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whats the best place to find a realtor?

Asked by klucy107, La Canada, CA Tue Feb 4, 2014

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There are many ways to find a realtor to work with...you can start online checking Google for the top results in your area, you can check on Trulia, Zillow, referrals from friends and family...or the old fashioned way of walking into a real estate office. Best of luck!

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Alex Meguerditchian
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Ask friends, ask family, ask neighbors, and research online. Word of mouth is typically best. Also, be willing to call more than one and see who you feel comfortable with on the phone.
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I would be more than happy to recommend a few to you. Just send me an email or give me a call anytime
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Thank you for your question. A great source to find a real estate agent is on realtor.com in the "Find A Realtor" section, here: http://www.realtor.com/realestateagents. There are a lot of great reasons for why to hire a Realtor. Realtors are both a market expert and also an advocate for their clients. Over the last 15 years, the number of people who have used a Realtor to sell their home has risen by 19%. For more information on why Realtors are beneficial for buyers and sellers, have a look, here: http://www.desireelapin.com/the-benefits-of-using-a-realtor/
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While you can use whoever services your area at Trulia, another way is to google established real estate agencies in your area, look at agent bios, and reach out to one or two in order to determine a good fit.
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You can go to the browse, and agent directory tab here on Trulia.

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I used yelp before to find my realtor.
Web Reference: http://qertop.com/
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You can find one on here, under the Browses, and then Agent Directory, to find ones in your area.

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Here are TWO places that are good to find realtors.

The FIRST is your phone book. Asking friends and family for recommendations is a great way to find someone who other people you know have used and trust.

The SECOND is online. Looking for a realtor online is great because many times you can look through reviews. Realtors with a lot of great reviews are worth giving a call.

If you have any other questions, give me a call :)

Mike Johnson
(661) 481-8860
Web Reference: http://crownlistings.com/
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Word of mouth and referrals are great indicators of success when choosing a realtor. Beyond referrals, I would suggest looking at home listings on sites like Trulia and Zillow and picking out the listings that appeal to you based on presentation and marketing approach. If you are attracted to the qualities such as professional photography and "featured listings", chances are others will be too. When a realtor goes above and beyond to market a home, it shows they put care in their transactions and will likely do the same for you. Also, beware of realtors that are hard to get ahold of or connect with. Your realtor will be your partner for some time and it is important that they will be available for you. Good luck!
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This is easier than you think:

(1) First, put a "For Sale By Owner" sign in front of your house and interview the first 4 Realtors that show up. The Agents that are actively working in your area will call or visit you.

Do you really want an Agent that does NOT have the professional ethic to visit FSBOs in order to be in touch with their market? [no!]

Pay attention to their contact regarding professionalism.

(2) Download the super helpful guide on HOW to interview a Realtor & make the most money found at http://choosingapro.com/ We found it to be a great resource!

Happy selling! :-)

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Well, you could just swing a cat, you're bound to hit a dozen or two. There's one on every corner it seems! But seriously, finding the right one for you takes a bit more effort and planning. If I were looking for Realtor, I would start with blogs and Q & A's like you can find here on Trulia. Read what people have to say about them, and perhaps, more importantly, what they have to say that feels useful, genuine, and intelligent…find some possible agents that resonate with you, and interview them. Be open and honest about the fact that you haven't yet decided on an agent, and see what happens. If you feel strong armed, or pressured, maybe that's your answer - it's not a good fit. Ultimately, you'll do best by finding a professional who understands that they do their job, by doing the best job possible for you, - which doesn't necessarily mean telling you what you want to hear, but sometimes, by telling you the truth, and laying out your options in an intelligent and kind manner. Good communication - good business and work ethics - and experience. Those are the hallmarks of the best agents.
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I agree that Interviewing is the best way to find a good Realtor to fit your needs. Also remember to chose someone that comes from a Great Company with Good ethics and New Technology:)!
You can find a Keller Williams Agent in your area by going to KW.com and reading and researching an Agent. I do have Great contacts in CA if you need options. I would be more than happy to help you!
Sumer Celaya
Or call me at 949-290-5491 or 843-235-4756
Web Reference: http://843forsale.com
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I would go online and see who the most active Realtors are in your area. Try Realtor.com. Then I would pick three and interview them. Pick the one you like.
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Trulia is a great place to start. Request information on some properties shown on Trulia in the Area of interest, see who responds in a timely matter. After speaking to a few Realtors on Trulia, see who you are most comfortable with and who is listing to your needs. You can always contact one of the local Real Estate offices in Valencia and I am sure they would be happy to put you in contact with an agent.
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I agree that interviewing agents helps you choose someone that is compatible with your personality. Also you can determine if their knowledge will help you in your goal to buy a home.

I hope your journey ends with the perfect home for your family.
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Make sure your agent is a good communicator if that is important to you.
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The best way to get an agent to work with you is by a personal referral.
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If I were looking for a realtor and lender team, I would ask those I trust:

-trulia reviews

As a 25+ year veteran of this industry, I have learned that YOUR best place to find your realtor is what is best for you.

Whether it is by phone or a face to face meeting or even email, whomever you feel most comfortable with is your realtor.

The process of purchasing a home is, to say the least, a little stressful. Make sure that the person with whom you choose to work is someone that you can work with as a team....because you will be with them when choosing a home, negotiating the contract and the 30-60 days during the escrow process.
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There are a lot of agents that would be happy to help you. What you need to do is interview two or three and pick the best one. I have a list of questions you should ask an agent before hiring them. I'll put a link to it in the web reference below....J.R. Thrasher
(619) 929-0105
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What REALTOR(s) has been mailing stuff to your address? If you rent you may not be getting any mail from a Realtor.---------
When you drive through the communities where you want to live, whose signs do you see in the front yard? ................... Who do you know that has purchased a home recently? ...................Perhaps your manager at work or a member of your work team? If you want someone who shares similar values, ask members when you attend your community event such as running club, animal rescue, Malacology Society..-------You have many options if you choose to act on them--------If turning towards those you know or those who are attempting to contact you seem a bad choice, you could turn to advertising sites like Zillow and Trulia. ----------Best of success, ------Annette Lawrence, Broker/Associate Remax Realtec Group, -------- Palm Harbor, FL------ 727.420.4041 ------http://FIrstLookHomes.us.
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When you want to begin looking for a home, you will need to find a Realtor. First you should ask friends, relatives, or co-workers for a recommendation. Have them describe their experience with the agent and ask why they are recommending that person. You want to choose someone that you feel comfortable in working with.

It is not as important to find a Realtor who has sold the most homes, has the most experience or works for the largest and most well-known company as it is to find someone that is professional. You want an agent that will listen to you, uses ethical conduct, and knows the market.

You can also attend open houses and meet real estate agents. See how they interact with you and answer your questions. Pay attention to how they show the home. Take notes and collect business cards. Then you can compare the agents you saw.

Look at web sites of Realtors or real estate agents. Read any testimonials they have. Call them up and ask questions about their experience and how they work with buyers. Get a feel for them and what they can do for you.

You also want an agent that will work within your schedule. Most of the time it needs to be someone who works as an agent full-time. They are available days, nights, and weekends. Not all agents work the same way. Find one that you are comfortable with. Trust your instincts.

Tammy Hayes, Realtor, Re/Max Palm Realty, http://www.tammyhayes.remaxagent.com/
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There are many great options to find a Realtor. Many people rely on the recommendations of friends or family. Be sure to check the reviews online for anyone that is recommended though. We have a list of top RE/MAX Realtors that we can recommend based on our experience and preset criteria. Feel free to contact me for a great referral in your area.
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As a mortgage lender, I have seen my clients meet success with these approaches:

1) If you're already pre-approved, ask your lender who may be a good match for you.
2) Ask family and friends who have had a great, not OK, experience with a Realtor.
3) Do exactly what you're doing. Search Trulia, Active Rain and other online resources to see who answers questions in a manner that aligns with your own philosophy.

There are so many great real estate professionals out there. To not find one is an outcome you can easily avoid with a little effort.

Best of luck and let me know if I can help in any manner.

Rob Spinosa
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lenders will NOT recommend any realtors in the Denver metropolitan area.
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The first place is to ask a friend or family member. Knowing someone that has actually had a good experience with a Realtor is a good start. Ask questions like, Did they do everything they promised? Were they always available for you, communicating often? Do you feel they negotiated the best possible terms for you? Did you feel they really cared about your wants and needs?
If you do not know anyone that could refer you then you can look for an agent online. You want someone that is full time and experienced. Just because someone has been doing real estate for many years does not mean they are good. A good Realtor has at least 5 years under their belt and over 120 deals. That's only 2 a month. Every deal I do is a new learning experience, a new situation. If I had not done hundreds of deals I would not have the superior knowledge I have today. I would make sure the Realtor has designations, continuing education, networking connections, knows the contracts exceptionally well, and extreme local knowledge where you are buying.
Interview at least three. Once you find a few you think you like read their reviews, google their names, and talk to past clients. Then pick the one you like the best.
I wish you the best of luck. I used to live in La Canada and could refer you a great agent if you wish!
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There are many places you can find a realtor. They are on every street corner :) In all seriousness, you have come to the right place. You can use sites like google, zillow, trulia, realtor.com, and many others to find an Agent. You could ask a friend/family member for a recommendation, or call/walk into an office. A word of caution to you though: Make sure you research the agent you are thinking of working with, interview them, and most importantly make sure you feel comfortable with them. See if they have reviews you can read from past clients. I can't tell you what I have seen/heard go on out there.

Best regards,

Jerod Mayer
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Hi Klucy107!
As Alex said there are a few ways to find a Realtor. What you really want to focus on when looking at such sites as Zillow, Trulia, Yelp or personal websites is previous client reviews. Upon reading the reviews call a few Realtors, ask for the list of past clients that gave the reviews.

Yelp is a great place to start, you will find very candor reviews some not so nice but an accurate assessment from the person who took their time to write the review. On the flip side just keep in mind there are Realtors out there creating fake reviews which makes it very confusing!

It's about doing your homework speaking to that Realtors past clients and making sure that you are a match to work together, sometimes people just don't click.

Regarding searching Google, you really have to sift through the websites some agents use pay per clicks which means they pay to have their website at the top of the page. Not necessarily always being the number Realtor in the area.

We are always happy to provide potential clients our list, we feel it's very important that you hear how their transactions went.

Feel free to look us up:
Yelp - Jennifer and Gary Ricco Remax of Santa Clarita
Zillow - Jennifer Ricco SCV Real Estate

We would like the opportunity to earn your business!
Jennifer Ricco Remax of Santa Clarita
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Well Silly, Right here :). No really, here is a good start. Your gut is the best place. Interview agents that you find whether it be here or at other online site or even open houses. You need to find not only a agent that is knowledgable, but you feel comfortable with and that you trust. Call several or just call me :) (661-212-2032)
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