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Should I change agent for next year??????

Asked by Ruby2011, Chicago, IL Tue Nov 30, 2010

After going through all the reviews online on different agents. I finally came to a decision and picked one. They listed my condo for 3 months. No showings. I was kind of skeptical about them, since my condo is in bridgeport and they are based in the lincoln park neighborhood. Turns out I was right. It is actually one agent, but he has 10-12 other people working under him. Each person handles different aspects of the process. 3 months passed by, I have never even seen or met the agent himself. The listing agreement expires every 3 months. I got an email from one person asking if I want to extend. While I have another person asking me if I just want to take it for the market for now, since nothing is selling in bridgeport. I end up taking it off the market. MY QUESTION is that did they even took me seriously????? I just find it weird that the agent never came to meet me at all. Since I have no experience with selling... is this normal? Should I go to an agent from bridgeport? im lost

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I have never heard of that business model before. I would think as a seller or buyer you would want to know your agent. It sounds like you are not happy with your experience so far so when the contract is up, why not talk to some other agents. Ask some friends or co-workers if they know of a good agent in your area. It always helps to let any agent that you are interviewing what your expectations are and the issues that are important to you.

Good Luck
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The farmer's almanac for years was a source of good advice. In answer to your question they would provide you with the following wisdom.
The seed you plant is the crop you harvest.
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Yes, absolutely.

Basically, it comes down to this - if you're thinking aloud about breaking up with someone, then, you should. In business, in your personal life, that's the signal that it's over.
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You have asked an important question and you received great comments and feedback from other professionals.

The point is that you lost your trust in your agent.

It doesn't matter whether your agent works for a large real estate firm or a boutique brokerage; what is important is your trust in your agent and his qualifications. As with any professional you hire you need to check his credentials. A good agent will not overwhelm you with numbers and papers but show you what the market in your area is like using statistics and explaining them to you. How your property compares to others in the area and in this market recent (last 3 months) sales of similar properties so you understand the market and can work as a team.

A property that is priced and promoted well should not be on the market without any showings or phone calls. How is your agent advertising your listing? If you have an agent who solicits listings but doesn't work to get them sold is not the agent you want to work with. Good luck finding the agent you can work with. There are many agents who are working hard to sell your property.

Anja Kerstens
Signature Homes and Estates
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I would suggest you interview a couple of agents in your area that are familiar with your area. Have each one of them do a market analysis on your home. Ask them for references, check out there web site, do some homework on the agents you are considering. You also have to take the market into consideration and pricing your home to sell makes a huge difference in our market area. Good Luck
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I think it is important to interview the agent and see how they plan on marketing your property. I also think it is important to list with an agent that knows your area. Also, make sure your property is priced according to the market.
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Rather than taking the time to interview three agents in person, I recommend that you speak to the agents on the phone. Let the agent lead the conversation, and take notes as the agent asks you questions. Agents who know the market will not even bother to come to your home, until they have found some basic info and determine if it is possible to sell your home.

The agent should gather information to prepare a "seller's net sheet". To do this, the agent will ask you how much you owe on your home and your monthly payments and condo fees. The agent will then generate the price where you can break even on your condo after you pay all the taxes and fees associated with selling your condo. If the agent does not ask for information to do a seller's net sheet, then don't even bother to meet with the agent in person.

The seller's net sheet will be used to determine your break even sales price. The break even sales price can be compared to the sales in your building and throughout Bridgeport, and the price that you listed your condo over the past year. It may be that you owe too much money to break even in this market. In that case, you will need to decide if you are willing to take a loss when you sell.

These issues can be discussed with the agent AFTER the seller's net sheet is prepared. So, there should be at least two phone calls (or a phone call and email) before you schedule a time for the agent to meet you at your condo.

Marketing plans are nice, but the condo market is slow in Bridgeport and McKinley Park, and the ability to sell is condo is driven by price. The agent should get your listing online, so you need to ask the agent what they will be doing to get your listing online.

The Lincoln Park and Bridgeport is totally different real estate markets, so you will need to work with an agent who understands those differences. When you interview the agent on the phone -- ask them about those differences and listen to what they say. There is no need to fight or disagree with them. Just listen and compare their answers to the answers you get from other agents.

Also, if you live in one of the bigger condo buildings, call your management company and find out if your building is FHA approved. The agents you interview on the phone should ask that question during your first phone call, and you will want to be prepared with an answer.

Good luck!

Laurie Hellmer
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Hi there Ruby, I think you've answered you own question - you "feel" forgotten and underserviced and for that reason I think a change is in order.

Sounds to me as though you are working with an agent that heads a team, which is not at all a bad thing as long he/she has communicated clearly what you will experience. Whatever the structure or approach, in my estimation it must be formed with an eye towards what will serve the client best. That all starts and ends with setting expectations, communicating clearly and often and top notch servicing each and every day.

You've gotten good advise from others on what to include in your interview this go around - I credit you for taking the time to review credentials and consider several before making you selection. That was very smart so be sure to do that again. In addition to what has been recommended to include, I would add - write down the things that have disappointed you this go around and cover those as well so you don't experience the same thing again. Have measureables and outs if they are not met.

The most important thing in this market is getting the price right so be sure that a detailed and credible pricing analysis and recommendation is part of the plan.

Best of luck to you,
Jeanne Feenick
Unwavering Commitment to Service
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Most buyers and sellers do not have a vast real estate back ground to draw from when dealing with real estate transactions. Your experience is a common one but one that has provided you with valuable information.

Regardless of whether or not you change companies there are several things that come to mind that should be considered as you make your decision to move forward.

First, we recommend that all sellers require a written comprehensive marketing plan from the agent the elect to work with. This document should outline all of their personal maketing initiatives as well as their companies. It should clearly identify what they intend on doing sell your home....it must go far beyond listing it on the MLS and putting a sign in front of your home. Look for a huge internet presence, ask about their personal sales voolume in the past 6 months as well as their company's annual sales volume. Do they do open houses? How do they promote themselves and how do they network? You should insist on regular feedback periods...even if there has been no showings. This is an excellent time for them to explain to you what they have been doing to promote your home.

It would be fair to assume that is they are not contacting you to share information that there's a good chance they are doing nothing.

It's my opinion that you should try to identify the company from your specific location that has the highest degree of visibility and good sales volume. You can reasonable expect that larger companies with more agents and a high degree of visibility will greatly increase your chance for success.

Additionally, if you are serious about selling your home listen to the agents carefully about pricing. Review the comparison properties and ask questions but don't fight the recommended "listing price." This will only be counter productive and stand in the way of finding a buyer.

The three major factor in selling anything are:

1. Price- it's where all buyer begin their process. If you don't get their attention here you've lost them and buyers today are all seeking value.

2. Appeal- curb appeal is critical! "Make your home shine" inside and out. It WILL make a difference in both attracting buyers and your sale price. Investing a little may return a lot.

3. Visibility-It's commonly accepted that 90% of today's buyers at some point use the internet in their search. Make sure your agent and their company have a large web presence.

Ruby, you can help make it happen by making sure you are working with the right company and the right agent as well as insisting on them being accountable for their own marketing plan.

Best wishes,

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The listing agent sounds as though they have implemented a program that works for them and prevents things from falling through the crack. Unfortunately the big picture was missed. We do business that we know, trust and can relate too. I believe you will be best served to list your home with an agent that you can build this relationship with. Good Luck...
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I think you should change your real estate agent if they have been arrested and charged with a FELONY! This agent has been arrested for felony charges for stealing signs. Per the article in The Cape Cod Times on May 24, 2011, the paper reported that thisUNSCRUPUL agent Donna Schulze was arrested and booked for taking other business owners signs and throwing these expensive signs the dumpster. The sad part about this agent is obvious that they must be mentally unstable and it speaks volume about thier integrity and character. is despicable. Any professional who makes a public specatacle and breaks the law by commiting felony IN Osterville should not be hired. I believe, the office they work for should fire and no longer to service any clients ever. There are many professional real estate agents to choose from who have Stellar Reputations! Always check the agents reputation among the other real estate professionals!!! Donna Schulze of Centerville is not one of them!!
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Hi Ruby,

I would highly recommend that you pay $250-$350 to a licensed appraiser in Cook County to give you a very accurate asssessment of value for your condo.

Once you have the appraisal value, then interview at least 3 Realtors and do not tell them the appraisal value and ask them for a Comparative Market Analysis. If you get a Realtor suggesting too low or too high of a listing price then you may want to eliminate those realtors. You see, some Realtors intentionally overpromise a higher than market price to get the listing contract signed. Once you've signed the contract you are locked into that Realtor. If you see too low of a price then you have to be careful, too. Some agents want to make a quick and easy sale and don't really care if you sell for thousands less than you might have. Most agents are honest and will work towards your best interests but there are a few less than ethical realtors out there.

Hope this helps.

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You definitely need to start over. Get referrals from friends/family and interview at least three full-time Realtors in your area. Ask for their market stats, actives, pendings, and sold listings in the past 90 days. Have them give you a market analysis and a full marketing plan, so you know what they will do to get your home sold. Choose the agent that you believe will get the job done. One more note, because you were actively listed for three months with no showings, your condo may have been priced too high as well, so you may want to consider a lower price. The market analysis will tell the story. Good luck.
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Hi, This is indicative of an agent that is more about quantity rather then quality. When I first got into Real Estate I worked for a brokerage that did this and watched them slowly burn and finally close. I believe in staying busy but not biting off more then I can chew. Teams are a new trend in Real Estate but I definitely feel the person you have chosen should meet with you and stay in contact. I pride myself on my communication skills and personalized service. My clients love this and continue to recommend me because of it. I suggest the next agent you work with you make sure they will be in contact on a regular basis, with feedback and marketing results. Typically price and marketing are big factors for a proper selling or not. Be careful of agents that inflate the price or agree with an unrealistic number just to get the listing. There is sold/active market data available and should be used to properly price the home. Any prospective buyer is going to use this data to make an offer so it makes sense for you to as well. Also ask you agent what they do to market the home. Putting the home on the MLS and hoping it sells doesnt always work, the more exposure, the more possibilities.


Christopher Pagli
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Hi Ruby,
Sounds like you have a communication problem with your agent or their team. Your bottom line is to sell the home. I would interview three agents and maybe include your current agent in that mix. Put them on notice that you are not happy. Team or no team doesn't matter if your are not getting the service that you need. Ask them all the same questions and then compare. Set out your expectations right from the start. Pick and agent based o their marketing plan and not on what they are going to list your home for. I am a relocation agent and I have to compete with three agents on almost every listing. It keeps me on my toes.
Good Luck,
Paul Frink
Managing Broker
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Find another agent and look at comps maybe you're priced too high. Try a price reduction if you can and see what happens.
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how could you knowingly list with someone you never met?
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Dear Ruby,
So many agents like myself have answered your question. What are you going to do?
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I'd definitely start looking for another agent. When you're interviewing an agent you should b very specific in asking them exactly what they will be doing to market you home on the Internet and have them show you their current listings online and how they are presented. If the agent isn't using Trulia, Zillow and Realtor.com with no less than 20 pictures posted on each site, don't waste your time with them. (25 pictures is even better) Have them show you a print out of how many listings they've had for the year and how many total sales they've had for the year.

Ask them how many years they've been in business (less than 5 and I'd move on) Ask if they'd buy a home warranty for your home. Do they have a website- ask for a traffic report. Do they blog?

These are all things that well experienced professional agents tend to do and if the agents you're speaking with don't do the majority of these things, then keep looking.

Good Luck.
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You are the boss. Why because you are interviewing at least (3) & hiring the broker.
Now you have to know what you are looking for in an agent in for you to choose
the right one for you. What are your needs? If Bridgeport is one of the hard hit foreclosure
cities you may consider 1 of the deciding factors to be the agent needs to understand the nature of the current market. L can refer some great agents that cover your area.

Best of luck,
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You are the customer, you make the decision on product and services.

Do what Donald Trump would do....You're FIRED!

Happy Holidays!

Thank you for contacting us, we appreciate the opportunity to serve you.
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This is unacceptable behavior so yes, you definitely need to find a new agent. Look at "for sale" signs and ads in your area to see who the most active agents. Interview at least 3 before deciding on one this next time around. I've attached a list of questions that I think you may find helpful in the interviewing process.

Best Of Luck To You,
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Dear Ruby, You need to interview at least three Agents. Make them come to your home to do a listing presentation, and ask them for testimonials of past clients. Call the past clients to see if they were satisfied with the Agent's service. You need an Agent with local market knowledge. Go online and search each Agent's name and see what you get back.Good Luck..
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I would not be too concerned with the fact the agent is based in another neighborhood. I would be concerned with the fact he never visited with you. Also the fact there were no showing is something to be alarmed about. That points directly to a pricing issue. Was the home in the MLS? Did you see it on any online sites? realtor.com, trulia, etc? Where there good photos?

There are a lot of questions to ask.
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It's disappointing to hear that your agent didn't take the time to come meet you, see your home, and connect with you personally. If you are unhappy with your agent's behavior or results, you aren't off base on exploring the option of using a new agent once your listing agreement expires. Good luck! Sorry to hear about your negative experience.
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Every area and market has it's own unique personality. Not being from that part of the country forgive me if I make a few assumptions. Having said that there are three things I notice in your question. (1) 3 months isn't a long time in the market conditions we are experiencing. Especially if the property is in the higher price ranges. You may want to research market trends in your area to see what is "normal" right now. (2) Choosing an agent that works mainly in your area could be a plus. They tend to have a network of other agents and buyers who are looking to move into your area. (3) Big name agents look and sound good, if and only if they are servicing their clients. I do think it strange that you never met your agent. If the listing is in his name, he should know the property. While you may like having the "name" on the sign, you may want to consider a newer agent who is hungry and has the time and the drive to work your property. They have real motivation to know and market your property. I would start at an agency in your area and talk to the broker. Ask him/her who is newer to the business that he sees as a rising star. Hope this helps.
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As a Real Estate Agent in Central Louisiana I present the oportunity to meet with all my clients looking for property. As for listing their property I meet with them one on one so we can discuss what the exspectations are from me and also my seller. I find this very unusual why your listing agent did not meet with you face to face unless their is a particular situation where you are along way aways from the listing agent. I would find someone that you can build a partnership with to sell your home that why you both know that each other are on the same page in how to sell your home.
Robert Burke
Keller williams Realty Cenla Partners Alexandria La.
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Unfortanately bigger is not better, you have seen first hand what getting lost in a big agency is. The first red flag is you never met the listing agent, therefore they never met you, you were just another listing number in their portfolio. You want an agent who is experienced with your neighborhood and who will take the tome to treat you like a client, not a number. The first thing is after no showings after 2 weeks it could be your price. At this point meet with a couple of agents, have them complete a broker price opinion so you can see what your place is worth in todays market, have them go over it with you so you can see what else is for sale, and mor eimportantly what has sold and for how much. Using this data you should set the price at or just under market value. Stick with an agent who will provide the personal and service you deserve.

PLEASE SEE MY BLOG "NO ONE IS LOOKING AT MY HOUSE" for tips on how it can assist you selling your home
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It is odd that you didn't meet the listing agent in person since they should have reviewed the house to see what could be advised in changes to add appeal to the house and just the basic courtesy of meeting your client. Further you should alway choose an agent that is familiar withthe area that you live in to receive the best service. Even though your agent's base is not in your city it doesn't mean that your agent is unfamiliar with your area. The most important thing to look for in an agent is one who will tell you honestly what your home is valued in the market and that you are willing to accept this price opinion when pricing on the listing. The number one reason a home that is listed doesn't sell is that it is priced too high.

A house priced properly initially will sell faster and in the end at a higher price than one that is priced too high and then reduced. Your best time to be viewed is during the first 15 to 30 days of listing. If it is priced right it will be viewed by more people able to buy it but if it is priced too high you will be missed being seen by that group.

My advise is that you get an agent that will personally deal with you who will also price your home properly to sell. 90 days on the market these days is not too long a time but properly priced it will sell faster.
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Hi Ruby. I've not read the other posts below, so I'm coming into it fresh. I can't imagine not meeting the listing broker ever! That sounds hinkey to me. Teams do work this way frequently but that in itsself doesn't mean they didn't take you or selling your property seriously.

Through the broker's team, you may ask what the time on market has been, or how many like type properties have sold during the time you were listed. I will say without fear of contradiction, if your property was priced too high that in itsself would be a reason why it was never shown. Only you know the answer to that. You don't mention if there was ever an open house or two.

I would suggest that you do use a local broker. They will know the area, schools, transportation, etc. and they may also have customers looking for what you're selling. Best of luck with your decision.
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Hi Ruby

It will be great to know whether your agents team did any marketing, held any open homes, etc.

If no Open Homes were done then clearly you need a local agent.
Clearly, when you listed the home an agent from the team must have come over to go over your home, sign papers and get your home ready for listing. Generally, on big teams you have specialists.

But also check whether your home is well priced and shows well.

Good luck with your decision.

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Ruby, I am saddened to hear about your experience with your Realtor and in NO WAY, was your experience normal. When you are ready to put your place back on the market, ask your friends and neighbors if they have any recommendations for a listing agent. Personal referrals usually will produce someone that will also do a great job for you. You should interview several full-time agents who specialize in the Bridgeport area and do your interviewing in person. If a prospective agent can't find the time, or says they don't need to meet with you in person, they are not the agent for you. Ask about their experience and success in selling in the Bridgeport area. If they don't have any, move on! Ask how and how often they plan on communicating with you. A good agent will ask you type of communication you would prefer. I am sure that there are a lot of fine, hard-working & successful agents in your area that would love working hard for you. Best success!
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Hi Ruby,
Working with buyers and sellers is a relationship business. I find it hard to believe that your agent never even met you in person! How did your listing paperwork get signed if you never met with the agent? I think if I were you, I would get a referral for a good agent from your friends and neighbors who have had a great experience with their agent(s). An "agent" is a representative standing in your place to get your condo sold. We have a fiduciary duty to serve your best interests.
Good luck with your next real estate agent!!
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I'm going to take a different approach to this because I've been the agent who never met the seller. It's nothing personal, and in fact for me to have a team of 11-12 people means I am obviously doing something right in getting homes sold. This approach is a numbers game, and generally the agent who is "in front" or "advertised" is not always the person from the team that you meet. Many sellers do not like this, and I completely respect that. When I don't meet a seller it is much easier to stay less emotionally involved, which is what Realtors are supposed to do. Would you rather have the opinions of 20 agents from the office who may or may not care whether or not a fellow Realtor's listing sells, or 6-10 opinions of people who will only get paid if this home sells?

You can look at the situation many different ways. How many of the people on the team are tasked with selling your home? Can you get that many people working together to sell your home for the same commission elsewhere? I've generally found that the only way homes don't sell with an agent who operates a large team is because something is wrong with price, or the home itself. This is just my experience, but if a team of 10 or more agents can't get the job done how is 1 going to do it... because they are more personable? In most cases, the only time the 1 agent who picked up the expired listing is able to sell it is because the seller came to terms with the price being too high. All the agents in the world won't overcome an unrealistic asking price.
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You need to move on, you should have at least met with your agent. If you can list with someone in your area, it can be beneficial. This time when you sign a listing agreement, insist it be in person. Ask questions, ask your agent what he will do to advertise your property, how is he going to get it out there for people to see. What measures will he take if there have been no showings with in a certain period of time. Ask for a detailed comparative market analysis. This will tell you what properties in your area are sell for, maybe you are over priced.
Good Luck,
Robin Ricker
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I am not familiar with the Bridgeport market but generally I would say that if the agent doesn't check in with you periodiclly then you should move on asap
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If the market in Illinois is anything like the "average" market across the U.S. these days (which it probably is), you will find that the selling point for any property, condos included, will not rest solely on what the agent -- or an army of assistants -- does, (as you no doubt already witnessed). Presently the main thing driving the sales everywhere is the glut of under valued foreclosures and the pre-foreclosures (or short sales). If your property is priced at or below the prices for these properties (I am not suggesting you need to consider a reduction, but remember, everything has a price!), you may have received some takers. On the other hand, if you have a glut of available condos in your area for much less than yours, you will wind up on the market for a long time. As for changing agents, you probably want to explore that option regardless of how you see the current agent and his team have done. Some of the more effective agents work with teams, it gives them the power to handle more properties and to get them done more effectively. However, another agent without a team may be able to do something a bit more personal, but a lot still rests on what you're offering and the perceived value by the would-be buyers.
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Hi Ruby,

I understand your frustration. Actually, agent office location and the agent specialized area or neighborhood are irrelevant as long as the agent is knowledgeable in the neighborhood and willing to do the work. However, in your case, it's different. You need someone who can communicate with you, set expectation, and get constant updates.

Secondly, price correctly is important to sell. It should also be a relative price adjustment based on the market movement. Selling a condo nowadays is not like the old days. There are plenty of inventory. You are only competing with the regular market, you are also competing with distress properties as well. There are so many foreclosure or short sale properties out there. You have to price to sell.

I am very familiar with Bridgeport. Selling condo in Bridgeport is tough but not possible. I sold one there in the beginning of the year after sometimes. I received one recently and we market it very aggressively. We price to sell.

Please let me know if you need any help.

Angela Kwan
Conlon Real Estate
(312) 399-5714
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Hi Ruby,

It is difficult to say whether to stay with the current agent or go with a new agent. The team approach is usually very sound. I think i would ask the current agent for a breakdown of how he was marketing the home. In these time, even the best marketing still may not produce a buyer. it usually comes down to price and condition. Have any other units sold in your complex and if so what is the market time? Is there someone that specializes in Bridgeport? I think it may be time to interview an agent that lives and knows your area. Good luck!! Jim Muenz Seattle WA.
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Hi Ruby, In the greater Lansing Michigan it's traditionally the list agent who meets with the seller. We do have teams but the listing agent accountable to the sellers. Not being familiar with the Chicago real estate market, it still makes me weary that you've continued to list with anyone who hasn't kept in contact with you via phone call, intranet and/or person to person at least on a bi-weekly basis. My sellers list with me for a minimum of 6 months and more often than not, if we are running to term of that listing without a sale, we withdraw and relist as new even though I am still their agent, however, there is a substantial price reduction involved as we deffinately are in a price driven market and with so much inventory, price is why properties don't sell here. Good luck with your new selling team.
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I want to reiterate what you have heard from other agents who have answered already. You are the consumer and you are not happy with the product, so you have the right (and maybe the need in this situation) to shop around and find someone you want to work with and works well for you. While I don't necessarily disagree with a team approach to selling, it doesn't seem like this approach is working for you in selling your condo.

Good luck whatever you decide.
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I am sorry that you had a bad experiance with your agent. It is my suggestion that if you are not comfortable with your agent that is a very bad sign. Also, I have never had a client that I didn't get to know in person, before the contract was signed and I always keet in contact with all of my customers.

I will not tell you what to do. That is your call. I wish you the very best of luck.

One of the main reasons that a property does not sell is that it is priced too high for the market.

Take care.

Bob Mee
Century 21 Crowyle Braese
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Bottom line, you are unhappy. You should be able to have direct contact with your agent. If you are unable to make connection with him/her in the near future, a change to a more personable agent you deal with directly may be the next move.
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Hi Ruby. I'm sorry to hear of your bad experience in Bridgeport, CT. Sounds like some miscommunication from the start. How did you enter into an agreement with someone you hadn't met? Pricing and condition sell homes' along with a "pro-active" approach to marketing from your agent. What tools were used in promoting your home? Was the home priced competitively? Did it show well? Did you de-clutter & de-personalize the home? These things make a difference in how potential buyers see your home during a showing. When you re-list cover these things with the new agent. Talk about your needs in the sell, and tips on getting the home sold, so you're all on the same page. Best of luck. I'm in Maryland, would've loved to help if I were in your area.
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In a nutshell the advantages of team out way the lack of communication. With a team approach typically they have more resources for marketing your home which will result in more demand. I would give them another three months and if you get the same results start to interview other agents. I would suggest three. Good luck.

Daniel Rallo
Keller Williams Atlantic Shore Realty
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Dear Ruby,

Although there are lots of reasons to stay with an agent for six month to a year in this market and in certain situations, yours is not one of those situations. You have mentioned a number of red flags here. In this case the team has not been to your benefit but has caused you to be lost in the shuffle. They may value Lincoln Park neighborhood more than Bridgeport.
You may need to take some responsibility as well. Did you take their pricing recommendation or want to start at an overprice point hoping to match value during the peak? Do you owe more than it is worth? Maybe you need to talk to a financial adviser about a short sale.
I would look for a referral of someone who has a solid track record in your community and go with their advice. Ask friends, advisers or a broker you trust from another market to research who is successfully selling properties in Bridgeport.
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Yes, By all means change agents.

Interview a new agent and asked how many homes did he/she sell this year.
Let it be known that you expect direct contact with the listing agent and weekly reports on # of showings, list of marketing material and what he/she plans on doing differently than putting up a sign and entering the listing information into the MLS.
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While the internet is a great resource to find an agent it is always best to meet several (at least three) face to face and interview them. You are paying for a service and you will be entering into a contract for that service for three months (six months to a year in some areas) so it is important that you hire someone you like and trust. and no it is not normal for the listing agent not to come to meet you and see the house. Best of luck in getting your condo sold.
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Greatt feedback from other agents already but I sincerely agree that you should interview a few agents and make sure they work through the current market comparables to price your home appropriately. I have nothing against a well run team but only if it's effective in keeping you updated, pricing correctly, marketing and selling your home. Good luck and best wishes.
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you and your agent become a team, contact should be weekly and updates weekly , if no showings action needs to be revisited, my listing last 2-3 weeks in this market, if you need to reach me i am 408-529-5499. you should be well informed and again be in the loop through the entire transaction.
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