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Why don't agents add at least 12-35 pictures to listings?

Asked by Brad Zebio, 89134 Fri Mar 28, 2014

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The worst is when an agent will only post one picture of the front of the house. This will drastically deter buyers from viewing your home because most of the time they think you are trying to hide the awful interior by not showing it. So if your home is nice on the inside you may lose out on a ton of buyers just by not having good photos or photos at all for that matter. Make sure you pick a good agent that will represent you and your property the way you deserve to be represented.

Best Regards,
Robert Adams
Licensed Real Estate Broker NV, MA, & RI
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Annette with all respect, I have disagree with some of that. I am shopping for a 900k to 1.5 mil buyer right now who lives out of state, they are in the process of building their list they want to see, do you really believe 6 pictures will be enough for them?? I hope you dont think so cause I know there was one with exactly that and they crossed it off the list, they told me they dont have any time to waste so they want to know exactly what they are looking at. So I like the house , so Im going to go out there and take my own pictures to see if they still feel the same way about it, yeah Im going to do the listing agents work but hey someone should do it.The seller even though hes not my client, still deserves the chance of his home being shown.
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Outstanding. You are the type of agent that does what needs to be done.
We've all done it and we all look forward to working with those who share the same conviction of purpose.
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While I realize that there are some reasons for focusing on *more* photos rather than *great* photos - e.g. some sites that push listings with more photos to the top of some searches - in general my philosophy is that the quality of photos is most important.

I also caution buyers to try to refrain from passing judgment on a property because of the lack of photo[s]. Take shots of the bathroom for example - it's just plain dumb to think there's something "wrong" with the bathrooms because they're not photographed. Bathrooms almost always are NOT photogenic or its too difficult to get a decent shot.

There are few properties that warrant dozens of shots. And there are more properties online with lousy photos than great photos. I don't think it's doing anyone a favor to have lots of so-so or irrelevant photos.
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There are a hundred reasons...some legitimate..some not and some even misleading sad to say. This is one area where we can improve upon for sure. Matt
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There is a great service for listing agents. Check out this virtual tour for my new listing which is going live next week. I Post the maximum number of photo's and they are true professionals! I think all agents should use Virtuance!

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That is A Very Good Question, and it sounds like you might be on to something.
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In our MLS we used to only be able to enter 10 photos, but now we can enter 25. So, it depends on the market and the MLS.
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It can depend on the market. In Vegas and Henderson, some properties are bought and sold swiftly, i.e. no significant need to add ample pictures. It is a valid comment as many people like to form an opinion about a property and learn the layout by viewing the pictures before a showing. After all, in our digital age of virtual efficiency, there is no reason not to add pictures. The price, pictures, & specs lend the interest and the showing seals the offer.

Chad Roberts
Realty One Group
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Great question, Brad. I agree with you, the more pictures the better. Unfortunately, many real estate agents are limited by their local multiple listing service (MLS) by the number of pictures they are allowed to show. In Portland, Oregon the maximum number of pictures is 16.

Another possibility is that the home was just released onto the market and for one reason or another all the pictures are not ready to be released. Sometimes you will see the pictures posted a day or two later, so it is a good idea to check back frequently or contact the listing agent and ask.
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Drives me NUTS!!!!!!!! I absolutely hate this and think that everyone that does it has something to hide
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Because their lazy, don't understand what providing service to their clients means and most aren't making enough money to pay for professional photography. I'm not sure what's worse. 1-6 pictures or 25 really bad ones. Why Sellers continue to put up with such lousy service remains a mystery to me even after 25 years in the business.

The thought process that "they're selling fast, I don't need to.." show complete disdain for the public and Realtors who think this way should do the public a favor and quit as Realtors.

This all comes back to the question of why the bar is set so low for entry into an industry that works with people who are generally making the largest financial decisions of their lives.
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I agree James, even in the market where they were selling so fast, I still took pictures. I have all of my measurements, pictures , information and comments ready all at the same time I add the listing. So even if it sells fast , they had pictures to look at , and the seller does deserve to have the best working for them, doing everything possible for them. Hard working agents that take a lot of pride in their work always come out on top. I have had sellers tell me once the home is closed they would like to work with me as a buyer. In my opinion This may not go over well with some agents but I also skip over low paying commissions if the listing agent is making more than me. Its so funny , they list the house , take a couple of pictures, dont even do their own measurements and make short and sweet comments and thats basically all the work they do , cause the buyers agents are the ones that is pesty about keeping updated most of the time since the buyers agent who drives them around town all day or two, do all the research before they go , do a net sheet, property profiles, spend gas and buy lunch, open escrow and they feel they deserve more money than me LOL. There are to many 3% or equal commissions out there to settle for a seller who barely works to pay me less.......those listings go straight to the trash, and if to many agents deny that , they are not being honest cause this has been a big discussion along my closely related peers who do the same thing. Buyers agent will take control again. I do both , but Im always fair and im hard working 19 years in the business and most of all of my work is referrals , I give my clients my all . Anyway great way to start an actual meaningful debate. Thank you for that.
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Thank you for the answers to my question. I think! Some are disturbing to me as a professional. I wanted to know what other agents thought about this subject. Here's what I think.

I can only speak from experience in the Las Vegas market. It seems to me that many agents started to get lazy in regards to adding pictures when the foreclosure market became the norm years ago and homes started selling at warp speed. Why take pictures? The house is going to sell any way seemed to be the attitude. Since many experienced agents felt this way, it seemed to filter down to many other agents as well.

I understand the client that does not want their belongings plastered all over the Internet. I'm sure we have all had one or two clients that felt this way. These are few and far between. This is not the problem. Adding only one picture because that's all experienced Investors need to see makes no sense. Granted you may be right if that's all you work with and it sounds like it is but not all of us have that luxury. Not sure about everyone else but my investor clients have always wanted to see pictures.

Since 75% to 90% of buyers are now searching the Internet for homes before talking to an agent, you are not doing the seller any justice by inserting 0-6 pictures and many times 5 of the 6 are of the outside. All that does is create a red flag to agents and buyers there is something wrong with the home. Granted you may find a needle in a haystack with limited pictures but good luck with that.

In my opinion, the least amount of pictures of any home should be 12 pictures and that's on small homes. Most should have 20 or more. Since most of the buyers are going to see these homes on the Internet, the agent should do the seller justice by exposing as much of the home as possible to the buyer market. The days of adding zero or one picture to get the buyer to come look at the home are over. The last few buyers I've been out with have ask me what's wrong with the homes that don't have pictures?

The sad part of this issue in Las Vegas is up until now the home is going to sell whether it has pictures or not. Just because we're in a busy market does not mean we should avoid our duties. It helps the sellers, buyers and fellow realtors to add pictures. Hopefully, one day we'll see this be the norm. Thanks again!
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Hank I agree with you. I know things wrong with the house or in most houses are not going to be shown in pictures but if they aren't interested in the house anyway it doesn't matter. I have sold so many homes where they do find things wrong when they get out there, but they love the house and want it. I also sell to many out of state buyers and they want as many pictures as they can see, most have no idea about all of our communities so pictures of that helps too. Just remember out of state buyers need as much information as possible and they shop totally from on line. Most do not have a lot of time to waste looking at crap that doesn't even somewhat interest them. The out of state buyers will blame you for wasting their time and that is why I try not to choose homes that do not have a lot of pictures. I guess everyone just works differently , but I know I would NEVER show a home to a out of state buyer, in state or investor with one picture. I also dont want my time wasted so I show the best looking listings online, the rest I just over look them.
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Because as a buyer, I know only the pictures that show the house best are submitted and the cracks in the driveway will NOT be shown and the trash in the backyard will nt be shown, and the water damage on the ceiling will not be shown.

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Because most are lazy. Those who say you don't need to I just cannot agree with. Our job is to make buying and selling homes easier, this is a super simple way to make that happen. I give my sellers high quality professional photos because anything less is an injustice.
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If we give out all the information and to many pictures buyer's wouldn't need to contact us.
They may not like all the pictures but it is different when they actually get to the property. I
like to put at least 8 or so.
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Thats a really ridiculous thing to say . Witholding info so buyers will call you is a terrible way to do business. Why not be so incredibly knowledgeable and provide skill and value so the consumer comes to you because you KNOW what you are doing. Consumers will still need a Realtor regardless of how many pictures are on the internet . Realtors are suppossed to be the experts in managing transactions and negotiation . I hope all the agents who think that withholding info is going to get them business will all go away. Real Estate is about building relationships , trust and providing valuable skills to your clients. My clients know this and they can search all they want and go to whatever sites they want. But when they want answers and a skilled broker to put the transaction together they call me . This is exactly why Las Vegas is the way it is . Too many Real estate agents who really don't posesses any skills and brokers who don't really train .
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This is why I may only put ONE image, the street view in for a home.
This is for an experienced investor.
The experienced investor has knowledgeable agents working with him/her.

This team already knows the values in the community.
After all, does not the buyer select the community FIRST?
If they do not know the community in which they want to buy, they are not as serious as you want to think.
These professionals know a 3/2/2 will rent for $2,600.
To make that work the home must be purchased at $143,000 or lower.
The buyers knows the cost of a new kitchen, hvac, water heater, flooring, painting, wall repair and roof.
I WANT the buyer who knows the numbers.

Sorry, I don't want to talk to the FHA buyer.
No, if you are packing Wells Fargo paper, don't what to talk to you.
If your cash purchase is stuffed with contingencies, I DON"t want to talk to you.

The seller wants a clean deal, and the single image strategically eliminates the Zillow and Trulia zombies. The serious buyers and the professionals knowledgeable of the area will respond. In over 80% of the cases, these home are sold by simply sending the 'First Look" notice to the agents and they do the rest.

There are many, many reasons, that is just one that I know you will understand.
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This is why I said I disagree with some of it, with the small homes I totally agree with you , you do not need 35 pictures because yes what the heck are you going to take pictures of (as you say the hot water heater??) Most homes under 200k you cant even get pictures of the bedrooms all you can get is the bed . I get it , but even those small homes you should get what you can get , some people just take a front of the house shot or that with a couple of pictures inside. If there is something worth getting then get it. It only takes 10 seconds longer to snap it and the same time to upload it.
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Now Rhonda, you actually identified the REAL reason for the distress expressed by James in the posted question.

Because their is not cost involved with posting 35 pictures agent think they need to fill all the spots. Just like free money on 2005 created a buyer binge, free images is creating a photo binge ..not becuase it bring VALUE but because it it FREE. Agents have been clever in presenting this a added value.

Now, if only we can get Dairy Queen to give away Peanut Buster Parfaits.
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What are serious buyers interested in?
The street view, Kitchen, baths and recreation areas.

The majority, the overwhelming majority of homes sold in the USA are priced lower than 1.5 million, lower than 1 millon, lower than 800 thousand, lower than 500 thousand.

Most homes sold in the USA have 8 rooms and maybe a garage. A few have a pool.
The professional that believes they need 35 images to create the sizzle in an eight room house is truly lost.

I understand. We need to have the seller believe we are doing something, Much of what a listing or buyer agent is does can not be seen or observed by their client. so we need to create a nice show and tell.
35 Pictures, a slide show, an Open House a Brokers Open. It is what we can show, however worthless these things have proven to be in securing a serious buyer. It does assuage the sellers concern their agent is not doing anything.

Now...I am not saying don't take 50 images. To be correct you need to take images of everything, the hot water system, furnace, air handler, garage, service panel, pool equipment, roof, structural imperfections, wood damage, facia and anything you can bring into focus. This level of detail is for the serious buyer; The remote buyer; The cash buyer; Not the guy, doing night shift, trolling Zillow dreaming of moving from the land of the frozen chosen.

How many images do you think are needed to create the sizzle for a 3/2/2 1975 constructed rancher?
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Some are very lazy but its not the only reason, some homes are small and there are only so many pictures you can take of it. Rooms are small and all you get is the wall or in the bathroom cause its such a small area you get the sink or toilet. You can only put so many on MLS but so much better pictures on the personal website . I have actually come across very expensive big homes that will have 6 pictures and there were plenty of pictures to take. I have actually told some sellers to take a peak at their listings if they havent seen it. I take as many as I can that are worth taking and I have my client sign my mls sheet so they know exactly what I have wrote and pictures I posted. My other pet peeve , is when they dont do much of a write up about it, just sad.
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Because only nine are needed. In most cases only six are necessary.

Those images are ALL that is needed to stimulate a serious buyer.
Those pandering 35 images are flailing about blindly. They drank the kool-aid and have sent their marketing down the volume path.....and all it's attending excesses

It may be a subjective regarding whether strategic thinking requires more effort than spewing stuff without thought.

Unlike some, I have invested the resources and energy. I have paid for user group studies to know for myself, not drink the Kool-Aid offered by marketers, what really happens.

It may be true. Most real estate professionals are mentally exhausted. Nothing left in the tank. For them, a strategy for each home is simply to complex. So, lets substitute something that gives the appearance of being worthwhile.

35 images. After the 3rd view of the kitchen I'm done already!

Now all you who have drank the kool-aid. Does this should familiar.....
"I do all the work, and find the house, and my agent did NOTHING!"
Of course that is not true...however....because there is so much meaningless, repetitive junk they must wade through (35 images) the frustration and fatigue factor experienced by the buyer ultimately leads to resentment.

For those who have ears that hear.
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Because most of them are really lazy . If the sellers only knew what they put on the MLS they would be shocked. i always show my sellers what Im putting on the MLS for their approval . I think the biggest complaint I see from consumers is that their arent enough photos and the ones that are on the MLS are terribel. Especially the ones that are pictures of toilet seats up . Honestly , I think people know what a toilest looks like. As a consumer what are the things you want to see ?
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I often wonder why there is not a video of the property also. Almost every agent has a camera and ability to take video in their purse or pocket. There are always good reasons for the lack of photos. Sellers many times don't want to advertise what they have . Understandable in today's world. I am like you I always want to see as many photos as possible and a video walk through.
Thank You
Suzie Marquardt
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I recently met with a new Seller that does not want the public to see her belongings. She is afraid for her safety. It does make it hard to bring the good aspects of the home when personal belongings are the main focus.
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Most of the time when agents don't post a lot of pictures its because there are not a lot of good pictures to post. I look at homes with a few pictures and I ask what are they hiding. Also problems with getting into the home due to sellers feeling insecure about taking a ton of pictures or working with uncooperative tenants make it difficult as well.
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There are a hundred reasons...some legitimate..some not and some even misleading sad to say. This is one area where we can improve upon for sure. Matt
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In many instances agents don't paste a lot of pictures because they are having problems with the occupants, reluctant sellers, un cooperative tenants, in any case a lack of pictures is a tell that there's something amiss at the location, could be in really bad shape or not ready to be shown. Same goes for multiple exterior pictures and no interior
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In many instances agents don't paste a lot of pictures because they are having problems with the occupants, reluctant sellers, un cooperative tenants, in any case a lack of pictures is a tell that there's something amiss at the location, could be in really bad shape or not ready to be shown. Same goes for multiple exterior pictures and no interior.
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