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Jonathan, Home Owner in Santa Ana, CA

How can i sell my home right away?

Asked by Jonathan, Santa Ana, CA Thu Apr 26, 2012

I want to go live with the rest of my family.

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Being desperate to sell your property at the earliest also sends wrong signals across to the buyers that there must be some fault in it and if not, then they would quote you a lesser amount for the said property. Therefore, it is necessary that you take discrete steps for the purpose.
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Hey Jonathan,

You have a lot of good replies here on selling your home. I can get your home sold for you, but the main question is are you SURE you want to sell it? I understand you want to live with the rest of your family, which leaves you two options: SELL IT or RENT it! That home your living in is the biggest investment you will ever make in your life, so why not find a renter and tuner your home into an investment property and make a profit.
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I live and work in Santa Ana ad the market has very low inventory right now. Most of my listings in Santa Ana are selling quickly with multiple offers. It is important to use an agent that is local and knows your market!
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The best thing to do is to list slightly under market. You'll likely get multiple offers and likely get market value when it's over. Good luck.
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Short answer is to underprice it...
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I would love to help you! Here is some information about me taken from my website http://www.MyRealEstateExecutive.com

Brittany Leighton, Real Estate Professional

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We can auction the home. It will be sold in 2 weeks.
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The fact is that if you hire a good agent, who prices your property correctly, you will sell the home quickly and get as much money as possible.

It looks like several good agents have applied for the job below.

As a lender I work with a lot of agents.
May I recommend Grant Loel his phone numbers are:
949-335-6457 949-354-4464
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Call us we are cash buyers or we can sell your property fast.
Neal Prochoren
(949) 500-1680
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Hello Jonathan,

I assume that your home is listed and could not sell .. Well .. GOOD PRICING will cure everything !!! and will help sell your home right away .. ask your listing agent redo the Computer Market Analysis (CMA) for you and listen to what he have to say CAREFULLY.

Vinny Tran & Nancy Do
Mr. "Little Saigon" & Associates
Web Reference: http://www.vinnytran.com
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1. Ensure it is in top condition

2. Ensure it is marketed heavily by a real estate broker

3. Price it at or below the market.

Best of luck for quick sale!
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if you are interested in selling your home right now just tell us where to go see this and talk business, we are a company dedicated to buy houses immediately at fair prices in relation to the current market we are only fast, let us know If you are willing to do business call Michael at 7864161829 or write to email videospromosion2012@gmail.com, thanks
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Hire an expert in your community to list the home and be willing to price it correctly for your current market conditions. A Realtor with a great reputation will most likely have an awesome marketing plan and the best advice for getting the home sold as quickly as possible, as well as achieving all of your goals.
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Price the house appropriately
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Pricing a Home Right in the Market is the Best Answer !!! You also need a Realtor who will advertise your home heavily in all aspects of the market to get good exposure. I have a Large Advertising Campaign that I do and when Homes are Priced right they sell !! Good Luck!!
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Another option is using a real estate company that will buy the house if it want sell. If you have equity and are willing to take a loss, this is valid option if you need to move quickly.

If you are going to list, use an agent with experience. Price the home right and have a stager to give you steps to get your home ready.

Good Luck!
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To get it sold right away, begin with pricing it to sell right away. But that alone is not enough--make it showroom ready. Get rid of the clutter--clutter eats equity; make it sparkly clean; stage it sell; and make sure there is enough curb appeal to make them want to see more.

Best Of Luck
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The best answer to selling your home right away is to properly price the home at market value. Over pricing a home will almost always make your home stay on the market longer than you would like. Work with a professional Realtor in your area to help you find the most accurate price for your home that will get it sold quickly.
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lots of pictures of a neat, clean home
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It's all about pricing! Picture yourself on a fishing trip and you want to catch the biggest whopper, as fast as possible...you need to bait your hook(curb appeal and home staged) and lower it into to the price range where the fish are biting by undercutting the competition~ even if by a smidge! Make sense?
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Although I am licensed in Naples, Florida the answer will be the same.

First is the home ready to physically to be sold, for example does it have curb appeal. Folks won't buy if you can't get them in the front door. Look at your home and decide which are the advantages to owning this home? Remove unnecessary furniture and accessories this will take full advantage of the room sizes and allow buyers to antcipate the real value in each room.

I could go on but my best advise to you is to hire an agent familiar with your area. A licensed agent will have your home listed not only on the local MLS but on multiple web sites to draw folks to your property. And please allow the agent to hold Open House as often as your commuity allows. Make it easy for agents to bring in clients with short notice.

Price the home to sell now not in 3 months.

Good luck!
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1. Best to checkout the market for homes in your area that are similar in size first. This will help you to understand your competition.
2. I recommend contact 1-3 Realtors who have been recommended either though friends of yours or finding Trulia Realtors with many recommendations. The Realtors can give you the sold comps as well as your current competition.
3. Stage your home and make it available to see often. If you keep it messy, chances are you will have a more difficult time selling it quickly for the highest possible price.
4. Price it at or below market value with a waiting period that you will review offers. Go out of town, make yourself un available to review any offers for a week. if you price the property agreesively, your agent can generate excitement and get multiple offers for you. This will only happen is the home is staged and shows well. Getting multiple offers is the best way to sell your home quickly at the highest possible price and the best terms for you.
5. You escrow period doesn't need to be longer than 30 Days. Get is stage, Get is Listed, Get is Sold, get on with your LIfe!
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In addition to finding a great realtor, you’ll need to invest a few days getting your home market ready.
You’re moving anyway so straighten up by boxing up the clutter. As the saying goes “if you can’t sit on it, it’s not decoration and you can’t eat it, it’s clutter”. Save yourself time later and money (in the form of increased sales dollars because your home shows better) by packing now.
A clean home turns buyers on in an instant just as a dirty one will send them out the door. Put in the elbow grease or hire someone else to – just make sure your home is scrubbed.
Also, fix the maintenance items that you can. Whatever your budget, even if it’s minimal it’s important to address any obvious defects. When buyers feel a sense of pride from your home it gives them a comfort level that will speed them to the offer stage more quickly.
Good luck Jonathan. I hope you sell it quickly.
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The quickest we have turned around or SOLD and CLOSED, was 48 hours.

Here were the catches:
1. my attorny could do a quick title search and had the time to prepare the documents and do the closing
2. the seller owned the property free and clear with no mortage.
3. buyer was a cash buyer.
4. Property was 50 cents on the dollar.

Other then that the information provided by the others is very very good.

Good Luck

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You need a right realtor,right price, and right marketing tools. Good luck.
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It's relatively easy actually.

1) List with a reputable Realtor in your neighborhood.

2) Price the home about 5-10% below recent market comparables.

3) Have your Realtor order professional photos.

4) Check your listing for grammatical erros and typos,

5) Watch the offers come in.

Price is 90%s and condition of your home (including photos) is the other 10%.

Good luck
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Hello Jonathan,

If you work with an experienced agent, who is a great marketer and you both work as a team on getting the house in great shape and pricing it right, and the house will get the most exposure possible - you will sell your home pretty fast in any market.

Best of luck,

Irina Karan
Beachfront Realty, Inc.
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List your home with an experienced realtor and let your realtor guide you in the pricing and marketing of your home.
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Depending on your goals , there are a few ways to get there. If you need to sell without concern for price, list your home at a price slightly below market value...you might even get multiple offers. Or you could find an investor who can pay cash and close in 1-2 weeks. This investor will probably want to offer a price under market value.
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Hello Jonathan,

You need to list your home with a Realtor. We have the tools and resources to market your home and get it sold.

I would suggest you choose a local Realtor ( at least someone in North Orange County). Local agents have more of a feel for what's going on right in your area, they can answer questions buyers may have that out of the area agents simply can not.

Now, would you have to do a short sale? Do you owe more on your home than it is currently worth? If so you will have to get bank approval, and that could slow the proces down.

If you are able to do a STANDARD sale your home will sale faster.

I wish you the very best, I know how it is to be far away from family.

Best Regards,

Kawain Payne, Realtor
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Hello Jonathan,
You should hire an agent to do this for you the more exposure the more buyers will see it .
I'd be glad to help you with.Please give me a call at (800)578-0751 or email me Ludy@tarbell.com

Thank you.
Ludy Ivonina
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If you have equity, you may want to consider renting it out just in case you want to move back to it. With rents increasing it could be a great opportunity for you. If you still are looking to sell your home quickly I have a great program that gets results like non other. Check out my webpage and give me a call. If you want to sell it your self I would be happy to proved you this marketing for free.


Lori Hanson
OC Homes Realty
714-585-5236 cell
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I'm meeting an owner tomorrow morning in Santa Ana to put his home on the market, I could meet with you afterward. I have 16yrs experience, I'm helping owners within a 300 mi radius of where I live, underwater owners, standard equity sellers & everything in between. I'd be happy to email to you a resume & let you know what I think your home could sell for.

Shoot me an email directly if you'd like to talk to me some more. I don't look back on this same Trulia thread for answers posted after mine.

562-430-3053 c
Realtor Since 1996
Main Street Realtor
Short Sale Expert & I can PROVE IT
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Having a Realtor that can utilize all the tools available in helping sell your home is key. The Second thing is having a Realtor that will LISTEN to what you want. Many think they know best and discount what the client truly wants. If you want to sell your home and move back with your family than there is a time line you must be working with. I would like to hear all of the facts and try to help you determine what is best for you and your family. The right buyer is out there. We just have to find them through the proper channels. As a young professional myself I understand the important decisions we make for our families.

Let me know if I can help
Lara Gabriele
949 939 4876
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Hello jonathon

You should hire an agent to do this for you the more exposure the more buyers will see it and get multiple offers. Of course it has to be price right. If its priced to high you will not get much interest. You should interview a couple of agents ro see how they are going to work for you.
They will need to know I this is a short sale, regular sale, or a flip sale. If its a condo other things come into play vs a home. Talk to you soon

Ingrid Ski Realtor
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We have plenty of buyer and would love to help you sell you home fast, where are you located jonathan? please e-mail me at homebaserealtor@yahoo.com
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You could probably use our help we help you prepare your house for sale in Austin and the surrounding areas check us out at http://savingamericaenergy.com or http://lonestarpainters.com. We can make your house more saleable!
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Jonathan, I'd love to help you. Give me a call if you want more information or email me.
714-514-1121, philschaefer1@gmail.com
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We have cash investors that can buy your house and close with in a week. I am one of them. This is a super easy and quick solution. It does not matter what is the condition of the property. http://www.makhomerealty.com is my website or my phone # 714-660-4624.
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Price it correctly and hire a professional agent.
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Interview three agents that are local. Make sure they all know the area, have proven sales records, and good marketing skills. You can even reconfirm with their broker after you interview them. Make sure they provide you with a good standings letter from their board. Remember that 20% of the agents usually do 80% of the business in their local areas.

Who cares if an agent has cash investors if they are selling you short on market value for your home. Lending is just as good with qualified buyers that can close in 21-30 days with the right lender and certain loans. Make sure you discuss your wants and needs with the Realtors and their ability to obtain that for you.

Good Luck.
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I sell more homes in Santa Ana then any other Broker. I can prove that to you. So if you have a home in Santa Ana that you want to sell now, write me directly and give me the details. I am sure I have an investor that will buy your home today if it fits the bill


Butch Suddarth
Metropolitan Realty
1800 N. Bristol St
Santa Ana, CA 92706
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I would recommend meeting with someone who can go over your goals with you, that way you can set a price that will yield the results you are looking for. Also an escrow company can provide an estimated net sheet so prior to putting your house on the market you can get a good idea of what you'll actually walk away with. Let me know if you have any further questions or feel free to contact me and we can discuss it more in detail.

Warmest regards,
Kristen Keefe
(949) 351-3110
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It will sell quickly if it is priced right..pure and simple
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Hi Jonathan, I have several cash buyers who will consider buying your home immediately and we could close as soon as you would like to move. When do you want to move out?

Glen S Etherington, Principal Broker, REALTOR
Web Reference: http://www.glincus.com
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The key to a quick sale while still getting a good price is 3 things; Presentation, Marketing & Pricing.
If your house looks nice, has curb appeal and is well presented inside you will draw interest. Clean, declutter, fix anything that says "work" for the buyer.
Marketing is getting your home in front of the most eyes possible. A great agent knows how to do this and will use all means possible. The local MLS, Trulia and dozens of other websites as well as bright clear pictures with warm and inviting descriptions.
Finally, if you over price your home all the other work will be for nothing. Homes that are priced to attract offers get offers. Many in my market are receiving multiple offers right now. The other surprise here is that by pricing well, you will net more. Over priced homes sit and become "aged inventory" are overlooked by agents and buyers both.
Find a great local agent who understands this and will help you accomplish your goal. Best of luck
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