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Why is my realtor not drawing up my offer?

Asked by Fireband, Mount Holly Springs, PA Mon Jan 25, 2010

I told my realtor on Saturday that I wanted to make an offer on a house. He said he would draw up the paperwork in a couple hours and e-mail it to me. Later that afternoon he called and suggested a change which I approved. The paperwork was never sent Saturday. It is now Monday evening and no paperwork. I left a voice mail asking if he could send the info to me. No word. Do you think he is delaying me so someone else can place a bid?

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Gita Bantwal’s answer
Call the main number at the office. The receptionist will know if the agent and an emergency . Then have the receptionist connect you to the Broker who will help you make the offer whether there is an emergency or not.
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So Fireband.................please fill us in................what happened with your offer?
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I would try him on more time with the added message that you plan to call his broker first thing in the morning. If he is representing you he needs to submit your bids in a timely manner. Without having all the details it is difficult to address the issue but if you feel you are not being service properly, definitely call the broker.

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Call the broker. The broker is responsible for his agents. There should not be a delay like this unless the agent has a family emergency or perhaps (as someone else suggested) his reply to you went to your spam filter.

You need to call the broker and find out what is going on right away.
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Mt Holly Springs Home Buyer. Wow.! In looking over some of the replies from others again I say , "no excuses accepted" from your agent other than an emergency situation period. Things like "many reasons why this could not come together", "junk mail folders", "afternoon" vs. "evening" etc., etc. None are acceptable! Your agent should be available and if not able to contact you should have provided another contact for you for such situations. You spoke with your agent on a Saturday and he said he WOULD draw up the paperwork and email it to you. You left a VOICE MAIL asking him to send you the paperwork and as of MONDAY you had received NO WORD. It makes no difference whether it is Monday afternoon or evening. Time is OF THE ESSENCE in presenting, negotiating, and getting an offer accepted. Waiting from anytime Saturday until anytime on Monday is not acceptable. You should have had your paperwork on Saturday. Also, when you did not receive the paperwork on Saturday you should have contacted your agent. If your agent was doing his job he should have called you well before Monday looking for your response to the paperwork for the offer. I would have been looking for a reply from you as your agent that same day that I sent it to you and would have called you looking for the reply so that I could get the offer to the sellers as quickly as possible. IT WAS A POSSIBLE SALE OR PURCHASE that may have been lost..... As a Realtor I say far too many excuses are offered by those in our industry for why an agent does not do their job. If your agent cannot get back to you in a more timely manner find another who will.
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Fireband did you check your junk mail folder. Sometimes the filters on email will send an email from a company to a junk folder. I have experienced this in the past and would sugest that you there. If that is not the case send your agent an mail that they can reply to as that is another way to get by the filters.
If it is not an email problem you may want to try to make contact agin as 1 in the afternoon on monday which is the time you made this post may not be considered by most as evening.
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Home Buyer Mt. Holly Springs. First off have you tried to contact your agent via the telephone? If you have and you have not received a response in the 3 days that you say then a call to the agents broker, owner of the Realty firm that he/she works for is in order. If there is no personal emergency and the agent has been available then my advice would be to end your relationship with this agent and seek the help of another. The agent's duty by contract is to represent you, their client. It makes no difference if you are making a low ball offer. The agent should give advice , both pro and con, concerning any offer but must still represent you and your wishes. Assumptions cause nothing but more assumptions. If you are dissatisfied with your agent's performance let them know and if the problem is not resolved then again seek another agent who is willing to represent you fully. You may want to seek out an Accredited Buyer's Representative who will fully represent you and your best interests.
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Exactly Patrick! Hard to comprehend..........

Like I said............unless he is lying in the hospital................ .....there's no good excuse! They even allow patients to have their cell phones these days, too!

Nice to see you Patrick!
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Hey Debbie,

Can you imagine in this market an agent not writting up an offer as soon as a buyer says they want to make an offer? LOL
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Hi Firebrand

Just out of curiosity........did your agent perceive your offer to be too low? Sometimes an agent might not prioritize a buyer if they think the offer doesn't have a chance. Mind you, this isn't the right thing to do, but it is done.

There is no reason for him to delay your offer so someone else can put another offer he the listing agent, too? Even if he still doesn't make sense.

What you need to do is :

1. Call your agent first thing in the morning......track him down!.......after making sure he isn't lying in the hospital in ICU.......find out what is happening, and why you haven't heard from him...............then give him an hour to get the paperwork over to you (he can quickly fax or email it)

2. Call his Broker/Manager, and discuss this with him or her if you don't get a satisfactory or speedy response from the agent.

3. Keep in mind that if you feel the agent isn't being responsive, you can ask the manager to assign a new agent from the office.........or ask the manager to oversee your offer.

If it doesn't work out for you with this home........unless he had a really good excuse for not getting back to you at such a crucial time...........find a new agent for the next home!

Best wishes...and I do hope things work out for you!!
Let us know.............

Debbie Rose
Prudential NJ Properties
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I would be concerned that perhaps some emergency came up and your Realtor is taking care of that. It just doesn't make any sense for an agent to invest time working with someone, showing them a house and then just drop the ball entirely when you want to make an offer, especially since you were in touch on Sat. afternoon when you approved the change he suggested. And since you did not reach him personally on the cell phone, there is the chance that he is indisposed. For all these reasons - in adition to the possibility that he has just fallen down on the job for no good reason - I would contact the office manager or Broker of record for that agent's office.. They should know if there is some reason he is out of touch. Good luck with our house offer - Mt Holly Springs is a great area! Take care. Beth
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If your agent hasn't called you back yet, contact the broker owner of the realty company he/she is affiliated with and explain your situation.
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The best resource for this information is obviously......your agent. There could be many reasons why this has not come together yet..all of which should be derived from the agent.

Agents only make money when the sell property....we see no obvious benefit for any agent stalling for financial advantages.
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I would be concerned if you have not recieved the offer to sign quickly. Especially if the home is a foreclosure, time is very criticle. I would have a very candid conversation with that agent and tell him what you expect is communication. You should not need to "wonder" about your offer. If he helped you find it. I would contact his broker if you get no responce. If you get no answer then find a agent that does what you ask.
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Unless something is missing from this, your agent should be working in your best interest and there is no reason why he should delay putting in your offer. I would contact his broker to find out what is going on and light a fire under his butt.
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