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How do you show homes?

Asked by C & A, 88011 Wed Mar 3, 2010

We've had a few agents stop by with clients to look at our house from other companies besides our agent's and they all seem to be extremely impressed with the house. Seriously, one said that it was the best she's shown in our area in a long time and used the word "gorgeous". So, I'm wondering, how do other agents bring in other agents? Do you advertise to other companies or leave it to your clients to find the house? What are the advantages and disadvantages to marketing to other companies? We've had a few realtor's tours, too, but it seems like the best response we get is from other agents in different companies. Just wondering how else to market! Thanks!

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Thanks everyone for the answers. We have recently dropped our price $4K, but the suggestion to drop again is something we might consider soon; we worry, though, about not having any room to negotiate. However, also adding that we would provide some amount of financing in also a good one.
Our house is staged and clean and all the good things agents want in a seller - we only ask for a one hour notice to move out the pet, but will soon change for the better.
We are already on MLS, and some people who have answered this question have also answered our first question last month.
As for why I'm asking here, we just like to get new ideas and information. We have talked to our realtor, but you never know who has an idea out there that might help!

Thanks so much again. We think our realtor is really great, we just like to hear what others think and do. Her success is our success, after all!
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In my market here in the Great Smokey's of Western North Carolina, it is a destination location because of the beauty of the area and the moderate climate and has traditionally been a vacation location with people coming from all over the world to be a part of its endless outdoor adventure and native culture of the area. I believe one has to know where they want to live versus just finding the right house and right price. They have a place they want to live because of their own particular lifestyle. Right now one cannot cast too large of a net to capture any client so cross marketing with other realtors, contractors, interior designers...the list goes on is all good. I myself market with other realtors constantly through eblasts, open houses and through several MLS boards forming a 360 degree radius around my area. The current opportunity to bring people to your area is in media and the internet. In this market, one needs entertainment at all times to keep their spirits from waivering. Bring that to your own personal piece of real estate.For example, with my restaurant background, I incorporate dining and music and video to enhance the mood surrounding buying whatever real estate you seek. If one can watch a video of the area and it make someone feel as if they are there, then that is half the battle. If someone is going to spend money, then you might as well enjoy whatever it is you seek! Make the whole ordeal FUN!
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I will show a home that I have listed, but I prefer to have other agents show the home. It makes no difference to me whether or not they work for the same company I do or a different company. However the owner of my company probably would prefer agents in the same company do the showing. This is not wrong and it is not bad.
The real question then becomes how does the agent that has listed my home market it. Since most buyers find homes on the interenet, that becomes a no-brainer where the listing agent should be advertising. E.g. Web sites and e-mails to agents. Depending on the market, the printed advertisement can still be effective. The one thing I do want when other agents show homes I have listed is there feedback - how there clients liked the home and what could be improved.
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Agents are always communicating with other agents about what is new on the market. We drop off flyers with photos and information in hopes that they may have someone they are working with that may be looking for that type of home. Once a listing is listed, it will go on the agents website, and office website. I also put listings out in many national websites such as Realtor.com and other recognized national real estate websites. Many of my clients could be relocating from another area and find the listing on my website. We also do realtor lunches and office tours.
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Clay and Andrea:

Agents in general "bring in other agents" through the MLS. In our area we also do email blitzes to agents informing them of homes that have just come on the market, have a price reduction or an open house. The internet is big, I believe 90% of all home buyers start their search on the internet. So great pictures, a virtual or video tour with lots of info on the home, its features, the neighborhood and surrounding area being on the web are very important. It is possible that some of these buyers that have come through your home saw it on line first and requested their agent to set an appointment. It is more likely the home met the criteria of the type of home they were looking for and their agent put it on the list of homes to show them.

Price and condition are also important factors that drive showing activity to a listing. It sounds like you have the condition down pat, I will have to trust that your agent strategically positioned you in the pricing game. Besides that, in most markets your on-line presence is a dominant factor on exposing your property to the largest amount of potential buyers.

Best of Luck

Jennifer Manchester
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Generally by your listing agent putting the home in the MLS the information feeds out to many different websites like Realtor.com, the agents personal webpage and all the large brokerages nationwide accounts. If a buyer is looking online on their own, and they normally do, they should be able to find it. If when they find it it has a very long and excellent decription, lots of pictures and a virtual tour they will ask their agent to show it to them when they go out looking. I normally directly email or market to the top 30 agents in my city as we are the ones that seem to be moving the majority of the property. Normally we want to hear how well the home shows, how easy it is to show and how high the buyer side commission is. If those 3 things are ok and we have a buyer in that price range and looking in that area we will take them by. There are usually many hundreds of agents in an MLS area so the odds that someone other than the listing agent will bring a successful buyer is great. Its one against 500 or one against 1000 so you see why it seems most showings are completed by others. Price it right, offer a good buyer side commission and it will sell. Good luck.
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"Price reduction is all about finding the next lower price point. I highly doubt that your recent $4k reduction did anything to help."

In most cases I would tend to agree with you. The benefit of a mild price drop though is the added exposure on the MLS. When you make a price change it rotates again on the front page for a few days right with the newly listed properties. Well for our mls it does anyways, in fact, the pending deal I have now came from a 4k price drop....now the one I've recently dropped 5k had a few more showings but no bite. Hard to say, generally the small price drops are for the seller to get them used to the idea "we need to go lower, keep going" lol
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It is on the MLS, sounds like agent is getting /broker/agent tours together. Perhaps putting a free ad on craigslist via vflyer so it looks professional (your agent should be able to do this). Sometimes buyers look there. If need be your agent can actually email the flyer to list of agents on the MLS to get more attention to the house but bottom line is price. Is it priced right, if it is... it should sell.

So many great suggestions here but I think you need to have a talk with your Realtor and discuss what are they doing and what more can be done. We do not know what avenues your Realtor has already taken.

Good Luck

Kindest Regards
Dianne Hicks
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I saw your reply below. "We just dropped the price $4k"

That is worthless. It does nothing for a buyer looking to buy. When I see a house for $200k or $196k I see them as priced the same. I will drop my offer below that anyway. If you had a $20k trailer you dropped to $16k it would be significant. If your house was priced at $500k and dropped to $496k I would notice the reduction and decide you were not serious about dropping your price at all. If you dropped your price from $500k to $475k or better yet $450k I would notice it and maybe offer something.

Price reduction is all about finding the next lower price point. I highly doubt that your recent $4k reduction did anything to help.
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As suggested... I too would recommend encouraging your Realtor to conduct a Broker's Tour--this gives Real Estate Professionals the opportunity to see your home first hand. To encourage attendance, I would offer some type of incentive to the brokerage community such as dinner for two to a local restaurant (this can be accomplished with a raffle of all attendees) or some other type of incentive such as a portable gps--you can find them around $100.00 bucks. Be sure to include refreshments and maybe some type of entertainment.

In some instances, Seller's even offer a selling agent bonus in addition to the commission. This amount is paid directly to the agent. Agent's see the offer on MLS and are encouraged to bring prospects to your home
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What you are talking about is a BROKER TOUR, like we have in Illinois. It's is the best way to educate the realtors in the area that are taking their buyers in and out of homes for sale in the area. It is wonderful that they gave postive feedback. My experience has been to listen to the negative feedback, and correct any issues that come up that are not so positive. If a realtor brings in a client, and they give poor feedback. First, don't take it personally, but listen to the feedback and act accordingly.

Another point, if you are not getting showings, you house is too highly priced. Price competitively is the name of the game.

I am sure that your agent is doing a great job for you.
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Of course the other agents can find your home in the MLS, but a good agent will do much more. I advertise directly to other agents as well as the public. Agent advertising consist of phone calls, emails, and brochures. In my market I know many of the agents that sell the type of property I am offering.
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Any Licensed Agent that works in your State can Show your Home and Get your home Sold. They called Buyer Agents or Selling Agents. All the Agents have access to MRIS and are member of GCAAR that can show your home.
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I use mostly the internet, but also advertise in some of the local home sellers.
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You and your REALTOR are doing all of the right things. Keep in mind your REALTOR will probably be a little more constructive regarding comments; that's their job. Continue to push for feedback from showing agents and welcome any negative feedback; you can't fix what you don't know is broken. Good Luck!
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There are many ways to market a home. The website and other Realtors/Brokers is the greatest resource! I market my homes in magazines, many websites, open houses and many other means. I/we at Coldwell Banker have many resources to market a home. I try to utilize all that I can!

Good luck!
Frank Dolski MBA, ABR, e-PRO
Associate Broker
Coldwell Banker Hearthside Realtors-Lahaska, PA
215-794-1070 x103
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I believe the bigger the real estate company the more chances you have of your home being shown by the company you have listed. Email to other companies is a great way to attract visitors by other companies but to get your company agents to show your home your realtor should make it a standard practice to place fliers of your home in realtors mailboxs at his/her company. Tours are obsolete with virtual tours and you hopefully have one on your listing. A lot depends on the marketing package you signed up on.

Good Luck
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Clay and Andrea:

Pricing is critical. Especially if you want a chance to sell before April 30. The bottom line is you can price it to where your property sells or you can price it to where it is stuck in the market. No matter how much we as realtors advertise a property if it is not priced competitively it will not sell. Think about it from a buyer's perspective. Which house would you buy when there are so many to choose from at great prices, especially zip code 87121? The house has to be perceived by the buyer as a good value and with a lot of competition you have to stand out from the rest in some way. Offer something of value to the buyer such as price, incentives, buying down loan points, seller assistance etc. Cooperating with other brokers is essential in selling property. I always advertise anywhere possible as well as market to my fellow realtors.
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I hate so sounds like a broken record, but if you are on MLS (and thus Realtor.com), Zillow, Trulia, Craigslist and a maybe few other little ones and you have a sign with a good flyer and have had open houses and realtor tours, you are being seen and found by 99% of buyers looking for your a home like yours. The question then is not where you can market more but how good is the current marketing and then the ultimate question, what is your price? If your current marketing pictures are very nice (wide-angle, full-res, good lighting, staging, etc.) and you are getting some traffic, which it sounds like you are, it all boils down to price. The bottom line for you is that you want to have it under contract by April 30th, so start making regular small adjustments like maybe $3k every other week and you will eventually sell for top dollar. The market determines price and if you are getting exposure (ask your agent for some web traffic stats too), it is all about price, price, price! You might also advertise some incentives like downpmt assistance, etc, and always make it easy to show - no appotinment or extended notice requirements!. But again, your issue is clearly pricing at this point, sorry. Only one house in your entire subdivision has sold for higher $/sqft than your asking price in the last year, and that was because it was owner financed! Out of 15 homes for sal, you are currently the 3rd highest $/sqft listing in the subdivision, and the other two that are higher have been on the mkt even longer than you. Stop spinning wheels and face reality - your house will not sell this year without a price reduction. Best of luck!
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Hi Clay & Andrea,
Lots of good advice!
1. Is your home staged?
2. Is your home totally decluttered like know one lives there?
3. Do you have appliances, etc, that would be expected at your price point?
4. Are your major rooms painted?

I am sure that your agent is doing a great job! Listen to him/her. Your home has to be in optimum condition with great online pictures, etc.

Good Luck!

Frank Dolski MBA, ABR, e-PRO
Associate Broker
Coldwell Banker Hearthside Realtors Lahaska, PA (near Philly)
Web Reference: http://www.FrankDolski.com
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1. One of the most important things you can do to ensure your home gets lots of showings is to make sure it is AVAILABLE to show whenever an agent has a client to show it to.

2. Second, trust your agent and follow his/her advice; s/he is in this with you and very motivated to see your transadction come to a successful close.

The fact that you're getting lots of showings suggests your Agent is doing all the right things; the fact that agents who prevew your home with buyers are so impressed, suggests you have a lovely home and you and your agent have done a good job showcasing it.

Teri Malone
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Agents typically go on the Multiple Listing Service to find homes for their clients. In addition, tours are scheduled for their own company and other companies. I personally send out flyers on email to all the Realtors, no matter what company. I also market on other websites. So there are many ways to get market properties.
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Generally you would initially post a listing onto the MLS. My association website has a link to all newly posted homes to make them more visible. Agents in my office will tell everyone else in the office about their gorgeous new listing, and from there will start telling all of the other local brokers. The local association hosts meetings every week which is the perfect time for agents of all offices to get together and share their new or reduced price listings.
I think it's extremely important to market to other companies. The stats show that while I may be the listing agent, I probably won't also be the selling agent. Because of that I need to be showing every agent in town the house I have. That's why I am a member of my local association, so I can show homes to other agents more easily.
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Clay and Andrea,
I'm a little confused as to why you are not asking your agent this question because you should know, in great detail, exactly how your home is being marketed.
The #1 resource is the MLS. All agents have access to the MLS and this is where we go to find properties for our buyers.
These days, homes are also marketed on many different websites, including the one we are on right now.
Another way to advertise a home to local agents is to have a broker's open. Basically agents are invited (and usually enticed with food- apparently we like to eat) to come personally check out the property.
When we have a new listing in our office, we "caravan" that listing, meaning that we literally all get in our cars and go see it for ourselves at a particular time. This way, each agent in our office is familiar with all of the inhouse listings.
These days buyers do have tremendous access online to what is available so things have changed a bit. Buyers are not as dependent on agents for market knowledge as they use to be.

Please do yourself a favor and sit down with your agent and ask him/her exactly where your house is being marketed because obviously your agent can answer your question much better than anyone here.
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Clay and Andrea
The search for clients matching properties is done on the MLS with agents! They have a buying client and enter the data in which kind of property that client is searching for to make a match. Your home should be on at least 20 web sites across the country from using a realtor. Good luck with your real estate transaction!
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The primary method is through the MLS. Any agent (who is a member of the MLS) can locate your property and then show it.

A secondary method is marketing to other agents. There are a number of electronic flyer services that agents can use. Those services often offer different areas--like bands surrounding a bullseye--that the flyer can be sent to for a price. So your agent might send the flyer to every agent within a 10 mile radius of your property.

Related to that, some areas (such as the one I'm in) also offer a paper flyer service. In my area, we have two. Works pretty much the same way as an electronic flyer. The paper flyer is delivered to every agent in surrounding areas.

The advantage to marketing to other companies is that you greatly increase the number of agents who become aware of your property, and who may have a client looking for a property like yours. There's no disadvantage at all to the seller. To the listing agent, if another agent is involved in the transaction, the commission is split between the listing and buyer's agent. So the listing agent won't make as much. However, agents know that most sales occur with the help of a second agent--whether from the same firm or a different firm. So, it's not really much of a disadvantage. And an agent would much rather split a commission than not to have the home sell.

Congratulations on the good feedback. And it sounds as if your agent is doing a good job of marketing your home.

Hope that helps.
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Don Tepper, Real Estate Pro in Fairfax, VA
In most areas, the listing goes up on the local MLS (Multiple Listing Services) and from there, any real estate agent from any company can access this listing. This listing might get sent out to their client based on their client's search criteria, and the client may alert their agent they would like to show the property. Most MLS feeds are also linked up to real estate sites such as this one and others (zillow, realtor.com, redfin) where clients might be searching and find your home and alert their agent they would like to see it. Agents may specifically market your home on a site such as this one. Or other sites such as craigslist, their own personal real estate website. Or perhaps local media - newspapers, magazines, etc.

Often a great house sells itself, especially in a buyers' market such as this. It sounds like your house shows beautifully, so you should have no problem attracting buyers and getting it sold quickly - with the help of your agent.

Good luck,

Richard Schulman
Keller Williams Real Estate
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