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Does removing the carpet and installing hardwood flooring in the bedrooms and living rooms as well as tiles in the bathrooms add value to the home?

Asked by Roger, 78748 Tue Oct 11, 2011

I want to remove the carpet from my house and install hardwood flooring in ALL bedrooms, game room, and living room. Also, I want to remove the vinyl from the bathrooms and install porcelain tiles. Does installing hardwood flooring and tiles add value to the house?

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I feel that hardwood floors are desirable and most peope like that. Harwood floors add value to some buyers. Kriss Stevens
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I would agree that many buyers would prefer hardwood flooring. It looks great and is incredibly durable. People are interested in something that will make their home great and last a long time. It is obviously a preference issue for people, but I think that most would find hardwood flooring more valuable.
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Actually, it's not a feeling and after reviewing the data. More than 80% of people prefer hardwood. Also, what surprised me most is many people prefer tile, as well. I am definitely a hardwood lover, but I love the tile in my kitchen. I have to have tile in my kitchen or it's a no go.
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I agree with you, generally home buyers are willing to spend more when there is hardwood flooring in the house. It's a lot easier to move around on, and it keeps the house a lot cooler in the summer. In a desert area, hardwood floors are so much easier to keep clean as well. http://frontrangeinteriors.com/flooring.html
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Yes, I agree with the other posters. Installing hardwood flooring and tiles will increase the value of your home. I think that is something homebuyers are always looking for.
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I like hardwood over carpet.
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I would think hardwood floors are a plus.
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Most definitely, especially out here in the desert where so many are allergy sensitive. The only caveat would be if you're using a composite type of wood not to put it in any areas where water could accumulate such as bathrooms and kitchen. For those areas, I recommend tile or of that nature. And there is nothing wrong with having two types of flooring in your home. (ie: wood and tile or even some carpet in the bedrooms)
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I agree with Pam, carpet can, in fact, add value to your home. One thing I would keep in mind, is to make sure that the carpet is installed properly by a professional. It can decrease your home's value to have poorly installed carpet. I would suggest having a carpet installation crew come in and handle the project for you.
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Yes, it definitely adds value to a home. When I was house shopping with my aunt, I realized how much more beautiful the homes with hardwood flooring were. I mean we saw timber flooring, oak floors and more. I even saw a bamboo wooded floor and it was probably the most beautiful wood I'd ever seen.
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Wow this question needs a fork in it, it's done2...
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Thanks for such a helpful comment.
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Yes, it adds value to the buyer. Smart investment, be sure to keep neutral colors throughout the home also.
As the market stands now it is a price war and a beauty contest. Good luck..
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Austin is a beautiful city and one of the best things about it is the mission style construction and traditional large mexican clay tile. If you live in a planned tract home community, what is your neighbors standard upgrade? Wood expands and contracts with humidity changes and is very noisey if done throughout the home. Silly thing is people put large rugs on top of hardwood floors to lay on the floors. I have hardwood in my main living areas and carpeting in bedrooms and in summer we rarely use air conditioning and the wood swells. In a desert climate makes sense to me to use native flooring choices. Follow local agents advice! Me in Illinois, or an agent in NY or CA cant presume to know local buyer preferences.
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Yes it does it is very sought after, I was an interior Designer for 25 yrs before becoming a realtor and can safely say its money well spent
Web Reference: http://www.jaytenuta.com
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Yes - updating a home will add value, but you will not get a 100% return on investment. It will modernize your home if it feels dated. Just be careful with what type of floors you install - do your homework on current style/finishes and try and get something that is timeless so you don't install something that will be dated in the near future! Buyers are picky!
Web Reference: http://www.gocompass.net
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Good quality hardwood flooring should add more value to your home than carpet, however in some parts of the country, carpeting is preferred in the bedrooms. It is usually warmer in the winter, and more comfortable for bare feet, or wearing socks. In Austin it may be just fine. Consider how long you plan on living in the home, and what your personal preferences are. You can't go wrong replacing the vinyl with tiles.
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The thing people often expect is that the improvement is going to add more value to the home than it costs, and that is almost never the case. Usually, the item being replaced has some value. I presume the carpets aren't all trashed and are maybe even in fairly good condition. OK, so that value goes into the dumpster with the carpet!

Then, there's the complexity of the new project. It's not enough to just get new flooring and install it properly, aesthetic decisions have to be made and they will affect the value of the project. Which is why I strongly recommend enlisting the help of a professional interior decorator or designer to collaborate with.

Generally speaking, the finishes in a new home have been selected by a designer or someone with a skilled and trained eye. Tinkering with that often detracts from the value of a home. Older homes that have been remodeled and "updated" often have design choices that make them less desirable to purchasers, even as they make the home more comfortable and functional for the home owners.

All the best,
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All good answers. What I dont think was mentioned was buyers with allergies. Buyers do like hardwood because allergies are a big consideration when buying a home. I had one seller that had hardwood throughout the house and not even one rug because she has asthma. Hardwood is a fresh and clean approach to selling and buyers with allergies appreciate it. good luck mb
Web Reference: http://Marybethgrimm.com
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Hardwood flooring, and tile will definitely add value to the home. Buyers are looking for homes that have upgrades versus the ones that don't. Most buyers do not want to deal with contractors and the hassle that goes along with it. Upgrades are great if you are planning to live in the home a while. If your intent is to immediately sell the home than you might want to re-think it. You will not get back all the money you put into the home. Especially in this market.
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Do your neigbor comps have hardwood throughout? Still say if your home is a standard tract home built with carpeting and your current carpeting is shot, and your only interested in selling the house. New decent carpeting and paint will sell faster and not cause you to want to jack up the price to offset the additional expense of hardwood. You want to be in that lower middle tier of neighborhood comps and that hardwood might make you want to be the highest price active in the subdivision. Hardwood would make it sell faster but not for more money.
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Any improvement you do ads value to your home.
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I would say yes, the exact value of the upgrade would depend on the area. It will also make your property much more marketable should you decide to sell. You may want to consider leaving the carpet in the bedrooms if you are selling to save money as well.
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It wouldn't necessarily add or subtract any value. This really comes down to an idea of preference. You might be able to get more money out of a buyer who likes carpet more if you have that installed. I would definitely suggest going for whatever you prefer. Unless you're selling the home soon you should change things to the preferences you have. You'll likely have to renovate a bit when you do sell the home, so nothing should stop you from making this change.
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It depends...if the quality of materials used is much better than the ones in place, YES! Absolutely will it give it more of a monetary value. Sometimes, sellers will replace old carpets and replace them with the most inexpensive vinyl/tile they can afford. Not necessarily a high monetary value but it gives it more appeal. So, depending on the quality of materials, appealing value AND monetary value will definitely make your home show much better!
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Installing wood floors and tile does add value, it is important to talk to a local REALTOR to determine what return you can expect from a project like a installing new flooring in a whole house.
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A simple answer could be "yes". but home value is a bit more involved.
Upgrading your home to current styles and designs will always add appeal and this is a part of determination.
The market value in your area, what people are willing to pay is a big consideration.
What is you motivation, to increase the appraised value, or to increase you selling price?
Also to consider updating from outdated or distressed is always a good investment, but upgrading from good condition may not have a full return of investment.
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roger !! from what I gather your home needs some up grades, be done with the wall to wall carpet and vinyle floor thats out dated. hardwood flooring and tile are much nicer and create an overall cleaner enviroment and as far as added Value, your home will sell much faster and get better return on your investment then selling home as is. wishing you best of luck ,tom wentzwood hardwood flooring Phoenix Arizona.
Web Reference: http://www.wentzwood.com
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Never listen to someone that makes a general statement like "not in this market" when discussing real estate. Recently I was in Austin for a Realtor event and met with realtors from all over the country. Everyone had a different market. I work in St Petersburg and surrounding areas in Florida. Some of the areas I work in are selling like hot cakes. We cannot find enough homes to sell. In other areas in the same city houses are taking much longer to sell. So before you make a determination about your housing market please do your local homework.

As to improving your property to sell. Upgrading flooring from carpet to hardwood and vinyl to tile will increase the value of your property if you select a color and pattern that is more neutral and widely appreciated. Tile should be laid on the diagonal or a basketweave pattern rather than in straight lines. This helps hide the uneven walls which can often be unsightly. This costs more so ask your tile installer.
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Hello Roger,

I am somewhat of a realist My advise to my clients making any type of an improvement is do it for yourself.To many folks will make extensive upgrades or renovations to their home thinking they will automatically increase the cost of the home when they decide to sell. Not so,while wood and other hard surface floors are beautiful if you choose the wrong colors or type of floor it is more difficult to change for the new buyers. For me, I like wood the look and feel, easy to clean, low maintenance. The improvements could have your home on the market a shorter period of time and that alone could "add value".

Best of Luck!

Naples Florida
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It most certainly will add value to the house. It will also help shorten the market time for your home when and if you sell it. I would suggest you add area rugs to the bedrooms as some people like to step onto a warm rug first thing in the morning and not cold wood.
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Changing to hardwood floors and tiles will add value but most likely not as much value as they will cost. It comes down to personal preference more than anything.
Web Reference: http://www.tkrproperty.com
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Hardwood floors leave and indelible impression on buyers as the enter your home. Also they can serve as a durable surface in the "race ways' or heavy traffic areas; Entry, Halls, Living Room, Dining, etc. I often hear buyers comment on wood floors being a cold surface for bedrooms (even my wife says that).

Tile is a great surface for Baths and Kitchens (seal your grout)

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In many locations yes...especially removing vinly and old carpet...the question to keep in mind does it over improve it? also, are you going to live there? so its important for lifelstyle and you will get the use, the question is does it add value to you?
most consumers see it as a plus, but always keep in mind value is in the eye of the buyer....don't be too personal in your slections...neutral colors stand the test of time.
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In the Florida area people prefer tile floors over carpeting. However, it is all comes down to personal preference. Of course, you will need a full CMA (Comparable Market Analysis) from your Realtor. This is not an appraisal. This compares your home (subject property) to the other homes in your local area (comparables) based on square footage, number of bedrooms, and number of bathrooms, etc. in order to determine the price your home should be listed at to sell. Careful not to spend too much money on upgrades and then have over improvements. If you are going to upgrade anything in your home make sure it's more for your personal enjoyment :)
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Yes Installing hardwood and tile does add home value. One thing to consider is to do hardwood in the common areas and then do carpet in the bedrooms, that is typical a better choice.
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Regarding hardwoods and tile, it really does depend on your market and a good Realtor in your area will be able to answer that for you. In N.C. where I am, people love hardwoods and if certain rooms do not have them, when there is room in the budget, buyers often plan to redo floors in hardwoods. There was a time when anyone in real estate would automatically sanction any well done improvements a seller was going to make on their home and when home values kept rising that was sound advice. Today, however I would be very careful and get research on the return on different improvements in my area and make sure of those numbers because if any distressed properties,are being sold in your area, those numbers will pretty much determine to a great degree the potential value of the home. A good market analysis will make it clear to you whether the additional expense will bring you additional return or not. Improvements done correctly will always make it easier to sell a home but a good Realtor works for you to bring you the best possible return on your investment. So make sure the homework is done. Best of luck.
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In my market upgrading the flooring to hardwood will add value. It also makes the house more "saleable".
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Would keeping the tile in also add to the house value? I think people also like tile if it is in the right place. I think you can get a beautiful mixture of hardwood and tile if you know what you are doing. Personally, I would also keep the tile just because this is pretty expensive and it looks nice most of the time.

Zach | http://www.x-tile.net/site3b/index.php/aboutus
Flag Fri Oct 24, 2014
I have to say this as a 20 year veteran and an instructor. It would be unprofessional and unfair for anyone other than an agent or appraiser in your imediate market to say yes or no to that question. Each market and each home is different. You should talk to a local professional and assess if making the changes that you propose will increase the value of your home as much as you hope, or even as much as the cost of the change. Appraisers will tell you to make changes to increase your pleasure in your home, not to seek profit or additional equity, as those are difficult to do in many markets. If you are doing it because you want to, then great, go ahead, but if it is more for future profits, then do not. None of us have chrystal balls and it would be unethical to predict the future.
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Yes it does. However, be careful about what colors you choose. Make sure you choose neutral colors because your likes may not be what someone else prefers, then it will make it a harder sale. Also, I agree that you should hire a professional.
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Yes it does! Most people want hardwood flooring these days. Also, you are correct, porcelain tiles is going to be much better in the bathrooms. Most people hate vinyl floors! Also, hardwood flooring has remained popular for over 100 years, so if you make this improvement, you should get good return on your dollars invested. In other words, woo floors are not just a "fad" right now! Hope this helps...
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I agree with the other agents. Hardwood and tile installation is a great value boost! Just ensure that it is done correctly. Whether it is a DIY project or a professional install it has to look like the latter. Although you may carry hardwoods throughout the home and it is a good idea. In my opinion if selling your home be sure to flank beds with rugs etc to keep a "warm" feel. If your installing tiles in Bathrooms go ahead and install radiant floor heating. This is an inexpensive way to add a great wow factor!
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Absolutely, to both. Tile as well as hardwood will give your home a clean fresh look and let the buyer know that you paid attention to the trends today. But my advice if you are not handy, hire a professional. theres nothing like poor workmanship to kill a deal or worse yet, prevent a buyer from making an offer.
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I believe some carpet is essential, it adds the feeling of warmth, is an excelent sound barrier

Removing any sheet final is allways a plus, although you can dura-rock over it and then do tile.

Hard wood flooring would add value in areas such as dining and living areas, but we all no that " paint " is overall the big seller, neutral colors not just white
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In Kentucky where I work, this type of updating is well received and would help you sell your home quicker, provided all other features were in good shape.
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It does add value to the home, however, the cost will probably be greater than the value added in Michigan.
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I think installing hardwood flooring adds value as long as the quality is good. I would not install hardwoods in the bathroom, though, and stick with tile. If you're not a fan of the tile, I would re-tile as opposed to installing hardwoods.
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Thank you for the question, I live in Iowa, have family in Wyoming, Pennsylvania and Arkansas, and I can tell you that removing carpet and vinyl and replacing them with hardwood floors and tile will increase the value in the above mentioned states. Having said that, bear in mind that as with bright or loud paint colors some "strong" colored wood flooring may turn some people off. Same with tile, I usually recommend going with a neutral (not beige or tan) or very natural color wood and tile. You also have a lot of people with allergies, hord surfaces don't hold on to dust and other allergens as well as carpet surfaces.
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New Renovations in your Home such as Hard Wood Floors or Porcelain Tiles will definitely add more value to your home,
Any kind of Home Improvements / Remodeling or Updating on your Home will add value.
However hence to Mikel Defrancesco comment "Yes... but it may not add 100% of the cost you put into it'
I totally agree.
definietly do your research before you act on anything!
Prepare a list on what you want done in your home/replaced/ fix or updated.
And go to your Local Home Improvement or Hardware store and compare products and prices to see which is more cost efficient based upon your criteria and what type of improvements you want done in your Home!
1 vote Thank Flag Link Mon Nov 14, 2011
Yes... but it may not add 100% of the cost you put into it. It should bring some value and certainly will help it sell quicker. The real question is... how bad are the current carpet/vinyl. If it's a significant issue you're getting as feedback, do it.
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When a buyer is looking at your home, he/she is making note of the materials used such as hardwood flooring (very desireable with today's buyers) and tile vs. vinyl. Would a buyer give you a higher price if this was the type of flooring in your home vs. the home down the block that doesn't? Absolutely. Plus today's buyer is looking to just move in and do the least amount of work possible.
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Most definitely. Buyers/Renters are getting more picky now a days, they will look at all improvements done in the house, such as updated kitchen, windows, crown molding, flooring......., and then they will decide if it’s worth their efforts to submit an offer.
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Hi Roger,

Yes it does. Plus hardwood floors are environmentally friendly. Wood is a natural resource that is both renewable and recyclabl­e. Most hardwood floors almost never need to be replaced and can add thousands of dollars to the value of a home. There are many do-it-yourself articles and videos online and at your nearest Home Depot or Loewes store. Its hard work that will pay off in the end.


Jessica Filomeno
Licenced Real Estate Agent
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I find many buyers are trying to get away from carpeting due to allergies. Hardwood floors are very attractive but may not work for everyone. Definitely tile the bathrooms with a tile that will not be out of style tomorrow. There is some laminate flooring that looks good but it's not as expensive as hardwood floors. (Don't get the real cheap stuff, it looks it) It is also easy to take up just in case the new buyers don't care for it and want to replace it with, you guessed it, carpeting.
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Certainly hardwood is more attractive, but honestly it depends on the moisture in your area, since wood tends to taken in moisture and may show signs of warped wood on the floor. Tile for sure would be recommended in the bathrooms. To answer your question, normally wood would add value, and tile will for sure... but again it depends on the mositure in your area.
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I think most folks will agree that upgrading your floors will improve the value - especially if the carpet & vinyl are
showing age. The big plus is if you have pets (we do) it is a lot easier to deal with the occasional accident....
if you decide to sell the house at some point it may ad to the appeal of a pet owner as well.
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Yes it does! just make sure you use quality products
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It is obvious that there are differing opinions on this subject. As a real estate agent I would advise a seller not to put a large amount of money into a home they plan to list. Appraisers all have different criteria so I would not count on a higher dollar value. There are several less expensive items that can be done to enhance your listing. If you would like more information feel free to contact me. http://www.cindyschlee.com

Cindy Schlee, Realtor
JGR Real Estate
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Yes, updating your flooring will add value to you house. Are you asking if you will recoup the full investment for the upgrades if I sell my house? The answer is "no". Any appraiser will tell you that generally, any upgrades will only add 1/3 to 1/2 of the cost to the appraised value.
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