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Why use Trulia since it does not have ALL mls properties?

Asked by 7mountainstravel, Redmond, WA Fri Feb 22, 2013

Why use Trulia when ALL mls properties are listed on many other real estate websites? I like Trulia but not that it does not get all mls info like Redfin does.

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Dan Tabit’s answer
You are discovering more than you expected in the answers. Steve is correct, around the country there are different ways information can be provided with different levels of accuracy. I like Trulia as an agent/broker because of this side of the site. Questions are asked and various answers provided for the public to get a sense of the quality of the agents involved as well as an answer to a question.
When you are ready to collect off the data available, and especially in the current state of our local market, there is nothing that competes with a local agent setting up a search matching your criteria and having it send the results to you in real time.
As others have said, many IDX sites only update periodically. (IDX is the means that Redfin, JLScott, Windermere, Remax as well as individual agent sites get their mls data) A live search set up by me or another local pro can have a listing in your email within minutes of it hitting the market.
With inventory so low and demand so high, time matters. I'm seeing new listings in the morning being under contract by the evening, before many can get a chance to see them.
A local broker can also inform you about known upcoming listings before they hit, search canceled and expired listings that may match you parameters and if necessary solicit specific homes that appeal to you that are not on the market.
Get a great local pro and you'll be ahead of the crowd and improve your odds of finding what you are looking for much better than with this or any other site.
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This is one of those questions that showes that Real Estate is truly a local topic and that general statements don't lways provide enough insite. In the area you live in, Redmond Washington, the MLS is a Broker owned MLS called NWMLS. The only way you get information in this marketplace is thru a Brokers downloaded feed of the MLS Data. Trulia is not a real estate brokerage, who's business model is to generate real estate sales. It is an advertising business that knows real estate data drives eyeballs to the site. They provide great information on a host of sites and it's a great way to meet Professional that are staying abreast of all the potential locations consumers are going. It's a lot more informative than the old print real estate magazines or the newspaper ads sellers used to demand we use. Redfin has the MLS information because they are a REAL ESTATE BROKERAGE just like all the other Brokers out there. Their business model is based on generating profits from commissions earned by selling real estate. They have some great technology and tools, but at the end of the day they are still a real estate brokerage and can only display information about homes in accordance with the rules of the local MLS their local office is serving. So if you want MLS information, go to Brokers websites, the better ones automatically update several times an hour, If you want diferent information or to find professionals that are more cutting edge and that invest in their business as business, check out the 3rd party websites. Just remember, by local rule, NWMLS does not give consumers direct access to the NWMLS database.
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I do not send my listings to a Redfin site and would not. Trulia is not a site to be used instead of teh MLS, it is used in addition to. It is for fact finding, asking questions and seeking help. Others just love to browse and learn from others experiences,
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Trulia has a lot more to offer besides MLS Listings........like a place to ask your questions and have it viewed by many.
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so if I am looking for properties to buy or if I am lisitng my house I should just stick with the normal mls sites for finding property in real time or for people to know my house is available. thanks for your answer!!
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You should not use Trulia for a home search.
You should use professional sites such as REMAX.com OR the local MLS.
Any Redmond WA REALTOR can provide you FREE access to the local MLS.

If you are seeking to be ENTERTAINED, now Trulia is the place to be.

Comedy entertainment can be found with the RealtyTrace and Trulia estimates.

Tragedy on the Rental section.

Drama in the Q & A.

Intrigue in the Agent 2 Agent forum.

From what I've observed, there are travel services to India, health solutions for any ailment, and lots of opportunity to watch feet ball.
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Trulia is not a broker and not even a realtor.
If you want to see all properties in a market you should find a local broker that operates a VOW (Virtual Office Website). All of our Broker clients have VOWs'.

Simply a VOW allows the broker to show you EVERY property on the market including the ones set to not display on the Internet, sold properties, etc. Trulia is a lead generation company, they cannot represent you in the selling or buying process.

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That means your listing comes from Listhub. It doesn't mean every listing of every agent comes from Listhub.
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What is completely missing in the words of TRULIA is any reference to MLS!!!
Yes, you can manually enter.
The issue is real estate agents ON TRULIA suggesting the data comes from the MLS therefore....the agent in complicit in the deception. That is the argument.

And the predictable result is Trulia is the last resource to use if you are thinking of making a real estate decision.
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Quoted from Trulia.
The following text appears on each agents account on Trulia. Simply access your listing and select EDIT.
[beginning quote]
Editing Your Listing

Trulia receives this listing from ListHub, a third party listing provider. As part of Trulia's syndication agreement with ListHub, Trulia has agreed to limit data edits on core fields (e.g. price and status) specified by ListHub. This restriction does not apply to other marketing information. Below are the editable and uneditable fields.
[end quote]

Please share with me, Trulia words that gives your objection substance.
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Things are getting a bit messed up here because agents from other areas are chiming in.

1. How Trulia gets listing information will vary by area and sometimes even by brokerage. Agents should not assume that the system in their area is the system everywhere.

2. Even though I said below that buyers in our local area would probably be better off using a broker site to look for listings, it would be foolish for a seller to keep their listing off of Trulia. There are some buyers who look at Trulia, and you want them to know about your listing too!
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Keith Nelson seems to be the only responder who actually knows how this process works.
Buyers and seller should not use or allow their data to appear on Trulia or Zillow.

As 7Mountain observed, all the properties that are actually for sale appear on the MLS.
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Although I said below that a buyer should not use Trulia, it would be nuts for a seller to purposefully keep their data off of Trulia. They only need one buyer, and if that buyer is looking at Trulia, they want their listing there.
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The real answer is accessibility and ease of use. My clients like to use Trulia and then call me with the address. Finding the right home takes a team effort and an supportive and active client helps the process along quicker. For example, I set up client portals in MLS and send updated listings based on the area and requirements given to me by my clients. Now, the truth is things change and sometimes a client may find a home outside the area they gave me (happens often). The team effort works, if everyone is on the same page. Now keep in mind that Trulia and others sites get most of their information from MLS, but the broker agent will have access to the updated information (live) and will be able to provide more details. The ultimate goal is to find the right home for the right client at the right time...and that's what I do.
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Kary, you are on target, thanks
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Where Trulia gets the information would vary by area and sometimes by broker. It can be a direct feed.
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Annette, while you are right about the source of information according to a recent study, "all real estate brokerages contribute and share listing data." My comment states that only real estate brokers (agents) have access to MLS data and be members of a local MLS. Zillow, Trulia and others rely on individual "agents" and real estate brokerages to re-post their listings on the portal websites (which by doing so provide MLS data) or the portals aggregate data from syndicators of real estate information (Tax Data). While, some agents see this as a challenge, I see Zillow and Trulia as a great way to meet new clients. Between writing my previous comment and typing this one, I got a call from a person who saw my listing on Trulia. We have scheduled a showing for my listings, and others, and by the way they are looking to sell their home and now I may have another listing. Its all about ease of use, and accessibility, and a great tool to get the goal of helping someone find their home.
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Trulia states their information comes from Listhub...that is not the MLS.
What appears on Trulia is in no way connected to the MLS or the agents whose data they stole. The originating agent is PREVENTED from correcting critcal faulty data appearing here. By your words you have implicated real estate professionals as responsible for the 37% error rate of data on TRULIA.
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Trulia is a search engine of national recognition that provides a broad base of listings but is done so in conjunction with agents who either feed their listings directly or are pulled from other sources such as agent websites. The flaw here for the home shopper is that the system depends on agents keeping information up to date and removed promptly which is often not the case.

Real estate based search engines, by agreement through brokers, have a direct access to the MLS affording them more complete and up to date listing information. This MLS system, by design, favors brokers as it is paid for and managed by broker agreement.

Trulia provides the online searcher with an opportunity to interact with a number of professionals for advice, information, and services from a broad base from the convience of your computer or Internet device. Not locking you into any one agent or brokerage.

In the end no system is perfect but all have their positive aspects depending on your needs as a home buyer or seller. As suggested, using multiple search systems, might provide you with the best situation to meet your needs. The good in all this is that you get to decide for yourself what to use and when.

Best of luck to you
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I could never figure that one out either. There sre so many other sites that DO have all the data.
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The simple answer is you should use other sites for finding properties. Broker sites like Redfin.com and JohnLScott.com will have all the listings and will be automatically updated as the NWMLS information is updated.

For Trulia and the other non-broker sites, they will not only have an incomplete list of listings, but in addition much of the information will be stale. Some listings will show for incorrect prices and some listings will show as active after they are pending or even sold.

Use Trulia for other things.
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Redfin does not get all the MLS listings unless the listing broker decides to feed their listings to them. Redfin is a site where agents pay to be preferred agents and that is the only reason why anyone would suggest going there is because they are a preferred agent. I found Trulia to be much better, but if you really want to find all the MLS listings you either have to go to the MLS that services the area if they have a public access or to a broker in the area that has an MLS IDX or VOW feed.

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I really like the way the info is organized on Redfin so that is why I started using that site. Redfin also gets mls updates much faster than the other sites that I have signed up for. Are you sure they do not get all the mls listings? I have never searched for an active mls number that did not show up there.
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