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why are there so many awful real estate agents in this city? Is there a factory somewhere??

Asked by ......, 53211 Wed Sep 18, 2013

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It's not just R.E. Agents. Although I have met my fair share of terrible Agents, I believe it's a general break down of the work ethic in our country today. But I will say this, I don't how things are in the birth city of my Mom (Milwaukee WI), but since I moved here to Texas, there is a huge difference in the Agents in this state compared to the ones in my home state.

My Mom is a Realtor in CA and I hear her cry just about every night about how frustrated she is because she can never get a call back from Listing Agents when trying to present offers for her clients. Or how they sandbag offers so they can double end their deals. Yet here in TX, my experience has been completely different! Don't know exactly know why, but my suspicion is the people are just nicer down here.

I hope your experience gets better, I really do! There are some really good Realtors out there I hope you find right one.

Best of Luck!
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Real Estate agents in this city..particularly in the North Shore have for years have been artificially inflating home costs or deflating costs to maximize their sales. during the economic slum they were low balling house costs to turn over as fast as they could. When the economy was good they were inflating costs and initiated bidding wars, home sales far over appraised values,etc. and as a seller I know they have asked clients to make unreasonable changes, costing$$$, that only represented their own interests. I have had horrible experiences with CB. I would not buy any house that they represent. I did have a fabulous experience with another agent who has since retired she was not with CB or Federated which used to be the big agency in the north shore. People who worked for them had a reputation with other agencies of conducting very shady business practices. Thus anyone that came from their learned a whole lot of bad practices The agent from CB, I learned later came from Federated).. The other (good) agency was honest and I felt really had our best interests in mind as a buyer and seller. Good luck.
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Hire an Exclusive Buyer Agent to represent you. EBAs represent home buyers only, and work to get you the best price and most favorable terms. You can go to NAEBA.org for a referral to an EBA in your area.

I'm an EBA and I wrote a book called "Buying a Home: Don't Let Them Make a Monkey Out of You". It will be the best $6 you've ever spent. Follow the link below.

Best of luck!
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Are you speaking of the "bad" photos in your link? I posted them to my facebook page as well a couple of days ago. Sometimes you only see what your focusing on through the lens and not necessarily what others see. I have noticed things like children, pets with red eyes and children in photos, an large assortment of alcohol, messes, orbs, just to name a few. It makes our job humorous as well to see it and comment OMG who would do that?!
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Let's see....multiple agents....same outcome.....do you REALLY think it's the agents?
Of course you do. Tha't Ok. But you are now aware that gents DO have the ability to choose those with whom they will work. IT is not a one way street.
It is most likely, none of the agents you encountered stated, "Where do these awful buyer and sellers come from?" They are more adaptable, gracious and agile, by necessity, than most citizens.
I'm sure, in your case, that the ONLY EXPLAINATION for you is "It's the agent!"
By the way, second to all locations in PA, those in Milwaukee have proven to be exceptional people. There must be more to this story.
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Sorry, I've had similar experiences in the area. Many agents who either don't know what they are doing or don't really want to put in the proper work. They want you to find a house in the first couple you look at and make an offer at or very close to asking price, regardless of actual value. I know an agent at CB who had many properties listed that we liked, but they were all way overpriced. We watched for months as the properties lingered and eventually sold near my estimates (my agent agreed with the seller agent!). I also had agents who didn't seem interested in me because the properties I was looking at were beneath their perceived payscale. That's fine for them to set limits, but they could have been open about it so I could find the right agent.

On the other side, I've had friends selling who were told by one agent everything needs to be changed and by other agents that no work was needed. In reality, some simple painting, flooring and light fixture changes transformed the space
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Some agents work part time and don't respond as quickly as they should to clients and some get so busy with too many clients.

I have had the pleasure to work with many great real estate agents when they represented one side and I represented the other. It is okay to interview agents to find the one that is a good fit for you and your needs.

Best wishes - Mona Elmore, RE/MAX Realty 100 monaelmore@remax.net
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Ha Ha... It seems like it sometimes doesn't it? As with anything, the 80/20 rule applies. 80% of the business is done by 20% of the agents. Those 20% are the agents you probably want to work with. Take a look at who is doing the most business in your area and start there.

2 great points I saw below.

1. Seek a recommendation. Your friends will be a great source for a referral to a good agent.
2. Seek an agent that meshes with your personality. You can have a great agent but if you guys don't mesh well, the experience can feel horrible.

Good luck!
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I too am sorry for your bad experiences. There are many great agents in the metro area and like everything else it only takes one bad experience to give everyone else a black eye. Often times the best source is a referral from a friend or at the very least ask an agent for client testimonials and then call or email the client to verify the information given. I hope this doesn't prevent you from trying once more to find a true real estate professional. TomDorway RE/MAX 414-350-1181
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Sorry you have had multiple bad experiences with agents in the city. As with any profession there are the good, the average and the bad. Statistically then since you've had so many recent run in's with "bad" you are bound to meet at least average (but hopeful for good or even great!).

There are alot of knowledgeable, professional agents in the area but since you most likely will be working closely with this person for a length of time you also need to find someone with whom you mesh personality wise. If you don't have that personal connection it can be difficult for you to put your trust and faith in that person.

Best of luck in your Real Estate endeavors and remember....the odds are now in your favor for the next agent you meet!

Troy Miller, ABR, RNG
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Oh, please; spare me the stories of the old-timers who would build dams single-handedly while paving roads on weekends. I live in a city where "grandpa" dug out half-basements with 5'6" clearance and left bare dirt exposed in the other half.
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Here's the thing, ellipsis. Everybody has a bad day now and then.

All the best,
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Thank you to those of you how kept it professional in your answers~ I admit it was an antagonistic question and to those of you who responded with professional, helpful information are the same people who are worth their weight in gold as real estate agents. Its not what you are dealt in life, its how you deal with it.
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I am so sorry that you had a bad experience with agents. But not all agents are the same. I am not sure what happened but let me know how I can help.

Zeina Dopierala-Coldwell Baker Residential Brokerage
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What experience has lead you to make that statement?
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