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Why do these questions sound ridiculous, staged and fake?

Asked by Debbie Russell, Houston, TX Mon May 20, 2013

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Some questions are asked by consumers with a limited knowledge of the home buying and selling process. Hopefully the answers they receive help educate them in regard to buying, selling , being approved for a loan, or how to get out of difficult financial situations.

Some questions, however, really are fake and staged - those are the questions Trulia is posting all over the place.
They are staged to encourage conversation I suppose, but unfortunatley, some agents answer thinking they are responding to live people and not a corporation.
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In real life, people do not speak as well as actors on a screen or write as well as journalists. Combine that with the real reason people need real estate agents - we are the experts and their expertise is in something else - and you have questions that sound ridiculous, staged, and fake.

On top of that, you do have questions that are, in fact, ridiculous, staged, and fake.
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Al - I didn't say there weren't genuine questions seeking answers - or that they aren't a potential source of business for those of us answering those questions!

Please read what I said again.

I have been here, answering questions on Trulia for a very long time - and have done a lot of business (highest sale was for 1 million) so you don't have to defend any position about time spent here having merit.

I addressed the questions Trulia, as a corporatio, is posting - but perhaps you didn't notice that.

Psst Dennis - I am certain about the trulia-posted questions......because.....well..... the questions posted by Trulia SAY "TRULIA" in the box where the question is posted!!!!
Pay attention to that next time you answer a question and the box says "Trulia - Atlanta, or Boston or any other city....it is posted by a trulia employee not a consumer.

I have discussed this newer trend with some of the moderators here, and asked why trulia is doing that.
They think it stimuates conversation and gives agents more options to answer questions.
Personally, I think it sets up those agents who DO NOT realize they are responding to a company, not an individual - to look silly when they say "Call me" and have no clue they are asking a corporatuon to call them..
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Debbie ...

I've actually gotten some decent business from Trulia (I wouldn't be here if I didn't), so I know that at least those inquiries were genuine. Sure, there are "tire-kickers," dreamers and ne'er-do-wells who post here, but most folks are looking for information, so that they may determine their next step ...

Can they realistically afford to buy a home, or should they continue renting?
What's the first step in the home-buying process?
They're relocating here ... what's involved as far as housing is concerned?
Can they really buy a foreclosure for cheap?
What's a short sale?

There are many more, of course, but these are legitimate concerns on the part of people who may want to buy, but have no clue as to where to begin.

Sellers also have questions about listing, expected return, fees and closing costs, etc., all of which would be of interest to me, as well, if I were looking to put my home on the market, especially for the first time.

Sure ... there's a bunch of, "Is this property still available?" "Can I see photos of this home?" "Do they take Section 8?" ... and other nebulous inquiries. But these are folks who simply know little or nothing about the process. That's why we're here.

Al Geffon
(713) 213-6350
Web Reference: http://www.har.com/algeffon
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The nature of the inquires dramatically demonstrates the value of Realtors in the process. Trulia-generated questions aside (and they're clearly marked as such) most folks have little or no idea what it takes to successfully complete a real estate transaction.

First-time buyers are particularly clueless ... lots of them figure that they can buy a home with little or no money, pick up a foreclosure in a hot location for pennies on the dollar, qualify for a loan irrespective of credit and employment history ... and on it goes. For the most part, the low interest rates trigger their curiosity.

As for sellers ... many believe that their home is so special that it commands a higher price, they can recover every dime they spent on the place, they can start packing as soon as the home is listed ... we've all experienced it. They hear the term,"sellers' market," and figure that they can get much more than the home is actually worth.

Our job is to educate both potential buyers and sellers, so that their perspective is more in line with market conditions. Many will be disappointed ... but better now than halfway through the process. A side effect is that it precludes wasting everyone's time on a transaction that has no hope of closing.

I trust that this answers your question ... but there will certainly be more coming.

Al Geffon
(713) 213-6350
Web Reference: http://www.har.com/algeffon
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Excellent information... I would have never thought that the questions would not be from general posters, Learn something everyday....
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I would like to think that they are real,,,, Unlike others that seem to think they are from Trulia, I wonder how they are so certain?
In any case, I believe that they are from real folks.... So educated about how this all works some not.... But Real Estate certainly can be confusing,,, that is why hiring a professional is so important!
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They seem staged as if they were for a fee blogger or a Trulia employee.....
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I ask myself the same thing, but believe it or not these for the most part are asked by regular folks.
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