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Now that it is apparent that this studio will never be built. What does the future hold for Waverly Oaks and the immediate area? Is it stll?

Asked by Plymouth Or Bust, Plymouth, MA Tue Dec 29, 2009

desireable to own here?

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So let me get this straight. There are folks hanging out in the old Ridder Estate on Long Pond Road, working the phones trying to get this "vision" to become a reality. Are these people getting paid? If so, by who?
I live with-in walking distance......if there are any more openings.....I want in!
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I appreciate your feedback Plymouth or Bust but you need to have your facts straight before casting dispersions. You are correct, there were major layoffs last December and did leave Cordage Park, however, under their own accord, to cut expenses. The place where the remaining staff is "hanging out their shingle" is actually a house on the grounds of Waverly and it was purchased by an investor involved with PRS. When the remaining staff walks out that door, then it is done.

My hopeful optimism stems from being a home owner. If the project does get there, property prices will see a jump and that is good for everyone in the area. If not, well, as you put it, "stick a fork in it".
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It's no secret...the greens at Waverly have gone to crap due to lack of maintenance. I hear it all the time....."screw Waverly I'd rather play at the Pnehills or Cross Winds" Golfers have so many options in the area Waverly is loosing there fan base by the busload. Waverly best get the idea that the studio is kaput and if they want to get thefgolfers back they better start taking care of the place and start promoting what they had befpore they got STARS and $$$ signs in there eyes..
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I agree with Leon and Corey. I'm optimistic something will get done, on a smaller step-by-step basis, as the economy recovers in the years ahead. In the meantime, I can still play golf at one of my favorite courses in the area! The Wed afternoon men's league will be starting in the Spring!
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plymouth is still a beautiful area regardless of the failing movie studios. No the movie studio will no be built, it was a hoax, we were had by a conman...get over it. The good is that its still an awesome place to own a home, we have the ocean, nice town and low crime. If they ever gave that land to low income housing say goodbye to home values, say hello to high crime rate and watch the upper/middle class people move out quickly. DONT EVER BUILD LOW INCOME HOUSING IN PLYMOUTH, JUST LOOK AT WHAT HAPPENED TO CAPE COD. KEEP THEM IN NEW BEDFORD AND BROCKTON, KEEP THE TRASH OUTTA PLYMOUTH
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I agree,
I'm with you guys. Too bad this was a scam, it would have certainly been interesting.
Just not enough Westcoast "fairydust" to make it happen.
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I think West Coast Fairydust is exactly what was/is needed....Oh well.
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Plymouth or Bust ~ I too like the "concept"..I think we would have all done nicely on our real estate..However, I too don't have any confidence that it will happen....Just stating that there are some still working on it. So, by all means, keep working! (but I certainly don't think I will see it in my backyard in this century).
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Look, I'm not against this "concept" . I don't put any stock in it because I and most other rational folks don't believe it will ever happen.
Do the math:
Ideas without captial = zippo.
Fools errand if you ask me.
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That exactly was the problem..they NEEDED 100's of millions of dollars..they didnt have OR get it so no large basement was needed. Ideas is what they were big on, not claiming they had the money. Other than the personal financial investment that some of the initial investors put in, there was no other money...yes, due to the economy in large. No one is fooled by the economy Plymouth or Bust..we all are living it. There are a handful of reasons the project spiraled out of control..but whether it make a success in the future no one knows for sure. We are both telling you that we know for a fact there are still "employees" and still "investors" very much going full speed ahead. Although it would be nice, I certainly am not holding my breath or wasting any time on it but for those who are "energized"..then go to town!
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This is not a small start-up venture. They were talking 100's of millions of dollars here.
Must be a big basement to hold that kinda loot!
If there are still folksd kicking this idea around they need a reality check. Look at the econmy lately?
Gimme me a break.
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Every start-up starts out small..that is what they are doing now..and yes, there is a group of employees and investors working on making this project come to fruition....still. They were too big for their britches too fast and hence the enormous and swift downfall. Look at most (and I am certainly not comparing PRS's potential to them, but who knows) Fortune 50 companies and their beginnings..they started in basements.
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I live a stones throw from Waverly so I too have a vested interest. I am not sure if they had built the studio at Waverly it would have had any effect on RE prices.....positive or otherwise....especially in this market

In the long term with the traffic congestion, noise and additional developement it may actually lower prices.

It's no secret that the Ridder's (owners of Waverly Oaks) dumped their house, they were all ready prepared to beat feet out of Plymouth anyway. Planning and operating a project of this magnetude out of a house? ...I don't think so. RIP PRS.
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Ya it is over Corey, it's all over.

These imposters were tossed out of their offices at Cordage Park for not paying the rent. They have a shingle hanging up in the basement at Waverly Oaks Country Club as a last desperate attempt at legitamacy.

Staff? What staff?

Please for your sake, let it go ........as they say " stick a fork in it" .........they are done.

As far as Waverly Oaks is concerned....it was obvious their business was way off this season, they did not even bother to water their fairways, it was like playing golf on broken glass.... hence the windfall at Cross Winds and Pine Hills.

As a real estate professional I can understand your misplaced optimism.....Really, what is it going to take before you and the other PRS supporters realize that this party is truly over?
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Oh my friend, it is not over yet. There are far to many people personally and monetarily invested in this project. There is still a staff working diligently on a daily basis trying to make it happen. As far as Waverly Oaks is concerned, it's in great shape and business as usual. Grab the clubs and get out there for a round.

Corey Sprague
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PRS died on the vine. It's dead. No need to threaten folks with the low income housing boogie man any longer. That will not happen either.
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I, for one, am not ready to say it is apparent the studio will not be built. There are far too many professional and experienced principles and consultants that have been involved in this project for over 2 years. Much money has been spent to date preparing first class designs with careful and diligent attention to detail in an effort to acquire the necessary approval to build from the town of Plymouth and the state of MA. Most of the required permits have been issued. Stay tuned. As for Waverly Oaks, it seems to be business as usual while the owners also wait out the studio plans. The golf course is scheduled to open in March. If and when the studio is not built, it may be possible that the land associated with the 9 hole executive course portion of the property may be sold off to a private developer as was once proposed. Let's hope the studio gets its financing.
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I am not convinced that the studios won't be built. I know they are still doing everything they can to make it happen..We just need to be hopefull (and not too wishfull). If Waverly Oaks doesnt sell to the studios, I believe the property will go to lower income housing.
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