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Nej, Home Buyer in Philadelphia, PA

I have had my home listed in the 19131 area since September 21, 2009. I live close to city ave, fairmount park, etc. I just don't feel that my

Asked by Nej, Philadelphia, PA Fri Oct 30, 2009

agent is doing enough to promote my home. I have had only one open house and she does not contact/network with other agents. Can I ask that she be removed and ask the company for a new agent? Should I ask the real estate broker to send me a new agent from the same company?

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Hi Nej,

Well then certainly explain your frustrations with her. Tell her that you expect a return phone call within 24 hours or whatever you feel is appropriate and put it in writing.

Buyers should call the main office or their Realtor should to schedule all appointments so the office can keep track of who is coming into home. That is not only professional but its for your safety as well.

Have your Realtor do another market analysis for you so you can see if your area has changed recently. That will tell you if you need to lower your price.

If after talking with her and giving her another chance you still feel like she is not doing what you hired her to do, then you can talk with her Broker and ask to be let out of your contract.

You can also talk with the Broker at any time about your feelings.

Renee Porsia
Associate Broker
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Realtors are not illusionist or magicians. They work, stage, a home in competition with a market that is not so robust. Before you take it out on the realtor ask yourself would you buy your house over an other house down the street even when the price competition is produced by home n listed as a Short Sale or Listed as a Foreclosure?
If you think that having more open houses is the answer you are wrong. The only viable attraction to buyers today is price and terms. Are you offering terms and price to compete? If yes shoot the realtor and have him displayed on your next open house.
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I am looking to lease/purchase a home in this area. If you would consider this, please let me know
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Hi Keith,
I did link on to see the comps in my area. Although my zip is 19131, it spans all the way past Lancaster Ave which is a different part of town . I dont live near their, but it is the same zip! I live in the section of Wynnefield Heights. A home sold in direct vicinity (down the street from me) in August 2009 for 200,000.
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I'd ask your Realtor to provide you with a list homes that are your competition.
Comparable to yours, and all types:
On the market

All since your home hit the market

Look at the link below. You appear to have a lot of foreclosures on the market.

I would go look at the top five-ten homes that are direct competition. Compare your home to the others.

We expect 10-12 showings or one offer in the first two weeks. IF that does not happen, then you need to evaluate your price.

What homes have accepted offers since 9/21/09?

That will tell the tale.
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Keith Sorem, Real Estate Pro in Glendale, CA
Hi Nej,

In light of some of the new facts you have brought up in this posting, I would say yes definitely speak with the broker about obtaining a new agent. But I will say again to you, don't just take whatever agent the broker says. Ask for a recommendation to 3 agents from the office and interview them or you can probably browse the office website and research several agents who work at that office to speak to. You must speak with the broker first though.

Communication is key in a real estate transaction. I tried to give your agent the benefit of the doubt in my response to your other posting. However, returning your phone call via a text message is unacceptable. Your agent should mirror your preferred method of contact... If you call her, she should return your call with a phone call. If you text message her, then a return text message is acceptable. If I were you I would be very concerned about her timely communication with another agent if you were to obtain a contract on your home. Many things can happen during the contract process and there are time deadlines that must be met and monitored closely.

Make sure you get a written list of marketing techiques from any agent you accept to replace your current agent. Ask questions and be clear about what will and will not be done and how often. If your agent is not available to host an open house every Sunday at your home, then ask if other agents in the office are willing to do it for her. I've helped other agents host open houses on their listings and it is not an uncommon thing for agents to do within an office. It is even desirable as the agent can acquire new leads and business at your open house.

Your home should definitely be propagated out to as many internet sites as is possible...Craig's List, Trulia, Zillow, etc. Simply sticking a sign on the front lawn and entering the home in the MLS is not enough to cut it in this market. I personally have an added bonus for my clients where any listings I have are featured on other real estate agent websites. Check out the featured listings tab of my website to see what I mean. My website hosting company is unique in that it offers a service called agent handshake where participating agents are informed about and have the ability to share listing information with their website visitors.

Your agent should also be following up with the agent on every showing. She should be speaking with the showing agents and asking for their feedback and their client’s thoughts as well. Perhaps there was an objection made by the buyer during the showing, your agent may have a suggestion that can overcome that objection and possibly turn a not interested buyer into one offering a sales contract.

Best wishes to you with your home sale. If in the future AFTER your contract with this broker has ended, I would be happy to speak to you about the services I offer my clients. I live in eastern Delaware County, only a 15 minute drive from your neighborhood. I have helped clients in your area in the past and would be delighted to help you as well. **You need to first work with the company you have contracted with. I am sure they have spent money marketing your home and they deserve the opportunity to make it right with you. I know the broker will make every effort to ensure you are satisfied with their services.**

Kelly Gidzinski
Keystone Property Connections, LLC
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Yea miscommunication seems to be common here with your agent and potential buyers. If a deal fell through the agent should know exactly why it happened this way when you ask you do not get a generic answer.

Sean Dawes
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The person had a pre-approval, but for some reason she could not qualify for a mortgage. The bank told her that she would have to re-apply in 30 days! Honestly, I do not have a clue why the bank did not qualify the potential buyer. All I know is what I was told by my agent. Thanks for all your advice!
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Why couldnt that person get a mortgage? Was there a pre-approval letter with the offer? Or did they make an offer without a pre-approval and buyers financial information sheet?

I am sorry to hear about that. It does seem the agent is not working hard for you.

Being available to sellers is very important as is being able to get into a home when a buyer wants to. I use an appointment desk all day long so if they call while Im with a client and dont respond within a few minutes the appointment desk answers the call and takes care of it and I get email to my iphone so I am in the loop and can address an issue if it is a problem.

You might want to search for another agent. If you do, make sure you interview a few of them and test it out. Call them back to ask a random question or something and check their response time. Or ask them about how they market a home. Answering "i do online marketing isnt a good answer".

Best of luck.

Sean Dawes
Long and Foster Real Estate
601 Walnut St. Suite L10
Philadelphia PA 19106
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My home is priced based on prices of the homes in the area. The last home in my area, the same as my home settled for 181,500. Now this home had no updates at all! I have an updated kitchen, bathroom and a deck. Also, my agent does not communicate with me. I have had at least 7 showings. I had two offers. One offer was extremely low for the area, like 130,000. The other offer that was made the person was unable to get a mortgage. My biggest problem is communication. My agent does not communicate with me. I will call her to get an update and she will return my call, via text message 5 days later. I have pics on the MLS, but I don't know about other internet sites. In addition, she had received two calls for a showing and asked the people to call the main office because she was unable to write their information down. Well they never called the main office to schedule a showing. They could have been potential buyers.
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For dual agency, here are my thoughts.

A listing agent should show a home to any buyer. A buyer hires an agent to act as a buyers agent in order to represent them on pricing their offer and everything else involved with a sale.

To show a home is fine. Once the buyer starts asking questions which goes beyond just showing a home, I mention that I act on behalf of the seller and it is your best interest if you do not know to consult a realtor unless my seller is ok with dual agency.

Dual agency is tricky and I only have done it to handle paperwork for the buyers side. Never negioating as how can one person look after the best interests of two parties. Party A wants to get the most money for it and Party B wants to pay the least

haha just doesnt make sense

Hope that helps

Sean Dawes
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Hello Nej,

I am sorry to hear of your issue with your current Realtor.

Keep in mind that I am not familiar with all of the facts pertaining to your current situation with your Broker. Given the facts that you have provided, certainly if you are not happy with what your current Realtor is doing or not doing, you should first contact your Realtor and have a meeting with her and explain how you feel.

You hired her because of some reason. Whether it was the services she provides or her experience but bottom line is that you thought enough of her to hire her so you should now talk to her and give her the opportunity to make things right.

Did she promise to have a certain number of open houses when you hired her? If so, was that in writing? Did she promise to network with a certain number of Realtors and if so, was that in writing?

From what you have stated in your post, it seems to me that your Realtor didn't do a good job at explaining what a seller agent does or is responsible to do because a seller agent (the listing agent) is not supposed to bring a buyer to your home and sell the home to one of her buyers. That would be considered dual agency and if you are okay with dual agency and your Realtor representing both you and the buyer and you put that in writing and that his how you hired her and she is now not performing to what she was hired to do, then after talking with her and giving her the opportunity to change things, you can speak with her Broker of Record and fire her and the Broker.

If you did not agree to dual agency in writing, she is only supposed to market your home (considering that she priced the home properly and its not over priced) to buyers and buyer agents.

My advice would be to look at your listing contract to see what you agreed to and then sit down with her and go over what you expect or expected from her.

At the end of the day, it will all come down to your price. If the home is priced right and marketed right, your home should sell. If it's over priced, your home will not sell no matter who you hire.

I hope this helps.

Renee Porsia
Associate Broker
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If you dont mind me asking, how is it priced? Open houses although are nice, do not gurantee home sales. Home must be priced right and then marketed like crazy.

How many showings have you had?

Has the agent explained what they are doing or given you an update?

Sean Dawes
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Why don't you schedule an appointment with your real estate agent to discuss your concerns? If you want another Open House, I would ask your agent to schedule one as soon as possible. Also, ask your agent to bring a list of the Internet sites your home is currently being listed on. There are so many sites that allow you to list your home for free, and you want to make sure your Realtor is reaching all the potential home buyers through the Internet. 85% of potential home buyers start their search for a new home on the Internet, so your home's Internet presence is the key to selling your home.

Also, how many pictures of your home are online representing your home? Homes that have 20 or more pictures tend to generate the most traffic online, so if you only have a few pictures online you may need to take some more pictures of your home and get those pictures online asap. The quality of the online pictures are also very important.

Your home has only been listed for 2 months, so I do not feel a second open house is unreasonable. Also, make sure the external curb appeal of your home look fantastic just in case some potential home buyers are driving by your home to take a look. Also, leave your light on so they can see your house number.

If you do not get anywhere with your Realtor, then you can speak to the Office Manager of the Realtor Office.

Good luck with your home sale.
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