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Jeannie, Both Buyer and Seller in Billerica, MA

Do agents usually just let contracts expire without calling to see if you want to continue with them? My

Asked by Jeannie, Billerica, MA Tue Jun 30, 2009

contract expired today and I haven't heard from the agent in a couple of weeks.

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Ask yourself a few questions: Why didn't your house sell during the listing period with the agent? Did the agent make suggestions early in your contract on condition improvement or price "enhancements" that you ignored or disagreed on? Do you NEED to sell your house? You're going to get inundated with calls and letters starting tomorrow, so you'll have plenty of replacement options, but really ask yourself some hard questions about your selling motivations before you interview the next batch of agents. Good luck!
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Jeannie...you need a new agent! That is outrageous! You should be hearing from your agent every week and your contract should not expire without a call. Let me know if you're interviewing new agents. I'd love to meet with you.
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Hi everyone, I'm not sure how to get back to you all, so I'm doing it this way, hope it's correct. Thank you all for your suggestions/opinions.

In answer to some questions: I asked them a few times about any improvements they wouldn't have said anything if I didn't ask. Their response was no, nothing had to be done unless I wanted to do additions and get into a totally new price range. They all said the house is in good condition, I made all the right improvements, it's clean and uncluttered. What little fix ups I did, I did on my own to brighten up the place. We had open houses every weekend but. I had to get in touch with them the last couple of weeks to ask if we were doing another open house. Their response was no, talk to you later. I lowered the price twice at their suggestion. I did what little they suggested. I guess I was inexperienced and belived them when they said nothing had to be done. My home is well within the comparables because I've been keeping an eye on the area and they were too. I've even had to ask them about feedback or I'm starting to think I wouldn't have heard anything. Live and Learn!!!
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I totally agree with the others--you need a new agent, one who is responsible and responsive.
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Seriously? There are times when communication between seller/buyer and agent falters for any number of reasons - super busy on either side, illness, family issues, etc. but all agents I know try throughout the listing contract to keep in touch so that when it comes time to discuss termination or extension of a listing, that conversation is almost a given. If you have been particularly stubborn about listening to your agent's professional advice (like reducing your price), then the agent may not wish to work with you any longer but I would have explained that to you so we could discuss it - one more time. But assuming you and your agent have had a decent time of it, your contract is over (I'm assuming there is no clause that automatically extends the listing) find a different agent - one who is more responsive to your needs.
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Remember that working with a real estate agent is a cooperative, and collaborative, process. The agent's job is to market your home and, especially if you are not getting second showings and offers, to meet with you and discuss your alternatives. Before you choose another agent think about why the communication broke down how you would prevent it from happening again!
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The truth is that during the time your home was on the market, homes, like yours, have sold. So just from the selling your home angle, the buyers and their Realtors have not all been on vacation. They've been buying homes that offered more value. The easiest way to add value is to lower the price.

Unmet expectations are the single biggest problem that clients and service providers have. Just curious, when you agreed to work together, how did you agree to communicate? You will be interested to hear that communication comes up again and again in surveys conducted by Associations of Realtors.

My two cents is that if your Realtor did not have a plan for communicating, there are very likely other things that have not been addressed. When you interview before your agree to work together, ask them for their marketing plan. In the sale of a home that plan should include clear expectations (what is supposed to happen, if it does not happen, then how will the problem be handled).

For example, my sellers and I work out a schedule, usually we talk weekly, and they also receive a service report including number of showings, calls, web hits, feedback, etc. because I know that to get my seller the most money we need to sell within 30 days, or market time will begin to affect their profit.

Good luck.
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Keith Sorem, Real Estate Pro in Glendale, CA

It is confusing for posters to reply to answers on Trulia. I think the tag on the button should be changed to just simply "Reply." Thanks for responding, and good luck.
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Great post and go Cards.


I think your former (at least should be) agent gave you the brush off and considers you or the house or both a lost cause. Read Rick's post three times, learn from it and move on. Below is a link to a blog that possibly will help you find an agent with better communication skills than your last one.

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We have seen a few agents in these parts that put up their sign, and that's about the extent of their service. If the listing has expired without any contact, and you haven't been receiving regular contact ie. updates etc. then it sounds like a good time to explore other options. I always update my clients regularly, even if the report is that there is nothing to report. That way, we are all on the same page as to what is happening with their property, which they have entrusted to me to market. In my opinion, it's the least a good agent should be doing for their potential earned commission.
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I hate to say it, but, if a seller, in my mind, is not motivated I will not take the time to make the call. It is sometimes better to be the second realtor trying to sell a property because the seller may have learned from his/her mistakes and now does have that motivation. I am busy enough with my motivated sellers, I can't waste time. Bob Seidenberg, Fillmore RE Bklyn., NY
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Of course not. Your agent must be very busy. You should call her or him and see what's up.
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It is unusual for an agent not to be in contact with you on a regular basis. I always believe in communication. Why don't you call your past agent and ask what happened? Was the agent ill or in an accident? The things you want to consider with your current agent are: how much work the agent has done on the property, what suggestions were made to make the house more marketable, and how the property is priced compared to other homes in the area. An agent does not make any money if the property is not sold and in fact has out of pockets costs in marketing it, so the agent has an incentive to sell your house. Then it is time to call another agent. Interview a few agents asking what each will do to market your home. Be prepared to follow their suggestions. All homes will sell if presented properly and PRICED RIGHT for the market. Choose the agent you feel will do the best job for you.
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Hi Jeannie - Sounds like a giant red flag to me. I would be concerned in general if your listing agent has not been in contact with you for a couple of weeks regardless of whether or not your contract was about to expire. Have you tried reaching out to him/her via different methods or reaching out to the broker? One thing is for sure, now that your listing has expired you will certainly be hearing from a lot of different agents :-). I would advise trying out a short listing contract with a new agent, say 30 days, and discuss the expectations for communication from both sides from the outset as well as the plan for renewing at the end of the 30 days is necessary/desired. I'm happy to provide more information and have my seller specialist contact you if you like. She is quite familiar and active in the market in Billerica.

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The short answer would be NO. I am also a Massachusetts agent and there is notification on the MLS starting two weeks prior to an expiring contract. Maybe it was discussed two weeks ago when he/she called? I would be happy to refer you to a great agent in your area. Feel free to call or email me.
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A good agent that is on the ball will not let her contracts expire without contacting you to see if you want to re-list.....unless you are being unreasonable about your price or some similar reason. Listings are expensive and the agent must feel the odds of recouping her expenses out weigh the possibility of not recouping her expenses. If she does not want to re-list your home, she should come to you and explain why she has chosen to not to renew the listing.
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The only way an agent wouldn't call is because they are a slacker or don't feel like wasting their time with your house. That is when you can look at investors for solid options that you can't find with a Realtor or at least not the majority.
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