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I have a home in sunshine ranches Southwest Ranches, Fl. what is the normal Commision a realtor will charge?

Asked by Affordrest Restoration Services, Florida Fri Feb 17, 2012

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We have a plan where sellers pay just 3% and a small initial fee. It is called Hybrid-MLS and your property will be marketed on, The local MLS, Google, RealBird, Active|Rain, Zillow, Trulia, Google and G+, Yahoo and Globally too!

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You've had several pretty consistent responses to your question, and I can't really quarrel with any of them, other than perhaps the non-answers that just say "Call Me!". I envision Trulia as an information site as much as an advertising medium for Realtors, so "Hi, my name is Suzie Smith and here's my number" don't really serve much useful purpose. But I digress...

There is no fixed local commission - anywhere in the United States. There are certainly local norms, but any effort to "fix" real estate commissions in any market via broker collusion would be a Federal Trade Commission violation and we'd all be in a lot of hot water.

That being said, the old expression "you get what you pay for" is a good rule of thumb. A highly qualified Realtor will compete for business - you'd have to be way too smug to sit back and tell the world "this is my rate, take it or leave it." Don't let me convince you that there aren't plenty of smug Realtors out there who do just that. Personally, a good listing is worth competing for - I could hope that I'd someday discover that I had too much business to be interested in a good listing opportunity.

Keep in mind that the commission that you offer is part of the marketing of the home. Commissions are our income, so anyone who tells you "I show every home and I don't even look at the commission offered" must be an awful good poker player, if he/she can keep a straight face. Offer a low commission and there are a certain number of prospective, qualified buyers who are never going to see your home. If Agent Johnny can show your beautiful home that offers 1.5% commission and Neighbor Bob's home that offers 3%, guess which one Johnny is going to take his clients to see?

The answer to your question is the essence of a strategic conversation that you should have with every Realtor that you interview. They'll have some advice for you about how to market it - you'll have some entirely deserved opinions of your own about what you're willing to pay and why. An excellent Realtor can make a strong case for his/her advice, but an excellent Realtor also listens to their clients' perspective, as well. If you have a magnificent fly-off-the-market home, you're more likely to get away with offering a low commission. If you're home is one of many similar homes in a particular bracket, you may need to offer an attractive commission as part of your effort to get your home seen first.

Choose a few Realtors and invite them over to see what you have to sell. Like I said, they'll have many suggestions about how you should market the home, and the commission structure will be a part of those suggestions. If you and the Realtor can't agree on any part of the marketing strategy, move on to another Realtor.

If I can help, please let me know. Best of luck to you!

Angela Schrager
Villa G Realty
Tel: 954-816-7996
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It's crucial to make sure the "buyer's" agent is offered a typical commission. So if you have a Realtor offering to sell your house for only 3% yet the Buyer's Realtor will only get 1.5% I can pretty much assure you that the Realtors working with CASH investors that are willing to pay ABOVE a price your property can actually appraise for will NOT likely even make an offer. These investors make offers sight unseen and pay ABOVE a price a typical buyer would pay. So don't fool yourself into thinking that saving 1.5% is NOT going to cost you MORE than 1.5% in offers. Also cash investors will close quickly, no financing nonsense. So don't shoot yourself in the foot. Now that is not to say that you can't find a highly qualified Realtor to discount the "listing broker's" side of the equation. So offer 3% plus pay 1.5% on the listing side (unless your property is worth less than $150k then offer $2k to the listing broker) or if you're a Do It Yourselfer you can get a flat fee listing Realtor. You MUST be VERY careful with doing it yourself though because a smart buyer will and do often take advantage of rookie sellers. A typical Florida Assn of Realtor contract may obligate you to pay an excessive amount for repairs "after" you sign the contract. If you're in an HOA or Condo and fail to get the correct disclosures the buyer can tie up the property and then back out the day before closing! These are just a few examples of being penny wise and pound foolish. So if you're prepared to do a lot of homework you can go it alone, or you can always hire an attorney to negotiate your contract and protect your interests but that may cost even more than paying 1.5% to the listing Realtor/Broker.

Another suggestion is to look at how an agent's listings appear on the Real Estate websites. requires a Realtor to pay extra fees to have an enhanced listing. Some agents will upload really bad photos, too. It's amazing what you will see online.

So good luck and to tell you the truth, the reason why I became a Realtor back in 2000 was I had to sell a $650k property and I sure as heck wasn't going to pay 6%. I found a very nice flat fee Realtor and she ended up finding the buyer and she made $18k and we saved $18k so it seemed to be a win/win. Looking back I think we may have sold a little higher (maybe $30k higher or more) because I don't think that Realtor was a member of the MLS for Seal Beach (California) so Realtors couldn't easily find our listing! So just be careful and don't just jump at the first lowball offer to sell your house... do your homework!

If you offer 3% (with at least $2k going to the Buyer's agent if this is a lower priced property) then you will attract the most enthusiasm by Realtors.

Good luck!

All the best,
Alma Kee, Tampa
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The "normal" commission, with a "normal" Realtor is usually 6%. with me and you will only pay 4% to 4.5% total commission. I used to own the Assist-2-Sell Franchise in my area, and can offer negotiated commission solutions as an independent Owner/Broker of Avanti Plus Realty. Call me on my Cell phone at 954-444-1106 so we can schedule an appointment. No need to pay 6% in a Seller's market!

Peter Rojas
Avanti Plus Realty LLC
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I also own a home in Sunshine Ranches so would love to chat and find out about your home since I like to know what is going on in the neighborhood.. I also have a couple of clients who might be interested in your property. Feel free to call/email me when you get a chance.

Rana Kumar
Island & Reesort Realty
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I also own a home in Sunshine Ranches so would love to chat and find out about your home since I like to know what is going on in the neighborhood.. I also have a couple of clients who might be interested in your property. Feel free to call/email me when you get a chance.

Rana Kumar
Island & Reesort Realty
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i would be interested in buying your property. I am looking to buy a home so I can be close to my son in Hollywood, fl..My e-mail is (cell) 863 370-6612..frank valentin
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All broker fees are negotiable; as in many cases, you do get what you pay for... choose wisely.

Meir Aloni & Team
CRS (Certified Residential Specialist)
CDPE (Certified Distressed Property Expert)
RECS (Real Estate Cyberspace Society)

Successfully selling Broward County since 1986!

Direct phone# 954-338-5220

All Star Realty Inc.
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this question was asked back in Feb, 2012 - I am sure he already made his choice!
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I'm surprised to see so many agents quoting you average and normal rates... when we all know that as per the Sherman Anti-Trust act, there is no, and can be no, "average", nor "normal" rate.

Your rate is whatever you negotiate with your Realtor. Some charge more, and some charge less, depending largely on the services they proffer.
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Alan May, Real Estate Pro in Evanston, IL
The average commission is 6%. This is usually split 50/50 between the buyer and seller agents.

If you haven't sold yet, I would welcome the opportunity to market and sell your home.


Pennie Arneson
The Keyes Company
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Hi Affordrest Restoration Services,

Per you inquiry on Trulia: <I have a home in sunshine ranches Southwest Ranches, Fl. what is the normal Commision a realtor will charge?>

Call me "Lynne" at (954) 647-5335 Cellular, or email me the Best Phone Number and Time to call you to chat.

Lynne Knapp, Realtor®
ReMax Consultants Realty 1
1625 SE 17th Street Causeway
Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33316
(954) 647-5335 Cellular
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Realtor commissions really haven't changed, but you may ask what are you getting for your money, as some realtors advertise more than others, and some have more knowledge of social media, short sales and foreclosures. Sunshine Ranches is really prettying charming, as there are no traffic lights, and the country feeling is standard against some amazing homes. I have sold a few homes over a million dollars in this area.
Susan Penn PA EWM Realtor
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By the way, I have a buyer who is interested in buying only in Sunshine Ranches and we haven't been able to find the ideal home for them. Please contact me at (954) 648-7334 or via email at, as your home just might be the one for these folks.
Thanks so much,
Jen Babacan
Galleria International Realty
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I have listings in the Sunshine Ranches area of SW Ranches and although the norm is 6%, you can always negotiate. However, I find that when the commission is lower, generally it is not shown as much as properties listed at 6% by cooperating agents, meaning agents who bring the buyer. I am very familliar with Sunshine Ranches and would be happy to answer any questions you may have.
Kind Regards,
Jen Babacan
Galleria International Realty
Cell (954) 648-7334
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Just be careful to offer at least the "going rate" to a buyer's realtor so they have an incentive to show their client your home. If you go with a discounter and they tell you they can sell it for 3% total but only offer 1% to the Buyer's agent then you may ultimately sell for less than you might have if ALL realtors are interested in promoting your property.
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Affordrest, please give me a call. Everyone is correct that commission is negotiable, but a smart seller will understand why seeking a reduced seller may not be the smartest move.

Make sure you know the answers to the following questions:
1) Will the property be listed on the MLS? (A bargain realtor may not list your house on the MLS, reducing the number of potential buyers substantially)
2) Do they have a serious internet marketing strategy? (If more than 90% of buyers begin their searches online, don't you want those eyes looking at your listing?)

I would want to target your property at a specific market niche, where I have connections. Best of luck!

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It depends what you and your agent agree to, there is no set commission. You can call me for further details.
Kim Flores
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If you are going to list your home, a single transaction normally is around 6%. Three percent goes to the Buyers agent and the other three percent to the listing agent. Now some agencies are willing to negotiate what they will charge you, but the going rate is 6%.

Keep in mind when you are looking for a listing agent that you don't just go with the first agent that tells you what you want to hear. My investors/contractors that flip property chose Exceptional Properties to list their properties because they normally get the property sold in less then 90 days; and that's if they even need to put it on the MLS. Exceptional Properties works with Erin Catron & Company (a brokerage of Buyers Agents) who deal with over 400 buyers across the US. They concentrate solely on buyers and are able to find you a buyer and close quickly.

I hope I was able to answer your question.

No this home was a 2 bed 2 bath home. The realtor has since taken down the property from the website. Not sure why, but it is no longer listed. If you are interested in any homes in beautiful South West Florida please feel free to visit at any time for free and you will be able to view every property from Sarasota down to Naples!


Stas Matias

Erin Catron & Company
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