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Why does it seem like most home searching sites are outdated? ie. Trulia and Realtor.com

Asked by Jeanne Torres, 92692 Sun Aug 30, 2009

I'm trying to get accurate info on whats on the market and what's already pending. By the way, I've noticed prices going up. Not because of nice family that are trying to buy their first home, but because of greedy investors who buy with cash, then try to rent these places out, twice the price of mortgage. It's like a false recovery.

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The most accurate information is on the Multiple Listing Service. Realtors pay to have MLS access in order to list and sell properties. If you want up to date information you must a become a Realtor, or use a Realtor.
Why isn't your Realtor keeping you up to date? Maybe you should get a realtor that has time to send you same day listing updates. Don't blame the investors, blame the Government and Banks for holding back "Shadow Inventory." Unfortunately if you are shopping for a home in California $300,000 or less, there are more Buyers then Active Home Listings. I understand your frustration.
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Not only are they outdated, the national listing sites (including Realtor.com) don't have anywhere close to all the listings available (Well. R.com is close).

You're far better off looking at a local agents site that has incorporated an IDX solution.

The link below highlights some numbers for the Phoenix area, but I suspect they are similar across the country....
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Because some sites do not have live feeds to the Multiple Listing Service (the service paid by brokers through the real estate board to list homes for sale). For Example my site has a live direct feed to the Multiple listing service. With out getting to technical I pay extra to have the data feed dump into my site daily. I costs a lot extra for that.

So for example if you find a home on lets say zillow and it has an MLS# you can verify if it is actually on the Multiple Listing Service as an Active sale by cutting and pasting that number to my site, if it doesn't come up it's because it is pending sale, in back up offer, cancelled, with drawn, expired or sold.

You don't have to have the MLS # to find homes for sale, you can just do a search based on what you are looking for, but if you run across a home somewhere else on the net, this is a quick and easy way to make sure the home is actually on the market for sale and active on the Multiple Listing Board. Trulia is better about updating their site, but I have properties I sold 3 years ago showing up on Zillow, and people calling me on it. I hope this makes sense and helps you.

In case you want to test out my site here it is http://www.clickhomesnow.com
Happy House Hunting!
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Realtor.com is updated through the MLS every 15 minutes. The MLS is what Realtors use, so that's the best we have. Some agents may no update the system, in an effort to get more client leads? You can also go to my website and search through the MLS. Go to: http://www.allthingshuntingtonbeach.com and the search link is at the top of the landing page.
Let me know if you need an agent that loves technology and Real Estate!
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It is a combination of the fact that the data must upload from MLS so there will always be a delay between the up to date date on the MLS and what is showing on the public real estate sites. The other issue is that agents don't always check the public sites to make sure their listing info is up to date.
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Hi Jeanne,
Trulia and Realtor.Com seem behind because they have to pick up info from our MLS system. That system requires us to make changes within a certain time frame. We as realtors even have to call other offices and check before we show someone a property, just part of the job. Trulia also puts homes on their site that are not even on the market yet, and may never be. They show homes that are behind in payments and then the owner makes up their payments and the home never goeson the market. The best way to see what is actually out there is to choose a Realtor and have them work for you.
In regards to the investors: I believe that if someone has the money to purchase a home they should not be criticized for doing so. Saying an investor is a greedy person who buys with cash is...well, just unkind. If someone works, saves; and makes wise choices to the point where they can buy an investment home, I say that is good for them! And the reason homes rent for as good or better than a mortgage is that we have low prices and very low interest rates. A great time to buy!
Find yourself a good Realtor and let them find you a property!
Happy House Hunting,
Connie Bramble
Prudential CA Realty
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Need accurate info get your own updated agent, and do not use the outdated sites for updated info.
And by the way, Greedy in business is good. The real estate as a cycle needs the Greedy to drive the prices up not only for their properties but for all.
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why wouldn't you use a Buyers Agent? No cost to you--the Seller has compensated for that already....Find and Agent you know is listening to your needs and work with that Agent. That Agent has up to date information on a property from the MLS subscription we pay for. These other sites are using old Data as you have discovered. Why get yourself ramped up for a property that has a Buyer ready to close in 10 days with 40 percent down? That deal is probably going to stick and in the meantime you are falling in love with a sold or to be sold home. As well as might be missing another fantastic deal in the interim of days trying to get info on it.
(sourcasm of past experiences)
Wait don't tell me-- you are looking for yourself and going to get a family member to 'hop in there' and give you their commission? Or better yet-- I just was helping a Buyer who ran back to his Mortgage Officer who is going to credit him at closing. He was getting old Zill leads and could not find nothing I created a gateway for him to find up to date properties and he found it. But ran back to his Mortgage guy! Nice huh? (rhetorical)
But he will find out at the closing table that those cannot be given and he will be "taken care of" outside. Sure and BTW it is illegal-so don't work with people like that cause the minute you turn your head they are doing something to you.
(But seriously)
Here is the thing, you are not going to get credited as you think through Escrow for services not rendered. Along with no license (at least in Calif.) The Lender is not going to like it nor is RESPA.

Get an Agent that knows the area-lives in the area and stay loyal and enjoy the full service we offer. There is no reason for you not to use a full time Realtor to help you secure a place you are going to live.

Those reasons above are usually the only reason someone tries to tackle a very tedious and time consuming job as house hunting. Because if it is personality--- there are 60,000 of us licensed in Orange County! I am sure one of us would mesh?
Good luck and remember the money you save or thought you saved will long be forgotten if the home you buy is the one that fits just about perfect. The same goes for the opposite except for you will say to yourself---Never again, I will use the right person for the job. Been there done that. You want a gateway too? see my site---there you can surf the MLS without commitment or have me make one that emails ONLY the parameters you select... check it out
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The sites you mention get most of their date from Realtor.com. Realtor .com does not update the listings when they go into pending or back up status, only when the property is closed. So when you find that great property it probably got 10 offers the first day it was on the market so by the time you find it it has gone into escrow.
If you would like I have a system on my web site that will email the properties to you as soon as they come on the market. Then if you are quick you can have a better chance at getting one of the better properties.
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Hi Jeanne
You should be working with a Realtor® or real estate agent. They can email you properties with your price range and features (bedrooms, bathrooms).
And, listing change on a daily basis and as some have answered, sites don't update their info on a daily basis.

You can check this link out http://www.immobel.com/docs/mrmls/index_mrmls.jsp?per=mrmls

Jes Sierra, B.Sc.
Century 21 Beachside Realtors®
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understand your frustration on trying to get accurate information. The major obstacle is that there are many many MLS Boards all across the country. These different boards post the MLS information differently. Great sites like Trulia do their best to pull the info together and make it as user friendly as possible. But it is impossible to be fully accurate with the data. I can guess that the boards will become more streamlined thus become more accurate for the end user. You best bet is to find local sites for you area to hone in on your search criteria...then cross check the info with turila. I found a web site that is just for Mission Viejo. I hope that this helps!
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That's a great question you've asked and some great answers as well.

The biggest problem with the "MLS" is that there is not one nationwide "MLS". Realtor.com receives it's listings from Realtor boards and MLS service providers around the country. Not everyone is mandated to use the same software and same system. The local boards and services even have the option whether to reciprocate their listings with other organizations...or not. Many choose not to. Realtor.com then takes these millions of listings and tries to process them and put the information out to the public. It is a logistical and technological circus. I have known of instances where it has taken over a week for a listing to show up on the national sites.

On top of that, most all of the websites you are talking about treat listings that are already in escrow and awaiting contingency removal (Back Up Offers status), and treat them as active listings (or still showing for sale). This is frustrating to many home buyers because they have to be explained why the home they want is still showing for sale yet very often don't even have a lock box on them. Once the status has changed to Pending, Sold or On Hold, it falls off of all the national listing websites.

The best thing you can do is deal locally when looking at properties online. Our website, (http://wwww.TheOCmls.com" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http:// http://wwww.TheOCmls.com) also shows homes with the Back Up status but identities them as such so you can be better informed when looking at and saving properties. On top of that, you get updated listings within 24 hours, often many times throughout the day.

Hope this helps.
Web Reference: http://www.TheOCmls.com
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Dear Jeanne:
~The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is the most accurate and up-to-date and is not available in it's entirety to the general public. Agents and Brokers pay large annual fees to access this member only service. Other sites that update from the MLS do so at intervals and lag behind.

~Prices are going up.

~Lots of first time homebuyers have entered the market. New investors (who are also first time buyers) and experienced investors are also taking advantage of this unique opportunity. Cash buyers are a very small percent overall as the highest percent of financing is conventional.

~I can only suspect you know someone who has been beat out by an "all cash" offer and is unhappy with the outcome. However, an all cash offer does not trump a higher priced offer with better overall contract terms.
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I understand your frustration. Most of the big sites as you mentioned are updated daily, directly through our MLS. Our inventory is moving very quickly, and agents sometimes don't update their listings as they should. Short Sales are notoriously misleading. Also, Trulia gets other info from sites like RealtyTrac, that are not really listings at all, rather, advertisements for their services. Working with a knowledgeable agent in the area you are looking is going to be your best option. Any good agent showing property to buyers is calling about availability constantly, verifying the property is available, and not wasting their buyer's time.

Good Luck,
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The guidelines explain things, they are the Trulia's guidelines not mine.

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That is from the Community Guidelines...No need for an email conversion and the fact that you have seen others Spam does not mean it is allowed.
If you click on the (report) that you see on each comment you will see it is for reporting Spam and many do report it not just me
I am sure you are a very good Agent and know you wish to be a very good contributor to Trulia.

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Sorry, Dunes - don't mean to be violating anything -- just offering a service to someone asking a question. Not much different than the other people that write their websites and offer their services, etc. on here. I see it ALL THE TIME! I am proud of my accomplishments and honors, and I think a potential client has the right to choose based on knowledge and reputation of the agent and the company they are working with. I didn't disparage anyone, nor misrepresent anything. I am a local REALTOR and very good at what I do -- and only wanted to offer some help to someone confused about this crazy marked in OC, CA. If you would kindly email me PRIVATELY and get our discussion off this board, I'd appreciate knowing what you think the problem was with my answer I looked over the community guidelines and didn't see where I was in violation. It is a very frustrating for buyers in this area right now...they need help. B
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Many sites take days or weeks to update their information. It's hit or miss on many sites. Here is one of the best ones out there. You can search for all bank owned homes in OC here http://www.socaloceanviews.com/professional1.shtml or perform your own custom search here http://www.socaloceanviews.com/professional6.shtml
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Most sites get updated at least once a day if they are pulling properties from the MLS datafeed. Many sites show active listings, accepting backup offers, pending and closed sales. What sites do you feel are not outdated and what information do you as a visitor expect sites to have? Would be great to hear your input as a site user.
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Connie Bramble
Placentia, CA
Hi Jeanne,
I have to agree with you about the investor thing, but thank God we are in America and everyone has a right to buy. Somehow it seems counter-productive to recovery though doesn't it?
You can search on my website without filling anything out and it is accurate. You can refine your critieria whatever you want. If you are not in my area go to an individual Realtors site and search there.
Please don't get too frustrated and give up the thought of buying. It is a great time and though it seems everything is selling to investors, there are many first time buyers getting thier home offers accepted. don't give up!! Best of luck to you Jeanne
Connie Bramble

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It is frustrating. I can't speak for Trulia, but Realtor.com is the official site of the National Association of REALTORS, and is fed directly from the MLS. I'm not sure how often daily they update the listings. It may be sometimes that the agents themselves are not updating the properties as soon as they go on back-up or pending status. I would suggest that you work directly with a professional REALTOR (like me) who can set up a website custom-designed for you, searching only for homes with the criteria you are looking for, and have these sent daily to your email. It's a free service and I'd be happy to set this up for you. Please feel free to give me a call at 714.296.0513 or email at Bonnie@BonnieTheRealtor.com. I'm an award-winning agent at Century 21 Discovery, and in fact, just was a panelist at the Century 21 LLC (USA) Top Agent Retreat in Hollywood, FL, a couple weeks ago. Our office is in the top 1% of Century 21 offices worldwide, and I can promise you world-class service. Just let me know if I can help -- also feel free to view our testimonials on our website.
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