But, yes, replace the carpet.
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Don Tepper, Real Estate Pro in Fairfax, VA
Their are a few things you can do, 1. In the remarks section of the listing offer a credit for the kitchen floor.
2. Show the house the way it is and you might find someone who either likes it or could replace it later. 3. replace it if it will sell your house faster( If your looking for a quick settlement)
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Lauryn, While I would agree, in general black carpet and carpet in the kitchen would be considered negatives. There are options.

First, I always recommend speaking to at least 3 agents and comparing their marketing plans. I also suggest looking at all the active homes in each CMA. By this, you should physically view your competition with each agent. That's the only way to see if you should remove the carpet or offer to escrow XX dollars towards replacement.

If you're selling your home for a profit, not bringing money to the table, then the escrowed funds would be from the buyers money.

At the very least, you should consider getting 3 estimates for replacement. That costs nothing and can be left for potential buyers to see their cost.
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Lauryn, You mentioned your home was modern. Is the architecture modern or just the decorating? If the house is a modern design, then it is going to attract people who like that style. If not, it may be wise to neutralize the decor somewhat by removing the carpeting. Have you considered pergo?
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Carpet in the kitchen is mostly a negative thing..........so many people can not see what it could be, if they hate the carpet they will not be able to see past it. IE: I sold a home here that was modern and the interior was painted with modern colors, it was done very well, but the home sat on the market for over a year, nobody like the colors.........now it is just paint easy fix right? Well all they could think of is how much they hated the colors and how much more they would have to spend if they bought the home, because they would have to paint. The seller loved her home and the colors and would not touch it. Well, when selling the home you need to "stage for the masses" not wait for some who will like your taste or see past what they do not like. I think If you agent said said remove it.............she/he knows the market and the masses will not like it.
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Dear Royal Oak, If an agent said remove the carpet, you need to listen, The other one is trying to see if you already have wood or tile under there - then the carpet removal is free. Remember, property sells because of condition, location and price. If you want to sell, make yours the prettiest home in our price range and area and you will get picked. For more info on sprucing up your home, http://www.annarborhomevalue.com/custompages_reports.php?key=b3. Best of luck
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testing the function.....
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Yes, carpet in a kitchen is a negative, but it really should not kill a sale from someone who otherwise loves your home.

Without seeing it is hard to say.

What is underneath?
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Maureen Fran…, Real Estate Pro in Birmingham, MI
Thanks. Also, I wanted an opinion...is carpet in the kitchen considered a negitive...? Tile is so cold in the winter!
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A lot of it has to do with the target market for the area your home is in. Is your neighborhood funky fresh or are you in the middle of cookie cutter city? Most markets have an area that funky sells well. If you are in a more conservative area, you have to be careful. Keep in mind, in homes, safe is always best. You'll want to appeal to the biggest audience, and the days of "carpet allowances" are over. I see your struggle, but trust your chosen agent.
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