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I need a GOOD…, Home Seller in Cadiz, KY

I live in Cadiz KY, I have been having some issues with our realtor, mainly she has not shown our house and

Asked by I need a GOOD Realtor, Cadiz, KY Thu Apr 10, 2008

seems to just wait for someone to call her. We have decided to go with another realtor this time since our contract is about to end. While calling to other realtors, some in and out of our town, we were told that the out of town realtors would not touch our house because the Cadiz realtors would Blackball us and not show our home. Also we feel our current realtor is baiting us into re-signing with her by telling us that someone who recently looked at the house might be making an offer. We don't want to Upset the Cadiz realtors, and get ourselves Blackballed, we need a new contract with another realtor that is aggressive in selling our home. Should we call the realtor that brought people out to the house and see if they are REALLY considering makikng an offer? And if we let this contract expire, can we still sell the home to the people that came and looked at the house if they DO want to buy it, and will we owe money to our old realtor AND our new one? --Needs a good salesman in Cadiz

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It took us 2 1/2 years to sell our Cadiz house, and it only sold after I dropped the price to almost $40 K below appraisal value. The market in Cadiz is very tough, especially if your house is listed for more than $125 K. If your house was shown 5 times in 6 months I think you did pretty well.
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First of all, I hope you have a realistic concept of what a tough market exists out there. Many realtors are struggling to survive just like their friends and family members. I don't think there is anyone in my agency who would turn down an opportunity to make a sale because of the location of the listing firm.
To your question; I suggest you ask for a face-to-face meeting with your listing agent to hear from their perspective what specific issues could be modified to increase traffic to your property. Come prepared to ask all the questions you have about the process but have never had the opportunity to directly receive answers about. Inquire about the viability of ideas you may have to increase the properties visibility. Brainstorming together could jog some ideas loose that neither of you have thought about before individually. When you walk away from that meeting or conversation, you will more than likely feel assured of whether you want to relist with that agent or move on. A lack of communication will leave both of you frustrated and no better off for your investment of time, energy, and expense.
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I live in Michigan and have been looking for a small cottage close to the lake in Cadiz.. I can assure you that I have probably seen your home online. Many sellers' are competing with foreclosed homes in " this" market. It is very hard for an individual seller here to compete with foreclosure pricing. However.........realtors are only paid when the sale closes, it would not make sense for your listing agent to avoid showing your home. It costs your listing broker money every month to keep your home marketed. It may be helpful to sit down with your agent and his or her broker to discuss what may help sell your home, fresh ideas are priceless. Is it priced to sell, is it clean, does it need updating, does the location effect you ? Aside from the economy, two major things impact selling a home. They are location, location, location and $$$$$$$$$'s. I don't think listing with an out of area realtor will change things for you, after all I am A buyer way out of your Cadiz, Ky. area.
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Call the Realtor who showed your house. You do not have to tell her about your current Realtor. Let the Realtor who showed your house know that your listing is about to expire and you want to give someone else a chance to sell your house. You should not do anything with this Realtor until your current listing has expired. By not saying anything negative about your current Realtor you will save yourself some grief. Besides all the obvious current economic conditions, perhaps the "right" buyer just has not come along. 5 years ago, you house may have sold in a relatively short time but, today it isn't uncommon for homes to stay on themarket an extended period of time. Good luck with the sale of your home and with keeping your patience.
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Hi, My name is Kelly, I live in Cadiz, but I own and work at the Coldwell Banker in Eddyville. I have never heard of any Realtor "blackballing" another listing. You do what you think is best. I have listings in Cadiz, Eddyville, Princeton, and Gilbertsville. Other realtors show my properties all the time. We are in this to make money... and if we don't sell.... Well you know the rest....
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First let me say I hope it is not me. LOL If so call me right away, I am a Realtor in your area, let me answer the important questions first. Look at your contract and there is a 180 day clause that you would owe commission if someone came back to buy your property that a Realtor had shown, however also on the contract they MUST give you their name within 10days after the listing is expired. However if you list with another company and or agent then the commission would be due the new agent. I have never heard of anyone Black Balling, We have offices from different counties that list property in the Area, the only thing about that is you don't get the exposure of the thousands of catalogs that are sent out on a monthly basis. and the service of our MLS You should call your Realtor and get some feed back, I am a agent that tells like it is to get your home sold not what you want to hear, Our job is to get the best price for homes and let the seller know how to do it, yes sometimes it is hard to tell the truth but, I would rather tell the truth and walk away then to not and have you upset. On the part where the agent hasn't shown the house, trust me if they had the chance they would that is both sides of the deal which doesn't happen alot, but what should happen is that your agent should be doing everything to expose your property everwhere they can, Most likely someone else will sell your home. If you need me just call
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The National Association of Realtors (NAR) has statistics about how realtors sell listings. According to those statistics your agent only has a 25% chance of selling his own listing. The other agents in your area have a 75% chance. Most agents rarely sell their own listings. Homes that I have listed are shown more by other agents than myself. It's common. The fact that it's been shown 5 times by other agents means he's done all the traditional items agents do.

I don't quite agree with the "if a realtor won't show it, they'll call another realtor" response. Most buyers go with what the realtor says. I've seen first hand the problems resulting from listings that other agents don't like. If the commission isn't enough some agents won't show the home and will refer another home that has a higher commission. The agent will come up with some reason why that home shouldn't be shown. It's against the code of ethics but it happens all the time.

Whether you go with another agent or not, remember it's your home and your contract. The agent is supposed to be working for you. If you disagree with something then talk to him/her about it. Communication is important.

Many buyers believe they should overprice the home to leave room for haggling and for the realtor's commission. If you really want to hold out for top dollar then it's going to take time. If you want to get it sold then price it slightly under it's recommended value. Even then, there's no guarantee it will sell quickly.

Spring is here and homes are selling again. This past winter was terrible.
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Hi. I will say that June and Keith are dead-on. I will also tell you a few other thoughts to consider. I tell people all the time when I list their home that my job will not be to show their home, but to get it shown by other agents. We all use the same multiple listing services, so if your home is not getting shown chances are it has to do with the area, price, condition or both. Make sure your agent has multiple photos placed online. Not having a single photo will get it excluded from most searches.

In order for me to show one of my own listings, I have to have a client looking for a house with those particular features, in that price range, in that area. Doesn't always happen. Your agent is obviously not refusing to show your home to their clients - that wouldn't even make sense from a business standpoint.

Also, putting a FSBO sign in the yard will be a HUGE waste of time. If it's this hard for agents to sell a house, why would a homeowner have an easier time? Plus, the thought of you being able to discount it to sell it - if you're going to make the same amount of money at the end of the day, why do all the work yourself?

One last thing - if the buyer comes back to purchase it and you're not currently listed with an agent, then yes, you owe your listing agent a commission. It's called a safety clause, and it's in pretty much every contract. Only counts for folks that looked at it while it was listed, but if one of them comes back, be prepared to pay the commission. Plus, it's only fair - it means your agent did their job. If you wind up listing with somebody else, then the original listing agent is out of the picture.

The main question to ask here is, has the agent done what they were supposed to, with regard to communicating with you and taking photos, and the only problem is that they haven't shown the house themselves? If so, you need to stick with her and let her do her job...
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To Keith, our house has been on the market for 6 months now. We have had only 5 showings, all from other realtors. We recently did comps again and the average house that compares sells for around $10k less than what we are asking, however ours has more room than what was comp'd. Isn't pricing the house a little over better to leave room for haggling? We only considered going out of the area for the purpose of exposure (Cadiz is a small town).....thanks for the advice, _----Need a good realtor
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if your not in a hurry to sell ,then sell it your self, dont re-sign with them , put a FSBO sign in the yard and buy about $100 worth of small ads for the next month. see how it goes, if u dont use a realtor you can easily lower the price, post your deal on my website as well its free and easy http://www.redealsusa.com
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I am sorry for your situtaion. I read your post twice and I am confused.
You have decided to go with another Realtor because your home did not sell.
I am curious, how long has your home been on the market?
How many showings have you had?
How many offers have you had?
How many price reductions?
How many homes, similar to yours, have sold in the time yours has been on the market?

In the sale of a home, 80% is the right price. The buyer that sees the home they purchase for the first time will see it with a Realtor 90% of the time. If your home is not receiving showings, it is priced too high. If it is receiving showings and no offers, it is priced too high.

Look at the homes that have sold, then consult with your Realtor on how you can make the value in your home stand out. Buyers buy homes with the best value first. There is no gain to sitting on the market at a high price. Homes that sell within the first 30 days sell closest to asking price..

Good luck...oh, and why on earth would you hire an out of are agent? Makes no sense to me at any level.
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Keith Sorem, Real Estate Pro in Glendale, CA
In most cases there is a clause in listing agreements that states you will be responsible to pay a listing broker within a set number of days after termination if they were the procuring cause; which simply means the folks were willing to purchase it at the price and terms set forth in the MLS when the realtor had it listed and they came back to do so after you cancelled the listing with them (within that time frame). However, if you list with another duly licensed brokerage you would not be responsible to pay two fees if that same person wanted to buy it. If you list it BY OWNER and a buyer who looked before (while listed) comes to purchase, you may well be responsible to pay the previous broker- check your contract for the number of days after termination that are indicated.

As far as the blackballing and Re-signing manipulation- don't worry about that. If someone wants to look at your house they will find a realtor willing to showit. Do some of your own advertising as well to get people in. You can even hold some of your own open houses. Only hire a realtor who is willing to work hard. Sign SHORT listing contracts- you control how long you want to list for. And remember, you can fire any listing agent who isn't performing- any time you want to. But you still have the issue of procurring cause to deal with- Unless you list with another agent right away. Then even if another buyer (previous or new) comes your contract should speak to who will get the commission. Let me know if you would like a referral for a pre-screened Prudential agent and I will check in my referral network for an experienced agent and get the information to you. Contact me through my web site. June Lizotte, Broker QSC Platinum Award
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