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Jeff, Home Seller in Palm City, FL

Does anyone know of a legitimate broker that will do a flat fee MLS listing for Palm City, FL?

Asked by Jeff, Palm City, FL Tue Jan 29, 2013

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What does legitimate broker mean? You mean work for a discount and give you 150% effort. Maybe I should ask about a legit seller.
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You can try Russ Sites at 772-463-5828. He offer a FLAT FEE service.
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Awesome, thank you!

So nice to finally talk to someone without an attitude insulting my intelligence. I really appreciate it.
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Of course there are franchises that allow for conditions just like yours.
Every consumer has exactly the same concern you do. That concern is that only those companies or professionals that deliver results are considered legitimate. Without the 'validation' of results, everything can be considered a scam, a fraud, a deception...not legitimate. Nobody encounters this more than real estate professionals who get 10 call a week from snake oil sales folk who promise to make us #1 on Googgle, fill our inboxes with eager buyers, and start the phone ringing with those who need to sell their home. As one who must on a daily basis sort the real from the fake, I can say, "I feel your pain.'
Often it requires a student to fail or the consumer to spend a sufficient amount of money or time before they realize they are on the wrong path. Everyone wants to save money. I know I do. And when I've beat down the vendor sufficiently, I'll take another whack at them before writing the check. We all want to save money, just like you.
What is faulty about your plan is:
1. You acknowledge the value of the professional representation system. (you want listed on the MLS)
2. You want to benefit from that system without buying a ticket.
3. You are uninformed regarding what a professional provides
4. You are caustic towards those upon whom you will eventually depend.
5. In the end, it will cost you more than if you simply did what you know you should do.
I could list no less the five ares where you will absolutely lose money exercising your plan. Three of these are BIG TIME systemic ambushes that will prove costly. But, to be honest, I believe the words would be falling of deaf ears.

Wishing the the very best of success
Annette Lawrence, Broker/Associate
Remax Realtec Group
Palm Harbor, FL
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Maybe you need to interview agents to see what they will do for marketing or don't place it in the MLS. You said there are tons of "other" places, Go there then!

And its 6% not 3%. And if your house is overpriced and takes a year to sell, its $12,000 divided by 12 months or $1000 or $250 per week to be on call 24/7 to show tire kickers, unapproved buyers and people with nothing better to do.

Oh, and the agent doesn't get that $250 in total either. That is gross before split and costs.

I suggest you get your license and sell your own house. Then you can offer whatever you want and see just how EASY it is.

Or maybe one of these contributors below who obviously do not value their time, investment in education or profession will do you the favor!
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Your arrogance is unbelievable. You actually think that someone can't figure out how to price their home on their own without the help of a realtor? Even without the MLS, its very simple to pull comps, whats on the market and whats sold, how much it sold for. Its actually really funny you say this because I had an agent at my house yesterday and they didn't even have all the appropriate comps pulled. I was informing them about other sales right on my street that they didn't have in there CMA packet and this was because they only subscribed to the local MLS and not the regional MLS. There's this thing called the internet, it works really well. You should be careful what you say. This entire thread could end up somewhere more visible to the public with your name and phone number attached all over it including all your arrogant egotistical comments. There's this company called google.com and it trolls websites and threads - moron.
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You will be the best and legitimate broker Jeff, so get to research all available resources and start to market on your own until buyers can come to you. Otherwise a broker will not help or care to help you for a flat fee and share that fee with anyone else.
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Jeff, I am up to a challenge! Why don't we have a cigar on the back of my boat and discuss your property, goals, etc.

Click on my profile and give me a call.
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I love to talk to you about what you would expect for a flat fee. I know of a couple of brokers who used to have "a la carte" pricing. I'd be happy to check with them to see if they still do. Give me a call at 772-341-4957
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All I want is someone to place my home on the MLS for a fee say $100.00 for a couple hours worth of work. I will offer a "buyers agent" 3%. I will field all the calls, showings, open houses, staging etc. I don't need anything from them except my house on the MLS.
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There may not be any flat fee brokers that belong to your MLS.

And to the other part of your comment....not everyone just sits around and produces nothing in this line of business. The good ones market your home, anticipate problems before they become problems, are abreast of recent law changes and much more. A good broker can help you avoid serious financial and legal problems. I'm sure nothing I or any other real estate professional says can change your mind nor will I attempt to - your disdain is obvious.

Just please consider this: you are asking for someone to list your property on the MLS which is the real estate profession's intellectual property not the public's. And I'm sure you are asking to make sure your home is listed there for a reason - exposure. Why? Because real estate professionals have the largest pool of ready willing and able buyers. If you list it in the MLS you will have to pay a commission to a buyer agent otherwise you are wasting the flat fee you just paid that "legitimate" broker.
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Ok look - I totally believe in using a broker when your looking for a home in an unfamiliar area, etc. However as a knowledgeable seller, why would I be willing to pay someone an additional 3% just to list my home? How is that fair? Your getting 3% which can equate to $12,000 or more in my case for really nothing more than a few hours worth of work. Its just not right. Your not a brain surgeon with year of expensive education and expertise. You paid some fees took an exam and the Florida Board of realtors gave you a license to be a broker or agent. for god sake you didn't even have to go to college. Some of you are very good people, but others thing the whole F'in world owes you a living.
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I am looking for a broker who will list the home on MLS for a flat fee. There are tons of websites on the internet that claim to do this, but some of them are scams. They don't list your home in the appropriate MLS for the area.

Any to the legitimate seller comment... I'm not gonna pay an agent 3% of 400K + just to log into his MLS account, list my home, and wait for his phone to ring. Unlike you I actually produce something in my line of work instead of making money on the backs of people's equity in their homes while sitting on your fat ass with a cigar on the back of your boat at the sand bar... and you know who you are.
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What does legitimate broker mean?
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