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Ciaot, Home Seller in Amherst, MA

I was expecting my realtor's to be more pro-active, giving me clients feedback whenever a prospective buyer toured our home. Am I wrong?

Asked by Ciaot, Amherst, MA Sat Aug 7, 2010

expecting it? Apparently, my realtor was unable to get feedback in some cases from other realtor's showing my house. I did not feel like I was getting due attention considering it would cost me $20,000 for them to sell my home. For me to make a decision of reducing my price on our home, I'd like to know why. Too often, sales people get stuck in their ways of doing business. This is a tough market, and every potential buyer is "a critical sell". A plan for selling the particular home should be "owned" by the listing agent, but truth is who knows what motivates the "showing" sales person? I have been a commissioned salesperson since 1963. I understand why and how I'm being paid. I gather many realtors don't understand, the work they do doesn't pay a tinkers damned until they sell the house. What say you?

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There is nothing wrong with asking your realtor if the latest showing had any comments, but in reality, you already know the good and bad of your home.

If you have had more than a dozen showing and no offers, your price is too high

sorry, im know you want to blame the realtor for everything, but your house will sell when its priced correctly
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I don't much care what people who reject my listings have to say, because in virtually every case, there's nothing that we can do about it. We're not going to make the kitchen larger, the dining room smaller, cut down the grove of trees, or move it away from the freeway!

But I know my sellers often do, so I'm certainly willing to ask. The problem is, the listing agent often doesn't know, really, why the buyer's didn't like it - if it was a matter of a simple fix: they didn't like the carpet, the paint, the garage was dirty; the showing agent could have prescribed the fix. If it was just a matter of price, the showing agent would have almost certainly encouraged them to "make an offer."

As a commissioned salesperson, you know that every prospect is not a customer, and it doesn't really matter how much energy you put into getting a "no."

Best wishes,
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Hi Ciaot,

It's all about expectations. It's obvious that you and your Agent aren't on the same page when it comes to communication. Every agent has their own marketing and feedback plan of action. Personally, I ask every seller how they want to communicate BEFORE I take the listing. It avoids this awkward conversation during the selling process. Some sellers want me to follow up once a week, some want me to give them hour-by-hour play-by-play. If a seller isn't agressive, I'll follow up with them once a week unless I have an offer or need to reach out.

I don't know your agent so it's hard to tell if the agent is doing the very best he can. Just because you don't hear from your agent doesn't mean the agent isn't doing a great job. Your agent just needs to communicate his efforts to you.

Give him/her a ring and have the conversaton. :-)

Best of luck!

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John Riley, Agent, Coldwell Banker, Upton-Massamont Realtors, Amherst, Ma

Clearly understood mutual expectations. That's the key. To get a bit more specific, let your agent know what feedback you want, how often contact is expected, and even get into the "how". Some people are telephone people, some like e mail, and some prefer texting. In a nice way, get very specific about your expectations. Chances are you will have established the basis for better communications. If that doesn't help, call the managing broker to see if there might be other alternatives.
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Mack McCoy really hit the nail on the head. It's important to keep in mind Ciaot that many buyers cast a wide net and seeing your home because it matches their pricing/square footage/number of baths criteria may be the only reason it's on their list. Along with six other homes in your neighborhood. You only need the one buyer. If your agent has done all the right things as I'm sure he/she has and your home is also priced properly, what would you do with the feedback? Assuming you prepped your home for market repairing/cleaning/decluttering/minimizing etc. the feedback you might get will be exactly what Mack describes; something you can't change. Besides, often we listing agents hear feedback that is something along the line of "my buyer likes the house but is still considering all her choices" - not exactly helpful and more often then not gives the seller false hope. The best feedback we can get? An agent calling after a showing to let me know he's writing an offer for my listing...
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A strong listing agent should be working for you and in your best interest. Showings, marketing, pricing strategy should all be reviewed with you on a regular interval. The agent should always be able to provide showing feedback if they request the information from the showing agents. If the market is shifting in terms of selling prices, your agent should be reviewing those sold transactions with you. They can even inquire after the sale of the other properties that are similar to yours if the bank had any concerns with appraisels etc. This keeps you and your agent current on the shifts in the market as they are happening. If your agent is tracking the competing homes for sale and reviewing the last list price vs selling price, you we both be in a better position to make educated decisions.
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The selling agent will often ask the showing agent before the showing, "please give me feedback after the showing!" putting the responsibility on the buyer's agent, who does not have a relationship with the seller or any obligation to the selling agent. A good selling agent will be proactive and follow up the showing with the buyer's agent to get feedback. Why do you think your house might not have sold other than price considerations?
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I could not agree with you more. I have a few questions for you and would love to hear back from you.

1. On what grounds did you decide to hire the agent to represent you? Was it price?

2. What is the average days on market in Amherst, MA and how long have you been on the market?

3. Remember that when you are pointing blame there are three fingers pointing back at you and although many Realtors do have communication issues it is very important to understand that selling your home requires input from the seller.

I look forward to hearing from you and then would be happy to comment further. Best
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Your Realtor works for you. Let them know how you feel and if they do not meet your expectations you deserve one that will. My policy is to update sellers based on their needs. Some like it by the next day, others weekly. In order to give clients the service they deserve it is important as a Realtor we adjust to each one. In every market there are some agents that show your house who will not give feedback even when your Realtor calls them for feedback.

As far as price reduction that should be based on what comparable properties are doing. Ask your Realtor questions.... Are they selling? What is average days on market? How does my home compare with the others in this price point?
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Best way on your end to deal with it, is to tell your Realtor what you expect and I am sure your Realtor will make every effort to get you feedback. Feedback is not always easy to get.... Another Agent is showing not just your home but also other homes to their clients, and clients are all different, some are very vocal, and others are not and the other agent just gets, we are just not sure, we will think about them.... Not much feedback for that
Buyers Agent to give to YOUR agent....

May be I have a good suggestion for you and your Agent....
Ask your Agent to have a walk thru with a group of agents from his/her office, and ask those other agents
for the frank and honest feedback, concerning condition of home, what is great and what is not so, how they see the value/pricing of the home and ask them for any suggestions (these agents will want to help their
colleague to sell your home and will be honest and guess what they will have some good ideas your agent
can then pass on to you..... ) Be prepared that you may hear some feedback you may not like too much or you
think will not make a difference.....Just take them as creative feedback and then make your decision together with your Realtor what you want to use of the ideas and what not....

More often than not the ideas will be some painting, rearranging furniture, doing something to bring up the
curb appeal (flowers planting, new front door or just painting it....) I do not know your home, so hard for me to say ..... But I do it as a regular event for all my Sellers, not always on day one, but sometime during an open house for brokers event, or in the beginning for pricing and staging ideas etc. Talk to your Realtor and see
if he or she can bring in a group of 8 other agents and give you their feedback. That feedback will be more
helpful than from an individual buyer who may just say things like (did not like the floor plan nothing much you can do about that, or will say, do not like the location, well it is what it is, or just simply kitchen is too small
etc. Realtors on the other hand will see it is what it is, now what can the listing agent and the owners do to
improve the selling chances.

Good luck and I hope the above helps you a little....
Edith YourRealtor4Life
Your Chicago And Northern Illinois Expert
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I won't through another agent under the bus but I do agree that you should be more verbal about what you desire. Did you ever ask you realtor for this insight? Some folks truly don't care and other get right upset when they are told what was found to be offset. If you want to know, you shoud be making it clear to your realtor and I am sure he or she will do, or should do, absolutely everything they can to keep you in the know.

I do AGREE with you on the relaxed sell, this is no time to have a lazy days preset agent working your home.

Just my opinion - if you ever need anything else or have any other questions I can help with, just call.............

Jamin Jones
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In just about everything in life, there is bad, good, better and best. Real Estate agents are no different. Clients are no different, either :-). Communication is a two way street, you clearly have expectations, needs, and desires, and the agent has to meet them. The best way is to make sure that you have a good fit up front; I do a great deal of expectation setting before contracts get signed; but that doesn't always mean that it starts off or stays smooth. And even thought I try to be careful, I find people who are just not good fits for my style, and that can create problems. So focus on your communication first.

Second, on the buy side, try to remember that AGENTS, by and large, know far more about houses than our CLIENTS. And housing is a great deal about PERSONAL preferences. We're not selling toasters, where you can compare 10 on 15 features and make a rational decision. We're selling houses, and they are all unique. I have had nice people turn up their noses at perfectly fine, well-priced homes, just because they didn't like the furniture in the house! It happens, one way or another, a lot. Housing is just very emotional. Further, most sales have to please TWO people (and how many things that you buy in your home or life can you say that about?) It just takes one person to say "No". Buyers agents are practical, we have no wish to show 60 homes to a client when we can show 10, or even 5. Each home we show cuts into our margin. But if it was that easy, everyone would do it. Most of us prefer to help buyers find a house they like, will enjoy, and can afford, and that makes sense for them - as opposed to ramming a house down their throats to make a buck.
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Communication is key in any business and in any market. Talk to your realtor and let him/her know that you would like feedback on all showings. Like you said, this is a tough market, I'm sure your realtor wants to sell your home just as badly as you want it sold. Best of Luck to both of you.
Sharon Lucido
SB Real Estate
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One of the biggest frustrations of being a listing agent is the the showing agents won't provide feedback. My MLS uses an online system where an agent just has to write a few words and click a button to give feedback, but unfortunately if you get 50% doing so you are lucky . Even when you follow up with a phone call you rarely get a call back. Your agent does not have control over the other agent.
I don't agree with your conclusion that "I gather many realtors don't understand, the work they do doesn't pay a tinkers damned until they sell the house - all agents would love to sell any home, but frankly the showing agent doesn't owe you any obligation and if his buyer is just not interested he likely won't respond.
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I'm sure that from a sellers perspective this is frustrating, you want feedback on your home, positive or negative, so you know how your home stacks up against the competition and if buyers are not making offer, then why not?

Perhaps your agent is being pro-active in their attempts to get feedback but the agents who are showing your property are not cooperating. When I show another agent's listing I am more than happy to offer feedback but it's very difficult to get feedback from some agents. As listing agents we can call them, leave messages, send them emails and still never hear back. By the time we hear from them, if ever, our listing may just be a blur since they may have shown 20 or 30 plus homes in the meantime.

I suggest you express your concerns to your Realtor and ask why your not getting feedback. If you then feel that your Realtor's efforts are not aggressive enough then let them know what you expect and reach an understanding.

Good Luck with your home sale!
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I have no problem expressing my opinion in a positive or negative way whether people want to hear it or not. If the house is over priced I tell the listing agent. Then guess what? I see it sold for my suggested price months down the road. Or being a stager I try to let people know that their house needs to be staged, like a couch in front of the fire place or missing switchplate on an outlet. People are stubborn. They tune out what they don't want to hear.
I agree with you. Some people don't want to be mean, but there is a reason they are not interested in your home and they need to make that clear to the listing agent. Bad news is better than no news.
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I always stay in touch, usually on a weekly basis. And I always give feedback when I show a home, if I'm asked. But not all agents bother to return calls asking for feedback on showings, so your agent might not have much to tell you. But at least he or she should call and let you know that you had X number of showings that week.

The conversation on price reduction is always a difficult one. If the seller absolutely insists on listing at an unworkably high price, I might take the listing, but probably would not. And if I did take it, I would have inserted a clause into our contract planning for regular price reductions until we hit a sale point.

If your agent asked for a price reduction he or she should have presented you with recent comps showing sales prices. The only way to judge these things is to see what the market is doing in your area, for homes like yours.

A key point: If you are getting few or no showings, it is almost always because your price is so high people don't even want to bother to look. If you're getting some showings but no offers, your price is close to, but not IN, the right range. You can literally sell ANY house if it is priced right...even a totally destroyed dump is worth the value of land.
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Hi Claot,

Unfortunately not all real estate agents are created equal. Having said that, many Buyers agents are notorious for not getting back to listing agents. No agent should go to you and ask for a price reduction on a house without solid data showing you why it is necessary to do do. Sounds like you need to sit down with your agent and outline your expectations. Make sure your agent is doing everything they can to leverage the power of the internet to sell your home--with 85% of all home sale starting on the internet you want to make sure that your listing is highly visible--see the link to a Blog I wrote about making sure your home is turning home buyers on not off.

Best of Luck To You,
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Of course you do have a right to know feedback on your home showings.. Many times buyers' agents promise feedback and never deliver, no matter how many times you call and email. If your listing agent was at the showings, he or she could give you a "sense" of how the showing went. Most of the time, the buyers and buyers agents like to be left alone.
If you get strong activity on your home within the first month, you will sell your house! Strong activity is defined as at least 20 showings in the first 3 weeks. If your number of showings are in the single digits, you may have a challenge. If the house is priced right for the area, condition, location, and is marketed property.. don't worry.. your home will sell. The number one reason why homes don't sell is the list price.
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How can they provide feedback they have not received?

Did you not discuss the marketing plan with the listing agent prior to signing the listing agreement? Was therir something discussed that's not happening or do you simply want more feedback from folks the listing agent has no control over?
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