Lewis, Home Buyer in Blakeslee, PA

where or how can buyers report unfairness in this market?

Asked by Lewis, Blakeslee, PA Wed Apr 11, 2012

no one is following the guide lines the bank dont care neither the seller, the house is a shortsale but it is being rented , isnt it illegal, the home needs repair but the bank nor the seller wants to make repair, there should be a law for sellers to make their own inspection and provide it with contract, it is unfair to buyers to spend money for inspection for problems that were already there, how can buyers report this incidents, or contact the law makers in carbon county albrightsville, and monroe county

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it is not illegal for sellers to se a house as is, actually most sellers now a days can not afford to do any repairs and there morgages are upside down, meaning the home is now worth less than what they owe, due to the shift in the economy. it is sad.

but this is why a buyer is asked to chose what type inspections they want to do when signing the agreement of sale, when I work with uyers I tell them they should do the toughest inspection as possible so they know all they are getting into. it cost a bit more but heck youre buying a home not a cheap used car. the money is well worth spending..

also time of signing the agreement of sale you should have signed a sellers property sellers disclosure..even if it was a short sale,,this should have told you what issues the home had that the seller knew it had..now therecould have been issues the seller did not know about. this is why you hire a professional inspector to work for you.

good luck and sorry if the answer did not go youre way,,,
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Lewis, from the sound of your complaint, it appears that they ARE following the guidelines.

It isn't illegal for a short-sale to be rented, and neither the bank, nor the seller is obligated to make any repairs. Short-sales aren't for the feint of heart, and the rule is "caveat emptor" (buyer beware), you are purchasing a home in "as-is" condition, so the best thing you can do is to conduct an inspection (yes, at your own cost) to determine if you want to go forward.

Personally, even if the law required the bank or the seller to provide an inspection, I would want to do my own anyway, as I wouldn't trust an inspection conducted at the behest of the seller.

Unfortunately, there is nothing for you to report. Sorry.
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Believe me... we do this for a living. We are well aware that this is not a joke, and that's one of the reasons why we strongly recommend that buyers and sellers hire a professional, who does this for a living 365 days a year, to assist them and guide them through the process.

Sellers are held accountable, as they can be sued for lying on a disclosure form. The problem is "proving" that they lied. Merely finding out that they said "we know of no issue with the foundation", and then finding out that there's a crack in the foundation does NOT prove that they knew about the crack.

Nobody will start paying with their lives. And you should not be talking about "hiring someone" to "do something" to a seller. I understand you're bitter and angry... but this is not a life or death situation... it's just frustrating.
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i understand what you are all saying, if they would be held accountable for their actions they would follow the rules, even if the home is a shortsale the contract ask to list every damages in the homes, sellers check there are no damages in homes and when an inspection is done the homes are so badly damage buyers cannot get a mortgage, how about the sellers just list whats wrong in the homes, from my last sellers i got my money back from inspection i didnt care about jail i find out where the sellers live, and got my money there are lot of buyers who think just like me you just dont hear about them because it will stay quiet i have nothing to lose but give it time when buyers are sick of losing money many will start paying with their lives i can easily pay someone $700 to do something to a seller and i will not lose a dime once i get the contract i do my research about the seller, i even drive where they live and get a schedule, you people need to understand this is not a joke
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Alan May, Real Estate Pro in Evanston, IL
Homes in short sale can be rented, the owner still owns it and so they can do whatever they want to with it. They are suppose to take care of it but they are not making payments on it to the bank so what can the bank do? The bank does not own it so they won;t make repairs. When they foreclose then they will own it, but not until and if they sell it as a short sale the new buyer will have to make repairs or they don't have to buy it. The bank looks at it like "take it or leave it" until the bank forecloses at which time they now own it and they might make repairs and sell it. All homes sold have issues that were already there and that is what your inspection is for, to uncover the issues and then you decide how much of an issue they are. This is typical in a short sale and why I suggest people avoid them if you can't deal with the frustrations that WILL be there.
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