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kdin, Home Owner in Fremont, CA

Our next door neighbor is renovating to sell his home. We plan to sell our home soon too. Should we wait to list before or after our neighbor sells?

Asked by kdin, Fremont, CA Sun Feb 16, 2014

The neighbor's property is slightly bigger, but in our opinion, not a very nice floorplan. They are using cheaper materials/appliances to renovate. We remodeled parts of our home 8 years ago (kitchen/dining room/living room), so we think it's nicer. We also have better curb appeal.

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Hi Kdin,

I don't think you should let it bother you if your neighbor has the home on the market the same time as you. If you need to sell within a certain time frame, you should go ahead and do so. If you wait for the neighbor's house to sell before you put yours on the market, what if another house comes on the market? Buyers want to see several homes before they decide on the right home and they will do the research before putting in an offer. As long as you price it correctly according to market value, you should be good. And if it has better curb appeal, your house should have more desirability.

If you updated 8 years ago, maybe the house has started showing wear and tear and the neighbors house (although as you say has cheaper materials) may still look new and spruced up. So think about it and price the home right. In this market with low inventory, you should be able to sell your home if it shows well and is priced right.

Make sure you get an agent who has an aggressive internet marketing system, has the experience and is responsive to your needs.

Meena Gujral

Help-U-Sell Achievers Realty


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I like to sell for higher than the previous inferior sale, but sometimes surprises occur. It's a really hot market right now, but things change very fast sometimes. I remember this one time, it was looking like prices would keep going up and buyers kept waiting to list because each sale was successively higher. Then within 20 days 5 homes came up for sale in a community, and the homes stagnated. Eventually they all sold, the best looking/location 1st.

In deciding to sell it's more than just predicting what a future price might be, it's also involves meeting your timing priorities. You need to sell for a reason, and move someplace else.

If you would like to meet, to discuss further please feel free to contact me.
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hi, you do not have to wait for your neighbor...list your home when you are ready...

...example; $15,000 buyer rebate, on $1 mill home; see website for details.

.....website: http://americarealtyonline.com/
Flavio Tejada, Owner/Broker, Realtor, MBA-Finance
(415) 305-2958
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While I understand that you have your own opinion about your neighbor's home, it will be a buyer's opinion that trumps everything. Flippers have discovered that the quality of materials doesn't matter as much as it used to - it's frequently the overall look of the home that matters. As an example, buyers won't care if the cabinets are particle board cores or plywood - they care about how it looks overall. If it's installed correctly and has granite (even inexpensive Chinese granite), there are MANY buyers who will be very happy - they simply won't know the difference.

It doesn't matter when you go on the market in relationship to your neighbor's home - there will be a different buyer for each with their own specific tastes and needs. As long as you price appropriately and make sure your home is prepared to the max (and staged), you will do well in the current market.

There is one thing to consider in an escalating market such as this - if you can wait until after your neighbor's home has closed, then you can use it as a solid comp to bump your price per sq/ft even higher. Buyers will not be able to go into your neighbor's home to compare it against yours, and, as long as you have prepared well, you should come out the clear winner.
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Well it depends on what they are going to list their for? and how much they think they will get for it. You should really hire a good real estate agent that can look at all aspects and list the home at the right time. A good agent will use this to sell the house at a higher value. If you need a recommendation for an agent I would be more than happy to help.

Just email me if you have any other questions or concerns.

Alex Greer
Loan Officer
NMLS #1056079

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Hi kdin, -- I agree with those whom have suggested you list your property now. The following charts reinforce the 94536 area is experiencing a very strong Seller's Market. http://docs.Steven-Anthony.com/94536(sfr)Jan2012-14.pdf -- Also, here's a timely article you might want to review: "Want to Sell Your Home? The Spring Selling Season May Be Coming Early This Year" http://www.fool.com/investing/general/2014/02/15/want-to-sel… -- There's another reason to sell sooner than later; this being, taking advantage of the low interest rates when you buy your future replacement home. – Steve.
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Your neighbor's listing will generate traffic so i would go ahead and list now. You will both benefit from the traffic each listing generates.
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Regardless of whether buying or selling your decision should always be driven by your personal needs and not what's happening next door on elsewhere in the community.

If as you say, your home is in better condition and also enjoys better curb appeal, the neighbor's home should essentially help to sell yours if priced similarly.

Good luck,

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Depends on your own situation, emotionally and financially. In the end you just have to trust your gut.
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The best time is always now if you are ready. Hiring a good listing agent will help you set the right price for your home, and a good agent will have the right marketing plan to reach buyers for your home. The neighbors home may only bring other buyers in the area who may notice your home is for sale too.
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Sometimes great materials ( if its what the buyer's are looking for) will translate into higher prices, but if the buyers can't tell the difference, you might be disappointed. Size and location will set the base price for property.
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I am hoping that your home in Fremont is listed and sold now already per your price expectations. If you have yet not sold your home and your neighbor's home is now sold, this is the right time to list your home with experienced, skilled, knowledgeable and has excellent marketing strategy to get the most dollars for your investment.

Let me know if we can be of any help to you.

Good luck to you,
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Probably not a good idea to make your decision based on your neighbor. Have your place evaluated by a Realtor and they will let you know where you stand in comparison. There may be some attributes to your property that make your place more appealing to today's consumer.
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If you are ready to sell, you should sell your house in this market and get advantage over low inventory. And also as per you said that your neighbor is using cheaper materials/appliances to renovate... the prospective buyers will compare both homes in quality upgrades. If the price range is difference, I believe then also everybody will like to see the next door home for sale to compare. List it when you are ready.
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When you list has nothing to do with your neighbors, list when you are ready and when your home is in "Show shape" and looking good. Generally speaking Spring is one of the best times of year to list your home.
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I agree, well said.
Olga Lopez
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It is a sellers market and there is a huge demand of nicer houses in Fremont. Regardless of how your neighbors house shows, if you think you're ready to sell then you should go ahead and list. When your neighbors and your house is on the market at the same time it will definitely generate a lot of interest. Buyers coming to look at your neighbors property will also look at yours. If your house shows well and your have "quality" upgrades then you should expect to get multiple offers. Here is a old saying in Real Estate " Time is of the essence" hence, right now it is a sellers market and if you have plans to sell then now is probably the best time to sell at a premium, in the years to come. Good Luck
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I also recommend you read a very good article on Trulia called " things to do before you sell". It tells you ways you can add value and stand out from the crowd. All the best!
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I agree, the sooner the better!
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If you are ready to sell now, then you should put it on before they do.
If your time frame is later, spring or summer, then you'll have to wait.

You need not worry about what they will do, sit down with your Broker and discuss the current values and your current time frames. As Dawn mentioned, there are not very many homes on the market at this time, however, that can change in the spring / summer time.

I'm sure you will achieve your financial goals in today market. Discuss your situation with a Broker soon.

Good luck,

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Hi Kdin, currently in all of Fremont there are approximately 75 homes for sale. The inventory is very low, so you will not have a problem selling your home. I feel one of the most important things is the first impression. When a potential home buyer walks in and says WOW! or they walk in and say oh this is nice. It will mean the difference between many offers (which bump up the price) or a few offers. Make sure your home is uncluttered, extra clean freshly painted etc. Find yourself an agent who is good at negotiations and you will be able to sell your home quickly and for a great price. Dawn
Web Reference: http://DawnRivera4Homes.com
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Hi Kdin,

In the current market condition (low interest rate, very low inventory, and motivated/qualified buyers in market), selling first or second should not make a big difference. However, as you indicated, Curb Appeal and Floor Plan WILL make a big difference in final price. It is easy to remodel (if required) and then change the floor plan. Correctly pricing the home and marketing it will attract buyers and create value in your home.

Please feel free to contact me if I can be any help.

Ashok Patel
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In this market it doesn't matter if you sell first or second.Market will give you good value of your home provided you price it right.Check with your trusted realtor and go for it.I hope this helps.
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Newly renovated homes appeal to a lot of buyers. They could demand more for their house which
could help your selling price. If you are ready to sell your home, then go ahead. No reason to wait for
your neighbor to sell first or later. If you're both selling at the same time it can also bring a lot more
buyers to the area. Let me know if I can be of service.
Manny Tan
Intero Real Estate Services - Fremont
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It could work both ways, if his home sells for a lower price because of the condition it could hurt you on the comps. Or, if it sells for a decent price then maybe you could get a little more for your home. Other factors include living space sq. ft., lot size, etc... It would be my pleasure to help you. Best Regards, Larry Gallegos, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, Mason-McDuffie,
43430 Mission Blvd. Suite 100, Fremont, CA. 94539
(Corner of Mission & Mission Tierra)
Direct (510)-492-4872, Fax (510)-217-4249,
mailto:Larry@LarryGallegos.com ,
Visit my Website at http://CustomBayHomes.com
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He who gets out first typically leaves with the most money however in our current market and with the current low inventory and demand the longer you wait may be to your advantage so do what's right for you and your family and don't worry about your neighbor. After being raised and living and working in Fremont my entire life the best time to sell is when it is best for you
If I can be of any assistance and you want to talk about the Pro's and Con's I would be happy to share my 30 years of professionally and successfully selling FREMONT properties
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Inventory is very low. Even if you and your neighbor’s house go on the market at the same time both will sell strongly if they are well prepared, well priced and well marketed. Prospective buyers will shop both houses and they will select the one that appeals to them most. If the time is right for you to sell, given your personal needs and plans, don’t let what the neighbor does influence you.
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It really depends on various factors and strategy behind market the home.

Feel free to contact me for free consultancy and can discuss further.


Jain Rishab

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RE/MAX Active Realty
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Email : korerealty1@gmail.com
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Get the opinion of a couple of local agents that see your home first. It will depend on many factors; your other competition, condition, price range, your preferred time frame and the status of your local market. In most areas, there is a shortage of homes available.
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