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how much to install central air conditioner?

Asked by dhppga, Estero, FL Tue Jun 4, 2013

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What type of work do you need? There are several different components of an air conditioner.
Depending on the age of your home may depend on your assurance of a cool home that saves you on your monthly bill as well. I am here if you need recommendations of several air conditioning companies based on what you need.
Feel free to e-mail me/ text me or call me at....
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You're right Emily, you're going to need to see if there are already ducts in your house. If there are, it will be a lot easier to put in central air. If not, I don't think that the price would be worth it to put in the ducts. It really depends on your personal preference though. http://www.cblucashvac.com/air-conditioning-and-heating/
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Like they said, it really depends on a couple of factors. The size of your house and the kind of air conditioner that you want will really affect the price that this project will cost you. You're going to also have to check if you have existing ducts in your home. It is going to be a lot cheaper if you don't have to put in duct works. http://coleac.com/hvac.htm
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There are several factors that will affect the installation price of a central air conditioning system. The size of your home is one of the biggest. Larger homes need larger A/C units. Prices will also vary by geographical location. Gather as many quotes as you can before making a decision.

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I think it depends on what kind of air conditioner you're looking for. It also could vary depending on your area. I would call around to local companies and see how much they cost to get an idea of the average cost of what you're looking at. This should help you out the most. Good luck! http://www.unitedheating.com
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I'm not sure how much it would cost. I think it depends on your area and the weather where you live. I would call around to get a general price from all the different companies. They should help you get an idea. Good luck! http://www.altacairconditioning.com.au/about
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I'm looking to install a new air conditioning system in my own home. Did you find anything that worked best for you and you're home? I'm up for any ideas or solutions. http://www.mclaughlin-air.com/air-conditioning-installation.html
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The pricing for an installation of a central air conditioner could differ. If you are looking to get a system installed I would recommend getting a quote from a service in your area. My sister just had a new unit put in last week and I know she got a quote before following through with it. http://www.anytimeservicesinc.com/NJ-HVAC/NJ-AC.html
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It could be different in Florida where you live, Dhppga. Do you have your system already at your house ready to be installed? If it's just installation costs, I imagine it would be a couple hundred dollars at the most. Installation is fairly easy and quick if a technician knows what he's doing. I'd recommend calling a couple companies to review their prices for comparing. Hope this helps!
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It is a little more costly. I think it depends on what type of system you want. Some of them will be more expensive than others. You should take to a contractor and see how much this will cost to get and also to install. http://www.aircomfort.com.au/product-services/
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It probably will depend quite a bit on the size of your home. It also depends on how easily the duct work can be installed in your home. Some older homes have less space to accommodate a central air system, so the air conditioning contractor will have to get creative. I'd recommend talking to some general contractors to get some recommendations on who to go with. http://good-inc.com
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Most companies will have a basic installation rate, and then the price will vary according to what kind of system you choose and how big your home is. I would recommend getting a few different quotes before choosing who you will hire. You can find the best one for your budget by doing so.
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It will depend on a lot of things. If you need to have vents installed as well, it will cost more. There are just a lot of things that could cause the price to rise or fall, and they'll all be different depending on your house. I would suggest talking to some companies to see if you can get quotes on this. that way you'll have a better idea of what kind of price you'll be looking at.
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Depends on the extent of the work seen jobs go as little as 2,000 for a condenser up to 15k full system zoned. Get 3 bids before deciding check license and insurances. i have used Metro Air at http://metropolitanheatingandair.com in the past
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Hi Kelsey, This question would be best answered by an HVAC contractor professional and not a Realtor. There are many variables that come into play that they could enlighten you about. If you have a real estate question, I would be happy to help you, but with this one, you're better directed toward a professional in that trade.
Best of luck,
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There are a few things that would affect the pricing for installing a unit. More information would need to be know to give an near close accurate answer. Your best option in finding out pricing for your self would be to get a quote from someone who does installations. http://www.arlingtonheating.com/services/heating-ac-installa…
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I think the price varies on a couple different things. Who you hire, the size of the area in which your installing it, and also the area in which you live could all have affects. I would suggest calling the company you plan on hiring and getting a general price. They should help you with everything you need to know. http://www.newwaveair.com.au
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The average price varies by thousands of dollars to be honest with you. It all depends on the square footage of your home and how nice of a model you want. If you want a basic unit, it can cost around $1000. http://www.lakesideheating.com/central-air/
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Mark is right, it could be pretty pricey. I think that central air really makes all of the difference though. Just make sure that you get your ducts cleaned every couple of years to keep the integrity of your system. But the price really depends on a lot of different factors. http://jonesairconditioning.com/a-c-services.html
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The price could vary greatly depending on a number of different factors. I would suggest talking to some companies in your area about it. You will probably need to get quotes for the work to get an idea of what it will cost you. I think that's your best option personally. I know that you could get a really good deal on the work if you do the right amount of research on it.
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It think that it would depend on your home and how big of unit you need. If you already have one it might be better to just get it repaired rather than get whole new one. I would recommend having someone come out to look at it and give you a quote for your best option. http://www.onehourairwestpasco.com
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I think that it will mostly depend on the air conditioner you are hoping to install. There are many different options available, so you'll just need to figure out which looks like the best option.I would make sure that your home is set up well for the air conditioner you want. Then I would also be sure that you get a reliable service to set it up for you so that it works well! http://www.wfhann.com/service.aspx?id=XRVanuEmxkapHJfC557rog
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There are a lot of things that can contribute to the pricing. I would get in touch with an HVAC professional to help. Also, If you do decide to install consider using spiral tubing. It delivers heat much more effectively. I have noticed a big difference since I installed it in my house. http://www.transvent.com/
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A couple of thousand most likley. It's best to contact a local heating and a/c company in your area to get a free estimate. all the best
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Hi! It's according to the tonage of AC you need. On an average it costs about $1500.00 a ton. Your typical 1500 square foot home will need a 2.5 - 3 ton unit. So that being said, it should cost around $4000.00 - $6000.00.
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That's a great question. It depends on how big your home is, placement, etc. I would assume that it's a fairly low price, though. Make sure you find a good company to help you out. Shop around and compare prices to ensure that you're getting the most for your money. Also consider asking your friends and family about their experiences with heating and air conditioning. http://www.wightmanmechanical.com/heating_and_air_conditioni…
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Congratulations on your decision to get an air conditioning system installed. I am sure that you are going to love it in the summer. I don't remember how much mine cost, but it was well worth the money. I would recommend asking your neighbors for a referral. You should also get a few quotes. Good luck.

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I agree with Cory, that is so great to hear that you got it installed. Summer is coming up, and it is going to be a hot one. Fans really don't do the trick to cool down a house. I think that either ducted ac or a swamp cooler are the best ways to go. http://www.lmac.com.au/ducted-air-conditioning
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It really depends on how many square feet your home has, but a home that is about 2,000 will require a unit that costs between $3,500-$4,000. In my opinion, this is well worth the price. I live in a desert state, and there is no way that we would survive the summer without air conditioning. Keep in mind that the costs continue since you will be paying much more in your energy bill as well.
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A new Air conditioner can cost you between 2-3k depending on the size of the Air conditioner you need and efficiency SEER rating. http://pacificcoastheatingandair.com of Los Angeles, California. Located in the San Fernando Valley also service Santa Clarita and Ventura County.
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It really depends on what you're switching from and what kind of work you want to get done. If you're trying to install into an existing duct system it could be easier than putting a new system into a building altogether. You should contact a few different companies and decide which one you want to work with based on the conversations you have with them. It shouldn't be too difficult for you to find a good company to do work with.
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It's usually quite a bit. Our house is 2200 square feet and costed us about $3000. We used a really good contracting service. It has been worth the cost though! http://www.longbeachair.com/air-conditioning-services-signal…
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Calvin is right, it can cost quite a bit depending on the size of your home. Air conditioning is a comfort that I wouldn't want to give up. It gets so hot around here. Anyways, if you talk to a contractor, you should be able to find all of the info that you need. http://centraltexasheatingandair.com/
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I don't really think it matters how much it will cost. I don't see how you can live comfortably in a house without a central air conditioner. What does the house have now if it doesn't have a/c? I can imagine it would be fine this time of year, but in the summer it will be unbearable. http://airconperthwa.com.au
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We need a little more information in order to give a ballpark estimate. What type of work are you looking to have done? The age of your house will affect the price of air conditioning installation as well. You can have someone come look at your home and give you an estimate. http://www.caredaair.com.au
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I think it depends on how you hire to install it. Different companies offer different services which come with different prices. I would call the company you're thinking about hiring and ask them for a price. They should be able to give you a general idea of what you're looking at paying. http://www.thewrightguys.com/air-conditioning/index.html
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Having someone come to your home and provide an estimate would probably be the most accurate way to estimate the cost. I think one of the biggest factors is the age of your home. If you are looking to install an air conditioner, make sure you have a space they can set up your unit.
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I got a good system that was already installed when we bought our house. About a year ago we considered getting a new system installed. A serviceman came by to check things out, and identified exactly what was wrong with our current system. He proceeded to give us a bid to fix it, and then had our central air up and running within a few days. http://www.smithacla.com/about
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It depends how big is the house, how efficient AC should be and cost of installation.
There are good blogs from AC companies explaining it in more details and sending you a free quote.
*If it is a small house, you plan to stay there for a short period of time, and you have a tight budget ~ you might want to check mobile AC units. They are quite efficient these days. You can choose AC+ heater( 2in1). I've seen them in Home Depot and Best Buy.
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From what I've seen from contractors pricing, complete AC unit and install is around $10,000 here in California
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I think it depends on the size and style of your house. I'm sure you can get a contractor out to estimate the price. It's worth it to put in a central a/c unit. It's really nice to have, and you'll notice the difference right away. http://www.gouldsac.com
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It depends on what size you need, the age of your home, the company you use, etc. Costs of installing AC units can vary greatly depending on these factors. It would be helpful to call a few different AC companies and see what they quote you to install a unit. Good luck with your searching!
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Hi There,

The cost of installing a new unit and condenser will depend mainly on the square feet of living space of the property. Must any A/C company can give you a ball park price if you just give them the address, age of the home and square footage. I've seen them run from $5,000 to $9,000
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Now is not the time for an air conditioner not to work. I have many contacts in the air conditioning business. It will depend on what you need. Please call, text or email me. sgrangerrealtor@hotmail.com 239-851-5754
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Well, I just went through it! We had a system, but it needed to be upgraded, including all new duct work. We installed a 5 ton unit on an approx 2600 sq. ft. home (1 story).

Contact me and I can give you more information on the contractor used and the cost.
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He probably figured it out by now. The question is over a year old.
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There are many factors that determine how much an A/C unit will cost, such as, SEER rating, energy efficiency, any duct work that needs to be done, and square footage are just some of these factors. In the Bradenton and surrounding areas depending on these factors you are looking at around $5,000 to $10,000. If you have any questions please feel free to give me a call at 941-315-6889.
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I think it really depends on your area. I would call around to central air conditioning companies around your area and see if they can give you an average price. That will probably be the best way to figure out the price that you're looking at. Good luck and I hope you find everything you need! http://www.clevelandpandh.com/Heating_and_A_C_Services.html
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Around $5,000 for an average size house that has existing duct work.
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Thanks for the ballpark estimate. I know it depends a lot on the house and what's already been installed, but I just wanted to get myself in the right mindset. I've been putting it off for years because of the price, but it seems like now's the time to upgrade. http://jimsheatingandcooling.com.au
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This depends on a number of factors. First, it you are simply replacing a pre-existing system the cost of a good system replacement could be between $4,000 and $5,000. On the other hand if you are retro-fitting a system in a home that has never had AC this cost could easily double because of the labor intensive work and cost necessary to complete the job. I some older homes it becomes necessary to be creative in order to bring the duct work to all areas of the home.

Hope this is helpful,

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That's what I was thinking. Air conditioning costs can vary extremely widely depending on the home. Do you already have ductwork in place? If not, it's going to require some planning to put in a central air system. It's expensive now, but it's worth it later. | http://fixmyacfast.com
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This question is not as simple as it seems to be. There are several points to be considered on which the central air conditioner installation depends. Some of which are: the size of the ac, the space of room, the distance from the exhaust, etc. You can check our website and contact us if you need any additional information.
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Exactly. Also, if you're installing central air into a home for the first time, there might be more additional costs. Whether or not you already have ductwork can make an enormous difference. Call a few different companies and get quotes if you want a really specific answer. | http://CenturyHeatingandAirConditioning.com
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I would have to agree, there are lots of factors that would contribute to the price. A large factor would be the type of unit you want to install. There are many options you have when installing a new air conditioning system.
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Well it depends on the size of the unit and if the coil will be installed in the attic with duct work that distributes the cold air to each room or will the coil be installed atop of a hot air furnace and use the existing duct work.

a rough estimate--

attic installation $7500 - $8500

on furnace $3000 - $3500
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It all depends on your square footage and the size needed. You may want to call around and get free estimates for a new unit.

Have a great day;

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Prices are all over the board. It really depends on how bad they need your business this week. 3.5 Ton $4500 on avg.

Sarah Garrett, Realtor
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I use a guy that lives in Estero as well.....best pricing out there. As far as the cost.....not sure....good question for the a/c guy. If you want his information let me know.

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Depends on extent of work.... install ductwork or components (condenser/ handler)? I have several A/C vendors that can assist. Feel free to email or call 239-206-3467 or kevin@keytosold.com
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call Russell who owns AC 911 at 239-878-4497. He does good work, never charges overtime and is honest.
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There are various models and sizes. I always call;
One Hour Air Conditioning
Open 24 hrs
(239) 656-1267
560 Pine Island Rd, Ste 1, North Fort Myers, FL 33903


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