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Lb, Home Buyer in Mountain View, CA

Is it time to sell? someone sensing a crash?

Asked by Lb, Mountain View, CA Fri Apr 26, 2013

One of older neighbor just sold their townhouse in Mt View for 20% gain over what they bought in 2006. That is annualized gain of less than 3%.
But, the prices have jumped over 10% in the last 6 months alone.

Another neighbor I know wants to sell. Tons of sales happened in Mt View over the last 6 months. Are ppl just happy to cash in the small gains because they know their properties were under a few years ago and it can happen again?

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Hi LB,
As many have said, no one can predict the future. That said lets look at what is causing the current market condition where demand is much stronger than available inventory. This imbalance is what is causing the rapid rise in prices and multiple offer situation. The strong demand is caused by the following: many 1st time buyers where waiting to get into the market until prices stopped falling, investors have been buying because real estate offers better returns than they can get elsewhere and interest rates remain at record lows. Inventory levels remain low because builders quit building in 2006 and many seller's do not have the equity or confidence to move. To decide what to do you need to ask yourself will any of these factors change and cause the market to change direction. First, interest rates can rise at any time. There is a lot of talk in Washington that the Fed should raise rates when the economy begins to show continued growth. With the recent rise in prices, investors are having a harder time finding the deals they have in the recent past. Builders are starting to build again. Seller's confidence is increasing along with their equity. My sense is the market has a better chance of normalizing than continuning on its current pace. I don't see a crash just a better balanced market.
Good luck,
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How do you say investors get better returns when most of the markets over last 10, or 20 or 30 yrs (whichever way you look at it) only offer about 3-4% annualized gains. That is a pretty rate of return
Also, if you are talking about flipping it over for 10-15% gain over a short period, that is no different than playing stocks, in fact, its a much bigger investment in real estate to play those odds.. I am not sure I agree with you
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There does appear to be a "herd affect" with real estate. When neighbors see a neighbor sell a home some will start thinking I would sell if I could get a similar price. The California Association of Realtors looked at buyers and drew the conclusion that first time home buyers most often buy when they are at the right point of their life. The economy was a secondary factor.

Real estate prices can move quite quickly both up and down. Interesting that you posted for zip code 94043. Real estate statistics for 94043 show slightly less pronounced movements.
compared to Mountain View real estate statistics

Trying to time the movement is very difficult. Some new analysis showed that tracking Google searches for certain key phrases could be a very good warning of future price changes. The key phrases are constantly changing though.

One of the things pushing real estate prices up is the low interest rates. A low interest rate has a double impact. The payments are less and equity builds faster. A $500k mortgage at 3% has a monthly payment of about $2,108 and builds $55,468 of equity in five years. The same mortgage at 6% has a payment of about $2,998 and only builds $34,782 of equity. See

Interest rates, Google hiring and profits, venture capital are some of the key factors driving Mountain View home prices. ABAG has been pushing cities to plan for significant increases in available housing. This mandated change may not track real needs.

Juliana Lee
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Most people selling now are selling for reasons other than strictly trying to make a profit. Many have been waiting for values to rise just they could sell without a loss. Nobody can predict the next crash, but prices will always fluctuate.
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Based on what you r saying (irrational exuberance), I might just consider selling. I already bought another place a few years ago. This was an investment property in mt view.

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Lb, I'd be happy to sit down with you, no obligation, and discuss if your goals can be achieved in today's market. Drop me a note.
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I don't know if we'll see a crash as mush as a slowing and then a stop. I watch our local inventory on a daily basis. As long as the inventory stays as low as it has been, interest rates are low, and buyers have confidence and demand it will continue to be healthy.

Santa Clara County experienced a 25% price increase in the last year, month over month. Those increases can not be sustained for long.

I've had 6 buyers decide to stop writing offers because (1) the Prices have gone beyond their affordability and (2) the competition with all cash investors was outside of my buyers comfort zone and/or ability. No appraisal contingency is very risky and unless buyers can afford to loose 3% earnest money or have a bucket of cash to make up the difference, it is best not to venture into that arena.

As the prices continue to climb, more investors will pull out of the market because they will not get the cash flow or return on investment they expect. When that happens buyers will be able to have their offers considered with standard contingencies one again.

It may be a good time to sell - depending on the goal.
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Real estate, for the most part, is local. What's happening in Mt. View may not be happening 50 or 100 miles away. However...

All of a sudden, there's been a tidal wave of "irrational exuberance." Multiple offers on properties. Offers being made that waive the home inspection. Price jumps of 10% in 6 months, 20% in a year.

That, my friend, is unsustainable.

Sure, lots of people are pleased that they're not under water anymore. For the first time in years, there are buyers out there. For the first time in years, they can sell and walk away from the closing table with some cash in hand. And that reflects pent-up demand. Example: Someone who wanted to move 3 years ago now can. Someone else who would have sold 2 years ago, but couldn't afford to, now can. And someone who decided last year that it might be time to sell is looking around and figuring that now really is the time to sell.

But the problem is that while those people are now able to sell (and that's a good thing), they're buying into a hot market. And if--no when--the market stalls out, they may see prices delining below what they've paid for that new home. And the cycle begins again.

It's quickly moved from a depressed market to a highly unstable market. I'd just advice folks not to get too caught up in the frenzy.

Hope that helps.
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Don Tepper, Real Estate Pro in Fairfax, VA
Well, it's a year since this question was posted, and as you can see, the market in Silicon Valley is far from crashing! Especially now that companies are finally hiring more people and there is an influx into the area, business is booming as we can see by the growth of the stock market. As the IPO market comes back there will be only more competition for homes in this area. The good news is that more and more people are able to work from home, and able to buy homes in the outer bay areas, or have investments in real estate for retirement for the future. Please drop me a line if I can help you with information about opportunities in the wine country of Sonoma County, please drop me a line! Best, Terry Bell, Realtor
Creative Property Services
Santa Rosa, CA
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The market is pretty stable, and yet that changes everyday... if your home is priced correctly it will sell no matter the market. Crashes can happen anytime we don't have crystal balls to know when it will happen, but the bubble burst a while ago and its only getting stronger depending on where you live
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Thanks for your question. You are correct that this is a crazy time in real estate and that will often happen before a crash, but I personally believe we are at the beginning of the craziness not right before the bubble.

1. I have a slightly different take on the "tons of sale" view. Yes, homes sell quickly, but there are not many of them. As far as condos/town homes go, in January we started the year with 5 condos/town homes for sale. Right now there are 19. In a buyers market there would have to be at least 90 on the market to start to have any down ward pressure on prices.
2. The last crash happened because the run up came from the fact that there was easy money pushing the sales prices higher, then that money went away and people could no longer buy, making fewer people want to buy. The short crash in 2001 happened because of the dot com bust which meant fewer jobs and less people looking for homes as well as less money to buy. The bubble that happened before the crash came from high employment and high stock values. the down turn was short.
3. Right now we have high demand, historically low inventory, and cheap money. There are many more people who want homes than homes for for sale and these people have good jobs. there is also a lot of money coming in from over seas and people who have cash to purchase investments.

So the way I see things there are so many reasons that the market is hot I think we have a big buffer before the next crash. If we loose the over seas money there is still high employment and low interest rates. If interest rates go up there is still cash and high employment.

I think the only thing that would have a true chilling effect on the market would be an employment crash. Until that happens I believe we will see high housing demand.

Marcy Moyer
Keller Williams Realty
DRE 01191194
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your response very much what people used to say before other crashes. ppl always found a lot of factors why markets wont crash but they did. I believe we are no more than 12 months away from another crash
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And question is - is it time for YOU to sell? Where are you going to move or what will you do with the proceeds from the sale? I don't think you can possibly time the market.
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thank you
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As far as our local economy is concerned, we shall continue to see price growth throughout this year and into next at about the rate we have been seeing it for the past year. The hiring spree in Google, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Facebook, and the ubiquitous start-ups is far from over. This area is attracting high priced software engineers from all over the world with six figure salaries. They get here and want a place to own.

I personally expect to see Greece leave the Euro this year and Spain collapse further. This will put a crimp in lending in Europe and keep US bond prices high no matter what the Fed does. This will keep housing interest rates low. If Spain gets much worse, it will be the next Greece, which may be sufficient to create another world wide credit crunch. If that happens, we'll again have a loss of lending at any interest rate for up to half a year, with resulting retreat in real estate prices, reduction in employment, and a return of the distressed sale even in this county.

So you have a small risk of seeing prices topping out and retreating in this area within the next 12 months that will be the result of events in Europe. Otherwise, prices will continue to rise at a rapid rate throughout this and next year. Greece may go belly up with regard to the Euro as early as this summer. Spain will be about 6 months to 12 months behind Greece.

Now you have the macroeconomic report for what will influence home prices in this area. I presume you will decide to again consider a sale of your Mountain View home this summer. I hope you will contact me at that time.

Mitchell Pearce
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Only if you want to make money in a seller's market. There are only 32 active listings for the whole of Mountain View, with only 13 of these properties being single family homes. The other 19 listings are condo/townhomes. There are many qualified buyers creating multiple offer scenarios for well priced properties.
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Although the run up in prices is making some folks nervous, today's buyers are FAR MORE QUALIFIED than those in the 2004-2006 era. For that reason, I am not predicting a crash.

There might be an ebb to the flow. The lending industry has very tight standards on loans right now, and I don't think we're going to see the same kind of fallout.

In the last peak, buyers were getting mortgages if they had a pulse. Those days are long gone.
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LB, just like any other investments there are opportune times to take some profits. However, unlike other transactions, selling a primary residence is different since it could impact your life style and your future options.

For instance, where do you plan to move if you sell your home!? Some rental markets are experiencing shortages specially in good school districts in Silicon Valley. Finally, you need to make plans on what you will be doing with the proceeds of your sale. If plan to purchase another piece of Real Estate in Silicon Valley, they also have appreciated as much as your Mt. View home, so the net gain might be offset by the higher price you will pay for your next purchase.

Ironically, I blogged about this few days ago on what some sellers are considering. We have investors who are willing to purchase high-end homes while allowing the owner to remain as tenants. That offers best of BOTH worlds for Sellers like your neighbors who want to take advantage of the appreciation without being forced to move.


Good luck with your decision and let us know if we can help.
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@John, thanks for "Nobody can predict the next crash, but prices will always fluctuate". ha ha, j/k

@Terri, thanks for the info
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As Don so aptly states it is indeed a feeding frenzy and an era of irrationa exuberance. I'm not at all comfortable with what I'm seeing in our market but I'll keep on keeping on as long as the ball keeps moving down the field.
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