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we had a home inspection done,gave a buyers response to the seller and she was given 72 hrs to respond she waited 2 weeks what can i do?did she breach

Asked by Emmyjade, Leesville, LA Wed May 18, 2011

not only that but she wouldn't allow the electricians in to get estimates even though she wanted them, and she made the appointments,since she drug her feet answering us, our lender said that we would have to wait an additional 2 weeks for closing or we don't get our loan (govt loan) and she won't grant it, and she says that if we don't close by the closing date that she will sue us for breach of contract. can she do this?, the sale is contingent on my finacing up to date of closing

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It sounds to me that owner knows about a can of warms is about to open by having an electrician see electrical work done illegally in the past. Your electrician (I hope he is a state license electrician by the state of Louisiana, you need to ask him and verify by going to ) He will know what has been done wrong in the house. And how much will cost you. Also you need to have an inspector (neutral) not one recommended by ur real estate agent, needs to be neutral and license and with experience. by the way there is lots of inspectors out there that they only took an online 8 hr course and call them self inspectors.
Inspection needs to cover such as:
Water heater, how many years left of live, roof, AC, Heating, asbestos and led in paint.

good luck, Let me know if I can help
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BEWARE of buying a house in Leesville. All the houses are overpriced. Investors and real estate people take advantage of Military here. I am active duty army and I have been stationed in many places and I do have lots of experience in houses, new building and remodeling properly by construction codes.
I have been here for over two years, when first moved in I looked for USED houses. What a disaster. All the used houses have had work done (additions) to it improperly in violation to building codes. When a homeowner does a remodeling here they get a handy man to do staff they are not license to do. Example: Electrical work was all wrong, AC conduits were installed improperly form the outside AC unit to a outside hole to the second floor, Every house I did looked I came up with a list of about 30 building violations by the building code. Pluming a disaster (Missing P-traps on bath rooms) etc. big tress growing next to the house foundation (soon to crack house and brake building sewer), roofs w lots of problems.
You will find some very friendly realtors in this area, some even will tell you they are “CRISTIANS and We do support the military” (those are the ones you need to be very cautions, because they are used to illegal games) but the problem is that used house is nothing but junk houses in this area. Also lots of realtors will play trick (illegal games) to you such as:
Home Appraisal: every house need one before back approves loan. Well, They will get their buddy to do it and comparisons they look are the high houses for sale only. Then They will tell you that the house you want to buy already has an equity of 30,000 to 50,000 dollars, so if you buy the house by the time you PCS you can sale it and move on with cash on your packets. A lot of my army friends had fallen in this traps. By the time PCS come they put it for sale and no one will pay the amount they were told. I have seen NCO and even officers sell their home less the amount they paid. Also these area is well known for soldiers losing their homes and guess who buys the foreclosures here; the same realtors/ investors who sold you the house and they will sell it to another soldiers and you are back in the cycle.
Also another game they play is let see you like a used housed and you put an offer, and they take it. Then you have second thoughts because that was the 1st house you saw. Well you want to walk the house again & you feel kind of surprised they took your offer (you offer to high….). When you go to the house the realtor’s dad is going to open the door. The firs thing he tells you is that he told his daughter that if a house like this came up at that price range that he wanted to buy it. He will ask you how much you offer and then he would say “WHAT that is cheap” he want it for him. He calls his daughter on the cell in front of you and tells her that he wants the house, how come he did not know about it. And of course the realtor will tell dad she already sold it to you. You get excited and now you want it even more.
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First of all your Real Estate Agent (you did have one) should have never let this drag out like this. When she didn't comply to the contract and the home inspection , the contract became null and void.But since it did drag out and you went along with it that might put a different light on it.I don't understand the Lender take on it, it seems to me if the seller won't allow a Lic. Electrician in there , there must be something wrong.I think I would cut my loses and rethink buying this home and I would rethink using this Lender. I also think you need some good Real Estate advise, feel free to call. I will be glad to help you all I can.
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It sounds like there were some definite break downs in the lines of communications going on. At this point, consulting an attorney is the best advice I can give you. Louisiana real estate law is unique to Louisiana and each contract is different. An attorney can look at the running record of documents and tell you where you are at with it. Better sooner than later since it's still an active contract. Best of luck and I'm so sorry that you are having to deal with the darker side of real estate.
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Hi Emmyjade,

You said you gave a buyers response to the seller and she was given 72 hours to respond but she waitied 2 weeks. Your Realtor should have given her Realtor a Notice To Seller To Perform. I'm assuming that didn't happen. Since you have a financing contingency up to the date of closing and you haven't removed the contingency, I would think you would not be in breach of contract - however, since I am not a Real Estate Attorney, I would suggest you contact one to see if this is indeed the case.

Good luck!!

Shanna Rogers
SR Realty
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But this lady a week into the contract told her agent that she didn't want to sell it, so she has done everything she could to mess this up,but i can't get my loan if i can't get the extention, and in my contract i don't have a limit on the amount of time to get my financing it just says up the date of closing.
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As a buyers agent your realtor's job/responsibility is to give you due dilligence from start to finish. Which to me, when I am working as a buyer's agent means it is my job to try to work with the listing agent, who would need to work with her seller's to try to work this out.
I am wondering if there is a slight communication breakdown?? This is all it takes to make a transaction go south. I would also recommend discussing this with an attorney. I wish you all the best of luck!!!
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You may want to consult an attorney but.....

Your realtor should have submitted a termination if the seller didn't respond. Otherwise you may have to buy the house anyway. Your financing period should be specific number of days from the execution date. If you passed that date then you have to find another source of financing if you didn't withdraw/terminate. Really sad, but you can be required to buy a home even if you you don't qualify if the terms of the contract were met by all parties. She can sue for specific performance.

I use time/date stamps such as your realtor but part of my job is to watch those timelines and if not met then I have my clients withdraw. Does the seller have an agent? You may want to meet with your realtor and the broker of the other company to see what you can work out.

Cathy Bureau
Green Home Realty
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Well, she can sue, but it doesn't mean that she has any chance of winning.

You will have to consult your contract to see what happens is the seller does not respond, but contracts in our area give the seller 3 days and a lack of response means they agree to the terms.

It sounds like you have an issue with the house that must be resolved and the seller is not being cooperative. It sounds like the seller is in breach of the contract, but regardless of who is at fault, you need to find a way to get this done if you want to buy your new house.

I would have your agent ask for an extension of the financing contingency and the closing and make sure the seller knows that they are the bottleneck in the process. Hopefully the seller's agent understands this, but it is possible they are getting bad advice from her agent.
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