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Watchdawg, Both Buyer and Seller in Los Angeles County, CA

I'm a seller, and all the agents interviewed sound like Mike Ferry. How to choose agent now?

Asked by Watchdawg, Los Angeles County, CA Tue Oct 29, 2013

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How you choose an agent depends on your expectation.
Do you want a agent who will accept your 30% too high list price?
Do you want an agent who will allow you to beat their compensation down 30%?
Do you want and agent who struts about opulently exhibiting the equitiy they have taken from home owners?
Do you want an agent who will allow you to make decisions that are harmful to you?
I will conceded, very oftner a home owner DOES NOT KNOW what they want. They have spend so much time collecting boges information from aggregate websites that they actually BELIEVE what they see on Truia and Zillow and actually think home are sold the way the TV shows depict. Your expectation and the reality that you may have created, will determine the agent you end up with. Do not mistake that to be the best agent for you.
The agent you want will listen, and when your lips stop moving will lay out clearly the strategy that will be put in play to acheive your goal.
Need to sell is 30 day? Here's how it will be done.
Need to buy before you sell? Here' is how it will be done.
Need to squeeze every once of value out of the house? Here is how it is done.
House have issues? Here is how it wil be sold.
Your key to selecting the right agent is having the smarts to distinquist the amatures who babble about strategy from the real pros who have the logistical means to make to it happen and are not afraid to say, "Dawg, you hired me to acheive the sale of our home within the agreed too parameters. You need to stop interfering. There can only be one captain. Do you understand?"
I don't know what Mike Ferry sounds like, but I do know most sellers do not want to be treated like full grown adults. They want to be coddled and gently persuaded, and when their defiance produces the predictable consequences, blame the "Mike Ferry" agent.
Know what you want. Then hire the persond best able to deliver. You will notice the first four options do not include "who can sell my home." That really is not the issue. But you don't know that yet.

Best of success,
Annette Lawrence, Broker/Associate
Remax Realtec Group
Palm Harbor, FL
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Excellent post, it is the difference between selling your home and listing your home.
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Mike Ferry is a very good trainer for all realtors out there. The fact is that an agent can have a great script but his track record speaks for itself. Some good questions to ask an agent in an interview would be hypothetical questions during the sale or past sales and any recommendations the agent might have. Again its important to have an agent give you the facts like Mike Ferry but in reality it does not mean anything if the agent is not an active producer.

Antonio Sanchez
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Just a reminder, agents ... the purpose of this Q&A venue is to answer questions, not solicit business. Might be a good idea to read the Community Guidelines again ...


Responses including "Feel free to call me", "check out my website" and "Pick me! Pick Me!" are best left out of answers, along with a billboard at the bottom of your answers. .
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Hi Watchdawg,

You should choose a realtor that you feel comfortable with and relate to, and someone you believe represents your home the best. Think about who you think can market your property best and who you want to be opening the door for potential buyers.

You will want someone who has enough time to update you and show the property when needed, not someone extremely busy who will just send their assistant or team members when you need them.

I would be happy to answer any additional questions you might have or talk to you about the home selling process. Feel free to contact me anytime at (310) 717-1321 or JamieTian@RodeoRE.com.


Jamie Tian
Rodeo Realty Fine Estates
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BRE #01920120
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In your opinion, is that good or bad? You don't say. If it's good, go over their qualifications and select the one you think is the best fit. If it's bad, then interview an entirely different batch of agents. Ask them up front if they are Ferry trainees - weed out the ones that say yes.
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Look for one that doesn't.
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So, does that mean they were all really good, or really annoying? If it means they were all really good, sounds like you've got a Cadillac sort of problem. If it was the annoying option...cast your net again!
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I pride myself on being a non-traditional real estate professional. Check out my profile and see if it's a good match: http://telesproperties.com/agents/fatima-malik/
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Make sure you pick someone who can read and write proper English.
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as an FYI - since you just mentioned proper English - you might want to correct your statement below from "I have ran in to"..... to.... "I have run into"..........
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Ask some people you know and trust if they have used or heard of someone. Word of mouth is the best you can usually do.
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Dear Homeowner,

To answer your question, pick the agent who can you trust and person of character, because this could be your largest financial decision. As far past sales, are factor but you want someone who does not sounds like sales person.

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Dear Homeowner,

To answer your question, pick the agent who can you trust and person of character, because this could be your largest financial decision. As far past sales, are factor but you want someone who does not sounds like sales person.

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I would like to make a comment. Just because an agent has sold lots of properties does not make that agent smarter than an agent who has sold less properties. Past sales experience or how many sales the agent has done in the area does not necessarily mean that an agent is qualified for the job. I have ran in to many agents who have done twice as many sales as me, yet they know nothing about contracts.
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I would take a look at their actual sales, and determine who is most qualified to sell your property based upon their past experience level. If this was helpful to you, please click BEST ANSWER & enjoy your day! Tom Bashe l Broker l SCA Real Estate l 951.547.0705 l Tom@SCARealEstate.com
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I would take a look at their track record in the last 12 months.
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You should feel very comfortable and have good communication with whomever you decide to hire as your agent. Selling your home is a process, and your agent should guide you through and advise you to make it as smooth a process as possible.

Whenever I go on listing appointments, I always focus on the clients questions, but also am sure to bring comparable sales information and highlight what I've done locally and how I can be effective in selling their property.

You should ask agents what they've sold in the past, how they intent to market your property, and why they should be hired vs some other agent. These are a few to get you started, but you should also clarify commission amount, duration of the listing agreement, and a variety of other terms as well.
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look for someone that can get the job done and looks out for number one; you.. .
they must demonstrate experience and the ability to be successful.

If they sound like a salesperson they are .

If they ask a lot of questions and are willing to listen to the answers that you give and proceed to help you accomplish your stated goals. SIGN THAT LISTING QUICK ! they are busy and will waste no time in servicing you the right way. .
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If your a seller and you know who Mike Ferry is then I'm impressed because most sellers have no idea who the well know trainers are in the industry. I'm not a Mike Ferry fan but since you know that I'm sure you also know that it takes a lot of work to sell a home. You should chose the agent that has the best chance of selling your particular home and that is usually the agent that has a track record of success in you area. Look at the 10 most recent sales closest to your home. If 5 of them sold with the same agent your choice is simple. But if all 10 were sold by different agents then it comes down to who you feel will do the best job for you. And you don't need to interview all 10. Also if your using the same agent to help you find a home you might want to ask about their buyer services as well as how well they can market homes in your area.

I hope you are successful and sorry I cannot help you.


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Oh how interesting.
Well...I guess you have to get down to "brass tacks" and find out exactly what each Realtor is going to do for you in order to get your home sold.
Marketing is vital..do they know how to use it? Do they have good ideas for presenting your home in it's best possible light? Do they know where your marketing should be going in order to attract the most qualified buyers?
Do you have confidence in them? Trust their opinions and professionalism?
Can you work with them for an extended period of time?
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Having a web savvy agent is very important in this technology dominated day and age. It is important to pick an agent that you feel comfortable with and trust. Take some time to explore the top agents out there in your area. It is always a wise idea to see how respected the brokerage/agent is while looking for your agent. You want an agent that will network and work cooperatively with other agents. The best agents tend to know the other agents in the area and have good working relationships with them. I wish you nothing but the best in your journey.

Ricky Smiles Jr.
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Have Google help you, use an agent that understands online target marketing for real estate.
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What's your experience with Mike Ferry, Watchdawg?
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Watchdawg, Sorry to hear your experience...feel free to reach out to me and let's have a conversation via email or phone first.

Endre Barath,Jr.
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties

Beverly Hills, CA

Web Reference: http://www.endrebarath.com
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Hi Watchdawg,

If you haven't decided who to go with to sell your house, give me a call. I promise I won't sound like everyone else. Has anyone done a thorough market evaluation for your home yet?

Let me know if I can help.

Thank you,

Andrew Belcher
CA. Broker Lic. 01707173
NV. Broker Lic. 1001130

468 N. Camden Dr.
Beverly Hills, CA. 90210
805-587-6577 cell
310-734-5920 x.701 office
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Use the agent that is going to be honest in their responses.

Here's a scenario that often occurs. A homeowner will ask an agent if they are the neighborhood expert, or if the agent has a buyer that is looking at home that is most similar to the seller's, of they work with buyers that are looking in their particular neighborhood. Sometimes the answer would be yes to any of these questions, but in Southern California, and especially with the high number of Real Estate agents it's rare to find agents that only work one particular zip code, or one neighborhood.

In my opinion a good way to gauge an agent would be on customer service, past sales, and reviews from websites (other than the realtor's website). The beauty of the internet these days is the amount of transparency with regards to an agent's performance is available. Bottom line, if an agent lies about their past sales or inflates numbers it can all be verified.

Go with the agent that doesn't sound scripted, go with the one that is honest and responds to your questions.
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You should choose an agent that throws a wide net of advertising and has strong connections within the real estate community. The idea is to get your property in front of as many eyes as possible every day/week!! When an agent has a huge presence on all the top used real estates websites, does heavy print advertising and direct marketing and holding open houses every week, you have an agent that is putting his money where his mouth is! That agent is putting all their efforts and finances forward to push for the ultimate end result. That's who you should select. If you would like a complimentary market analysis, please feel free to call me direct at (310) 600 1553. Roger
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It is not as important to find a Realtor who has sold the most homes, has the most experience or works for the largest and most well-known company as it is to find someone that is professional. You want an agent that will listen to you, uses ethical conduct, and knows the market.

You can also attend open houses and meet real estate agents. See how they interact with you and answer your questions. Pay attention to how they show the home. Take notes and collect business cards. Then you can compare the agents you saw.

Look at web sites of Realtors or real estate agents. Read any testimonials they have. Call them up and ask questions about their experience and how they work with buyers and sellers. Get a feel for them and what they can do for you.

Tammy Hayes, Realtor
Re/Max Palm Realty
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I think that you should choose an agent that you feel you would have the best communication with because that will be important throughout the process. Need another agent? Feel free to contact me -- I work in your area as well. Get a FREE Home Value Estimate online here: http://www.GetLosAngelesHomeValue.com.

Good luck,
Sara Mehrpouyan
Rodeo Realty
Direct phone 818-903-2040
Direct Email smehr818@gmail.com
Bre License #01712757

Thinking of Selling Your Home? Get FREE Home Value Estimate online at http://www.GetLosAngelesHomeValue.com
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Hi Watchdog,

I would suggest you screen candidate Agents over the phone with this simple question:

"Is Real Estate a business or a profession?"

Interview those Agents which agree with your answer to this question!

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I agree, keep interviewing. There are plenty of agents that don't follow Mike Ferry scripts. There are 1000's of agents in the Los Angeles area.
Look on Trulia & Zillow and read reviews.
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Great observation and great question. Keep interviewing agents. Look online for good reviews. Ask your friends and colleagues for referrals.

I know I've attended Ferry sales classes and some of their approaches are too strong for my taste, as well.

There are authentic Realtors out there who don't work from a pre-formulated sales scrips. You just have to find the one that feels right to you.

Good luck!
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Go with the one that doesn't sound like the rest.
Good luck,
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You should find an agent who will tell you the truth (even when you don't want to hear it), rather than just repeat scripts they've memorized, someone who has been in business long enough to know how to sell your home effectively, but whom is not a "salesman" and someone who really pays attention to your needs and concerns and addresses them appropriately. Feel free to check out my website and give me a call if you think we may be a fit.
Web Reference: http://www.Victoriam.net
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I suggest you contact the local Realtor Association and find a top producer. Interview a few more and ask friends and family for recommendations. Whomever you chose should be able to connect with you and you should be comfortable that they are the most skilled agent for you. Good luck with your sale.
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A "Top Producer" is always a good source as long as they're not too big. Some agents have multiple assistants and rarely meet with the client aside from the listing appointment or the first outing to see properties. If you as a home buyer or seller like the agent and want to work/communicate directly with the agent it should be a question that is asked of the agent.
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