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Would you buy a home that doesn't have central air conditioning if it offered every other amenity you wanted?

Asked by Kathy Stankard, Franklin, MA Fri Apr 12, 2013

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Do you have a listing with every amenity and no central a/c??
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If I had the money to put in my own air conditioning, then I think I would probably do it. It depends on what the other amenities are though. That would play a huge part in it! http://www.aircomfort.com.au
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OF course, ever hear of air conditioners?
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Hell no! It is ridiculous that anyone would consider buying a home that isn't equipped with central heat and air. Especially with homes in areas where houses are placed closely together. In these situations you're subject to your neighbors loud noise and enviromental fumes. Plus, if you're not willing to spend the money on something that is considered to be standard in todays market - what else did you cheap out on?
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Here take advice from Noacnogo, a spoiled little rat.
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Do you have another form of air conditioning, or nothing at all? If it's a different type, then it wouldn't be a deal breaker. But if you don't have any air conditioning, it's worth your time to install something. It will definitely sell your home faster. http://www.hewittelectrical.com.au
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dont have any money to but down on a house at all ok
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we do not have any money to but down on a house because all of are money is gong on billandrent allthetime and we really want a house of areolnyantwecantgetanyhelpatallokwehavetwocatsthatwewanttokeepwithusokthankyouverymuch
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I think it depends on what part of the country you live in ...In the northwest it isn't as necessary but I am seeing more and more that it is becoming a staple in new construction and homes built in the last ten years. I wouldn't let it be a deal killer especially if the price was right!!
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I live in Seattle and think it's a joke that people in the NW believe it's okay not to install central heat and air. It does get hot here and telling a home buyer they don't need it is a lie realtors tell perspective buyers so that they can make their money on a home sooner than they would otherwise.
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For me personally, central air conditioning is a major priority right up near the top of the list of my necessary amenities. because of that, I wouldn't want to buy a house where there wasn't central air. If people feel like they don't need it though, it can be a lot easier to get them to agree to buy the house. It will ultimately be a preference thing with this.
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If the price of the home is right and has everything I want except AC then absolutely. Then have it installed.
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I don't know if I would. I live in an area where the weather fluctuates quite a bit. It would be hard to go without some sort of HVAC system. I might do it if it was a really good deal. http://www.allzoneac.com
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There are always other options if you really like the home so I would still purchase it. I have fixed up a couple homes we have bought in the past. In a case like this I would probably look into having an conditioning unit installed myself. http://www.gouldsac.com/index.php/services
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It would depend on if the cost of the home made up for the lack of air conditioning. I would want to put in after I moved in, but if the house cost too much for me to be able to do so afterward then it wouldn't be worth it. I would rather find a house I didn't have to make sure a large improvement to. http://kasselac.com
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If the home offered every other amenity that I wanted then I would still seriously consider it. In my case I would probably look into just having a system installed myself. I am pretty picky when it comes to home buying so I understand that some remodeling is needed in many cases. http://aircompliance.com.au/
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I agree with Kelsey, you can always put in air conditioning later. You could probably even ask them to take a little bit of money off of the price for that. If they don't have central air, there is always the option to get a swamp cooler. It all really depends on what you prefer. http://www.airconperthwa.com.au/
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Very few homes, if any, will ever have EXACTLY ALL the options you want. So a home missing ONE very easy to solve, and reasonably inexpensive, amenity is a clear YES. Buy the house and have A/C installed when you can afford it. Enjoy your new home. Also, check into a Heat Pump. It works the same in the summer as A/C and also draws heat out of the air down to about 30 to save you money on your heat bill. It is a little more but can save money on your heating bills to off set the cost over time.
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Without question or hesitation, yes. If it offered EVERY other amenity we were looking for and the price was right, then a big YES!
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Of course the home would be a bit more appealing if it already had a unit installed. However I don't think that I would cancel it out just because it didn't have central air conditioning already installed. I would probably just look into getting it installed myself if I wanted to purchase the home. http://www.abaileyplumbing.com
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I agree with you Kelsey, that would definitely be more appealing. It gets pretty hot around here, so a summer without central air will be pretty rough. There are a lot of other air conditioning options that you can go with. You could definitely talk to an HVAC contractor about it. http://www.myheaterman.com
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Hi Kathy
To me it would all depend on a few things. 1. Do you have kids with asthma...etc? if so then AC is very important (I know my family has children with asthma and its so important to have good air quality circulating in the house). 2. If the home checks all the other boxes on your list and you can afford to have AC installed then this home might be an option. Lastly Get an experienced realtor...if you really like everything else in the home then you really should have a realtor that understands your needs and works with you to negotiate this issue in your favor. Feel free to contact me should you have any additional questions...Thanks Al
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When I was younger, I lived in a place that didn't have central air for a while. It was a bit of a pain. Some rooms would be comfortable while others didn't get the AC or heating as much. If it has the duct system already installed, it shouldn't be too hard to put it in yourself. http://chaskahvacservices.com
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It really depends on what all of the other amenities are. It's hard to imagine a home that would have a lot of amenities, that doesn't have central air. I think that if the home is only missing the central air, you should look into the heating system. If that system has a duct system, it could be extremely easy to add in the air conditioning.
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I also wanted to add that it could be pretty expensive to install central air conditioning. The spiral tubing isn't too expensive, but it could cost a bit to put it into your walls. I would have a contractor come out to give you an estimate. But like I said before, I think that central air is completely worth it. http://www.transvent.com
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I agree with Jackson, it all depends on the other amenities. Central air is really important for me, mostly because I am always hot. In the summer it gets over 100 degrees almost every day here. It's all up to your personal preference whether you get central air or not. http://fixmyacfast.com/air-conditioning/air-conditioning-maintenance/
Flag Thu Jan 15, 2015
As far as I've learned, you don't need a specific type of heating system. However, I do think that it would be wise to get a new heating system instead of trying to repair it. I would check with your condo association and make sure that they don't have any requirements. If they do, then you might want to make sure that you get it figured out before you sell your home! http://www.trirom.ca/en/
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Resale is important. I advocate to my buyer to allow for a $10K-$20K install down the road should they want to sell it.

Chad Roberts
Realty One Group
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There are a couple things that would determine this. The climate is the most obvious one. If it doesn't get hot enough for AC then I wouldn't mind! I would also look at other competitive houses in the area. If there are other ones in the price range that have AC I would obviously choose that over one that didn't. You will have to accept a much lower price without a central AC unit. http://www.cdcoolingheating.com/
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I agree, it really depends on the climate where you live. I personally could handle living with just fans during the summer here. It gets really hot some days, but it is manageable. If I had a lot of kids, that would be a different story though. http://www.ronhammes.com/services
Flag Thu Jan 8, 2015
Kathy, that's a great question, "would you buy a home that doesn't have central air conditioning...". If you love the home, the other amenities, and the location, you could speak to a few reputable HVAC specialists. I would recommend getting a few bids from reputable, licensed, and insured air conditioning professionals. I know many older homes can be retro-fitted to have central air conditioning. If that's the only thing holding you back from buying your dream home, I think it may be worth your time speaking to a few HVAC professionals. Good luck! http://www.eastcoastair.net.au
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It would depend on how much trouble i was having finding a home that has all the amenities I want. If I am finding every other house has all I want plus air conditioning then I would keep looking. If I have a large list of amenities, and I'm finding it almost impossible to find the right house then I would absolutely take a house without AC. I would try to use the lack of an AC to help reduce the price of the house a little. Then put the AC in after I close escrow. Out here you can get a whole system plus ducting put in for around 10,000 on a 2500sq ft house.
0 votes Thank Flag Link Mon Dec 15, 2014
I would never buy a home without central air, even if it had all the other amenities I was looking for. I can see that others feel differently, but I can't live without a proper air conditioning system. Window units and fans are not sufficient for my cooling needs. I am a larger man and do not tolerate heat well.

0 votes Thank Flag Link Mon Dec 15, 2014
I share Cory's point of view. Even if it was my dream home in every other respect, I would never buy a house that did not have central A/C. I find heat miserable, and I think proper air conditioning is a basic human right. I might consider a property that lacked a furnace, though. I can tolerate cold much more than heat.

Flag Mon Jan 5, 2015
It depends on where it is. I definitely would not buy a house that relied on a swamp cooler! Not all houses need air conditioning though. I grew up in a small mountain town that rarely got above 75 degrees all year long. We didn't need AC so we didn't have it in our house. If you're in an area that does get hot though I would definitely have it installed. http://www.artsacrepairrockwalltx.com/index.php?option=com_c…
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I agree with you, it really depends on the location. If it had all of the other amenities that you wanted, I think that you could work something out. Like Trevor said, you can always buy a window unit or a portable unit to put in your home. http://www.affordableheatingandcooling.net/air-conditioning.html
Flag Mon Dec 8, 2014
There are a lot of window units and portable air conditioners that you could use. Central air is really convenient, but it isn't the only option. If you buy a home that doesn't have central air, you don't have to suffer through the heat. http://www.clevelandpandh.com/Heating_and_A_C_Services.html
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If the home had everything else I wanted I would most likely still purchase the home. I am sure there are ways you could look into installing a central air conditioning unit. I would talk to an air conditioning service company in your area.

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That's a very good question. I think I would. I can't stand the heat, but if it had everything else I ever wanted, it would be worth it. I can't imagine having my dream home, I would definitely sacrifice my air conditioning. http://www.davidsonsairandheat.com/commercial.php
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If it had everything else I was looking for exactly the way I wanted it, then probably. While air conditioning is important, if that is the only thing that needed to be changed, I would invest some money to get it installed. It does seems unusual that there wouldn't be any sort of cooling system in the house.
Flag Mon Nov 3, 2014
I probably wouldn't personally. Mostly that's because I hate heat and swamp coolers really mess with my asthma. I can't imagine there are very many houses out there that don't have central AC. Especially if they have other amenities. Even if there was, it wouldn't be too bad getting AC installed.
0 votes Thank Flag Link Wed Oct 29, 2014
First of all, have any of you had an actual central air conditioning unit installed in your home? If you say yes, then I would be surprised you agreed to purchasing a home that offered every other amenity, except central a/C. I would honestly have to say, NO, because when you say every other amenity. We can always add on the amenities, especially a small porch or office. Also, there are many homes, so I could pick another home to add something else I'd want. It's just not worth it to install a whole central A/C unit. I would rather have contractors add on a whole new room, then add an a/c unit.
Flag Mon Nov 24, 2014
If the house had every amenity I wanted, then yes I would buy it. It is always possible to install an air conditioning system separately. It would be hard to find another house that offered every amenity I want! http://www.springerbros.net
0 votes Thank Flag Link Mon Oct 27, 2014
I would not buy a house without air conditioning. It is pretty expensive to install an air conditioning system in a house that is already built. There might be other problems with the house as well. I'm sure you can find a better match for a house somewhere else. http://www.eastcoastair.net.au
Flag Thu Dec 18, 2014
Of course you should. Buy the home and put an AC.
Buy an AC in winter from Home Depot or Lowes, it will be cheaper than.

Good luck
0 votes Thank Flag Link Thu Oct 2, 2014
I agree, if the home is nice enough, you can buy it, then install the central air yourself. Well, you wouldn't install it yourself, you should get a central air service company to install it. But central air is definitely nice to have in homes, especially in locations of a hot climate.
Flag Thu Oct 9, 2014
Going without central air is not that big of a deal. I used to live in Maine, and it seemed like we rarely used our air conditioner. In the summer months we just decided to endure the hot weeks until it started to cool off again. Then we would have another 8 months of real cold. http://www.joesacservice.com/equipment-pricing/
0 votes Thank Flag Link Thu Oct 2, 2014
That is a hard question. If it offered every other amenity, passing up the property would be hard. However, if I had a deal breaker, it would be the lack of a central air conditioning system. However, I live in Moreno Valley, where it gets extremely hot.

0 votes Thank Flag Link Thu Sep 25, 2014
It's true. You might not want to pass up on an opportunity like this just because of one amenity. As a bunch of people have said on here, you can install heating and air conditioning later if it turns out to be too uncomfortable later on. You should try an air conditioning unit before you install central air though. Also, make sure the price of the home reflects the lack of central air. http://www.buildinspectandcontract.com
Flag Tue Oct 28, 2014
I don't know about that, Eugene. I would never buy a home without air conditioning. Even if the property had everything else that I was looking for, I would still pass on it.

Flag Sat Oct 4, 2014
If the space is available to put AC in, and all aspects of the equation are met, I would think seriously about buying the property. I did it myself when I bought my home and it certainly was the correct decision.
0 votes Thank Flag Link Fri Sep 19, 2014
I imagine he got his answer as the question is over a year old.
0 votes Thank Flag Link Wed Jul 16, 2014
Well that all depend on how much work you want to put into the home. Your question was would I buy a home that didn't have central air. Yes I would. Would I live in one that didn't have central air conditioning? Probably not. Luckily getting heating and cooling into a home isn't a big deal and is usually really fast. If you find a good deal I'd go for it, just get in heating and cooling that is effective before trying to live in it.
Tim Johnson| http://eastsideventilation.ca
0 votes Thank Flag Link Wed Jul 16, 2014
Why not? $5,000 to $7,000 later you have AC. If that is your dream home, go for it!
0 votes Thank Flag Link Thu Jun 26, 2014
I guess for me it would just depend on what area I would be living in. If it's a place like Arizona that is very hot for much of the year then I would definitely not buy the home without air conditioning. If it's a place that is only hot for a few months during the summer then I would be much more likely to buy it.
0 votes Thank Flag Link Tue Jun 10, 2014
As long as you have the ability to add this feature to your potential home, I see no reason why you wouldn't.
0 votes Thank Flag Link Thu May 15, 2014
I think she probably resolved this as her question is over a year old.
0 votes Thank Flag Link Thu May 15, 2014
Talk to a local HVAC contractor to see if the house can accommodate central air conditioning being installed. If the house has forced air heating, usually central air can be added.
0 votes Thank Flag Link Mon Mar 24, 2014
Yes. Getting central air conditioning installed is minor if everything else is there.
0 votes Thank Flag Link Fri Nov 22, 2013
It depends on the location I think. I've had apartments in Monterey and San Francisco where we never needed it. I've also had apartments in Calgary that didn't but we really could have used the air conditioning on some of those days. Being familiar with where you are moving to is important. http://www.arpis.com/products-services/air-conditioning
0 votes Thank Flag Link Mon Nov 11, 2013
yes. it can be added. factor the cost into the purchase/listing price.
0 votes Thank Flag Link Wed Oct 2, 2013
It appears your question pertains to real estate in Franklin Ma. Clearly HVAC concerns in Franklin Ma are significantly differant than what exists in Tampa FL.
For the most part. Florida citizens LOVE their air conditioning!
Today, you have some incredible options. Of course retrofitting the existing furnance into a air handler and installing the external compressor is the obvious solution.......for 1982.
Your situation allows you to consider 'ductless' on-demand HVAC systems that are highly efficient, minimally invasive, and untra quiet. Only slightly more expensive than traditional systems, the cost recovery will be realized in MONTHS (in a FL environment)
Would I buy a home without central air? In a heart beat if the price were right.

Best of success,
Annette Lawrence, Broker/Associate
Remax Realtec Group
Palm Harbor, FL
Serious people call
Serious people need reliable information
0 votes Thank Flag Link Tue Aug 20, 2013
Exactly. If you're in Florida, then I'd definitely recommend having an air conditioner installed. It will improve the value of your home, and it's nice for you as the owner as well. There are a lot of options if you don't want to install central air, but having some kind of AC is a good idea. | http://www.beaconairservices.com.au
Flag Thu Feb 12, 2015
I don't think that buying a house without a central air conditioning is a good idea. If you think that you can later implant the central air conditioning system then just think that what cost you have to pay for that. Its better to buy a house with central air conditioning system.
0 votes Thank Flag Link Tue Aug 20, 2013
I would only if the price left enough room in my budget to install central a/c as it is a 'deal breaker' item for me.
0 votes Thank Flag Link Tue Aug 13, 2013
I agree with Sarah and her great point. If you were able to get enough money to install a central air conditioner yourself, then I think it would be okay. I would ask the buyer and see what their opinion of the matter is. Good luck! http://westairconditioning.com.au
Flag Mon Oct 6, 2014
Im in Los Angeles, so it's a different climate, but the only way I'd buy a house with no a/c is if it were priced low enough to leave me with enough money to put one in.
Flag Wed Aug 27, 2014
If it had everything else that you wanted then it think it is worth it. You can call an air conditioning installation contractor and have them install it. If you are willing to put the money into installing central air then it s worth it. http://www.williamsandfoggheatingandac.com/richmond-va-air-conditioner-repair-and-installation.htm
Flag Thu Aug 14, 2014
Most probably I would and also consider several split air units as well(might be less expensive)!
0 votes Thank Flag Link Sat Apr 13, 2013
Kathy you've been a realtor since 1996, what has your experience been.

Mine has been I have not found a home that has had every amenity, but have sold many that meet the needs and desires of the buyers.

It is much harder to find the home that meets most of your criteria, let alone with a/c

As to a/c it is an easy option to have added if one so desires.

Also the market price of the home should reflect the amenities and condition of them in relationship to others on the market.
0 votes Thank Flag Link Sat Apr 13, 2013
It's true. Not everyone has the same list of needs from a new house, but an A/C is a standard necessity for most individuals. If you don't have one installed, you should either put it in or lower your selling price. | http://www.arcelechvac.com
Flag Mon Feb 2, 2015
That is certainly a very personal decision to each and every buyer. Some buyers could care less for others it is a pretty high priority.

The first thing to consider is the price range. Do a majority of the listings in that price range have central air?

Secondly, if the house is perfect in every other aspect, would it be easy to add central air? A home that is forced hot air can have central air added fairly easily without a lot of evasive construction. If it is baseboard a dual system could be added a system in the basement to service the first floor and a system in the attic to service the second floor.
0 votes Thank Flag Link Fri Apr 12, 2013
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