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Greg, Home Seller in Omaha, NE

My home's HVAC is 32 years old. I am going to be selling in spring. Do I need to replace to sell?

Asked by Greg, Omaha, NE Sun Dec 9, 2012

It still works fine just very old. Replacement would cost $8800. Would i get $8800 more for my home if i spend the money now.

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If its working Great don't replace it. Its not going to increase your home value by $8800. If they ask for money towards it during negotiations consider options then. But if its working great, it may possibly be a non issue.
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I agree, there is no need to replace that which isn't broken. Just because something is really old, doesn't mean that it can't still work just fine. You could discuss it with the buyer however, and give them options to replace it by themselves. http://www.springerbros.net
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I'll add my voice to what everyone else has been saying. If it works, don't shell out the money unless you need to. If it's working fine then wait for negotiations and the buyer could get the furnace they want if it needs to be replaced.

Richard | http://www.metroair.biz/Air-Conditioning-Services-Heating-Services-Largo-FL.html
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You don't need to replace it, but it might be a good idea to. I agree though, if it is working, then you probably don't need to replace it. It really depends on the condition it is in.
Gary Puntman | http://www.accuflospokane.com
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I agree. If it is in good working condition I would leave it. It doesn't make sense to pay out $8,800 dollars in the hopes that the price of your house will go up. Just wait and see how the negotiations pan out.
Dolores Brown | http://armstrongheatingandcooling.com/about/
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I agree with Alex that you shouldn't replace it if it's working fine. When my parents were selling their home the did a lot of repairs to the house in the hopes that it would raise the worth of the house a lot, but it didn't really do much. You will probably put in more than you get out of it if you replace it now. If you think there may be potential issues, come have a specialist come and make sure it is in good shape. http://www.belairplumbing.com/Air-Conditioning/
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Short answer is you should replace it, Honestly it's given you more than twice the industry expected life. You will not get $8800 back in all likelihood but your home will sell faster than others and you probably could recoup around $5000+/- of the expense. Rest assured when a buyer has the home inspected, their going to realize immediately (if it even takes them that long) that their going to need to factor this in and if they have limited cash after closing this could discourage them from even making an offer.
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It might be smart to hire an air conditioning contractor to come take a look at it. He can double check to see if there is anything that needs repairs or that might need repairs in the near future. You could have him give a statement about the condition of the air conditioner which you could then show to potential buyers. This may help them to feel more comfortable with buying a house that has such an old AC unit.
Web Reference: http://airconperthwa.com.au
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I think it would be better if you replaced it. A 32 year-old HVAC unit won't be very attractive to buyers. Is there anything wrong with it? You could repair it, and then have the buyers replace the whole thing if they think it needs it. That would help you save money, but it would make your house less appealing. Buyers don't want a house that needs repairs. http://www.smedleyservice.com/call-heating-and-ac-repair-and…
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I've been wondering the same thing. The HVAC in the home that I'm selling is nearly 20 years old, so that's a question I would like to have answered as well. I appreciate Alex Heyen's comment. My HVAC seems to work just fine, so I suppose that I don't have to replace it.
Bill Li | http://www.herberthomesinc.com/available-homes/
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Greg, I used to live in Omaha, NE - born and raised. It is a COLD place! You need a good furnace and that one sounds like it is well past its life expectancy. I would replace it right away, then you can advertise a new furnace with your sale.
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I don't know how much you could get for it if you sell and replace it, but it is probably a good idea to have a new unit. I have an older HVAC as well. I'm not looking to sell, but I think it is still a good idea to get a new unit.

Amber | http://hixonheatingandair.com
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I would certainly have it inspected and cleaned before putting it on the market. That would tell you what you need to do if replacing is necessary.
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Not exactly, you may end up getting $3,000 more for your home, nothing more or $20.000 more. There are many more factors that go into the value of a home. I would ask a professionally licensed realtor and appraiser. I know for a fact that if an appraiser also has their realtor license they have much more experience and knowledge.
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If it is in good working order, leave it be. More than likely it will be an issue once your buyer does a home inspection and if that's the case you can negotiate at that point.
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I agree that if it is working as it should and isn't showing signs that it will fail, it might be a good idea to leave it. Of course, there are other things to consider. Replacing it might increase the energy efficiency of the home and might help increase its appeal.

Davis Partridge | http://www.coolairmechanicalinc.com/service-2/
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I think that you might have a better chance of selling your home if it has a well functioning hvac. People might feel more comfortable if they know they are buying a home with well functioning heating and cooling units. Best wishes to you and good luck with selling your home.

Amber | http://www.coeheatcool.com
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It sounds like it working great so it might not be a concern. What I would do is have a HVAC company come and inspect it. It would be a good selling point if you could say that you had a new HVAC unit, but like I said, I would have someone come take a look at it. http://www.coeheatcool.com
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If it still works great then I wouldn't worry about replacing it. Yes it would raise the house price a bit, but not the amount that you would have to pay to get it and install it. Don't go through the trouble!

Jim Tracy | http://www.comfortsolutionshvac.net
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I completely agree. You don't need to replace it if it's working properly. I would make sure the buyer knows how old it is and the condition that it's in, but if it's works than I think you're great. Good luck on selling your home!

Dean Reese | http://www.bescoair.net/hvac/
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Since it's a buyer's market, wait until you're actually selling to cater to the people looking. It's possible you'll find people who don't care, or who would rather replace it themselves, or who want the cheaper selling price. Don't jump the gun and spend a lot of money on it now.

Jenn | http://www.browermechanical.com/hvac.php
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It really depends on a lot of things. Here in Montana it gets below freezing 8 months out of the year. I don't know how we'd survive without heating. If I lived in Florida or California it would be quite a different story.
Emily Merrell | http://www.mackayheatingandmechanical.com/services.html
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If it's still in good working condition, I don't think you have to repair it. You should make sure you let the buyer know that it's pretty old, but it's still in great condition. You could have an a/c repair guy to come look at it, to see what he thinks about replacing it. http://www.kohlheatingandair.net/Services/
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You can get a better deal on a new furnace - shop around.
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Wait to see what happens after the buyers inspection. If they make a big deal about it you could always offer some sort of a credit for them
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Just offer a home warranty to buyers as long as warranty company doesn't exclude it. Serivce One is pretty good and most use them.
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I would find a place like http://www.cydcom.ca to check it out. They will be able to help you better know what you need to do concerning your HVAC. Best of luck!
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Ok, well if you spend now 8800 $ you will not get those back in the sale price, by telling the buyer the A/C is brand new, they will say or think yeah great....
If its old they will probably find out during the inspection, the inspector will tell them how old it is
and that they should expect at one point to have it replaced --- and depending on the experience of
buying homes of the buyers they will understand that and take it into consideration.... They may ask
during the inspection period for money to replace the A/C as when they made the offer they could not
be aware of the age of the A/C so, then you negotiate that but at that point you can grant them some credit but you do not have to give them that full amount....so it may or may not become an issue during the A/I i.e. inspection period, based on the inspection report, or not....

What I would though strongly recommend to you, if you did not do it all along, have an HVAC company come in and have your furnace and A/C cleaned, and checked, cover the A/C over the winter so it stays nice and clean, and then you can say that both furnace and A/C have been recently serviced and cleaned.... that is good sign for the Buyers.....

Furthermore if I were your Listing agent I would strongly recommend to you to get a home warranty
not sure what it would cost you for your home, but let's say it is 450 or 500 $ that warranty will
be active for you the Seller during the entire listing period and then will transfer to the buyer with a
one year coverage for the buyer and your Realtor can put that into the MLS listing sheet for the
Buyers and their agent to see.... It is a good thing and lots cheaper than putting in a brand new

Hope this helps, work with a good local Realtor (If you need a recommendation get back to me)
so that you do all the right things from the start and also price your home competitively for your
local market.

Good Luck to you

Sincerely yours & a Great Day to YOU
Edith YourRealtor4Life
@Properties – 30 Green Bay Rd, Winnetka, Il. 60093
EdithSellsHomes@gmail.com WEB: http://tinyurl.com/YourRealtor4LIfe
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No just be prepared to offer a home warranty like Service One any buyer will ask for that knowing how old HVAC is.


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I would wait for the HVAC to be called out on inspection. You won't get the money back on sale price, and if its still working properly, it may not come up in inspection. Your realtor can set you up with a one-year home warranty that transfers to the buyers, and if the HVAC does come up, you will pay a fraction of the price than you would have, had you not purchased home insurance.
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I would think so. You may want to check out the commercial hvac in dallas tx. I have heard good things about them.
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You have received good advice below. You may want to consider offering a warranty to ease the buyers mind. I would also recommend getting several bids for the furnace, they vary greatly in price.
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Depending on the price point of your home, a 32 year old HVAC may raise a red flag. If you are in a lower to middle range price point, those buyers may not be able to afford replacement. I have had buyers walk away from houses with old units...it depends on other factors too. No, you won't get your money back in full on replacement but your home will sell quicker. If your HVAC has a good report, then I would make sure those inspection reports are available for potential buyers to read.

Lisa Andrews - Realtor
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I think having it inspected should suffice. For the money you are going to spend you could give a potential buyer a credit for that amount and they could decide to replace it after closing or use the money elsewhere to update the home and use it until it kicks the bucket. I must say that is pretty impressive for an HVAC to last that long!
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I would leave it as is as long as it is in working order. When someone makes an offer on your home, the inspector will come through and look at it and verify it works. If it doesn't, you can negotiate over it at that point. The market is supposed to turn around even more this year, and it could be that your home is in demand as is by spring. :-)
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it makes for an easier sale and faster sale
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I would agree that the sell would be more easier, but you might not get the amount of money you spent on the air conditioning. The repair might not raise the worth of the house to cover the costs of what you put in to make the air conditioning. So just be careful. http://www.onehourairwestpasco.com
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$8800 seems like a lot of money to replace a furnace. What else is going on with your system?
Dean Uhing
Prudential Ambassador Real Estate
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I would make sure that it is serviced regularly.... the new owners will have an inspector check it and
the result will probably be that the inspector will say it is old but still working but at one point you will
have to replace it. If you replace any major items in the home right before putting the home on the market it will not get you the full amount invested back, what it will do it may have your home go under contract before other homes for sale in the area, and if not new or replaced recently it may take bit
longer and you may have to put it on the market for a bit less to get interest.

What you really should do before changing, painting, or replacing anything you should find an experienced local Realtor to meet with you and to see your home, there may be other items that
need attention, like paint, new appliances etc. etc. A good Realtor will take into consideration
what will have an impact on actually selling your home. You may want to ask your Realtor to take
you to see a few similar homes in your home's size and style, so that you can see for yourself
at least how your home compares to others, buyers will look at and compare. Then you can discuss with your Realtor what must be done, what could be done and what impact on pricing
and final sale price all of it could have.

If you need a recommendation get back to us....

Hope this helps...

Most Sincerely yours,
Edith YourRealtor4Life and your Chicago and Northern Illinois and RElocation Expert
Working always in the very BEST interest of her clients at @Properties North Shore
Edith speaks French, German, Spanish & more
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I agree...have the furnace inspected and have a summary of that inspection available to prospective buyers that come through the home. You can always negotiate a new furnace or offer a home warranty if it becomes necessary depending on your competition and whether it is critical to an interested buyer. Keller Williams Realty has been awarded "Highest Overall Satisfaction for Home Buyers and Home Sellers Among National Full Service Real Estate Firms" this year by J.D. Power & Associates. I would be pleased to meet with you for consideration as your real estate representative. Call any time or email me if you need further help or advice!

Suzan Downing
Keller Williams Greater Omaha
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I have just had a successful sale with a furnace that was about 30 years old and in the end the buyers were more interested in the age of the roof, not the furnace. My sellers had had the furnace serviced recently and it was working fine and they also offered a good home warranty to the buyers, so be prepared for your old furnace to be a negotiating point after a buyer's home inspection, but hold off completely changing it until that point.
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no way, put a warranty on your house and sell with the old furnace. Invite me over and I'll walk thru the house with you and discuss what needs to be and not need to be done. I save customers thousands by fixing the things that have the most impact for buyers. My direct line is 402-880-7000
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Im amazed it's still working. You will not get all your money back because a buyer expects a working furnace. You might consider having it inspected and if you get a good bill of health then leave it alone and see what the buyer negotiates.
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I can see this as an issue during the home inspection. You might end up replacing it to sell the home. Try having an inspection on the unit before you sell so you know before listing the property.
Good to know now what needs to be done. No surprises later...........
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I would just call JPS heating & air 402 676-7115 to have it serviced and inspected then take a home warranty out for the buyers.

No you won't recoup that expense & it's a waste to get rid of it when it may work for another 30 years.

Give me a call & I will gladly stop by your home to give you my advice all the way around with the preperation to get your home sold.

Joe Vampola 402 676-1457 or joe_vampola@yahoo.com
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Hi Greg,
A new unit may definitely help your home sell faster but there's no assurance you would get more than the current market value. It may be worthwhile to have your home preinspected or minimum have your furnace serviced by a qualified HVAC contractor that wil provide you an invoice & information on the working condition of the unit.

If the unit checks out fine, it might be a good idea to offer a home warranty by Service One or Home Trust Warranty, for example. You would want to confirm that the unit would be covered as they sometimes require addl inspection based on the age of the unit depending on who you go with.

I'm happy to help if you have any other questions.
Kelly Gitt
Gitt Real Estate
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I would base that decision on a few factors. To me, it depends on what you are wanting to price your home at. You won't get $8800 more for your home as replacing the HVAC is more considered a maintenance issue, not a monetary resale issue. Your home should sell quicker with an updated HVAC as it is a major ticket item that some of your competition may not have and you may be able to price it another $4000-$5000 higher because of it. By the age of 32 years though, most of the competitions' HVAC's will have been replaced too though as the average life before replacement is usually 25-30 years. If it still running great, with no issues, you could always see if it would be eligible for a home warranty company like Service One or HMS to cover it under warranty and then sell the home with a 1 year renewable home warranty, which would cost you around $425. If you would like me to take a look at the homes that are in your area in which you would be in competition with and let you know not only what the resale values are like, but also the age of their HVAC systems, I would be glad to do that for you. Feel free to call or email me with any questions Greg and good luck with the sale of your home when you do go to sell it, no matter who you choose to get the job done for you.

Cory Fuller
Trulia Pro Agent
Prudential Ambassador
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I agree with Greg. Replacing an hvac system is considered more of a maintenance issue than adding monetary value. Although I do believe it will add some more monetary value to the house, I don't think it will be significant enough to make a huge difference in price.
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