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How much is an average homeowners insurance policy in South Florida (e.g., Ft. Lauderdale etc.)?

Asked by Sparrowhawk, Fort Lauderdale, FL Wed Jul 27, 2011

I am interested in buying a rental property in Ft. Lauderdale.

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Love all the "Call Me's". Actually the State of Florida can help answer this question with their new CHOICES website. Here's the link:

Shows the prices by county by company for 2 sample homes. Very useful.
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helpful thanks
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Thank you!!!!!
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Mark, thank you for your answer. I will use it myself.

Olga Monson
Decorus Realty
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Only for masonry homes though! What good is that if it is a frame home!
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An excellent resource Mark! Thanks for sharing.
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You could also try an Independent Insurance Agent they shop your insurance with a variety of companies that can provide you with the best value.
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That is a tough questions since so many factors go into pricing an insurance premium. Factors such as age of home, coverage amount, wind mitigation, deductable, etc. As a rule of thumb, when putting together a Good Faith Estimate for a mortgage in South Florida, I use 1% of the purchase price PLUS $450 a year for Flood Insurance. So for example, on a $300,000 home, I would use $3,000 plus flood of $450 for a total of $3,450. Most times, it is close. However, be warned, it is difficult to say this works in all cases as it doesnt take into account replacement cost of the home or any of the factors mentioned above. Best advice is to contact an insuranace agent.
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You need to wait two weeks and ask because it is rumored that the price of insurance is going to go through the roof, you can thank our Governor fro that one!
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I think that the cost will differ depending on the area and how much your home costs. You should do some research and see what different companies would charge you. You want to look into different policies and coverage as well.
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You will probably be spending around $3,000/year give or take with the size and location of your home. Flood zones were re-adjusted last year so flood insurance is cheaper.
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how much will the liability and content and flood??????
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My flood zone was changed last year so I do not have to have flood insurance anymore but I use the "Preferred Plan" which only costs $390/year. Wind and Hazard is costing me right around $3,000/year.
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Honestly one of the best places for home insurance in the area is Unbeatable Insurance. Here is there link . They saved me a lot of money on my home insurance in Miami. They have many carriers and offer different companies then most for the local market. Give them a try =).
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It depends on a lot of variables. Your best bet would be to talk to a couple of different agents. They would be able to come take a look at the house and analyze your location. Get a couple quotes from a few different agents and then make a decision.…
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IT depends on the kind of coverage you are looking for. I have been looking for some good insurance as well, because I just want to make sure that my home is covered. I am worried about something happening to it, and so I think insurance would be the best way to ensure that if something bad does happen, it will be covered. Hopefully I can find a good insurance soon!
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too much!
much too much. i too live in florida and am trying to find ins besides Citizen thiefs. let me know what you find out and i can let you know what i find out if you like. do you live here???
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Generic sites are great to give some idea.
However, in the areas where there is a variety of homes of different ages, styles and location (waterfront or no-flood zone area) - it's best to get 3 quotes from independent insurance agents.
Condition of the roof, windows, age of the property and type of material are all very important for your policy pricing. Young construction, CBS, high impact windows, new roof = much lower premium.

Hope this helps,

Irina Karan
Beachfront Realty, Inc.
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I'm purchasing a frame house out in Loxahatchee, Fl 33470 with an FHA Loan does anyone know if a wind mitigation is covered in my home inspection? I'm seeing home insurance is way more inexpensive if wind mitigation has been checked? Please advise
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Hi Vanessa,
Welcome to Loxahatchee! The price of insurance depends on many factors, age of home, construction (Concrete Block vs. Frame), what type and age of roof the home has (ie gable vs. hip), and existing hurricane protection (ie. shutters). Wind mitigation inspections can help reduce your insurance costs if the proper protection is in place. Wind mitigation inspections are not normally covered in the cost of a buyer's basic home inspection. Check with your intended insurance company to see what they require and don't forget to shop different companies to get the best price. Your mortgage company can also help steer you in the right direction. Being in Loxahatchee, it pays to do your homework as you are not close to the beach (the most vulnerable areas for hurricanes) and with the right hurricane protection in place, you can save lots on your insurance. Even if you've already purchased your home, you can always ask for a re-inspection if you've added hurricane protection.
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My condo insurance was around 700 per year. The best price I could find was at Hope that helps.
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I would take a look at Alliance and Associates, They have over 25 to 30 home insurance carriers and over 15 auto insurance carriers to quote you from in FL, They are friendly and great to work with. They also have offices all over Florida for your convenience. Call them today at 1-877-498-7227
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I see to many wishy washy answers. Forget about all the math ratios, formulas and equations to launch a man into space. This is not rocket science. Insurance is a state scam but not rocket science! Truth is that my house is in the range $260-290K in a good area 33186, middle class (aren't we all?) and I pay aprox $4000 per year. Citizens insurance demands 40% on the first payment and the balance divided equally among remaining quarters
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In addition to the terrific resource provided by Mark LeMenager, I would recommend contacting an insurance agent. Unfortunately I don't remember seeing insurance agents commenting on this website, so your question may go unnoticed. A popular insurance agency many of our clients use is Pallant Insurance* (954) 522-3800. They provide free, no obligation quotes.

I hope this is helpful!

Chad Gray, Realtor
Luxury Living Fort Lauderdale

*I am not endorsing Pallant Insurance, merely providing their information as a resource for getting a quote on a homeowner insurance policy.
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There are a couple of factors that would affect the cost.
Replacement cost of the home which is determined by the type of building materials used to build the house, territory or zip code, your insurance history such as insurance score and claims history if any, and a few other factors depending on the company. Its always best to get a couple quotes and compare not just rates but also coverage. Some policies are broad form and some are special which are very different contracts. You really need to get some quotes from insurance agents and compare them. Its a bit of work but hopefully the company you get insured with is the one you keep for a while.
Web Reference:
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east near the water or west?

Thank You

Steve Kravitz
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Hello Sparrowhawk. I think homeowner's insurance policies are not a "one size fits all" type of thing. There are many factors involved in determining the cost - age of home, location, what it covers, flood zone, wind mitigation and more. I would like to give you a range, but each property is unique. You may want to speak to an insurance company representative and see if you can get an approximate price based on some criteria you may have in mind.

Nicole Marks Mason, Realtor
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Homeowners insurance- how much coverage should you have, your deductible, replacement policy, personal liability coverage, personal contents value etc-you need to get a quote from insurance company to determine the cost of homeowners insurance of a specific property.
Costs vary depending on how much insurance is purchased, what it covers, and the property's flood risk. All policy forms provide coverage for buildings and contents. However, contents coverage is optional.
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Please contact me to discuss


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Great question. It all depends on the location and value of the property. If you don't have a property seleced yet I will be happy to help you find the property that is perfect for your lifestyle.
Once I have that information I can give you accurate information as to all the costs involved in owning that property from insurance, taxes, utilites, scholls and other information pertinant to you.

Please see my link to the right for my experience and contact info.
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Per you inquiry on Trulia:

Call me "Lynne" at (954) 647-5335 Cellular, or email me the Best Phone Number and Time to call you to chat.

Lynne Knapp, Realtor®
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