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Why don't most MLS listings include the name of the builder?

Asked by Mike, Cary, NC Mon Mar 7, 2011

When in the market for new home, I hear people consider the builder before deciding which community to buy.
I do not see the same emphasis on the original builder in the resale market. In fact, I do not even see the builder name listed on MLS's many a time.

I expect the builder would matter for resale market for reasons like warranty (whether buyer still is in business), quality of material originally used, etc

Obviously there is something I do not understand. Why is builder not a factor in resale market? Or is it?

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It's the Listing Agents responsibility to complete that field and unfortunately it is an optional field in our system.
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This boggles my mind too. In TX the builder is always listed even on decades old homes. I worked for a builder years ago and wouldn't buy one of their homes. I'd love to know.
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Most of your MLS Listings will not include the names of the Builders, because they need you to contact the Listing Real Estate Agent instead of calling the builder. Older homes may not have the name of the builder because they may no longer be building in your area.

You should be able to get that information from your Agent before viewing, so as not to waiste your time looking @ homes from a non-preferred builder.

Just choose one agent (that you trust)to represent you in your home search/purchase & they can sort it out for you.
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Pre existing homes you won't normally unless you were the 1st purchaser of that particular property. Depends on agent list builders name

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Thats an interesting question, would you buy a home simply based on the builder? What if the location wasn't perfect, or what if you didnt like the builder? I think including the builders name is limiting as far as getting buyers to walk through the door. If our buyer is really interested in who the builder was, its generally on public records. If you are looking for a new home community, then yes, do your homework or ask your agent to research the builders reputation.
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If it is the origianl seller, chances are they know the builder and it would be included in the listing. If the seller does not know or have the originall floor plan and documents from the original owner, it is not included in the listing unless the agent knows for sure that the entire neighborhood was built by the same builder. I always ask and include if I get the builder information.
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Hi Mike
Very good question. Generally a lot other things are more important to would be purchasers so it has not been demanded by the public. Sometimes if we (Agents) know a neighborhood really well we know who the builder is othertimes if the seller does not know it might be a little trickier to determine who it was. Mostly its lack of demand for the information, it is not a required field, so most Agents skip right over it. Like any other industry sometimes lack of customer demand allows a little lazyness on our part. If it is important to you a good Agent will get that information for you.
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Lazy agents...? OR it's not a good builder... If I can help further, let me know. Ciao! Tina
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Once the home changes owners, most listing agents will only advertise the name of the builder if it will help promote the home. There are so many builders and many just do a few homes/year that most people would not recognize their name. I want to add that many of the custom home, small scale builders build quality, beautiful homes.
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As the other agents have said yes, in some cases who the builder is important but it is not a required field when entering a home in mls and therefore most agents skip right over it. However, in the defense of those agents it is not as common as you would think that buyers are looking for a specific builder in that price range. Like I've said in other posts I have sold over 1500 homes in this market which means I have shown 1000's of homes and trained 100's of agents and who the builder is frankly doesn't seem rank up there in the top list of concerns for most buyers. A question, yes but not really a concern or something that is a hang up for a majority of buyers. If it were I am sure the mls would make it a required field. When you start to get into custom builders who the builder is becomes more important but among the tract builders in Cary they all pretty much offer comparable products which I am sure you are finding. Some have more square feet, some have better upgrades, some have nicer lots and some have better locations, etc.

More people than not look at how a house and a neighborhood match their home buying needs and goals and if it is a good financial investment "for them", they consult and agent, attorney, inspector or whomever they need to feel comfortable with their choice and then they go with it. As you can see from searching the internet and looking through other questions not many buyers do nearly the research you have prior to buying. Hopefully you are not psyching yourself out :)
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No, it is not a factor because once a community is built out there are other things to consider. For instance the neighborhood in general...some developments take on a life of their own after everyone moves in. But if you want to buy new there are many builders in your area:

There are too many home builders to mention and some of the smaller ones build a great product. Walk through the development and look at some of the homes that are being built. Ask questions about the building process. Here's just a few things to look for:

1. Thicker Insulation
2. Screws instead of nails in the floorboards
3. Foundation specifications...ask them how pour the slabs...Post-tensioned slabs are best.
4. Designs that include pot shelves and rounded doorways, heavier doors and nicer hardware usually build a nicer home with more quality.

Brookfield, Pardee, Shea and Beazer, Standard Pacific, Lennar are better than than Richmond American, Khovnanian and KB, in my opinion anyway.

The HGTV, channel has several homebuilding videos to get you familiar with the homebuilding process.


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Builder IS a factor. I have had people walk out of homes when they heard who the builder was.
But, after a couple of owners, it becomes less likely that the Seller knows who built the home. It is not uncommon for a subdivision to be built out by a different builder than the original, even in exclusive builder neighborhoods.
But, if a home is less than 5 years old, or so, it seems like putting the name of a builder with a good reputation in the listing would be good promotion of the house. It happens occasionally.
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It's pretty common for resale homes to not include builder information. It could be that sellers don't know who the builder was, (especially if the home is older, and has changed owners multiple times). Agents could find the information if they really wanted to. But builder info is probably the least of their concerns when entering info into the MLS. If the home is only 5-10 years old, you're more likely to see the builder & model info.
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It is indeed important to many people.

But it's not REQUIRED that we put it down when we list a home. Combine that with a "i'd rather not say it's THAT builder" and you see how this happens.

Of course, finding out who the Builder was is not an issue usually.
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