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Joyce, Both Buyer and Seller in San Jose, CA

in cases where one agent is representing us in both buying a new place n selling our old place, is it reasonable to xpect a discount in selling costs?

Asked by Joyce, San Jose, CA Tue Mar 29, 2011

if so, how much is typically discounted in %?

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As you have read, commissions are negotiable. This should be discussed and established before entering into any contract and be specified in writing. The agent's Broker would also have to agree to it. The agent's decision will be based on the work involved and may have expectations of you as well.

Best of luck to you.
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You should expect loyalty, be protected legally, communication professionalism and great representation. Should you expect a portion of your real estate agents salary. NO! Should I get a piece of your salary for answering your question, NO! Leave peoples income alone. Hire the the agent who will do the best job for you, not who will give you a discount, you will get what you pay for. I have worked on the other side of an agent who discounts and often, it is not pretty.
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Think all the answers below have merit. Just an overview, if you Listed with this Agent and you were clear as to them representing you on your purchase should you not have discussed this when you listed the property. You are not paying any commission on your purchase, so if they did a valued job for you what is the problem exactly? Another example, should a cab driver discount your fare if they are taking you to do errands and return you safely to your home. In fact they leave the motor running, do they not?
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Really, you are still looking for a discount, come on. Get an agent who will work for you and protect you legally. You will save more than a discount. If your agent agrees to discount, find one that is not so desperate to get business that are willing to give up their salary. This is your agents salary, how much of your salary are you giving up for free work. Again, you get what you pay for!
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Well as you have read commissions are negotiable. But handling both sides will be very stressful and the commission is well earned. I have done this and it will get sticky for some agents. A breeze for me. But with that said, I did reduce a commission on a listing with the promised full commission on their purchase. Although I did offer a cut toward their NRCC of the purchase on COE. Also they were looking to purchase 2 years prior to selling. But here is the kick, as we were accepting the offer on their property (full price) the "oh we decided we are going to rent". So.. since I worked for a well known agency I was fired because they don't list HelpuSale commissions. They were ok with this reduced listing commission just as long as I pulled the purchase. These now renters have been searching for a home for the past 3 years, but now decided to use another agent, I guess I was working too hard. 5 years of hard work, dedication, cost down the drain. I am assuming they found an agent that will give them most of their commission. I guess that would be fair since they will most likely work for about 5 minutes, the time to fax over the offer. So be careful of what you ask for and what an agent accepts, you might end up in court.
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For those of us answering your question seems odd, or somewhat self serving. HMMM, i can tell you I would take a commission cut, and in affect kick the knees of the agent you are currently working with who is in the same profession I am in and would I want your agent to tell my clients, hey, you should work Justin over for his commission.
I liked GTeam's answer, No your agents commission should not be discounted, nor should you expect it. I will be as bold to say, anyone who says they would take or give a discount has little value for their service. We are so short sighted, buyers and sellers "belief" is that realtors "earn" money. Gosh, Realtors do a lot more than that in the transaction. They have the tools needed to find you the correct house to purchase, they have the tools needed and professional know how to communicate with other realtors to get your current home sold. These tools aren't just the internet, but the dozens of transactions they have done each year that bring with them their unique circumstances which could never be learned/gained from sitting on internet looking for answers..I know long winded answer, simply put, Loyalty is honorable and Honor also see's value in another’s profession! Value is worth Ten Times the Commission your agent will receive.
Best of luck.
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As the others mentioned, you should definitely negotiate your commissions. After all, the agent wants you to use them for both transactions, and it's also in everyone's best interests to work with an agent for which you've established a relationship.

I work with a lot of Google employees up here in Northern California, and I always provide either commission rebates or reduced rates in listing and selling a home, so talk with your agent!

Good luck!

Grace Morioka
Area Pro Realty
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Much depends on the agent and there agreement with their brokers office

There is NO % of discount standard rate

Lynn911 Dallas Realtor & Consultant, Loan Officer, Credit Repair Advisor
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If you were my client, I would have listed your home for sale for 3.5% (1% to me and 2.5% for the buyers agent) if you agreed in writing to let me represent you on the purchase of your new home as long as both properties are of about equal value.
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Thank you everybody! Your candid answers have been very helpful for me to see both perspectives.
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It's completely reasonable to get a discount. Google real estate commission rebates and terms like that and you'll find plenty of agent who will jump at getting two transactions.

I'm an independent broker in Southern California and I'll list and sell a home for 4% total commission and then split the buyer commission when you buy your next home. Check out Redfin in the Bay Area and you can save $$$$$$.
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Commissions are negotiable. Speak to the agent. I am not saying it is correct for the commission to be reduced but rather stating that it is negotiable between parties.
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I agree with Dan Tabit. Being a dual agent is always stressful and requires excellent sales skills to be done effectively and the agent deserves to be paid their full commission.
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The consensus is......NEGOTIATE! It's definitely your right to do so if you haven't already entered into an agreement.
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Remember, commission is not set on the stone and therefore, it is negotiable. if you agent does not want to give you discount, call me. :-)
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Hi Joyce, as others have said, commission is negotiable between seller and broker/agent - that is always the case. Your goal is to become a buyer - to do that you need your listing agent to be working like a dog, with all of her marketing and service might. Suggest you sit down with her and talk with her about this question. I would not say that there is any "expectation" either way, but it certainly mertis a discussion so that your expectations and hers are in line. She will be assisting you with what will likely be the two most important transactions of your year - your relationship with this resource is so important. Have the discussion, talk about your commitment to her and see where the discussion leads.

Become a buyer - that is the goal!

Jeanne Feenick
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The only way to find out - is to ask......

Good Luck!

Gerry Dunn
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Yes you can negotiate a commission, however, more emphasis should be placed on the service you are receiving. Before hiring a realtor you should find out their strategy in marketing your property. Create a game plan. Listen to what they have to say and follow their advice. You are hiring a professional for a reason. Keep in mind the full commission does not always go to your realtor. If there is another realtor bringing in a buyer (usually due to your agent's advertising and marketing skills) the commission is split. Don't forget the time, energies and out of pocket expenses, such as gas, advertising, etc. that is expended for your benefit.
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Hi Joyce,
You can ask for a discount even if you only buy or sell a property. Some agents are willing to give it to you but you have to be very careful, they may not try hard to save money for you. It is always understandable that if you are good to him, he will be good to you.
Good luck to you!
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Is your agent doing a good job? If you need a filling one week and then another the following week, should you get a discount? If your mechanic fixes your front breaks in January and your back breaks in February, should you get a discount. If your employer pays you for two weeks worth of time on March 15th should you give him a discount for another two weeks of time on March 31st?

Has the service your agent performed diminished in such a way as he/she is not as valuable to you?
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Hi Joyce,

You will get different answers to this question, depending on whom you ask, as "reasonable" is a subjective concept.

Speaking for myself, I do offer discounts, but there are valid arguments made by real estate professionals with different perspectives, as the broker from Washington state illustrates.

You are certainly doing the right thing, seeking out different points of view, to ultimately make the decision that is best for you.


Daniel Berman
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Having one agent represent you in both transactions is a major benefit to you. Hopefully you understand each other and have trust that the goals you established are clearly understood by your agent. If your agent is helping you at a discount on one or the other transaction, they may consider their time better spent with a client who is permitting them full fare.
Remember too, that the agent you select is out of pocket expenses weeks to months before they hope to get paid. They invest their time, knowledge and expertise in anticipation that things will go well and they will get paid. This doesn't always happen.
I had a client lose their job just as an offer came in on their listing. Without a job, they couldn't sell because until they had a new one, they didn't qualify fo buy. My efforts and investments in helping them sell and buy had to be put off indefinitely.
A good agent is worth more than they get paid, but a bad one will cost you thousands more. If you have a good agent, discuss their fees and come to an agreement that makes sense for everyone.
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I'll say that it's not unreasonable. There is nothing wrong with negotiating especially since commissions are not set in stone. There is no typical percentage. Determine what important to you and talk about it with your agent.

David Sciplin
Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate
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