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Everyone loves our North Hills home but hates the driveway. We've had over 200 showings with no offers. How do we get a buyer to love the house?

Asked by Ckoleszar, 27609 Sun May 9, 2010

as much as we do and stop worrying about the driveway and make an offer?

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Debbie is right. Price will over come any objection.

Most people just say... 'Well, make me an offer". But those words get lost on people who are looking in the current price range and have other options. What you need to do is get this home into the price range of people who would say "What driveway???".

You've already reduced it, I know. But it seems as if you have some ways to go.

If you have had 200+ showings, then indeed the price needs to be adjusted to be in line with the demands of the market.
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The rational thing is to drop the price until the driveway is no longer an issue. Remember there are houses in your neighborhood just as nice without the steep driveway. Naturally, this will bring the value down and eliminate it for certain people. By reducing it below the others in the neighborhood, your equalizing the value of the home. Good luck, I know you'll get it sold!
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Ck - it's not easy or pretty to say, type or discuss huge price reductions with sellers..............but, in your case, it appears the driveway is the reason your home hasn't sold.

It may not have been a problem for you when you bought, and I don't know how long ago you purchased it...........but it is a negative for current buyers , who are already nervous about buying in a down economy. They want as much assurance as they can get that their purchase is secure down the road. Any home with an obvious negative is especially feeling the down side of selling in today's market.
For example, a home with high tension wires behind it, or on a busy street will take longer, and sell lower than any time in recent history.....compared to homes without any kind of negative.

As Drew said.... and as Dan, as a buyer, said..........your price will have to make the driveway be insignificant...someone has to think to himself - "Wow, I can afford buy this great house - to heck with the driveway!"
I liked Drew's comment ............ "What driveway?"
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I am an agent who lives in Hickory Hills of North Hills . My driveway is steep as well. I almost didn't by my house because of it. I loved the house. You get use to it fast. Call if you need assistance. 919-607-4869
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It is my belief as a real estate professional that what may have been a problem for you when you purchased the home will most probably be the driving factor why you cannot sell the home.

The driveway may be a factor, however, if a buyer has driven by the house, they see the driveway and they still want to see the interior of the house, then the driveway is not the problem.

If a buyer has seen photos of the house prior to going out to see the house and they proceed to have their agent schedule an appointment to show them the house - then the driveway is not the problem.

During the 200 showings, have you and your agent, if you have it listed professionally, discussed the feedback that agents request after the showings? If so, was the driveway mentioned as the problem why the buyer did not wish to make an offer? If so, did you or your agent go back to the buyer or buyer's agent and ask more questions? If you know for a fact that the ONLY reason you have not received an offer is the driveway, I would go back to the buyers and /or their agents and tell them that you would discuss reducing the price to compensate for the driveway as the problem.

Another possibility would be to see if you can get a contractor to sketch a design on how to alter the
positioning of the driveway by possibly paving a circular drive creating a more graceful appearance and possibly less dangerous. Could you possibly call me and explain to me the problem with the driveway. I have listed and sold homes in North Hills over the years and understand the area is an
attractive location, especially since North Hills Shopping area has been upscaled by Mr. Kane.
My contact is: janetsher@gmail.com or (919) 782-2417 Janet Sher - Broker/Consultant with
Raleigh Cary Realty. I would like to preview your home if possible. Thank You.
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There are 3 elements to selling.

1. Proper Marketing- Needs to be advertised well
2. Condition- home has to be in move-in condition
3. Price- Need to be in line with similar closed homes

With all of these being done effectively, your home should sell. If the driveway is really steep...you may have to overcome this hurfle with price.
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You certainly have the location going for you. The North Hills location demands a premium. However, when you have a negative the only thing that helps compensate is price. Sorry for the bad news.
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No offense but with over 200 showings, it is more then the Driveway.

Price dictates every offer these days.

PPL buy homes on PRICE per sq foot. Location adds a little but, but not as much as ppl dream it would these days.

The idea of Location, Location, Location has given way to Price / sq foot, Price /sq foot, and Move In ready, all new Paint and fixed up, THEN location.

ask your listing agent to so you the SOLDs in the 27609 Zip. I would bet most are around or under $100 / sq foot. Don't look at the UN SOLDS. the Un SOLDS are the market rejections.

I have sold 4 properties in the 27609 Zip since Oct 2011. All were under $100 / sq ft

so a significant price drop may be in order.

Best of Luck
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200 showings is a lot! The house must me priced right to have that kind of traffic... 27609 is the hottest area in Raleigh... I would hold off on lowering the listing price but know in your mind you will have to take much less to move your home... Have your agent contact the agents that have already shown the property and the agents that will be showing in the future, to talk about the elephant in the room THE DRIVEWAY! Let these people know you understand your driveway is a problem and you will entertain any and all resonable offers. You may get some low offers but I would much rather have a chance to negotiate than no chance at all... Hope this helps...

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I used to visit a couple of different friends both had steep driveways. One was steep up from the road and one was steep down from the road. The steep down had such bad visibility that I started parking on the side of the road instead of going down the driveway.

The steep up driveway always made me nervous. I had to go down in first gear and ride the brakes. If I slid a bit at the bottom I could slide into traffic. Going up it my wimpy little vehicle (then) would work hard to make it up the driveway.

Honestly, if I saw a steep driveway and a lot of steps to get into a house I would not bother to look at the house. Those 2 things are to much of a turnoff for me.

If the house sold for a LOT LESS than any other houses (I mean a LOT not a little) I might consider it. But the discount would have to be just about as steep as the driveway is.
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It is a steep driveway with stairs to go up to get into the house but it is a driveway that has several parking options. We created a video for our Realtor to send to potential buyers to show them the different options they have to pull into the driveway. We feel it is a situation where it appears to be a problem but honestly with time, you won't even think about driving up and down the driveway.

The price has been dropped many times and it is priced well under market value. We have not had one complaint or issue about price.

We've also had an architect draw different options or potential solutions for the driveway. Although we can't change the driveway, the drawings show alternative ideas like adding stairs from the road level and changing the landscaping to give even more driveway room. In addition, we've widened the driveway in one section that was fairly narrow.

We are out of ideas about a problem that we didn't think existed when we purchased the home. Unfortunately, my husband was transferred and we had to relocate out of state or we would still be living in the house that we love.
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Hi Ckoleszar:

What is the issue with the driveway. Is it in bad shape, too steep, too long, in the wrong place. More information would be helpful.

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Assuming you can't physically change the driveway, or move it to another location on the lot, as Dan suggested..............You're not going to want to hear this.....but...in answer to........How to get a buyer to love the house and forget about the driveway issue (whatever that issue is)?

Answer: Reduce the price until the driveway "disappears" and the value pops out!
Price is always the great equalizer............even a steep driveway can become "level" at the right price!

Good luck!
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I saw a property I would have bought. The driveway was horrible. However, I figured I could move it to a better location that would be acceptable to me.

Can you move the driveway or add gravel to change its objections?
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I wonder why anyone would hate a driveway? is there a parking situation on your block?
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