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Amy, Home Seller in Cornelius, NC

Should I be concerned that my seller's agent doesn't follow up with potential buyers except by email?

Asked by Amy, Cornelius, NC Tue Feb 17, 2009

I am a bit frustrated with his wait and see attitude. I am trying to sell our house in NC while my husband has moved out west to start a new job. Our house has been on the market a month. I am getting up every morning getting the house ready for showing before I take my 4 & 5 year old daughters to school and go to work and my realtor just says. If they want the house "they'll come a knocking".

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Feedback is very important I always call buyers and buyers agents back, not interested fine, then why. If I don't know why a home isn't selling I can't price or market it effectively.

If it bothers an agent to give feedback, Then they shouldn't call themselves Realtors. Realtors work together and are held to a higher standard.
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I think your agent needs to do as much as possible to sell your house and if you're not happy with what he's doing you need to talk it out with him.
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Beate, that is not the type of feedback the seller wants,that is what is important.
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Contacting an agent that recently showed your property whether your agent uses e-mail or a quick phone call will not guarantee a sale. But it does give your agent an opportunity to answer more questions and give the agent additional information about your home. Definitely, if there is a price reduction or status change of any kind in your property an immediate e-mail or phone call to all the agents that have shown your property may generate a repeat visit by a prospective buyer. Buyers that want the house will be back without any follow up from your agent. But there are some that put it on a 'possible" list and if you have eliminate the reasons they didn't buy it earlier such as lowering the price or making significant repairs, a contact to his agent may get a revisit and could get your house sold.
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You have a price problem: your property is competing directly with 7 other houses priced from $219,999 to $275,000.

Your price should have been from the beginning no more than $250,000.

There are just few sales recorded in your neighborhood for the past 6 months.

If this can give you any comfort: in entire Cornelius were only 30 homes sold through the MLS in 2009....

About your REALTOR communication with the other agents: Most likely your agent is using the Showing Services. After showing they receive an automated request for feedback, and the showing agent will enter their client feedabck.

If an agent is calling me tomorrow about one of the 5 houses that I have showed today, I might not remember too much about my client opinion, or about any particular house and the answer will be very vague and general... - Don't blame your agent for that!
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Using email is a non-intrusive way to contact the agents who have showed your home. It makes it easier to actually try to remember the property and give the feedback some thought. Otherwise your Realtor will get the standard, "they liked it but it just wasn't the one for them" answer. I get very frustrated and annoyed when I get a call for feedback just 10 minutes or so after I had scheduled to show a listing.
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Am I missing something here? You have hired an agent to sell your house. You are upholding your end of the deal by having your home "ready to show" each and every day, and your agent's response to potential buyers in this market is "they'll come a knocking"?!

Did you do some research before signing with this agent to make sure they were competent? You do know that listing contracts can be cancelled by a seller at any time, especially if you feel the agent is not upholding THEIR end of the deal.
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Hi Amy

Thanks for your question.

As long as your Agent is following up, its good. By Email one keeps a record of interest,
seriousness, one also get facts about qualification.

I gather you are providing the Agent with the Buyer Leads.

Good luck.
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Different agents work differently when they are representing your house for sale and unfortunately, that means that some agents are a heckuva lot more diligent and hardworking than others. Choose your agent well and your house and home will be represented well. I would actually suggest that you don't rely on just one to get your house sold, but go with your gut on how trustworthy you think this current agent is and good luck!
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Oh Amy talk to his broker and tell them you need a more rigorous marketing plan, the sooner the home sells the sooner you join your husband and you family gets back to normal. Tell them open houses and the works, tell them make an effort or you will remove it from the market and then have a new agency take the listing! You got kids that want to see Daddy and you want out before the next school year starts, Fire under their butts girl. Become the listing from hell if you have to but get them to snap to it or get an agency that will do it for you!
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This is a very old post already so hope this house has sold by now or your husband may be getting lonely by now all on his lonesome for over 2 years!!! That's a joke everyone so take a chill pill before getting on my case.

Even if all the stars are in alignment, we are in a buyers market like it or not and in all reality there is a lot of housing inventory out there. The #1 question instead of me questioning your listing agents marketing plans is what is the market absorption rate in your area? This is the rate that home buyers are buying vs. the amount of homes currently on the market and how many homes are added to the market as competition each month.

The absorption rate would give you an expected time on market if the house is priced correctly, shows well, is easy to show and the realtor is doing his marketing stuff to the best of his ability.

You'll get a lot of agents trying to knock yours and convince you that you made a mistake but in reality we're just not in a market where homes are flying off the shelves in 30 days, many markets are still seeing 10 months plus. I'm not sure what the absorption rates are in your area so you'll have to ask your agent to find that info out for you.

Keep in mind, hounding buyers just shows your desperation and may indicate you're willing to slash your prices because of your desperation so an agent follow up call for feedback the same day or following should be done however repeat follow ups are not recommended.

Also see my previous post answer from a few years back
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Let me ask a few questions for you to consider. Did you and your agent sit and develop a specific marketing plan before you signed the listing agreement? Did he tell you how he would market your property. How many websites is your property listed on? 92%of all buyers begin their search on a website. Are there mailers planned? e-mail blasts? Brokers' Opens? It is important that all of the agents that sell in your area are familiar with your property - not just your listing agent. Did he plan any Open Houses? Did he do a comparative market analysis before you determined the List price? Is your house priced based on the results of the CMA? Is your house decluttered of all personal belongings and have you made certain that you have moved extra furniture out of rooms to make them show well? Did you remove all personal photos, get any magnetized items off of the front of a refrigerator and have no more than two appliances on your kitchen counter? Did you make sure there are no finger prints on doors or doorways, no mold on tile in the bath. Okay, if you did all of this and your agent can't show you what he is doing then I would recommend a serious meeting with your agent and if necessary your agent and his broker. If your house is priced right, showing well and ready to sell then it is up to your agent to get traffic moving. It is never too late to get things going it is just harder after the fact. Put some fire under your agent. If you have done all you can do to make your property as good as it can be then it is now up to him.
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Listing agents duties are to the seller. If you prefer more communication and various ways of doing so, be sure to instill this with them. More personal communication may help.
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1. Buyer has to love the house. It has to fill his needs, wants and desires.
2. House has to be the best house, at the lowest price, in its category.
If these two criteria have been met, your house will sell, guaranteed.

Whether your agent follows up by e-mail or phone has nothing to do with #1 and #2 above, it has to do with his type of personality. Both types of contact will provide the agent with the feedback he needs. It will not sell your house.
Web Reference: http://beasbestbuys.com
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This is why Sold! is a discount flat fee agent, he has no value in his own services so has the first instinct to reduce the agents fee because he can't see the value in himself and what he offers.

I think sold! is an agent based on his relentless blog comments telling people to use flat fee brokerage that will only post your property in the MLS all the time, see for yourself by reading this persons many postings.

You will usually find that agents that cannot speak with facts and figures or give a clear position on any issue other then disparaging remarks usually means this person has little value or knowledge and so prices their services accordingly. This is only one of many characters on this site that hide what they do and post anonymously like this because they have little character and even less ethics usually soliciting the business of other agents which is illegal by making posts, drop the 6% agent and go with the flat fee $500.

I beg to differ in your statement, price is only part of the equation, with so many homes on the market to choose from condition makes a huge difference. I'm not seeing people basing their decisions on buying the cheapest priced homes, people are still buying in the higher end of their affordability range to get the best home they can afford. With many homes on the market to choose from, people can get a lot more for their dollar, so saying the market is based on price and the realtor has nothing no value is an absurd ridiculous comment.

Amy, I'm sure your agent doesn't have all the prospective buyers email address', why do you have the impression that is the only follow up the agent is doing? Have you spoken to him about his? You should be candid and have open honest conversations with your questions and concerns with your agent and work as a team together to sell your home. I wouldn't keep concerns bottled up and just get mad at the agent and complain about them later, work with him to get to the bottom of the situation.

That last comment if they want the house they'll come knocking sounds a little to flipp-ed and cavalier of a response, talk with your agent but if they seem like they aren't too interested in the outcome maybe you should find another agent. Agents should be given a chance but if the motivation isn't there, I would discus the issue and take it from there.

Is this a corporate relocation?
Are you using a relo company?
If it is a corporate relo, why have you opted to stay behind and try to sell the home instead of using the buyout option? Usually I find in those cases the home may be over priced and the sellers have the "gotta get's" mentality meaning... I gotta get's X amount of $$$ because of one reason or another but in the end has absolutely nothing to do with the actual value of the home.

How long has the home been listed?
How many people have seen the home?
Have you had any offers? if so why were they not accepted?
When is the last time you had the agent run comps on the property to determine value based on actual sales (don't compare to price of other homes currently for sale, that # is irrelevant because those homes have not sold yet either.)
Is your pricing in line with the comparable homes that have sold recently (no more then 6 months at the max)

Time to get serious about the selling process...

Also ask your agent how much inventory is on the market in your area, this will dictate the possible time it may take to sell your home. Example: if there is 10 months of inventory, it can take at least 10 months to sell your home, all other factors aside.

If your agent hasn't asked these questions or discussed these topics with you, then you should address these issues now.
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Basic realtor MO. They will only work when they see dollar$ - I would ask her to cut her take and then take that and drop the price some. Price sells these day - not Realtors. You are wasting your time.
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DO NOT take the wait and see approach here. With the market filled with excess supply the demand is low so if you are waiting.... get another Realtornow and fast....Get the most AGGRESSIVE AGENT you can.... I have told many clients this that come to Florida to buy once their home has sold. In fact I have looked for the most aggressive agents for them. I can very easily give you recommendations if you need one. If your price is right your agent should be marketing the home with virtual tours, independent websites, and a cascade of the marketing tools we as Realtors have. May I also suggest an agent who is Passionate for Real Estate that Passion will shine through and get your house moved from LISTED TO SOLD.

I am Free to answer any questions you might have feel free to call me at 561-889-4722.
Renee Straubinger
Cobblestone Realty Florida
Paving the Way for Buyers and Sellers
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Weak effort on her part. Ever thought to just use a flat fee listing? For like $500 you can get rid of her and the 6% you will loose and just give it a go without her.
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Sorry for your plight, but this is not an easy job in this economy. I would have a talk w/your agent and talk about expectactions, pricing, marketing.

I have always tried to get feedback from other agents as well, but sometimes (most of the time) you never hear back.

One month is not long...if you want this whole thing over with asap, the only thing that will do that is to lower the price, or offer to pay terms or both.

Every month you stay in your house, making that payment causes you to lose equity. Look it up. . . If your pmt is 2000 and only $100 goes to principle, you lose $1900 every month.

DROP the price and get it done! You will be back with your husband, kids happy, you happy and only for a few hundred dollars.
Is it worth it to you? Only you and your husband know the answer to that.

Best wishes
Web Reference: http://www.homeorlando.com
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Good question.......

Many agents do both email and telephone follow ups. As far as being concerned? If it's something you are in doubt of, our recommendation is to be direct and request additional direct and personal contact.

Good luck
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Get id of him and do a flat fee for $500 and then drop the price to match. More buyers and less hastle.
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Daniele, I clicked on the link it says Bubble expired
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Amy, The house is beautiful, the photos a little washed out, but overall very nice. I wouldn't be too concerned about the walpaper. It's not gaudy. Because of the location of the house in the community, you will attract a certin type of buyer. One that doesn't mind the trafic coming in and out of the community, rather than one that will want to live farther in or on a cul-de-sac.

There's a lot of active houses in your community right now and only 1 pending. You have a lot of competition. If your in a hurry to sell, I would discuss with your agent about some aggressive marketing.

It's a very nice home!

Daniele Summerfield,
Wilkinson & Associates
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Depending on your local neighborhood and market, 5 showings in one month may not be a bad thing. What an agent can do in this market is make sure you understood the current market conditions for your area and exactly what to expect. Setting expectations up front so you know it may take some time to sell goes a long way in reducing anxiety during the process.

The other thing an agent can do is communicate with the client and keep them updated concerning what is going on and the process, verses the client coming here for answers.
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We have had 5 total showings in the month. Of the showings, one didn't even come in because it was a corner lot (not private enough), one thought it showed really well and were thinking (eventually bought somewhere else), one still has it in their "top three", one didn't like all the wallpaper (each bathroom and the dining room) and the lack of storage, the last one liked it a lot but is looking at some other properties before he decides to offer or look again. We reduced our price a week ago by $10,000 and I asked the agent to call the agent that had come through and seen the property (couple number 1), maybe they had another potential client. He said "I told you they bought in Centennial".
My realtor claims he has 13 years of experience and he is with a very large regional company. I've attached the web/mls for any commentary.
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As some of the others have posted, having your home on the market for 1 month is a relativly short amount of time. I also can relate to making sure the house is show ready when you have a 4 & 5 year old. It's hard enought keeping a home clean at that agen never mind show ready! Kudo's to your hard work!

But to answer your question. I have my listings set up through Centeralized Showing Service. This company automatically requests feedback from the agent at intervals your agent specifies. I have mine set to ask for 2. one per day. If by the evening of the 2nd day I do not receive a reply I will send a friendly e-mail reminding them to please leave feedback weather it's good or not so good. If I do not receive a reply after 24 hours I make a phone call.

Some agents are quite busy and tend to forget, others are simply rude and do not provide anyone with any feedback or maybe they are worried they will offend the seller with a poor reply. I look at feedback as constructive criticism. So the bad feedback isn't really bad. It will give my sellers the real truth as to why the showing agents clients did not purchase.

Any the "they'll come a knocking"?? hummph! sounds like your agent needs to do a bit more advertising. Sounds like he/she is relying on just the MLS to bring the buyers. That won't work 100% of the time.

My $0.02 is have your agent send you a copy of all the advertisments they are sending or printing. I do this for my clients so they can see that I'm not just putting the listing in the MLS and hoping they will come a knocking.

Good luck and chin up! This is a hard market, but houses do sell!

Daniele Summerfield
Wilkinson & Assocaites
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Everyone is assuming that all the potential buyers are coming through other agents. If that's the case then all the responses are right on. But if Amy is talking about potential buyers coming through her selling agent, which is what I assume here, then there is a real problem with this kind of attitude (they'll come a knocking), in this market.
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Hi Amy, I understand your frustration, it is difficult to keep a home in showing status when having little ones.
But I still think that it is ok for the Agent to connect with the showing agent or a buyer via e-mail. For me it is way more convenient to be asked for feedback via e-mail than call the agents or the buyers, often they do not know what to say, because they are taken by surprise, show or saw a lot of homes and do not remember which ones I talk about and I get a generic answer. Via e-mail at least I an describe or send a picture or even the listing sheet to the agent or client and if they are willing to give a feedback, good or bad they will. But I know from my own experiences on both sides, that not always do I get a feedback or a reason why the buyer did not like this home, sometimes they just have not seen enough and are not sure what they want.

And in today's market having had your home on the market for just one month is not very long, in many areas homes are on the market many many months. Why not sit down with your Realtor and discuss your worries and concerns, if your Realtor would know exactly how you feel, he or she could possibly make some changes to make you feel a bit better...

If you do not want to get your home showing ready every single day, discuss with your agent to have it open only on 3 or 4 days a week, so that you can take a little break....

Hope it all will work out for you!
Good Luck!
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If your agent is getting negative feedback from buyers or their agents then no amount of calling is going to motivate them. He should be telling you what the feedback is. 30 days is not a long time to be on the market; it my area the average is about 120 days. If you are getting showings but no offers, or simply no showings, then it likely means that you are overpriced. Have a frank discussion with your Realtor.
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You should know that over 90% of the time the buyer will be brought to your home by another agent.

That means that you need showings by agents to get your home sold.
The rule of thumb is 10-12 showings or one offer int he first two weeks on the market , or we adjust the price.
We know that in most markets homes that sell in the first 30 days sell closest to asking price. The longer a house sits on the market, the greater the gap between asking price and selling price.

You do not want your Realtor following up too aggressively. If a buyer senses that a seller is needy, they may just walk away.

There are very few issues in the sale of a property that a price reduction will not solve.
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Keith Sorem, Real Estate Pro in Glendale, CA
Hi Amy:
While I understand your concern, I think I'd give my realtor the benefit of the doubt as to his process. Perhaps he answers in the form the inquiries are sent to him, and that is appropriate. If I get an email, I answer by email unless they provide their phone number and ask me to call. I answer as fully as I can, provide a link to the MLS listing, do a little sales pitch and then offer to show them the house at their convenience. I've discovered over the years that if someone is truly interested, they will call, and no amount of me calling them is going to spur them on. In fact, if they inquire by email, and I do call them, they often feel as though I'm being pushy or invasive. And as the lady from Tennessee said below, one month in this market is no time a'tall. Still, talk to your agent about this -- you do need to be comfortable with him and I know he wants you to feel confident. Hang in there!
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i wish I had a few more sellers with your motivation!
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Bless your heart! you are working hard to make this happen ! hopefully your agent has scheduled a few Open houses to get things going, also ads on Trulia,Zillow, and your local newspaper! A month in this market is nothing! Sorry to say ! To add some zest -at least Spring is almost here ! -adding flowers to your front door etc. you know the fun part of getting your house ready !-I held an open house on Sunday and for weeks had only 1 or 2 people show up, but this past Sunday - 25 people !! Now how many are really Buyers?-not sure-BUT THE RATES ARE GREAT -my guess is this " wait and see" attitude will be gone soon.
Take care and I hope you sell quick to be with your loved one !
Web Reference: http://www.PattyEveritt.com
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