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My real estate agent is not doing anything. I did everything. The pics. The description..ETC

Asked by Voices Member, Thu Dec 8, 2011

I went crazy staging a house just the way he told me too. Now, well he just is too "green" I can easily get out of the contract with no fees. I just don't have any "Hope" left in finding the perfect. Go getter. Hard working agent

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Let me guess . . . you didn't "interview" agents. Your agent is a relative or a friend of a friend, or a part-timer.
Having to take your own pictures sounds ridiculous unless you have some super duper trick camera or something. As for the description, sometimes I ask a seller what he or she thinks is the best feature in the house or what they are most proud of and want to brag about. That is normal, but how did you actually do the description in the MLS? Where is the agent advertising your home? Does the agent have their own website? Do you have a price reduction plan in place? These are all things that should have been asked or done prior to listing your home. But hang in there, season is coming up and even some of the overpriced listing will still sell as we do not have much inventory. Good Luck.
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"to you agents looking to solicit this person while they are still under contract......you are over stepping. "

Well said Jesse.

While we are all "hungry" for business and listings, it does not help to elevate the public perception of our field when we don't follow the ETHICS section of our oath we took with NAR or in general.

Sometimes a seller gets an inexperienced agent; they generally are not experienced as most people don't sell homes frequently and cannot be expected to have the knowledge necessary on their first attempt to acquire a listing agent.

It is great that many agents here took the time to assist the seller with sound advice but lets not compromise our personal and professional standards to try to "Poach" another agents listing.

Now if the seller came on here and said, "I fired my listing agent and successfully got out of contract because...." then the effort to add them to our list of clients would be perfectly acceptable. However that is not the case with this question.

To the questioner, Voice your concerns to the agent and failing that, the broker. Explain to him what you expect of a listing agent and ask for a detailed report of what has been done to market your home for you.

Also, don't rule out "Green" agents. If they are working with a good brokerage they will have the support necessary to properly market your house and more importantly, they will have that drive to succeed still fresh in them as well as being more likely to have knowledge of how to capitalize on social networking and using internet marketing, etc. if they are younger.

They also most likely don't have a ton of listings to manage, allowing them to focus more of their time and marketing efforts on your behalf. I would be more concerned on if they are full time agents.

I would take a "Green" full timer over a 15 year part timer. If they are worth their salt, they would be able to have devote their full attention to Real Estate with that much experience under their belts with very few exceptions. (Before I get pounced on, I know some Realtors work both a full time job on off hours, Nights, etc due to health insurance needs and successfully manage to dedicate their attention to both)

Just remember people, We are supposed to look out for the best interest of our clients and whats best for our profession as a whole as well as our bottom line. Don't compromise your ethics, it can be a slippery slope.

Wow, that was way longer of a rant then I intended. I just am really passionate about our field, and love what I do and want to help others to do it better as well.
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to you agents looking to solicit this person while they are still under contract......you are over stepping.

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I hate to sound like a pessimist and I don't want to offend anyone who thinks they are perfect, but the PERFECT Agent does not exist.

Most of "us" strive to give our customers and clients the best service possible. However, if one is looking for perfection, he or she may not be happy with anyone.

Especially, in this market, "Price" is the motivating factor. Buyers are mostly looking for a "deal.” Thanks to the internet, Buyers have more information than ever before to help them decide if they are getting a "deal". You may be able to squeeze a few extra bucks for presentation, and even more for location, but all in all, your home should sell if priced correctly.

Photos are a gateway to the Buyer and truly important, but the true worth of a good REALTOR®
becomes evident during price strategizing, negotiating the contract, and taking you through the entire process to the closing day.

There is a reason why the company “Buy Owner” filed for bankruptcy. There is also a reason the percentage of closed FSBO sales is much lower than a REALTOR® assisted sale. There are a number of obstacles to a successful closing. Taking pictures and describing the property is just a portion of a major process. Sellers deserve hardworking, go getting, and knowledgeable REALTORS®.

Good luck and I hope you sell your home.

(Also, Jesse is right)

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Did your realtor do a market analysis? Is the house priced where it should be? Houses that are priced to to high the will sit on the market much longer than houses that are priced to sell. Are you working with your agent getting them things that they need?

I send my clients a bi-weekly marketing report showing the statistics of how their property compares with other properties in the area, as well as how many people have looked at their property. The staging, curb appeal, pictures, marketing are all important to the sale, but if the property is priced to high none of that will make a difference.
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As stated my Megan, the "perfect" agent does not exist.
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I saw your other post that you don't want to endure the hassle of keeping your property in "show condition" and want to have lots of clutter (work boxes, etc.) surrounding you because you work out of your house.

Sorry to be blunt but I think it may not be your agent's fault your property hasn't sold yet...

You need to decide what is more important to you, a low sale price (if shows poorly) or a HIGH sale price but with the inconvenience of keeping your house immaculately clean and decluttered and freshly painted and beautifully landscaped, too.

All the best,
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I highly recommend you speak with your listing agent and if you are still not happy speak with their Broker. If you are still unable to work things out AFTER you have terminated your listing you should interview at least 3 local agents to find the one you feel most comfortable working with.

Terry McCarley, Realtor®, CDPE
email: leecountyrealtor@earthlink.net
cell: 239-707-4575
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Hey Lucifer!

Most likely you are overpriced based on your competition and/or condition.

Pay $350 and hire a licensed appraiser to give you an accurate market value. If the appraiser still comes back with a value near your asking price then you may have condition issues, i.e. smoking smells, pet odors, clutter, odd paint colors, worn out grandma furniture, untindy landscaping, etc.

And take a look at the way your property appears on Realtor.com versus your competition. Realtor.com requires a Realtor to pay an extra fee for advanced marketing so if your Realtor is a rookie, he may know realize there are advanced marketing features on Realtor.com

Forget about newspaper advertising... unless you live in an area highly populated with senior citizens because most buyers are shopping online. It's pretty much a waste of money nowadays.

Also it's not a good idea to require your Realtor to accompany showings. Buyers have an agent they are comfortable working with and your agent may not be their "style" and could hinder your sale.

All the best,
Alma Rose Kee PA
Future Home Realty
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You are still under contract so in the meantime you need to call the agencies broker and see what they can do for you.

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I have sold over 800 homes in my career, 13 years so far. I come from the north where we have a work eithic. I take pictures, create a website exclusively for you, create a virtual tour, am well connected for associated services (loans, inspectors, handymen, insurance etc) you know, the kind of skills you were looking for your agent to have.

I have served on the Professional Stabdards and Ethics committee of Realtors, I like what I do so its not a job for me.

You should interview agents and work with one that you get a good gut feeling with. Also, if you were realistic with the price, all things aside that the agnet didnt do, you shoiuld have had activity at the very least as some of us are really good at what we do.

Contact me, the great white HOPE if you want to discuss further, check out my website and look at the effort in that and you decide. http://www.kevincloutier.com 239-246-6639


Kevin Cloutier
Southern Premier Realty
Cape Coral, FL 33914
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When you interviewed this agent and chose him among all the agents you interviewed for the job, did you let him know of your expectations? What was it about him that made you chose him? Did you volunteer to take the pictures of the home, write up the description and any other things that you are now resenting?

I believe that honesty is the best policy - ask your Realtor to meet with you and ask him to show you what his marketing plan is and what he's been doing to sell your home. Perhaps he has been hard at work marketing your property overseas, creating virtual tours, uploading it to numerous websites, calling his buyer database, spreading the word of your listing at local boards, amongst fellow local Realtors, etc etc.

Or, maybe he's done nothing. But if you let him know of your concerns you can make a fair and fact based decision whether or not to continue to have him list your property, or if he does not respond well to your meeting with him then it may be best to part ways, and find a Realtor that you are comfortable with, has a proven track record, and set very clear expectations right from the beginning so you both are on the same page, because you both need each other/need to work together in this type of business relationship.

Good luck and don't give up hope, there are a lot of us hard working agents out there that would love the opportunity to list your home and get it sold!
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Did you ever sell? I see you posted this back in 2011. Typically a property doesn't sell because of the price and/or condition. If you are still wanting to sell, hopefully prices should be higher now.

Good luck!
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One would only hope that you have been able to work through this situation and move on since it's been nearly 3 years.

I've found that in real estate the real "go getters" are usually people new to the business. They may be short on experience but they will in many cases be willing to "walk through hell in a gasoline suite" to make a deal work.

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It is important to interview before hiring, bigger is not better. choose a full time local agent who specializes in listing homes in your area. Ask them pointed questions and make sure they are willing to do what you want as the client
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I don't think "Green" has anything to do with it. Even the newest Real Estate Agent knows the basic fundamentals such as taking pictures of the home he/she is selling. Often a "Green" Agent will work harder for you and devote more time to the sale of your home as they are very eager to please and have more time to devote to you.

As in any area of work, there are those that exceed expectations and those that do the bare minimum. Experience has nothing to do with work ethic.

Talk to his broker first and see what can be done about this!
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Re-examine your listing agreement - make your own decision
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This question is from 2011. The issue is likely resolved by now.
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Oh Voices, do NOT give up. Check on-line and ask around amongst your friends. Those are your best sources for finding a great agent.

Who is ranking in Google for search terms relevant to your city/neighborhood...i.e. Home for sale in (City name).

Also "google your street number and name...see if you have good exposure on line. Good exposure would be 4 pages or more of Google references.

Wishing you the best of luck.
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Generally, agents don't DO the staging and he apparently was advising you about the staging, so it does sound like he has been involved. What makes you think he is 'green?' Did you ask him HOW he is marketing your home? Did you make suggestions, like, open houses or ads in the paper or any other creative marketing plan? I'm not sure if you can 'easily' get out of the contract with no fees, but you can always request that the broker release you from the contract without repercussion. Maybe you could request that the realtor call you every week or week-and-a-half and report in on what he is doing, what kind of activity he has seen, etc. Is the home priced appropriately? Staging is one of the greatest things to sell a home, but nothing sells a home quickly like a good price. Did your realtor present you with a comparative market analysis suggesting what you property should be listed at? If not, call him up and request one. If he did and you insisted on pricing it higher than was suggested, then that could very well be why you are getting no activity. If you really want to sell your home, you need to set the list price at BELOW what the competition in the area is asking, not just AT what the rest of them are asking. If you really, really want to sell it quick, I would price your home 15% BELOW what all the other comparable homes in the neighborhood are listed at. If your home is really much nicer - with a lower price - it can sometimes create a 'bidding war' and push the price up higher anyway. It's up to you, though. YOU are the boss and the homeowner. YOU are the one who makes decisions regarding the pricing and presentation of your home. Your home sells itself, the realtor doesn't really do it.
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This was posted in Dec 2011, did you ever sell? If not, it will surely fly out the door if you put in on the market at a genuine price.
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You really need a TOP realtor. I am a Top fulltime Realtor, I sold over 45 properties totaling over 5.9Million! Hire me and I will get the job done. We can work together to reach your selling goals! Coldwell Banker advertises your property on over 550 websites with massive Global exposure! Call me you will not be disappointed..Tel: 239-462-8171, email penny_lehmann@hotmail.com
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I do hope that since posting your question in December you can happily say that the house is under Contract!! with nature lovers who think it's the perfect "green".
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If you don't want to "market" your house by keeping in perfect "model" condition then you will have to compete with distressed properties and lower your asking price to align it with REOs and Short Sales.

Otherwise, move out (but leave it staged like a "model home") and rent for a few months if you're not willing to be inconvenienced or pay the small fees to freshen up the paint and remove clutter. Also I suspect you also do not have an electronic lockbox installed on the front door to make for easy showings at times that are convenient for the Realtors who are showing your house along with 5 others in a row... Also make sure you do not "require" your Realtor to attend showings by other Realtors because it can be very inconvenient and your agent may be a different style than the buyer's realtor and they may be uncomfortable. If you are priced correctly and your house smells, looks and sounds like a model home, there is no need for your Realtor to attend to "sell" your house.

You know the answer to your problem is not your Realtor.

Merry Christmas!

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Dear Voices Member,
There are many extremely hardworking and dedicated Realtors in this business. I would start again and interview agents with some experience who are active in your area.
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There are too many agents out there that want to earn your business for to have to deal with one that does not meet your expectations.
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Just as there is no perfect house, there is no perfect agent--we are all human after all. Having said that, it does sound like the agent you have is not meeting your expectations and therefore you should meet with him to let him know you are unhappy and what's needed to keep your business. If that doesn't work, time to move on--interview at least 3 agents in your area (list of questions attached) and hire the one that is the best fit for you.
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It is hard to find the "perfect" agent. Here is my Bio. http://wp.me/P1MLJl-1r
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Sorry for your problem...ligitimate realtors are offended by such a lack of performance. I don't know your exact situation but I would be willing to advise you on what to do if you wish to call (239-826-5376). My goal would be that you would find a way to successfully market your home be it through me or another realtor.
Ed Schultz
American Realty Group
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you have grounds to ask for a release from your listing. speak to the agent's broker as well.
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If you dont want to work with your chosen agent anymore and can legally get out of your contract, I recommend you do so. A good working relationship is very important.

If you choose to look for a new agent, I would very much like the opportunity to apply for the job. I sell a lot of homes in town and pride myself as being aggressive and honest. It is not uncommon for agents to over promise and under deliver so ask for the proof.

Steve Geving
Jones and Co Realty
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I have been in the business for many years. My listings get plenty of attention because I take lots of pictures,
have a virtual tour done and write as much content about the house as I can.
I take pride in my listings and keep my sellers informed about every showing and feedback.
If you hire a new agent...interview!!! Ask the right questions and make sure that the agent has a good website
to promote your listing.
Price is everything!!!! If your home is over priced it will not get to much attention.
Good luck
Web Reference: http://www.LiloRealtor.com
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Talk to your agent and tell him what you want him to do for you. If they are a good agent then they should do it. They should do most of what you want without you having to ask but sometimes you might have to tell them what you want. If you tell them and they still don't do it you should maybe hire another agent to sell your property.
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You can check with the. Broker and share your worries or you can go a more experienced agent and get the house sold. Just remember that price and value are king in selling your home. Do not get emotionally attached.
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Selling a home comes in fits and starts. There are several front end activities to get the home prepared, staged and photographed and on the market, then there can be a lul of activity. Hopefully if you are priced and marketed well you are getting showings. If you are not getting showings, but are in the MLS, have full color flyers and a marketing plan, it may be due to the price.
I'm a big advocate of reviewing all other factors before I go to price, but eventually it will come down to that or you'll already be sold.
Once you have an offer your agent will be very busy again, updating the CMA's, discussing and preparing your response and ensuring your interests are protected. While you are in the lul phase, the agent is probably reviewing comparable properties, discussing your home with other agents and reviewing the marketing strategy to make sure everything is as good as it should be. Remember, your deal with your agent is probably "no sale, no pay check." They are likely almost as motivated for your home to have a buyer as you.
Here's a question, since you did "everything", did you do as good a job as your competition? Are your pictures bright and clear? Are your descriptions warm and inviting? Are you overstepping your skill set and creating a difficult environment for this agent? If so, consider getting an agent you'll respect enough to allow them to do what they do best.
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