Robin Tipton, Home Seller in San Bernardino, CA

I need to sell my mobile home in san bernardino,Ca.quick its paid for free & clear but i just got out of the hospital and can't find the

Asked by Robin Tipton, San Bernardino, CA Mon Jul 26, 2010

Title and the park says they take it and sell it and i've lived there for 33 years...PLEASE what can i do!!! Any advice at all thank you so very much..Robin

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I think agents are missing the point, but maybe stressedout can clarify.
Stressed out is stressed out because the park is going to essentially take his/her home and resell for their own profit. IE repo. Just because she owns home outright doesn't mean he/she can pick it up and move it out of that particular park. selling at a distressed price may also not be best option. IE there is reason to be a little stressed out. Are you behind on your dues?? Sometimes its best to take it to the top even if they tell you to go to the dmv or call a realtor. Start with the HCD!!! Call the mobilehome ombudsman. They deal with these issues everyday, all day long. It sounds like you need more help than just a title issue.

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If you own your home free and clear, no one can just "take" it from you. From what you've said, it sounds like the home is in a mobile home park where the land is owned by the park, and you pay them rent to put your home on their land. Is that correct?

The title for your mobile home is like a deed would be for a home on its own land. The title is your proof of ownership, similar to the title for a car. If you can't find your title, you can contact your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and tell them you need to apply for a duplicate title. Then you fill out an application and pay a fee and, hopefully, in a short time your state DMV will send you the new title.

You will need the title because you will be signing it when you transfer the mobile home to the new owner.

Anyone selling the mobile home for you needs to be licensed to do so. If you do not own the land under your mobile home (if it's in a rental park) ,then there is no "real estate" involved. This means that most real estate agents do not have the license required to sell your property for you.

It sounds like the manager of the park where your home is may have the proper license to sell the home for you. If you don't want to work with that individual, see if you can find a real estate agent who also is licensed to sell mobile homes. However, keep in mind that the manager of the complex may be in a good position to locate potential Buyers.

Robin, I wish you a speedy recovery, and please don't get stressed out.

All the best,
Maggie Hawk, REALTOR
(386) 314-1149
Watson Realty Corp.
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You will need to contact a local Realtor to assist you with the sale of your mobile home if you have not already. The local county clerk recorder should have a copy of the recorded deed on file and you can request a copy directly from them. You may also be able to contact a local title company for this information. Feel free to call me, I know of a great Realtor in your area that can help you sell your mobile home. It seems that there is a little more information to your question needed. Is the space rent up to date? If it is not, then I would highly recommend seeking the help of a Real Estate attorney, you will want an attorney that specializes in real estate transactions. What is the reason the park is stating they are going to take and sell your mobile home? Is it that they want to use their own sales people, some parks do this in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. At this point, I would definitely get all your original contracts and a copy of your deed, plus any additional paperwork you may have and contact an attorney before it is too late.

Good luck,
Heather Paul
Coldwell Banker
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You should hire an attorney and see what they say about this. There should be some type of documentation at the dmv or you might be able to force the title. An attorney can guide you in the right direction.
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One more thing, a scheme some parks engage in is when you list your home with them, they sit on it or push the mobile homes they own, allowing your space rent to get further and further behind. They then take the home from you, renovate it, and sell it themselves, pocketing the money. It's highly unethical but unfortunately legal at this time.
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Is you space rent up to date? If it isn't, get it up to date or try working out a payment plan. Mobile home parks are notorious for mistreating residents. If you are on a fixed/ reduced income you can get free legal assistance to help you with this issue. Just google "pro bono attorneys in CA" for a list of attorneys and organizations in the Inland Empire. I put a link to one of the directories below.

As other posts say, go to the DMV and get a replacement title. Make sure you copy the VIN number off the mobile home to take with you. Mobile homes aren't selling for much right now. I hope you get a decent amount for it.
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As Maggie says, mobile homes are titled like automobiles. So just go down to your local DMV and get a replacement title. It shouldn't cost much.

There are pros and cons to having the park sell your home versus having a Realtor do it. The park's likely to get more people inquiring about available homes in the community. On the other hand, at least from my observation, some parks do little or no real marketing and the commission they charge can be substantially higher than a Realtor would charge. So, a Realtor might work harder, but would have more difficulty marketing it to the people most likely to buy. Also, frankly, there isn't much of a commission involved. Just hypothetically--because commission rates are fully negotiable--let's say you agreed to pay a commission of 6%. And let's say you'd sell your home for $30,000. The commission on that would be $1,800. Divided up to 4 ways (listing agent, listing agent's broker, buyer's agent, buyer's agent's broker), a listing Realtor might make $450 on the transaction, before expenses.

So, compare what the park management would do, and would charge, versus what a Realtor would.

But as for the title, that shouldn't be a problem. Just get a replacement one from the DMV. So . . . don't stress out!

Hope that helps.
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Don Tepper, Real Estate Pro in Burke, VA
In California some of the mobile/manufactured parks aren't necessarily user friendly if you are renting the space. If you get behind on your rent they will take your home. Many parks have this in their agreement you signed when moving in. That's why I gave you the department number below. Please call them as they can offer you the best help. Hope it all goes well for you. Keep in contact with park owner hopefully they will work with you.

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contact the department of housing and community development.
There # (916) 445-4782

Glen Mitchell
Manufactured Home Dealer
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