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where can I find floor plans of houses sold or for sale?

Asked by Karen, 10023 Sun Mar 6, 2011

Most listings lack a floor plan, I'm trying to find floorplans of sold versions of same houses or on a plan site.

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Real estate agents are simply not providing what shoppers want to see. There are companies that specialize in measuring and drawing floor plans of homes for sale. Just google "real estate floor plans" and you will probably find some in your area. For realtors, it is much easier to make a phone call to one of them, than it would be to search through planning department archives or builders who may not be in business any more. Their sellers are the ones losing out if they choose not to use this marketing tool.
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There are many drafting services that specialize in this. If you're lucky there might be one in your area. Innovative and successful realtors are using this tool already. Regarding the question about why anyone would want to see one... it saves the shopper, realtor, and seller a wasted showing if it turns out that it does not fit their tastes or needs. Some realtors want the home shown regardless of interest but who does that benefit? A floor plan allows self-screening, and leads to more promising prospects when visited. It's like saying why include photos online when you can see them in person.
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I wish this was more common too. You can see just how out of touch some agents are by their comments here, wondering why buyers would want to see a layout. Very unfortunate. I was spoiled when I lived in London; it seemed nearly EVERY home listing in the UK (Foxton's, Zoopla, Rightmove to name a few) had a detailed home layout plan right with the home photos. It made narrowing choices so much easier and when it came time to actually visit the houses, I had a smaller more definite list of choices to view. It saved TIME. And my time is valuable, but I suppose estate agents don't feel that way.
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We are CAD professionals & specialize in floor plans for Realtors! We are located in the Niagara Region, Ontario, Canada. Visit us at aboveandbeyondarchitecturaldrafting.ca for more info!
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Thanks folks! I've started making my own for houses I am considering.
It is sad no one bothers to make a floor plan, extensively photograph, or gather full details for such large value sales. So much time is wasted seeing houses one would never even consider if they had accurate information. I don't think the shotgun approach is wise; but I guess agents have nothing better to do with THEIR time. Sadly, they have used up so much of my limited free time seeing inappropriate houses, that I am still 'homeless'.
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Floorplans for resale homes are going to be difficult to find. Floorplans are typically only available for new construction by builders.
Web Reference: http://www.sallygrenier.com
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Hi ..try checking with the selling REALTOR and often the Town will have a copy of the building plan on file, or at least the tax card with have the basic drawing of the house dimensions.
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This question was posted in Mar, 2011
Karen and Athena,
In 2008 through 201 I did provide floorplans for homes.
In 2012 to current I do not.
Not a single buyer commented the floor plan added ANY VALUE whatsoever.
What the floor plan did do is expose the agent and owner to liability in the event there should be an error. Of course the docurment was blanketed with disclaimers, attorneys however, find disclaimers amusing. Right here on trulia, a buyer was 'up in arms' regarding a MLS and appriasal decrepancey in the calculated square feet.
Today homes sell like hot-cakes without the floor plan. I don't know what business either of you are in, but I would be confident saying, "You don't spend money, resources and time on things your customers or assoicates do not value." Yes. our time and resources have value also! Homes have and will continue to sell without floorplans.
Now, there are resources most agent do make available that serve this purpose very well. This resource does get positive ackknowledgement (meaning the buyer actually idenifies the benefit of the resource by their words and actions), and this resource draws the buyer closer to a decision point. This is the VALUE agents want and do provide.
You can hold out for a floor plan if you want. IN the 2013 real estate market...the home will be purchased by someone else.
Now, I will concede, here in Florida, there are vast expanses of like kind homes. If you've identifed a community of interest, it means you've actually been in a home or two. A 2245 SF, 2002 constructed three-way split ranch is a tree-way spilt ranch. The master suite is beyond the den to the right of the front door! Do you need a floor plan?
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yes! we need the floor plans!! you talk about opening the agent up for liability if some thing in the description doesn't match up with the floor plans, i.e. square footage, then how about being more accurate in the description, if you're being honest and accurate about the property than there should be no issue with showing the floor plan, transparency y friend...
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Real estate agents' most important job is getting a Qualified buyer to buy your house or find you the right home to buy. Anything legal related document about the house for sell is owner's responsibility to provide to realtors, it is not for realtor to produce the document. If owner could not find the house document, owner need to contact the attorney that did the trasaction when they purchased the home, maybe attorney has a copy, or if not, owner or buyer need to order the service to get it done "Right". It is not the responsibility of the real estate agent to produce any legal housing document related the selling house on the market to any buyer. Thank you.
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Quite ofen, the County Planning will keep Blueprints, but only for a short period of time, 5-7 years.

If you can find out who the Builder was, and they are still in business, you might call them.

Sometimes we will find a set of Blueprints in an attic when we list a house, but that is very rare.

Good luck and may God bless
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There are very few real estate agents who create floor plans on the homes they list for sale. This is why you can not find plans on the homes that have sold.
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Karen, even though these answers came from out of the area, they are correct. The only time you might be able to obtain floor plans is on new construction, or relatively new where the original owner is the seller, and may have kept them. In established communities, it is unlikely that you will be able to get them. I am not exactly sure about what your reasoning is for having the floor plans. perhaps if you let us know, we can make some suggestions for you.
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The reason I am trying to find floor plans is because I am from our of the area, moving eight hours away, it is totally not feasible to travel that far just to look at a house that I may not have even considered if I could have seen at least a general layout of the house, if not the exact demisions.
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You probably won't locate this unless you are purchasing new construction

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You can have your buyers agent contact the listing agent to see if they have one or if their client has a floor plan. If not, ask your agent if you can go into the unit and measure it you want a floor plan with room sizes.

Good luck!
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