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Do agents who don't have exclusives or enough exclusives post listings on Craigslist that are vague and not your exclusive in hope to get?

Asked by Rochelle York, New York, NY Sun Feb 6, 2011


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On the contrary Sami, I understand what you mean but this person from Rochelle NY is a "consumer" and it does matter. The Craigslist is filled with ads from agents with exclusives and non-exclusives but not all are honest and fair. This is what the consumer is getting at. I also understand as I have advertised on the Craigslist and will never do it again. The scams and non-legit folks on there are scary.

Rochelle NY, it's best for you to just go onto any and all real estate company websites and go from there.

Good luck to you!
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Gabriel, just so you know NYC (not New York State) does not have MLS. This is why people use or have used the Craigslist in the past. However, since it's over saturated with "all kinds of real estate" most of us just don't use it. We, the NYC agent community, are very saavy with our own company websites and believe it or not, get around very well. Anywaaaay....I digress.

Who knew that ROCHELLE YORK simple question would be sucha HOT issue. :)

Best, Nick Rafello, V.P.
Associate Broker
The Corcoran Group
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You're kidding me right Sami? I don't need to show you proof. I think the consumer just proved it by asking the question.
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The Craigslist, back in the day, was a very useful tool. It is no longer that way. If you see an ad that has no address, it is probably an "open listing." This means many agents have access to this one property. If it is a fake ad, then this is illegal and considered bate and switch.
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Agents who post on Craig's list without an exclusive are usually vague Sami.
An agent with an exclusive is not.
Craig's list New York became unusable for most agents because of all the spam. I gave up posting my listings, too much spam and no serious reactions. When asked my buyers, they say the same.
Most of my sellers rather don't have Craig's list adds anymore.
It's unfortunately, but it is the way it is, in New York at least.
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Sami, are you joking?.
Everyone knows about what happens with Craigslist's real estate listings. Most consumers don't take the listings serious and most serious brokers don't post on craigslist anymore..
The fact that Rochelle posted this question proves it.
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Nick, you are aware that real estate agents are one of the most regulated licensees in the state and your advice is condescending. If you have any evidence of any malfeasance you have an obligation to report it. Anyone can place an ad on Craigslist not just agents but Craigslist gives the consumer the ability to filter out their information any way they wish. Like anywhere else, even with a real estate company web site, the consumer should do their due diligence.
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Advertising on Craigslist is just an other solution for promoting a listing. Listing agents giving permission of their exclusive listing to be advertised by other agents is not only faire play but a wise choice.It shows that the listing agent goes that extra yard to give his client 's property exposure and unselfishly gives other agents the chance to procure a buyer for his listing.. It is not only unselfish but a good practice in networking. Advertising is costly and a personal expense to most agents. Marketing wisely pays off.
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Agents advertise all types of properties, exclusives and non-exclusives on craigslist. It shouldnt matter to you the consumer whether the agent has an exclusive or not it doesnt change your fee structure one bit unless you were renting direct from a landlord or their agent
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I post on Craigslist in order to get some site traffic and potential clients. As long as you don't post your phone number you will be fine when it comes to scams. As far as vague non exclusive listings...there are mountains of them. its quite common.
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Agents that do not have exclusives advertise what we call ' Open Listings " to start generating some traffic.
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Yup! That is exactly what they do . sorry
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Yes, yes they do.

Best bet is to use an established rental agent/broker directly. Or, if you're trying to avoid a fee, search the more reliable no-fee listings on StreetEasy.

The rental market is crazy here, and unfortunately, there are plenty of individuals who rationalize bait-and-switch tactics to reel in the customer.

Give me a shout if you'd like a couple names. There are also plenty of reputable agents who will find you a real, legitimate home in short order. I'm always amazed by what great rental agents come up with!
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In the final analysis it is not where the property is advertised that needs to be scrutinized . Advertisement is an invitation an enticement an appetizer. The consumer is not that gullible that they will buy a property just because they seen it on the MLS or Craig List. They are lured to continue their due diligence in the process and see it in person. Some properties that are advertised in certain medias may not give credit to the integrity of our industry but in the larger picture the consumer is no fool. They will not buy a pig in a poke. So think positively to establish trust and confidence there has never been a better time to be a REALTOR. More reason to act as professionals and don't give away the store. Information is valuable . So the next time you are asked to send listings on the internet with plenty of pictures to a curios prospect how much information is too much information before they actually make an appointment with you to see it.?
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You get all types in craigslist. From the open listings to the listings already on the MLS. The word vague is a big word here. What may be vague to some, may be totally in compliance with local laws. The most fustrating would be the open listings since many engage in them as a regular activity instead of the exception. When you deal with open listings there has to be a stealth-like "style" of posting, preventing your competition from finding out about the building address. Unfortunately this type of posting is extremely vague but in many cases, illegal in NY and most other states.

I'm not sure why You asked the question, but there are many listings that never hit the MLS and many more that never find their way to craigslist. Using all possible avenues of advertising properties will likely do right by your client and customers.
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Dear Rochelle,

I agree with Janet's comment. I have had similar complaints to yours from clients that began their home search on Craiglist and came across shady agents who would post vague ads (this is very misleading and disappointing to consumers). As agents, in most cases work with each other (co-broke) to sell properties. Agents have access to each others listings through the various Multiple Listing Services in NYC. I would strongly recommend that you work an agent to provide you with listings that are within your criteria. I have used craigslist in the past to advertise my exclusives but do not use craigslist anymore.

Good luck.

Nirmala Caraballo
Licensed Real Estate Agent
Cruse Realty
1408 White Plains Road
Bronx, NY 10462
Cel: 646-479-7873
Email: nhcaraballo@yahoo.com
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I am sidestepping the disagreement below and answering your question directly. No agent should ever post a listing anywhere that is not their own signed exclusive. It is unethical and certainly against REBNY (Real Estate Board of New York) in NYC, and other real estate boards elsewhere's regulations. A legitimate advertising of a listing whether on Craigslist, or any website should have the full address or it is suspect. The exception is an open listing which means the seller has not signed an exclusive with anyone and agents who do not have the exclusive right to sell that property are advertising it to get buyers in the hopes of representing the buyer on the sale (when you have an exclusive you represent the seller). Those ads will not have the address because since they don't have a signed exclusive they want to protect the identity of the property from other agents jumping on board and also advertising it. I would suggest you, as a buyer, deal with agents with exclusives rather than someone advertising an open listing. The open listing shows the seller didn't have enough confidence in the skills and abilities of that agent to sign a standard listing agreement with them or have them represent the seller's interests.
I do agree with you that there are agents who are very sleazy and do post other agents' properties on Craigslist. They are easy to spot because everything is listed exactly the way it is in our listing system, just copied right off, and there are no photos.
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Read Rochelle's question then read my answer. I am differentiating for the consumer the difference between many agents who legitimately serve their clients and advertise on craigslist without having any exclusives and those who post vague ads,. Why would you respond to a vague ad when you have 2000 none vague ones to choose from.

If you see anything illegal, immoral, or unethical, report it.
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Not all properties on Craig's List are posted by agents, some are for sale by owner and some may be a scam--if looking to buy and or sell, for accurate information consider working with an agent of your own.
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