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Is there an advantage of the listing agent showing up at appointments on the property they've listed for sale?

Asked by Dave Binns, Narragansett, RI Fri Jun 19, 2009

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Yes. There are many good reasons for the listing agent to be there for all showing appointments. The listing agent should know the property better than a showing agent. It may be the showing agent's first visit to the location. The listing agent will have answers to most questions about the property, having listed it, and by having more intimate knowledge of it. The listing agent's presence may also insulate the owner from unwarranted questions from unprofessional agents, and rude potential buyers. The listing agent will also lend moral support to the owner's knowing that their fiduciary rights are being protected right there on site. It also shows that the listing agent CARES. He or she cares enough to be there, it shows that the listing agent is thinking about the client, not just a commission.
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We feel that as listing agents we are hired to sell the house and make a point to try to be at all our showings. We generally run through the basic facts of the house, point out things that may be misinterpreted by the viewers and try to answer any questions they may have. We then sort of step back and let the buyers and their agent go through the house. We are available if any questions come up.

We had one listing where the yard had just been aerated in the spring. Glad we were there to correct the buyer agent who stated that there was a large grub problem going on!
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There is a definate advantage to having the listing agent present at showings. If you have a good agent they will have the standard informational packets available but also an intimate knowledge of the home and its history. If you have an agent who is honest and excited about selling your home it will come through at the appointments. When a seller shows the property there is a clear bias there. It is tough for potential buyers to relax and look at the home when viewing with the seller. There is anxiety in the air and most buyers feel rushed and are unable to say what is on their mind when they are looking around the home. An informed agent is a valuable resource. The bottom line is that if you ever question whether your agent should be there when showings are taking place then you may need to think about getting a new agent.
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Sometimes, and read some good answers here too. However, I know some clients and other agents do not like the "mothering hen" around them at a showing either. I have never suggested that either the agent nor the home owners leave, however I can see it in my clients face and body language most appreicate to be left alone when viewing.

Great question, thank you.
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to your point, though, Alayna, because it is a good one - once you've presented the home and pointed out the selling points (because you've taken the time to ask good open ended questions and determine the buyer's hot buttons), you definitely need to get out of the way, encourage them to make themselves at home, and give them time and space to speak freely with their agent or amongst themselves.
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Although I can see both sides of this discussion. I have to agree more with Joe on this one. If I was a home seller I would want to make sure that my house is being well represnted and have a party responsible for my property when I am not there. There are way too many times I have gone to an appointment to see a house that was on a lockbox only to find doors open, lights on.....etc.

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As buyer agents, we do not want the listing agent or seller at the property during a showing. It has a negative effect on the showing and never culminates in a sale. Having the listing agent there changes the dynamics and conversations that would normally occur between us and our clients.
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It's an interesting question. Personally as a top producer in my area I rarely accept listings where the Seller requires this. I tell them that this requirement severely restricts the number of showings their going to get as it forces the buyer and their agent to adapt to my schedule. In addition I find that most buyer and buyer brokers actually prefer that the seller and/or their agent not be present as they can't speak freely. I know when I'm out showing buyers' property I don't like the listing agent or seller to be present.

What is important is that the listing agent prepare a detailed package of information for any potential buyer or buyer broker, which should include at a minimum, an accurate floor plan, a through list of any improvements made to the house, a survey or tax map, a copy of the Sellers Property Disclosure, and a copy of the current tax records. If the seller wishes to write a note explaining the reasons they like living in the house/neighborhood, this should be included in this information package.
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Hi Dave,

When a listing agent is initially hired by a seller, the agent should ask many questions concerning the property and the sellers experiences while living there. In doing so, the agent is becoming as familiar as possible with the property, which will allow her to speak about the property intelligently. Therefore, the biggest advantage to having the listing agent present for all showings is he can discuss the proeprty, show it in a confident manner and answer any and all questions the potential buyer may have. With the proper communication, the listing agent helps the buyer feel comfortable in the home and creates an inviting experience that may be lacking if he/she is not present. I hope this helped. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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OK; I come to this question pretty strongly positioned in favor of having the listing agent present at all showings. Here's some of my reasons, #1 I'm being handsomely rewarded for doing all I can to put together a sale, so not showing up at the point of contact with a buyer is not honorable
#2. The Buyers agent is much more likely to show up with the buyer and not break for lunch at our noon appointment. #3 The buyer's agent is doing their best to focus their buyer on what they believe the buyer will be buying, and has their own prejudices and preferences and as such will be offering opinions which may be working against your sellers goal to get their place sold, They may be saying in effect, Hey Buyer quit talking about Elm Street Maple St really turned you on, Let's see how much they'll accept. (yes I know all agents are not so hungry for a buyer to make a decision that they'll be this directive, but many are) #4 At least the buyer gets to hear what the seller wants them to know, and what the listing agent with their skill set and personality is able to convey. He might even unintentionally dislodge them from Elm St. #5 Security, the owner has entrusted their home possibly their pets, and most valuable possessions to you when they handed you the keys; nuff said.
Almost weekly I call listing agents for an appointment, give them my name, and they give me a lockbox code. Most of them don't know me, How is that any kind of responsible?
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It depends on the circumstances. Here in CT, I find that most agents want to take their buyer through on their own so they may talk openly as they preview the property with their buyers. On occasion the agent will then contact me for a second showing and ask that i join them to answer more specific questions about the property.

There have been a few instances where I have senced the real estate agent was new, lacked experience and welcomed me as the listing agent, to join them.

The key is flexability.
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In my opinion, there is no right answer. It depends on how showings are done in your area. In my area, sellers are not present for showings so the listing agent or listing agent's showing agent accompanies the buyer's agent and their clients to all showings. It is beneficial for me as a listing agent to get accurate feedback that I can then talk to my seller about. This way allows buyers to feel more comfortable at showings knowing they will not offend a seller if there is something they don’t like about the property. I cannot speak for those areas where sellers do the showings, though I still think it would be beneficial to all parties involved if the listing agent is present at showings.
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There really is no right or wrong answer. It can be helpful if the buyer's agent is inexperienced and has questions or needs expert assistance in showing the house. It can also hinder the showing if the agent is too intrusive and does not allow room for the buyer and their agent to look freely. It can be distracting so the seller's agent should stay out of view.

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Dave - I think it depends a lot on the property. If it's a market value sale - I really feel like showing the property myself gives me the opportunity to focus the buyers on the features and benefits that will make them want to buy. Otherwise, they come in scanning for the flaws. With a tear down or a total rehab - fine - go without me. But the more control I have as a seller, the more opportunity I have to sell. Otherwise, I truly am just a listing agent, why use me over limited service/entry only. That's my thoughts anyway. I'd love to hear your answer, though. You've been doing it a lot longer!
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I think it is better if the listing agent is not there. The buyer cannot look at the home comfortably and speak with their agent freely with a listing agent there.
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