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Blue, Home Seller in Calhoun, GA

Our home has been on the market for 13 weeks with no showings. Should we try to cancel the current listing agreement and hire a new agent?

Asked by Blue, Calhoun, GA Wed Jan 5, 2011

Our home is only five years old; it's neat and clean, and would show well if we could get someone in the door. Our realtor doesn't communicate with us at all; not a single phone call in 13 weeks. We receive almost daily automated reports, which are basically useless. We have had no open houses, no realtor open houses, there aren't even directional signs at the entry to our subdivision. Even the agency we listed with seems to be promoting only those homes in foreclosure, or approved for a short sale; neither of which apply to us. I expected more and feel 13 weeks is long enough to see that there is absolutely no interest in this home. Should we just wait for the market to eventually turn around? I would welcome any advice.

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Guys - with all due respect (and I mean that seriously) is this situation really THAT complicated?

The agent is responsible for ensuring an accurate, SUPPORTED list price. That's presented to the seller and they either acknowledge the data or ignore it. If they ignore it, then the agent is likely setting themselves up for just this type of situation - they will be blamed for a lack of activity. Agents that are incapable or reluctant to be candid with buyers on price do everyone a disservice - including the seller. I'll walk away from an unreasonable seller - remember - it has to appraise no matter what the contract says.

The owner is responsible for PROPERLY selecting an agent. If they pick a part time hack, shop for the cheapest fees, use their tennis team partner who valets cars at night......guess what - you post on here and complain. The owner is also responsible for getting the home presentable.

Our's is not a part time industry despite the number of opportunity agents out there. The best agents make it look easy - and the best agents should be compensated for doing that because it takes a ton of work, money and attention to do this properly.

I don't see communication as the problem. At this point it seems that the agent is toasted and sees this as a lost deal. The owner should start fresh, try to hit whatever spring market occurs and PROPERLY INTERVIEW the next agent. If it's an issue of pricing then that's a pill the seller will need to swallow and it needs to be delived by an agent willing to be candid.

Let's stop being wet nurses and do our jobs. Why is anyone apologizing for this situation? The seller is in control of it - fire the agent!

Sellers whining about a lack of activity need to stop as well - you picked the agent, you should have reviewed the data and you should treat this as a business transaction. Take charge and get on with it.

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With all due respect, pls stop blaming this seller. Some agents just don't do their jobs.While some sellers, it's true, don't research sold comps, have their set price, are hard-heads & don't listen to agent, they are minority. Most are savvy, have done their homework re sold comps in their area, have listened to prospective agents they interviewed who advised them "where" to price their homes. YET, the buyers are not coming to see the properties. WHY? As a pro myself, I have interacted w/agents who took listings of properties out of their exclusive areas. Advise sellers incorrectly despite comps. These agents don't know local agents, don't want to network w/them, want to keep listing for selves, don't advertise other than internet. INTERNET DOESN'T SELL, IT JUST LEADS. The agent needs to do his/her job:
be creative, put out signs, lunches for area brokers, "play nice" with area brokers.
Sellers need to put agent on short leash--60-90days. If agent does not produce,
get new one
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There is no excuse for poor communition and in your case - almost no communication. What you need is
a agressive agent - who is going to tell you the truth about what the market is doing! The agent needs to
tell you - what price is needed to sell your house......... then you can make a decision on what is best for
you and your family - you need to know the facts - not someone telling you what you want to hear.... because there are houses selling! One of my listings - went under contract just before Thanksgiving and it should close tomorrow Jan 6th - it is not a foreclosure.... but the owners made a decision based on the facts - not what they wanted to make - but now they can move on with their lives. Note: your agent must be a "Full Time" agent - alot of agents are "Part Time" agents with other jobs!
I am a FULL TIME agent/Boker and I advertise my listings and I keep my clients informed! Call me and lets talk about the options you do have - they could include (1) get a new agressive agent with communication skills (2) take your home off the market and wait.
But the first thing you need to know is the truth about your house and the market - then you can decide what is best for you and your family. Call me and we can talk about your options.... it doesn't cost anything to talk.
Call me @ 770-789-2401 (cell).... I answer my phone up to 10pm at night
Paul Henderson - Agent / Broker - Re/max Neighbors in Calhoun, Ga.
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Sounds like you failed to properly qualify the agent and how they operate. If that's the case, then you can always fire them and start over.

However - and this is a huge however - if the home isn't show ready and PRICED CORRECTLY you can have the Goodyear blimp moored at the place and it won't sell.

This business isn't rocket science. While the market stinks, the market does recognize value and homes properly presented will sell.

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Call them and be very open about your concerns. If you do not like what you hear, tell them you will be moving in another direction. You can try to see if the agent/company will let you out of the contract but they may have a procuring clause in their listing agreement. If they do let you out, they will retain, for 90 days, the ability to collect a commission, paid by you, if someone comes to the table with an offer.

I would try or wait it out and then re-posistion your house. Even though the agent seems unprofessional and incompetent, the harsh reality if you're not getting any action is, your over priced for the current market. Regardless of open houses and promotions, as long as your property has full internet exposure, buyers are seeing it. That is if the pictures are clear or you have a video tour uploaded. Good luck to you and your agent. Sounds like you will both need it.
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Hi Blue,

If you aren't getting showings it's one of three things...IMO

1) you are very overpriced....you need to see what the comps are in your market
2) you do not have good pictures on the Internet...or none....very few/poor pictures will cause a buyer/agent to move on
3) your market is just very slow....this is just what it is.

I would suggest you arrange a meeting with your agent and talk...if you are not satisfied after that, then reach the agent's broker and talk with him/her....the broker is who really has your listing and can reassign it, if necessary, to another agent.

Good luck to you,

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I would say that your home not having any showings in a 13 week period is a very concerning. As a homeowner I would feel more concerned about the lack of communication you are receiving. In this economy it is not uncommon to get a slow start. However, it is your agent’s feedback and knowledge that you are counting on to get you through. I would suggest you contact your agent and express your concerns about their lack of communication and then see what suggestions they make. When you don't get any showings in a 13 week period of time and you feel your home shows well my guess is you are priced higher than you should be. Good luck.
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You need to have a heart to heart talk with yourself and decide if you really want to move. If so, then you need to be a little more realisitc in pricing. It is very easy to blame your realtor, but the market is the market.. Your Realtor can take out 50 ads, sing song and have a band palying outside you home. If it is overpriced, it is not going to sell and no one is going to come and take a look.

Someone posted below belittling the agent for taking a listing that may be overpriced. Well, that happens.. maybe the seller said THIS IS WHAT I WANT.. I have a few like that, but I tell them.. if no one comes, remember that I said is should be 409k.. NOT 459k. If they are o.k. with it.. I'll take the listing. Sure I will.

And when they as why.. I'll tell them. look at the price of the home and reduce it.
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Blue, it does sound like your home is overpriced. I am a realtor in GA and I have my old home listed by another agent in TN. She is my 3rd agent. In the first 2 weeks she called and said "You have had no showings and that worries me because my other properties are busy." I lowered the price. It hurt but so does this market. If there have been no showings in 13 weeks, this means you're overpriced and there is no interest. Your realtor is not showing interest because they feel you are not going to lower the price so, my suggestion is to call and make them communicate with you their true feelings. They may think you are not in a hurry and you need more time to be conveniced to lower the price. Do you have to sell? If not take it of the market if yes lower and ask for an open house ever 3 weeks or you are changing realtors. Good Luck

Amanda McMahan
Chapman Hall
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Hi Blue,

I am so disappointed to see that this has been your experience with a real estate agent. It is NOT the norm and it is in no way acceptable to have no communication. Have you checked to make sure that your home is in the MLS? You can see it on Realtor.com and most major real estate agency websites if it is.

Try also doing a google search for your stree number and name..i.e. 123 Mockingbird Lane and see how many references to your home are on the Internet. Effective Internent marketing with lots of good quality photos sell homes! If you are not finding references to your home on-line and in the MLS your agent is not doing their job and you need to immediately schedule an appt. to speak with the Broker..express your dissatisfaction and enlist them to help you by assigning another agent or getting this one to work for you effectively and with communication.

If you are in fact being promoted with good photos on-line and you have not had any showings in 13 weeks then your home is overpriced. There is no other reason that a nicely presented home would be overlooked by all home buyers for that period of time.

Best of luck to you!
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I saw this question pop up yesterday, and I was too busy to answer it.

It's so loaded for the typical Trulia Voice attraction language, that I'm not surprised that there are 46 answers from around the planet.

Regardless, and thankfully, Hank Miller provided the 45th answer. He got a thumbs up from me.

Lets copy / paste his most cogent points:

"Let's stop being wet nurses and do our jobs. Why is anyone apologizing for this situation? The seller is in control of it - fire the agent!

Sellers whining about a lack of activity need to stop as well - you picked the agent, you should have reviewed the data and you should treat this as a business transaction. Take charge and get on with it."

Blue - your fault. You welcome advice - well you got it from Hank. He probably knows a decent agent in Calhoun - you should call him.

Don Tepper's answer also got a thumbs up - he is so good at being a Trulia Voice....
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The NAR Code of Ethics doesn't permit one Realtor to interfere with the relationship of another Realtor with his/her client. So, please understand that I'm not trying to interfere in any way with that relationship. OK?

First, your home is overpriced. No showings in 13 weeks means you're overpriced. Ask your Realtor to run a CMA (competitive market analysis) to determine what your home is worth and what it should be marketed for.

Second: No signage, no open houses, no phone calls, no Realtor open houses. That sounds like no marketing. Question: Prior to listing with your Realtor, did he/she present a marketing program? If so, it sounds as if he/she isn't living up to it. If not, shame on him/her . . . and you for not getting in writing what services would be performed. But we all make mistakes and you can't be expected to be an expert.

What to do now? Do NOT wait "for the market to eventually turn around." Some houses are selling now. Maybe not many in your area. And maybe you can't reduce your price enough. Still, you have to find out. That's where the CMA comes into play. What you do is this: Schedule an appointment with your Realtor's broker--essentially his/her boss. Explain what's happened and what hasn't happened. Explain what you WANT to happen. The broker may attempt to switch you to another agent in the office. That's OK if the new agent will perform up to the levels you're requesting. Otherwise, consider whether you'd like to request that the listing be cancelled so that you can find another agent with another firm who is willing to work to sell your home.

Hope that helps.
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Don Tepper, Real Estate Pro in Fairfax, VA
Very simple. Ask your agent to review with you all of the SOLD comps. in your area for the past 12 months and all of the Active comps in your area currently. You will quickly see what people are willing to pay from the solds and what your competiton is with the actives. You will can proceed from there ! Good Luck
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I would check the most recent sales comps. Have your agent pull this info for you and sit down and have a face to face. Make sure you are priced where you will be showings. If you are priced too high, buyers will not even consider your home, even if it is the best in the neighborhood. if you are not happy, communicate with your agent. Communication is a 2 way street.
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Hi Blue,

Sorry for your despair! Like many others have said, communication is the most important. If you haven't heard from your realtor, you need to start the communication. Call him/her and be comopletely honest with your concerns. I'm sure they will be honest with their answers (Realtors also want the house they're listing to sell)! Most likely the price is the issue, especially if you bought at the height of the market. Also since the 13 weeks include the holidays, unfortunately this is not a busy time of activity, unless you are a department store. If you communicate honestly with your realtor, I'm sure things will start rolling!

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HI Blue,

I feel your pain! First rule of thumb, Communication, Communication, Communication....
Call up your Realtor right away. Have your list in your hand, read it off to your Realtor. I can almost bet you that your Realtor will say, I am so glad you brought this to my attention. All of your suggestions are great. Let's incorporate them right away. I'll schedule an Open House this weekend. I'll call the sign company and get a directional up (if that makes sense and your city allows it). Newspaper is out. But, your home is listed on all of the top Real Estate Websites, SearchHomes.com, Trulia, Realtor.com, yada yada yada. Daily reports should be an asset. I'm sure you liked your Realtor enough to sign a contract with her/him. So, just go ahead a communicate. With that said, usually, no interest means it's priced too high for your area. If it's priced too high, then you won't get much activity or any. Good luck and remember, communicate. Ahh, life is good. ;)
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I think there is something very wrong if it has been on the market for 13 weeks with no showings. How much communication have you had with your agent? It sounds like price might be a factor.
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Did you communicate with your realtor at all? You have the right to call him/her if you would like to know anything. Don't be afriad to call your realtor if he/she doesn't call you.

For the past 10 weeks are holiday season, it is normal if you don't get any showing. You might consider to pull your home off the market for couple months, then put your home back on the market during the spring time. Your home needs a break. At the same time, you need to talk to your realtor face to face to discuss the service they are willing to provide. Home owner should be informed and analyzed the market every 2 weeks. Market change fast, home owner should be keep on the top of any change from their realtor. Good luck.
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You have two main issues. 1. Agent 2. Market Conditions. 1. No communication from your Agent is unacceptable and I would contact your Agent's manager and have a sit down. 2. Market Conditions, if your home is 5 years old then you bought at the height of the market. Unless your home was in shambles and you gutted it and redid it, then most buyers would expect your home to be listed according to market conditions. I would suspect that your market like many CA markets had dropped 10-20% and that should be your offering price. Best
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The market is slow but try and keep in touch through email with the agent.
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Dear Blue,

How frustrating! Marketing is everything in today's market, and it is critical to have an aggressive agent who is leveraging the power of the internet to get your home sold. I've attached a link to a blog I wrote on this very topic--hopefully it will help you to light a fire under your agent.

Best of Luck,
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Hello Blue. I am not a local broker but after reading your question I felt a need to respond. I've not read any other post below, so I'm coming at this straight from the shoulder.

I can only think of three general possibilities.

1) The property could be ridiculously overpriced perhaps based on condition and there are many other properties to choose from in your vicinity for much less, hence no phone inquiries.

2) Timing could also be working against you to some extent. The Holidays tend to slow activity down for a while. Your market may also be slow in general.

3) Your broker stinks. You mention no phone calls. This is to discuss/disclose any activity generated by the listing. No open house. This aspect can be critical to a new listing as time on market tends to make your listing stale. No signage. This could help through word of mouth and drive by interest. I would then also suspect no mailings within your area to introduce this "New to the Market" listing. I will also refer to # 1 because if you are overpriced, it is your broker who is to consult/advise on agressive pricing if needed.

These are just a few of my thoughts. As I had stated, I don't know your market. There may be other factors I am unaware of that may be impacting in some way. Something does seem not quite right here though. I'm sure one of the other 50 + answers have covered what you might do in this situation.

I certainly wish you all the best moving forward.
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Hello Blue. I will share with you a line from one of my favorite Michael Franks tunes, "Don't be blue; the sun is bound to shine." I am not familiar with your particular market, as I am a residential broker in Richardson, Texas. However, I would like to share with you a real estate principle that is applicable and transcendent in every market. When you have a good, appropriately packaged and marketed product, (great area, clean, great condition, wonderful amenities, etc.) and you are not getting people in the door, you are priced outside of the market. You are overpriced, and missing your buyer, as they are looking at property in a lower price bracket. If you were getting a significant amount of traffic but no offers, it would indicate that you are face with some sort of alternate problem (condition, showability, etc.) Have your agent re-evaluate the price at which you are marketing the property. Of course, my advice does not take into consideration your particular market in terms of the amount of inventory on the shelf in your area, average days on market, etc. Good Luck, and don't be blue.......it's not a contributing factor to getting your home sold. It only takes one buyer. : )
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Communication is key particularly in the first few weeks of marketing your home. I would suggest you talk to your agent about your expectations for more frequent communication and a clearly defined marketing plan. If you are not satisfied with the response then it might be time to find a different agent who can better meet your needs.
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Check out the most popular websites to see if your property is even listed there. ie: realtor.com, trulia, zillow, remax and others. More than 87% of buyers start their search online (according to NAR)...and if you are not getting showings, then the property may not be properly marketed. Also, make sure the property has good quality photos and as many as are permitted on your MLS. It's a fact, buyers look at homes with most pics and a virtual tour. If you don't have these ingredients, then that may be why you have had no showings!! NO comunication in 13 weeks? Fire your agent! Then call a top producer in your community. Pick up a copy of the Real Estate Book at your local convenience store. See who has the most listings, then call them today!!
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The basic problem seems to be a lack of communication. As a Realtor, I think communication is one of the most important roles that we serve. Even if there is no new information, ask your Realtor to please personally check in with you at least once a week.
Then it's a matter of price, how well the property shows, and how many people have seen it. Your Realtor is responsible for getting the most amount of people through the door as possible. Keep him or her accountable for exactly what steps they are taking to ensure that your property is getting 'in front of' the maximum amount of people as is possible. Ask what steps are being taken to ensure that buyers are seeing your property.
Then you need to really and honestly evaluate whether or not your property is showing well and whether or not it is priced correctly. Feedback from showings, open houses, and your Realtor should be able to help guide you.
Best of luck!
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Voice your concerns to the agent first, then the broker of the company if needed. Do it now, don't wait. Depending on the stipulations in the contract, you may have trouble just cancelling it, so you may want to approach the situation gently at first to try to salvage the relationship if you do continue to work with the agent. I really hope it works out for you, it is very frustrating to not understand why you aren't getting showings! Make sure your price is competitive for the current market also, because if it is newer, and shows well, and you aren't getting showings, it could be the price. Also, make sure the pictures look good online. There is no excuse to not contact you for all of those weeks, but just keep the focus on selling the house and do whatever you need to do to get this on track! Good luck! Kristy
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Hello Blue,
I would be careful about my decisions. Talking with your current REALTOR® and taking advice from them could lead to an active buyer. Has your REALTOR® talked with you about the list price, home conditions, and market conditions? We are professionals for a reason, and we have tools and information that will lead to the sell of your home. Good luck and God Bless.
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i would talk with your agent first.
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First I would approach my current realtor about my concerns. I would ask him/her why they think it is taking so long to get a buyer in. Is your home updated for the area, ie. new countertops, tile in wet areas, recent roof , A/C? Buyers are looking for home where they can move right in and not have to encounter large expenses up front. Is it priced competitively for the market there? Was what you wanted to ask for your property the same price the realtor suggested or was it higher? Was your price based on you making a lot of money on the sale or could you take less to be able to move on? Just think that the longer the house is on the market, the more interest you are having to pay on mortgage payments, insurance and property taxes. Reducing the price may hurt at first but in the long run so will keeping your house on the market too long. If your agent doesn't concentrate on resale homes that are not foreclosures, then maybe her potential buyers are only looking for deals. Ask her to do an open house if possible or have a group of her fellow realtors visit and provide tea and cookies or even a small door prize for attending. Don't despair! Areas all over the country are feeling the pinch and you are not alone in your thoughts.
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The fact is the time your property has been on the market buyers have been buying properties other than yours. Be sure to make sure your agent is pro-active and not passive. I recommend reviewing your agents marketing then if you are satisfied with that then you must look at the most important factor: PRICE. Why? Because the qualified and knowledgeable buyers are sending you a message. The message is, if you want someone to own this property you need to adjust the price.

Buyers are asking whats wrong with your house? Its been on the market a LONG TIME.

Today its all about Value
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The market is very slow...I would not blame the agent. Discuss options with her regarding pricing, staging and advertised incentives. That might help generate activities. you may also ask about auction options.

i am in Baltimore and now introducing auction services for my customers. it is deader than a door nail. At auction, you can set a reserve price, so if you do not like price you can not sell. however, it is a done deal with no contingencies.
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Your agents behavior is unacceptable.
I am a Broker who sell's in Ffld County Ct. outside of NYC. My customers are very demanding but even if they weren't I would call them regularly, regularly, which is minimum weekly.
Your agent does not seem very interested in you.
My suggestion is;
Look for a new agent, someone that is Hungry.
Good Luck
Steve Pasqua
Real Estate Store-Ct.com
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Please don't forget there is a recession.. What used to sell in days not take months. Maybe the Realtor is not up to speed on some things but you said you are getting weekly reports which might indicate they are doing internet marketing. Price, Location and Condition are paramount. Communication, communication, communication are the 3 C's of any listing. Communicate with your Realtor. Ask them to Communicate back. Ask for Open communication between the two of you, agent and owner. Don't think changing companies will make a hugh difference--but be open. (There are those out there that will promise the moon and the stars just for a listing). Good Luck and Happy Communication.
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Usually there are 3 reasons the home doesn't sell, 1. it is priced too high, 2. the condition of the home and 3. location of the home. In your case if the REALTOR you have chosen is not doing what you think they should be you should call them, talk to them about how you feel, they are working for you right? Before you signed with your Realtor did you interview others? If you don't get any where with the agent go to the broker and get some answers!
Hope this helps
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I would first want to know if you listed your home within a price range that your agent thouht was sellable in your area or are you overpriced for your region? Have you done any price reductions during this time period? Also, are you being actively advertised on the internet? And lastly, have you had anyone give you staging advice for your home? Neat, clean and 5 years old are great selling features, but you also need to be decorated and stage appropriately. Especially if you are in competition with other new builds in the area. What sets you apart from the competition? If all these items have been covered it may be time to talk to another agent.

Kelly Keller
Nothnagle Real Estate
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If what was promised is not being delivered; then you need to do the best thing for you...however, if the home is priced right it will sell.. The term we use here (Los Angeles) is; the home is worth what someone is willing to pay...All the promoting in the world wont make a buyer jump at a high price...
Unfortunately there really isnt going to be a different set of price points for "regular" sales as opposed to a "short sales or REO's" ( foreclosure) So yes if you dont want to compete with those types of listings and you really dont "need" to sell, waiting it out may not be the worst idea... but remember you also get more for your money on a purchase so it works both ways...
good luck

Ed Evans The Real Estate Professional
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Under any circumstances there needs to be communication. It sounds like your agent may "feel" like they are communicating through the automated reports, and if that doesn't cut it for you let the agent know. I would bring your issues up to your current agent to either get a reason or justification/clarification for what your current thoughts are on the matter. Simply changing agents isn't always the answer.
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Sometimes it is difficult for the public to understand the "means" to our end. In other words, if the brokerage is seeming to promote foreclosures and short sales they are trying to attract buyers. They really couldn't care less which type of home those buyers ultimately purchase - they are just trying to get them in the door to start working with an agent there. This benefits you!
Second, no communication is not a good thing. It is unfortunate that you have to ask but I would contact the agent or broker and find out why that is.
Open houses are useless unless it is a highly decorated home in a highly populated area with little inventory - sorry, but it probably has no value to helping you find a serious buyer in Calhoun and many other areas - Gwinnett county is a great example - for the most part it's a waste of a Sunday afternoon out of the house for the sellers.
13 weeks in this market is nothing. Hang in there - good luck.
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No matter what the market, it always comes down to "Time to Sell" vs "Price".

If your price is too high, no one will look. Who priced it, you or your agent?

If nothing is selling in your area, a 12 month sold report will show this. Are forclosures or short sales all that is selling?

Pick up the phone, call your agent, ask them to run a 12 month sold report and a active listing report, invite them over and objectively review the market together.

You might need a price reduction, or their might just not be any qualified buyer traffic.

Hang in there!
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I think you have been way to tolerant of your listing agent. I would have visited the real estate office within the first couple of weeks of not having any communication. This is an inexcusable behavior and agent like that should not be in business.

Elizabeth Przybyla
Coldwell Banker Alliance
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Communicate to your agent for an updated market analysis for the past 3 months only and ask just what that agent has been doing to market your home. Then make a decision to make a change. Don't wait for the market to turn, you may be waiting a long time. If you are not priced right, nothing any agent can do will sell your home.
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I am a little late on this, but your home not selling is one thing, the agent is another.
I would not waste any more time. Do some homework yourself so that when you interview the new agent, you have some information from which to ask questions and have a good idea what the answers should be.

This is unacceptable and I regret that you waited 13 weeks.

Good Luck

Gerri Ross,
Long and Foster
Southern Maryland
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What I would do is sit down with your agent and ask if we had priced the house to high,because of the time we"ve been on the market we had no showings.Also ask to see where or if they are advertising your property.You have to concider that this is our down time due to the holidays,but going forward speak to your agent and see if there has been any recent sales in your neighborhood and sit down and come up with some kind of action plan to get people interested in seeing your home.Maybe a broker open house so they can give there input ,also to see for themselves for there buyers,forsale sign in front of the property attracts buyers.This is suppose to be our busy season end of january so if want to get your house sold make sure your house is priced to sell,and you are getting the exposure to get the traffic to bring you more money..
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Hello blue:As a realtor I really feel ashamed to hear that an agent would not service your account much better. It really sounds like your agent doesn't have any Real Estate experience which really doesn't excuse him, this is the reaso why you need to work under a Broker (at least in California). A Broker is there to help agents manage their accounts and make sure they have work ethics. I for one would "fire" oyur agent and look for a bonifide Realtor you should interview prospective Realtors and make sure they give you a presentation on what they are going to do for you Listing have it put in writing. A proessional Realtor will keep in touch with you almost in a daily basis but you are the one that has to make sure what the agenda will be. I hope this helps you

RE/MAX TerraSol-Huntington Beach, Ca
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The most important job function your agent has is communication. If there is none, that cpould be considred estrangement by your agent. Not that it will allow you to terminate but it certainly but it will give you fodder to request a release.
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"Nothing occurs in the universe without movement." It was accurrate when Albert Einstien said it with respect to quantum machanics and it fits your situation as well. The latent issue here, however, seems to be a total lack of communication between yourself and the agent and an unclear expectation as to how the market should be performing. Whether you keep your agent or not is really not the question.

Here's what should have happened in an effective business relationship between agent and client. When the agent sat with you, they should have given you some indication as to at least two key indicators: average days on market, percentage of list to sale price, Addtionally, they should have informed you of how often they would be providing you with feedback. The industry standard is a minimum of once every ten days wiht once a week being even better. 13 weeks might be normal for a sale in your market. But what is more than likely "not normal" is for you to have no showings. A lack of offers ususally indicates a risistance to price or condtion. A lack of showings is almost always a resistance to price and or condition. Not knowing what is normal marketing time in your specific location leaves everyone guessing however.

Before you decide to just "whack" your agent, call him up and ask him what you should be expecting. If you don't like the direction they are taking with you, make sure you set the agenda with the next agent and listen to what they tell you especially as it pertains to pricing.
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Communication is key....have a face to face meeting with your agent to discuss your concerns and ask for copies of advertising that has been done. A Broker's open house is a must; great flyers/brochures/discussions at the local board of realtors of current listings and your agent's own office tour of your home and a meeting with a marketing segment on current listings and brainstorm on how to get the property shown to potential buyers! Fellow agents can offer their opinion of value to help your realtor in marketing your home with the correct price. Ask for broker suggestions on how to make your home appear more marketable.
Price could be an obstacle as you are competing with the distressed sales in the area. Are you willing to price the home competitively in order to sell?
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Regardless of what the market conditions are, there needs to be a pricing and marketing plan.

What are the most recent comps telling you?
Are you priced aggressively?

Are you getting the appropriate exposure online with various web sites?

Have you established with your agent how and when communication will take place? (an e-mail every few weeks is a nice way to keep it simple.

These are just a few things you should take into consideration
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Hi Blue,
I am assuming your agent did not go over a market plan with you?
Product has to match the price. If you are over priced in this market, you will have less showings.
Having said that, the agent should be communicating with you on a weekly basic, by phone, email & text if you prefer. I always ask my client which is the best form of communication for them.
You need to reach out to the agent & address your concerns or contact the broker immediately.
Buyers are out there after the new year!

Best to you,
Debra Sacchetti
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