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why do all realtors not return calls or emails on lower end listings?

Asked by realtors are jerks, Marco Island, FL Sun Aug 11, 2013

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Maybe it isn't he Realtor but your attitude? YOu are obviously calling the wrong Realtors.

I have buyers that "jerk' me around for months and waste countless hours of my time only to walk into an open house and by from the person sitting there. We are one on the only professions who can spen literally a couple of years working with some one and never get paid a dime.

I don't call all buyers "jerks" as you do to Realtors. Maybe you should look in the mirror? I wouldn't want to work with you either.
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not nice for realtor
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The next time you leave a message for a Realtor, try this. " Hello my name is__________. I am apre qualified buyer with a letter from a bank to prove that I am pre qualified . I have a down payment. I would like to see the house at 123 Residential Street today if possible. When I see it I will be able to decide yes or no. Please call me at _____________. I will bet you get a response within a few minutes.

Realtors,like all professionals do not like to waste their time. Make sure your phone message makes it clear that no time will be wasted with you.
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Many lower end listings are targeted by buyers who have no credit or do not have the ability to close a loan based upon stricter lending guidelines these days. Many lower end listings have permitting problems which also disqualifies them from financing. Many lower end condos have several foreclosures, short sale and abandoned units and are disqualified from financing based on answers provided on the estoppel (questionnaire sent to Home owners association by financing company). 9/10 times in my experience, lower end enquiries are a waste of time. Now with that said, I will always give any buyer, regardless of price point equal respect. I dont respect billionaires more than janitors. Very few people start on the top of the ladder and we were all first time home buyers once. Everybody deserves to experience the American dream of home ownership, and its my job to make sure I do my part to help people reach that dream. To be honest, I just love what I do and I enjoy helping people. If you need help just call.
1855-9-NAPLES. Live foreclosure search at http://www.NaplesFloridaUS.com
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Call me, I will take care of you!

Ryan Braunstein
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They are lazy or don't want to be bothered with the small stuff...

I have had a few dealings with different agents, they won't even pick their phones or answer emails on their own listings because its to much work for a small check?! Its wrong and its against or ethical code to serve the public and our clients no matter what!

These are the exceptions, there are those of us that work really hard to care for our clients needs and the publics as well, the way it supposed to be.
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Interesting answers.

As a Realtor, we are here to protect, and serve the public. Much like a Police officer, but we deal with real estate. I am currently helping out a customer who wants to buy land and the cost of the land is only 7-15K. But its my job. I am here to help anyone interested in Real Estate. Big or small.

Ryan Braunstein


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I was wondering if you had found a property yet. If you have not and you are still having difficulties getting responses from Agents, I would be happy to help you regardless of the price range.
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We were very fortunate to find a realtor who was extremely helpful, even though we were purchasing a property from Fanny Mae, and she had never done that before.
However, when my sister decided that she also wanted to purchase (a much higher end) property on Marco Island, she could not get anyone to return her calls. She stated what she wanted, when and that she planned to pay cash from the sale of her MA home. Just when she was about to give up in frustration, one of the older, "part-time" realtors contacted her and now she is the owner a lovely home on Marco Island.
You need to be very persistent or lucky in the beginning, as we were.
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I don't think it has anything to do with the price of the home. It is the Realtor themselves.

Tammy Hayes, Realtor
Re/Max Palm Realty
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The top 10% are not the only ones out there working hard! There are a lot of us new and old agents out there working our tails off helping people as it is the reason we worked so hard for our license to begin with... The biggest issue is most agents have other jobs and real estate is only a part time job for them not even close to full time work. So lets get your fact straight before you judge us all!
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This business, when done properly, is about servicing the customers & clients needs ... when & where they need it; not about the agents' work schedule.
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Is your question one that is targeting distressed sales....short sales and foreclosures. Too many agents take on these types of listings and do not remain in touch with their responsibilities attached to these offerings, even thought they remain active on the local MLS.......their excuse(a very weak one, " I'm just too busy to respond to all of the calls.")

My best advice on this topic is to put your faith in your own personal agent and have them "run point for you" on these opportunities. Save yourself the frustration of dealing with the irresponsible by using your own personal representation.

Good luck,

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Most agents I've found want to work. With people that want to sell or buy when it means higher commission sales for them. Which is wrong to do as we are here to help people in their home searches regardless the price tag.... These agents bother me as its hard to help my clients get into homes they can afford when the agents are rude and won't bother themselves to help answer questions or accept offers due to price as it takes away from them selling something much higher priced means more profit....!

I believe if your in this business you deal with all price groups and you do the best for your clients regardless the commission amounts. We are working as licensed agents to help people follow their dreams and if we are unwilling to do so... It's time to find a new line of work!!
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As anyone who is successful in business knows, it's generally the top 10% of people do 90% of the business, so the other 90% of the people are not as responsive as they should be. It's just the way it is...go figure.
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Not sure how low you are talking about. As a general rule for most of Florida Banks will not make loans for under 60,000...it's not worth their time an effort. And if you have the 60,000 or more in cash then you can purchase but will likely pay asking price or above because everyone out there is trying to buy the few remaining low end listings.

Next time ask your question as "Cash (or financed) buyer looking for home of _____ price in _____ zipcode" and you will get many responses. Was this answer helpful? If so please click on the "green thumbs up" or the "best answer".

Tony Vega
Antonelli Realty
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Your advice does not work in SWF
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Either way regardless of cost or under the 60,000. We are agents and its out job the help people get into the homes they can afford, not the size of our commission!
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Low end listings, just how lower end are we talking about? This is a business not a hobby. It may be benefical to understand that a $17,000 listing really requires a 'no touch' plan.
There are other issues.
On lower end listings, expereinced agents know they should not to go off on some wild goose chase. Wild geese are identified by the sound they make.
For instance:
* Your question may sound like, "How low will the seller go?" This means you are looking for a lower, lower end listing.
* Your question may sound like, "I'm a cash buyer and want to see this house..RIGHT NOW!f" This sounds like you are broke and looking for a lease option instead.
* Your question may sound like, "Is seller financing available?"
* Most commons is the inquiry regarding a house you see on a aggregate real estate website that sold weeks ago. This sounds like you are not a serious buyer (you are using an entertainment website) and have a few more months to spend before you take serious steps.
If you are a serious buyer, you need to take the actions of serious buyers.
That means, if you are looking for a 'deal' you need to get ahead of all the other buyers who have demonstrated a SERIOUS commitment to a real estate professional, and were moved to the front of the line. Everyone says they are looking for a deal. In common English, this is most often translated, they are unqualified to purchase in a conventional manner. That is what wild geese sound like.
I know, wild geese like their freedom. It's your choice.
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Think you may properly say "most" Realtors® do not return calls not all.
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I ALWAYS return phone calls...Jeff Popick, Marco Island Realty 239-450-3000
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As someone who just got off the phone with a lead... some of us return phone calls and emails. Unfortunately, I don't have access to the MLS out in Marco Island.
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This time of year most agents are away. I will answer your questions and calls on lower end listings in our area. They will require cash purchases.
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