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Does the selling agent really make a difference? What can one agent do to sell a house, that another doesn't do? (Isn't it more about price & timing?)

Asked by iSell, Tenafly, NJ Sat Sep 1, 2012

Does it matter which agent I choose to sell my house?

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John Sacktig’s answer
Two parts:

1) Yes, your listing agent matters. look for the top listing agent in your area. These agents are savvy in the marketing your home, that is why the he/she would be the top in the area. A top agent usually knows the market and has many listings that draw people to them. If you go to an agent that has no listings and she/he says to you.. well, "I will only be working on your home" that other agent is to busy to give you their full attention...it is just a pitch to get your listing, to get business.

2) Yes, it is a lot about price and timing. A good listing agent will come to you and tell you an honest price to get the home sold. If an agent comes in tells you what seems to be a higher price, usually it is just to get your listing, letting you think they can get you more money when rather it is just to get the listing.
Make sure your agent SHOWS YOU what will happen, each and every website, each advertising piece , previous (current) mailers, previous company ads, previous personal advertising. These things matter. Most of the top listing agents will have this information available for you. The point is to sell your home. Top listing agents will already stream of buyers that are looking.

The whole "staging" and "international" marketing thing is not really in play.. clean your house.. make sure it looks good, your listing agent can help with that.. how many times have you heard that your neighbor sold his house to a guy that moved from Madrid, Spain because he saw the house on some international website.. uh, none. Again, it is about the listing agent marketing plan.
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This is an old question (September 2, 2012) but the answer to the question: "Does the selling agent make a difference?"for the most part is "yes."

Even the most successful agents, however -- at least the honest ones -- will tell you that sometimes, "luck" plays a role. One of the agents in our office sold a house to a buyer dropped in to the office while she was on "up-time" and bought the first house he saw; the house had been on the market for quite some time, but when the right buyer came along....

There are agents who will tell you to look at the "track record" of other agents and give you a series of questions to ask them. The agents who give you the series of questions are trying to market themselves by giving you a series of questions that are designed to put another agent on the defensive.

Some will tell you to take only the most experienced agents, but if all the sellers only went with "experienced" agents, how would we develop a new generation of other successful salespersons?

There are "newbies" who come into the real estate industry that have more savvy than some who have been in the business for many, many years. The real question is whether or not the salesperson knows how to do two things for you: (1) Market your home and (2) Present it to "close a sale."

My advice to you -- if you are interested in checking out the salesperson best suited for you -- is to invite him/her to your home and give him/her some time to familiarize him/herself with it. Then, ask him/her to demonstrate how he/she would present your home to a potential buyer. If you are happy with that presentation, then hire that person -- regardless of the experience he or she has in the real estate industry.

Think about it: do you want to go to a doctor or auto mechanic who boasts about his/her accomplishments or do you want to go to one who treats you or your car properly. If you expect those professionals to demonstrate their expertise, why wouldn't you expect the same from a real estate agent?

Best regards,


One component of the sale is "luck:" and even te
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I agree with you - never underestimate the value of luck and tmiing in getting a home sold!
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A good listing agent will have a business plan adapted especially for your home. The full service. companies will devote resources to ensure that your home gets the maximum exposure in the various media
You Realtor and his company will have access to a large number of web sites, too many to list, that are the preferred choice of home searchers in this day and age.
Your realtor will mail out cards announcing your house is for sale. your realtor will conduct open houses at frequent intervals to ensure the interested members of the public has access to your house .Your realtor will constantly monitor the market and its activity to ensure that your house is priced competitively..
Your realtor will have a call center associated with its web site, staffed 7 days a week, so that any one asking about your home will be able to speak to a real person, get information, and if they want to see it arrange an appointment there and then.
You will be able to reach your realtor any time of the day and night because they never turn off their cell phone.
Your realtor will be working 12 hour days yet will always have time for you.
Yes you can say a good full time sellers agent can make a big difference.
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See my initial response below.

It is also good to note that you want to work with an agent that see everything and pays attention to details.. such as noting a question that is 6 months old and not responding as if it were just asked.

Anybody can blah, blah blah.. your home for sale. But to answer that question again.

Yes it makes a difference. And given we are back here -again- it is obvious that the right agent matters.
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What makes a good Realtor?
1. Knowledge
2. Experience(Real Estate and Business)
3. Timing & Price (which a good Realtor will know about)
4. Marketing
5. Connections( most homes are sold by other Realtors with qualified buyers)
Pick one that has the above traits and works in your area.
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The right Realtor does make a difference in selling your home. You should select an experienced agent that is going to be honest with you about pricing and perparing your home to sell, someone that has a specific plan of action to market your home, & someone that will follow up on all leads & showings of your home. If your home is overpriced it will not sell whether it is listed with the top agent in your area or a novice.
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Yes, hiring them can make a huge difference as they can get your house in front of a lot more people since they have more knowledge about the market. They can help you get more money for your house than you might. They have the ability to put your property on the MLS (online Multiple Listing Service) which gets the property on every realtors computer. There little suggestion can make a big difference in the price as for painting the exterior, a bit of landscaping, rearranging the furniture and more such little suggestions. They also make a paperwork involved in selling or buying a house pretty easy. They make sure you are protected by ensuring the buyer is legit.
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isell, personally, my opinion is dont focus too much on how many "titles" or "awards" a Realtor may have, or how many years they boast to have been selling real estate. But focus primarily on the actual interview you have with potential listing agents and rate them on their overall MARKETING PLAN that is presented to you since that may be what sells your home and not the action of the Realtor running around telling everyone how long they've been selling for and showing off their
And once you have interviewed a couple Realtors, you will see that the interviews have answered ALL of your questions above.

~ Best with the sell of your home!~

Laquita Baez
Licensed Realtor in NJ and GA
Weichert Realtors

Dream Homes ARE Within Reach!!!
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Do you think it matters, iSell?
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I used to not think it mattered, but now I am not sure- thus my question...
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Hi Maria
Huge difference! A top Realtor knows how to price, take pictures, and get more buyers to see your home. Higher web traffic bringing more potential buyers to view your home,thus the potential to get more money for your home. A Top Realtor that is entrenched in the market has the visibility and the connections to reach other Realtors in all areas other than the local areas.
Also the name that has the highest market share in that area tells the story. Coldwell Banker has a huge market share in Tenafly NJ
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There are three big differences when it comes to choosing a listing agent. The first is experience, how many years and how many transactions has the agent successfully closed? How many in the past 12 months. This leads us to number two: Honesty. Most agents tend to differ to their clients wishes when it comes to pricing, what the client wants or needs is quite honestly irrelevant. The market is what it is and an experienced agent can and will accurately analyze the market data and require you to price accordingly. (I can't tell you how many listings I've been offered that I did not take as I knew the seller wasn't pricing it right and I'd be wasting my time.)

Finally it's marketing; Is you agent all over the Internet? Do they spend money monthly to make sure their listing are professionally displayed and given top placement on every major real estate web site? Do they hire professional photographers to shoot pictures, and create virtual tours? Will they offer you a staging consultant to help arrange your home to show it in it's most favorable light? Most agents think real estate is a low overhead business and have incomes to match. It takes money to make money and top agents know this and spend accordingly.
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Great answer..!
Agent from Northern NJ with same sentiment!
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Your REALTOR represents you in the following processes:

1) Preparing you to take your property to market by giving you advice that will best showcase your property for photos, marketing materials, drive-by previews and in person showings. This includes recommendations for which repairs or upgrades are worthwhile based upon competition and positioning in the marketplace.

2) Marketing - Guerilla marketing is an ongoing process; not the task of creating an MLS listing, syndicating to some real estate portals and making a brochure. While these are fundamental components; sometimes it takes more than the fundamentals to get a property sold. Price is a component of marketing. Finding the sweet spot of the right price is important and it’s not 100% predictable. If it were, we wouldn’t see price adjustments on so many properties, including those of strong listing agents. An ongoing analysis of the market’s response to your offering coupled with appropriate adjustments is critical. The market’s response includes online viewings, drive by’s, showing appointments and feedback. Guerilla marketing is an ongoing process of constant analysis and tweaking. A great agent has the tools and knowledge to monitor, interpret and advise.

3) Negotiations - Once an offer is received, your agent will advise you, and deliver the information to the buyer agent. Not all agents deliver on an equal level. The communication and negotiation skills of the agent can and do make a difference in the outcome. Negotiation starts with an offer and ends at the closing table; it does not end with a signature on a contract. Your agent can be your source of advice through post inspections and even a challenging walk-through. Hopefully the last item is not needed!

4) Network - Sources - Problem Solver: Some agents are well connected with many sources to call upon when challenges arise. We never know what may arise; the better the network - the better equipped to handle curve balls that may surface.

5) Processes - Your agent will guide you through the processes and technical details. The more knowledgeable your agent, and the more attentive to details s/he is, the more likely you are to experience a smooth transaction.

6) Time - Your agent will save you time by expediting processes, or personally handling details and/or appointments.

7) Calm - Real estate transactions can, at times, be stressful. A good agent will bring objectivity and insight.

Not all REALTORS are the same. Who you choose to represent you makes a difference in the outcome.
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Deborah Madey, Real Estate Pro in Brick, NJ
Hi Maria
Huge difference! A top Realtor knows how to price, take pictures, and get more buyers to see your home. Higher web traffic bringing more potential buyers to view your home,thus the potential to get more money for your home. A Top Realtor that is entrenched in the market has the visibility and the connections to reach other Realtors in all areas other than the local areas.
Also the name that has the highest market share in that area tells the story. Coldwell Banker has a huge market share in Tenafly NJ
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Definitely, is difference between one to another Agent. No all the Agents can stage your home, have international marketing range and guide you towards a sucessful closing. Even after you get the right offer, there are many obstacles that happen during the contract period that will require skills on part of the Listing Agent to keep the deal together.


Maria Cipollone
Parkland, Fl.
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I can show you how marketing and my target marketing will give your home more exposure.
Marketing is totally different from one agent to the next.

A good agent can help you stage your home
A good agent can negotiate a better price for you
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I do think the listing agent makes a difference...sometimes more than others.

I agree, however, that price ( luck) and timing can certainly play into it, but maximizing the opportunities that come your way may very well depend on how adept the agent is.

We all have war stories to tell about inept agents on the other side of a deal..........so........yes, it does and can make a difference.

Good luck!
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I think the most important thing to look for in an agent is accessibility, you want an agent who is going to give you constant feedback on showing and marketing activity along with ease of contacting them. In addition, the best lisitng agents in my opinion use what I call, "Creative Marketing" to sell a home.


Mike Brownstead
Ebby Halliday REALTORS
Plano, TX
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The ability to negotiate.
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Dear "iSell,"

You're talking about a "selling agent" but your question suggests that you really mean "listing agent." If that is the case, then yes, pricing and "timing" (aka "luck") certainly play a role.

More importantly, however, is how the listing agent markets your home for sale and how they negotiate on your behalf once you get an offer.

In that case, yes, it certainly matters which agent you choose to sell your home.

Best regards,

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Well it actually does make a difference!! Price and timing is a big factor but some agents have more contacts and more access to different websites and just work your listing in a better way than others. Some agents take a listing and that's all, they may not have other resources or connections, other agents are actually marketing listings giving sellers updates and recommendations and make each sale a marketing project with the help of office staff, Internet etc. You also sign a contract for a period of time and it works better if you get along with your realtor and create a good business relationship. If price was the biggest factor you should just sell under market and get a contract right away and loose money! A good agent suggest a current listing price in accordance with other recently sold properties and the work start from there. Also some agents are good negotiators and can handle an offer and others are not as good. Big difference for the seller.
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The most important role a Listing Agent plays is to attact other Agents and the Public to your home. The advertising, their contacts, the websites where your home will be featured, the MLSs where they are members are all part of it.

But there is more. How is your home present itself when they do visit. The advice and staging services a Listing Agent offers is also important. You home must be as welcoming as possible to impress a visitor.

Best of luck
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I agree with Connie but want to add another important issue. You need an agent who initially comes to your house prepared with comps showing houses in your town similar to yours that actually sold, together with a list of houses in your town presently for sale (your competition) and exactly how many are under contract and at what selling price. You need an agent who will list your house at the right price because if it's priced too high, buyers will pass it up and it will sit on the market and in the long run, you will actually lose money. Don't be afraid to interview agents and ask a lot of questions. When you find an agent you're comfortable with, make sure you get everything they promised in writing!!!! Houses are definitely selling if they are priced right. Good Luck and enjoy your Labor Day Weekend!
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The selling agent definitely makes a difference!
Your agent should be a "go getter"
Your agent should have great advertising resources
He/she should be advertising open houses to the public AND to other brokers
They should be communicating web site results/ showing results/ open house feedback
Many agents will throw your listing in the "pile" they already have it listed and expect it to sell itself. They might get lucky....... or they might not. You are the one that suffers, because your home is not receiving the attention it deserves to get it sold!
Ask your friends, acquaintances, co-workers, ect of local agents with a great reputation. Word of mouth advertising tells the story! Good luck
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